20 May, 2022


All Dreams Lie Within Your Grasp – Cast Your Vote And Make It Count: UNP

On January 8, 2015 you will exercise the full extent of your power as the citizen of a republic. Political systems and leaders in Sri Lanka have given you little reason to do so, but your first vote is a moment to celebrate. For a few hours on one day, all the power to make or break politicians, to build or destroy their policies lies in your hands.

Ranil Maithri SirisenaThose who cast their votes for the first time in the January 8 election will do much more than simply elect the next president of the Republic.

In this election you are choosing a way of life. You are choosing between two systems of governance. The choice you make on January 8 may well decide if you will live a life of serfdom and oppression or if you will face your future as free citizens of a democracy.

Three days from now, your choice on the little piece of paper before you may determine our collective destiny.

There are two types of countries in your future. Your choice will determine which country you will live your dreams in, bear your children in and grow old in.

Will you live out your days in the free winds of democracy, where your individual choices are respected and upheld, where politicians are accountable and there is equal opportunity, jobs and dream-seeking for all Sri Lanka’s youth?

Or will you choose to retain the present status quo and plunge your own life and that of your country and all her people into darkness? For the second country that lies in your future is a dark, oppressive place, where autocracy takes root and the peoples’ freedom is stolen, their will thwarted. In that dark country, one family will reign supreme, their children will amass wealth and power and rob the people of prosperity and a secure future.

This can be the country of night races and thoroughbred horses for crown princes, it can be the country of religious hatred and division. Or it can be YOUR Sri Lanka, the country you reclaim on January 8, 2015 and make it a prosperous, secure and free nation for all those born of this soil.

Perhaps you are disillusioned. Perhaps you wonder if your vote can make a difference.

Let me be the one to tell you: This time, your vote will count.

If you vote in this election and you choose to stand with us on the side of democracy and justice, good governance and the rule of law, social justice and freedom, then your vote will be much more than just a mark on a ballot paper. One day, when you look back on your first vote it will be a memory to cherish forever. For by voting for democracy on January 8, 2015, you will have been part of a historic and peaceful revolution to save your country from nepotism and family rule, from autocracy and impunity. Your vote would have helped to deliver on our promises of democracy and freedom.

Walk with us in this election as we help you to dream of a better future. As the future of this country, young people are our greatest asset. In your dreams lie the dreams of a nation.

So today, as we prepare to cast our votes, let us dare to dream.

Let us dream of a nation where there is justice and equality for all.

Let us imagine a nation in which not only president’s children, but the child of the farmer and the teacher can also dream of travelling to space.

Dare if you will, to dream of a country that spends more on education and less on Night Races and Ferraris.

Imagine Sri Lanka at peace, tolerant of all religious beliefs and all ethnic and cultural groups, each of us safe and secure, each of us celebrating our diversity and great commonality.

It is possible to create this country. All these dreams lie within your grasp. Take your first step towards democracy on 8 January 2015. Cast your vote and make it count.

Vote because it is all that stands between darkness and light.

Vote to keep the lights on in Asia’s oldest democracy.

Vote to keep Sri Lanka Free.

*Statement issued by the United National Party

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    This is a decisive election and it is responsibility of all citizens to exercise their right without ignoring same and it is so more for traditional UNP voters so that this country could benefit from good governance etc.

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      The People of Sri Lanka,

      This is a referendum on the Medamulanna MaRa Kingdom and Family Dictatorship Vs. The Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.

      Use Common sense. Use you vote wisely.

      Despite the fraud, you still have a chance to end this dictatorship.

      Jayawevewa, Victory

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        RE: All Dreams Lie Within Your Grasp – Cast Your Vote And Make It Count: UNP

        The Dreams may come true The Presidential Astrologer is Sick..MaRa may be gone too, if there is no Fraud..

        Astrologer Sumanadasa hospitalized suffering from heart attack

        Mr. Sumanadasa Abeygunawardene, the chief astrologer for Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa, has been admitted to Sri Jayawardenepura Hospital suffering from a heart attack.

        Mr. Abeygunawardene has been admitted to a class one ward. As ‘Lankatruth’ had revealed Mr. Abeygunawardene had been very concerned regarding Mr. Rajapaksa’s election campaign and what would be the final result.

        It was Mr. Abeygunawardene’s instructions that Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa carried out regarding his election process. However, the breakdown of Mr. Rajapaksa’s campaign and the imminent defeat he is faced with would have caused Mr. Abeygunawardene much stress.

        Related news:

        I’ll be kaput before the boss – President’s astrologer

        Duel between two astrologers

        Mahinda seeks help from Indian gods

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    This is a decisive election and it is responsibility of all citizens to exercise their right without ignoring same and it is so more for traditional UNP voters so that this country could benefit from good goverfnance etc.

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    This is a decisive election and it is the responsibility of all citizenns of Srilanka to exercise their voting right and more so by the traditional UNP rs without ignoring same. Their voting is a big contribution towards rebuilding the country into a safe place for all our kith and kin and enjoy peace and harmony in a progressive country.

