23 June, 2024


Wasim Thajudeen: Ex-DIG Anura Senanayake Seeks Bail Again

Former Senior DIG Anura Senanayake, who is in remand for concealing evidence in a murder case, has filed a bail application at the Colombo High Court, seeking his release.

Anura Senanayake

Anura Senanayake

Last week the Colombo Magistrate denied his bail request and instructed him to forward his bail application to the Colombo High Court. Senanayake, along with former Crimes OIC of Narahenpita Police, Sumith Perera was arrested by the CID for concealing evidence over the murder of ruggerite Wasim Thajudeen. He is currently in remand custody till July 20.

In the bail application, Senanayake’s lawyers have cited Attorney General and the head of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) as respondents.

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  • 30

    If this multi criminal should be free on bail… then the entire Investigatons should be subjected to an international court-investigation…. UNHRC or others will have to catergorically say.. that lanken inveistgations are just for jokers.
    . Then we have lost all faith if ever kept on FCID, CID or lanken kind of investigations.
    The mother of the murdered person will never forgive you the authorities.
    We the right thinking srilankens will fight for justice until a proper verdict is given

    ======> As you all know -most likely the murderers the offsprings of former first CITIZEN – Mahinda Rajakashe.

    • 19

      I would like Thrisu add his thoughts here.

      It is reported that the body parts that were kept for laboratory investigations in that patho lab – had been stolen or disspapeared.
      If the professor incharge for that institute was the man to be responsible for that – why the lanken autohhrities did not even call him for investigations yet ?

      Thrisu, you as a researchers, may know it well – if it happened to you – in your lab, what steps you would have to go thorugh to justify ?

      This has now become a joke – either those investigations are blocked by an invisible hand or they dont give wholehearted efforts to bring that to end.
      We are no stupid as appeared to be – we the right thinking folks ve been waiting for the proper verdict of this highly abusive murder.

      Simon De Silva

      Srilanken Sinhala Committe Bonn, Germany

      • 5

        It seems that DIG S keeps testing the courts to check if there has been a change of political climate or a behind the screen deal between his Godfather and current political leadership that could let him out of the 5-Star hotel where he is a VIP guest. No matter what evidence is out there and in the hands of CID and AG, they could get warped and twisted by those invisible hands that do the deals.

        As common folks, most of us have the wish and expectations from the CID to progress their cases to a conclusion and conviction with the speed and precision of Sherlock Holmes, Poirot or Perry Mason. Sadly, we won’t see it in the murky world of politicized crime investigation and law enforcement in South Asia, where SLK probably takes No: 1 slot. It is not that the institutes are incapable, but they are not allowed to apply their investigation skills by puppet masters.

        CID may already have the evidence but naturally they are not going to give us a running commentary of what they have got or not; we just have to wait and see what comes out in the Courts while DIG S may be waiting and testing who has been able to pull the major string to get him and his Godfather off the hook. All the rest is just drama/ soap-opera to keep the public entertained or on tenterhooks.

    • 2

      pEOPLE of this country seems to be obsessed with OPADUPA – GOSSIPS but not about high crimes.
      Alone with the few comments to this article proves that.

      People dont take serious – even if you are abducted, raped – killed on the spot – thanks go to murderous rulers that promoted the culture over the years.
      Even today rule of law is miles away – police seem doing NOT enough to avoid crimes.

  • 25

    FCID,CID,SIU,CCD, CIABOC, and all the investigative agencies are bungling up the cases. So far none of the cases has seen any hope. Coz invisible hand at work stalling most of the investigations. As leelwathie pointed out the entire investigations should be handled by experts like FBI,CIA, MI6, SCOTLAND YARD.

  • 23

    This has become a joke. The murderers and fraudsters aligned to the previous regime, as soon as they are arrested, go straight to Merchants ward or Jayawardenapura hospital. Their bail applications or infringement of fundamental rights appeals are heard within days. Then, so refreshingly they are invariably successful. Surprisingly in a country where citizen Perera has to stand around Hultsdorf for years to pursue an unwelcome legal action. Finally walk away having lost the peace and all the life savings.
    The funny side of all this is President Sirisena in all his naivety and stupidity goes round beating his chest that he will not allow any moderation from independent foreign judges to sit on war crimes investigations. Is he an Ostrich? Is he so blind that he cannot see the obvious?

