19 June, 2024


We Don’t Have US $500 M Bank Account In Dubai: Namal Rajapaksa

Parliamentarian Namal Rajapaksa today denied allegations that one of his family members had a bank account in Dubai with a deposit of US $500 million.

Speaking to the media on recent allegations that a son of a VVIP had a secret bank account in Dubai and former President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s sons may be involved, Namal the eldest son of

Namal and MahindaRajapaksa today said that neither he nor his brothers had any such account.

Namal Rajapaksa told media that not even his parents had such a foreign account. He described this as another attempt to discredit his family.

Media reports said that the Sri Lankan government had initiated a judicial process in Dubai requesting the government there to freeze a bank account owned by a son of a VVIP, while pointing out that the monies have been earned through illegal means.

Media reports said that the son of this VVIP was a current parliamentarian.

These reports further clarified that the account originally contained US $1 billion and after, the judicial process was initiated the owner of the account had transferred US $500 million to a bank account in another foreign country.

Speaking to the media on the issue Cabinet spokesman, Minister Rajitha Senaratne meanwhile said that officials in Dubai have already confirmed of the existence of the account.

Senarathe had earlier said that Sri Lankan investigators have located more than $2 billion that was secretly transferred to accounts in Dubai by figures close to the administration of former president Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Senaratne said the funds represented about of fifth of the total amount of so-called ‘black money’ that the authorities suspect was illicitly stashed abroad.

“We have information that more than $10 billion, more than our country’s foreign reserves, is kept outside the country by those closely related to the last government,” Senarathne had said.

Describing the accounts found in Dubai, Senaratne said: “One person from a leading family held $1.064 billion. Another account under a parliament member’s name had over $500 million and a secretary to a very important person had over $500 million jointly with another person, who is very famous for corruption.”

Senaratne did not say who held the accounts. He said it had also identified large withdrawals, including one of $600 million, from accounts belonging to people who had worked with Rajapaksa’s government.

However Rajapaksa family members have repeatedly denied such accusations in the past.

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    These fellows are not idiots to keep bank accounts in their names. They would have consulted the best financial brains employed at firms such as KPMG, Earnst & Young on how to set up shell companies with bogus addresses and fake directors and registered in safe heavens well out of reach from our mundane sleuths of the FCID. The world of shady money is a well established institution pioneered by the greats such as London and New York. Every despot knows where to invest his ill gotten gains where he or she is guaranteed never to get caught. There are many Rajapakshe owned business establishments in Sri Lanka accept that you would never know they are the real owners wink wink. Nandana Lokuwithana the owner of the Dubai Marriot is one of those fronts. So Namal baby is correct there is no money in any bank under his name in Dubai stupid. There is one man who can unlock Pandoras box who just got bailed from Jail. Lets hope there is enough sense among the present GOV to offer him an inducement that will make him sing.

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      “We Don’t Have US $500 M Bank Account In Dubai”:- Namal Rajapaksa.

      Of course they don’t!

      The Bank Accounts in Dubai and Elsewhere, hold several Millions more than just 5M.

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    Nandana Lokuwithana who is the owner of Marriot Dubai invested Rajapakse family money that was bank rolled (money laundering) to purchase this Hotel.The reward for this was Lokuwithana being allowed to purchase the former Steel Corporation for a song and runs this company as Lan Wa as a monopoly with costly advertisements.This does not end here .Lokuwithana was to buy Lanka Mineral Sands Company gfor a song with pay offs to the Rajapakse family arranged by the Chairman who was Namal Baba’s class mate at St. Thomas college.When one of the Additional Secretary to the Minstry of State Enterprise Development under Basil Rajapakse Mr. Willie Gamage objected, he was assaulted and thrown out of the Board Room.When Willie Gamage complained to Mahinda Rajapakse a confidant of the President, Gamage was promised to look into this but had to move out of the Ministry and the Board of the Mineral Sands Company due to pressure from Namal Baba.The Yahapalayana should investigate all these frauds and put the Rajapakses berhind bars soon to win the confidence of the people .It is also suggested to appoint an International Tribunal as in Egypt to catch all the Rajapakse family members including the sons , wife , brothers, brother in law and cousins etc (Rajapakse Family Tree) and his henchmen the Modawamsa , Cardbaoad Sando (Dinesh) , Bandula , Pivituru guy, Allaha etc and all should face an International Tribunal.The justification that these culprits won the war is no excuse for ripping off this poor country.Field Marshall Fonseka the War hero will give evidence against the killing of civilians as well as those who held white flags when they wanted to surrender.Why did the Security Forces kill Prabakaran without capturing him alive as this would have resolved all the allegations aginst the Government for killing civilians?

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