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    “Imagine Sri Lanka at peace, tolerant of all religious beliefs and all ethnic and cultural groups, each of us safe and secure, each of us celebrating our diversity and great commonality.”

    A unique call in a country where the Minorities both religious and ethnic were traditionally marginalized by hegemonic Sinhala Buddhist Majority.

    E Pluribus unum~

    E Pluribus Unum describes an action: Many uniting into one. An accurate translation of the motto is “From Many, One” or Out of Many, One”

    A moto worth adopting in Srilankan context.

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      Thought of it sounds so good ! lets hope for the best.

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    This PE must bring out all the voters – 14 million – if they wish to
    ensure a true picture of the Democracy they yern for. This will also
    prevent riggable numbers.

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    Most certainly this is a clear choice between True Democracy (MS) and unbridled Dictatorship (MR).

    Leaving aside all the frauds, killings and ills of the last nine years, one has only to compare the bahaviour and conduct of barbaric MR and his goons and that of the Opposition during the period of this election campaign. Here are the hallmarks of MR’s campaign:
    1) Violation of the Constitution by seeking election for a 3rd term
    2) Violation of most elections laws (banners, cut outs, digital displays, bribes (hand outs), danasals etc etc)
    3) Illegally exploiting the state resources to its fullest
    4) Illegally exploiting the State media with no access at all to the Opposition as though the state media belongs to MR
    5) Illegally using state institutions to promote his image (e.g. even Police Stations)
    6)Depriving the Opposition of venues to conduct its meetings, cutting power supplies for their activities and blocking web sites unfavourable to MR
    7) Physical attacks on the Opposition rallies and physical attacks on the Opposition supporters
    8) Physical attacks on local Artistes who support the Oppostion while foreign Artistes brought down on Visitor visas paying vats sums of money are illegally employed for his campaign (note: if a foreigner was found to have campaigned for the Opposition, he/she would have been rounded up and deported – this is called double standards and hypocrisy)
    9) Illegally using diplomats, public servants and defence personnel for his campaign work
    10) Actively promoting breaking of the law e.g. facilitating the MP to release those in custody and then facilitating his departure from the VIP lounge of the airport when a warrant for his arrest was issued
    11) Printing and transport of counterfeit ballot papers with a cross against MR marked (signs of attempts to rig the vote)
    12) Plans coming to light to use IT to intercept voting results and to tamper with it to his advantage (signs to use computer jilmart to mamipulate the results)
    13) Indulging in third grade personal attacks on individuals rather than expounding his achievements and policies (reason : no track record to sell the people and no policies beneficial to the people)
    14) Illegally bribing and providing inducements for members of the Opposition to cross over
    15) Producing fabricated Agreements, making forgeries and spreading lies, deceptions and mis-leading the public with falsehood
    16) Mysterious killing of a UPFA MP (Loku Athula) at Temple Trees (apparently allegedly when he was alone in a locked room with MR) when he expressed his decision to support the CC. No postmortem, no enquiry, all hushed up!!). TT has become a killing field?

    While the Opposition campaign too may not be squeaky clean, their mis-deeds pale into insignificance in comparison to that of Dictator MR’s.

    One may ask why MR is resorting to such illegal acts? The answer is that he is NOT a Democrat but he is a DICTATOR. Dictators, by their very nature and mind set, do not bow down to the will of the People in a Plebiscite e.g. Mugabe. That’s why MR was a good mate of Gadaffi and such like minded rulers. This is also the reason he has made pronouncements that he will win the election by hook or by crook. Honest Democrats tend to say that their fate is in the hands of the ‘Voters’ who will have the ultimate say on the outcome. How can an honest ruler predict the outcome unless they have some underhand plans to manipulate the results?

    So voters, the D day is 4 sleeps away. If you dream to breathe, speak and live freely, in a true Democracy, where the rule of the law is applied without fear or favour to all citizens alike, please vote for the ‘swan’ and ensure there is atleast some hope of maintaining a ‘Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka’. For sure, nothing can be worse than what SL is experiencing today under demonic, diabolic, satanic,maniacal Dictator MR.

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    URGENT, URGENT, URGENT. Please do not expose our Presidential Candidate too much to the ENEMY. They started pelting stones and now they use fire-arms. Now, it is very clear that the dictator’s days are numbered and the family and their thugs will resort to anything to win the election or get it postponed. A repetition of Hon. Gamini Dissanayake’s killing could happen as that is one of the opponent’s strategies. Whilst ensuring to the maximum against riggings, impersonation, stuffing of ballot boxes, the Common candidate should survive. Therefore, please, please hold atleast plastic shields against stones and or bullet-proof glass in front against bullets. The security to the Common Candidate should be to the maximum. Voters will understand that he has to be behind bullet proof glass as the enemy is like a bullet-hit pig. We should not repent after anything drastic happens to our BELOVED SAVIOUR.

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      [Edited out]

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