  • 10

    You know who are the biggest jokers of all?

    For giving us so much hope and then, dashing it all on to the ground, the jokers prize goes to : Ranil and Maithri combine!

  • 12

    Police becoming gangsters, assassins and extortionists is a unhealthy practise – even in a relatively lawless society like Sri Lanka. The Police are there to protect the people. But here, in many cases, the people have to be protected from the Police. The culture did not start with the Rajapakses but they certainly institutionalised it. It is time good governance restored the neutrality and efficiency of the Police service to the pre-1960 levels.


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    Use SHARIYA Law to punish Ex-DIG Anura Senanayake for Tajudeen murder. Killers should be kept behind bars for rest of their lives.

  • 5

    The Wasim Thajudeen case has been tampered with from the time this dastardly murder took place in the wee hours of that fateful morning.

    Senior DIG Anura Senanayake – Western Province, the key man from our law enforcement authority was one of the first to arrive at the scene and has been instrumental in this “Right Royal” cover up.

    The incident was deemed a traffic accident and all concerned personnel under duress or otherwise cooked up the relevant books, made a mockery of our laws, judicial system and sat drinking on what they had accomplished under a corrupt and barbaric regime.

    “Karma” emanating from Wasim’s grave, turned everything upside down for these shameless perpetrators and now the key man in the whole episode, Senior DIG Anura Senanayake, is in remand with the now rejuvenated law enforcement authorities doing a very meticulous job which they could not as they were FORCED to subjugation prior to January 8th 2015.

    The truth was to be buried with Wasim Thajudeen and was to be the end of this story.

    In this context the Judiciary should very well know that releasing former Senior DIG Anura Senanayake would definitely be detrimental to the long process that the law has to take to ensure that justice is done at the end of the day.

    If the Judiciary like in the infamous “Elephant Judge” case is seen to be not doing their job impartially, the President and the Government who are all elected representatives of the People of Sri Lanka should dangle the “Sword of Damocles” over our Judiciary and bring in Foreign Judges as observers to sit with our judges to hear the much talked about “War Crimes” issue that is tarnishing the image of our “Thrice Blessed” country.

    Because no amount of rhetoric from the President or members of our Government would hold water in any international forum when our Judiciary is looked at with crooked eyes.

    Coming back to the release of Anura Senanayake from remand custody every court where his bail application is forwarded to has to take into consideration HIS actions as the Senior Deputy Inspector of Police – Western Province at the time of the murder and his cover up of this murder.

    Releasing him would surely put pressure on the Police Department because his and his former master’s stooges are still wearing the khaki and could take the whole legal process pertaining to this case particularly as even the former first lady’s name has transpired in the investigations, down the drain and into oblivion once again.

    The law abiding citizens of this country are watching and before they begin to take the law into their hands and anarchy to set in, the Government should keep a straight spine and do WHAT IS RIGHT, and it was for this that the people voted and not to be taken for a ride again.

    If the Judiciary is not doing their job the Government is well within their rights to bring in foreign judges to sit alongside our’s and dispense justice to all those who have been denied it during and after the killing spree of nearly 30 years that took place in our country.

  • 2

    This murderer should be kept in jail for life and then hung by his testicles for the several gruesome and torturous deeds done by him on innocent people. A thug of the Rajapakse vintage who stooped so low and kissed the feet of the MARA should be given the roughest treatment in jail. I suggest he be locked up with some murderous criminals who would give him the works that he deserves. Don’t let this sodomite out as he is capable of causing immense damage to the Thajudeen murder investigations and witnesses can disappear.

  • 2

    Castrate this Animal do not release him into the public and if released he will do immense damage to the Tajudeen murder investigation. MARA used this animal for his killings spree.

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