18 April, 2024


West Blind To Root Causes Of Terrorism

By Kumar David

Prof. Kumar David

Prof. Kumar David

Revulsion greeted the abominable Paris attack and the downing of a Russian civilian airplane; the barbarism was universally condemned. Though BBC, France-24, Al Jazeera, CNN – every channel – carried saturation coverage what took me aback was that aside from threats of military action, spying, and ill-concealed Islam phobia in the US, there was no mention of the roots of jihadist terrorism. “Great” strategists, political commentators and Middle East (ME) “specialists” on TV and print media failed to go beyond calls for merciless military responses and more intrusive snooping.

First however I must acknowledge Angela Merkel’s firm humanism; she is heir to the values of the European Enlightenment. Her and to a degree Obama’s stances contrast with the primitivism of US Republicans and Europe’s drift to rightwing extremism. American Republican-led states have threatened closure to Syrian refugees and plan religious tests for settlement of Christians only (though it won’t hold up to a legal challenge). A rightward drift is visible in percentages polled in the 2014 European Parliament elections: Marine Le Penn’s Front National or FN (22%), Britain’s UKIP (24%), Austrian Freedom Party (23%), Danish People’s Party (19%), Dutch Freedom Party (18%). Worse, in Eastern Europe many ultra-right governments are in office. Jihadism drives people into the arms of reaction just as LTTE terrorism drove, oblivious to state terrorism middle-of-the-road Sinhalese, into a chauvinist bind. I am only rephrasing the a-b-c of Lenin’s critique of ultra-leftism.

What they will tell you

In the aftermath of a terrorist assault hard reaction is necessary. The six-location November 13 carnage in Paris which killed 130 was followed in four days by the Saint-Denis shoot out when police laid siege to an apartment where jihadists were holed up. There is evidence of use of encryption techniques and real-time coordination between attackers on the ground and remote handlers. Jihadists cross European borders and travel to Syria with ease though mastermind Abdul Hamid Abaaoud and ground leader Salah Abdesalam are known to French and Belgian authorities.

The response of President Holland, Premier Cameron, Senator McCain and US Republicans is to go in with guns blazing; a blitzkrieg obliterating Daesh (pronounced die-eesh, acronym for the Arabic full name of ISIS/ISIL) and anything still standing in Syria and Iraq. In a narrow military sense it will work like Saddam and Gaddafi were finished off, but as in those cases nothing else will be achieved unless fundamentals change; there is precious little hope of that.

Western leaders and media argue that Daesh must be destroyed at its source in Syria and Iraq to eradicate terrorism. They say it must be expelled from its territory and the Caliphate smashed since these are magnets for jihadists, especially from the West. A more sophisticated variant also wants a vigorous campaign to defeat jihadist ideology and caliphate theology. But who will be the educator – Teflon Blair? There is no person or establishment in the West that won’t be laughed out of court if it erects evangelical tents in the ME and preaches ‘quality’ Islam against Wahabism and despoiled jihadism. If jihadist ideology is to be vanquished in the eyes of throngs of radical Muslim youth the thrust must come from the ground up; a whiff of Western manipulation is the kiss of death. The ideas of Daesh can be vanquished only by a progressive ulema (a body of Islamic scholars) within the ummah the community of Muslim peoples.

David Cameron says “the root cause of the threat we face is the extremist ideology itself” and goes on: “When they say wronged Muslims are getting revenge on their Western wrongdoers and others say terrorists are driven by poverty, I am not saying these issues aren’t important, but let’s not delude ourselves. We could deal with these issues and still some people will be drawn to Islamist extremism”. The notion is that addressing poverty and oppression or correcting wrongdoing are not a priority; the priority is military action and defeating jihadist-caliphate ideology. This cart-before-horse mentality has griped the West, like those who from 1956 to 2009 intoned: “Tamils have no problems, the problem is the LTTE”. Wiser than Cameron Pope Francis said otherwise in his Nairobi sermon: “Despair born of poverty and frustration fuels terrorism”.

What they won’t tell you

The inferno in the ME boiled for a century and exploded after the US attacked Iraq in 2003. Bush calculatedly went after the wrong dictator (Colin Powell’s WMD charade at the UN was replete with pre-planned falsehoods). Bush’s proconsul Paul Bremer disbanded the Iraqi army (now a rich source of recruits for Daesh) and turfed Bath Party members (Sunni elite) out of state employment. The conditions for the ascent of Daesh in the Sunni world were laid. After Paris the West laments “My god the worst has happened to Europe”, well maybe but people in the ME face worse on a daily basis in the shape of Israeli automatics, off-target drones and on-target Basher al-Assad artillery.

The genesis goes back to the Balfour Declaration (1917) promising a Jewish state in Palestine and the creation of Israel in 1948. I will not recite history; only highlight two points. The Palestinians have been driven to the wall and rendered stateless, poor angry and hopeless; six million in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza Strip and 5 million in Arab countries. Secondly Israel’s long-term intention and “final solution” for the Palestinian problem is evident. The whole Palestinian territory must one day be a Jewish state, settlers are the leading probe in the venture, most Palestinians will be expelled, those who remain will be second class. It may take a century but this is the ultimate intention; an unannounced supra-Zionism. Depressingly, with US support the scheme seems to be working. A festering Palestinian sore drives the volcanic anger emanating from the ME; terrorism will not cease till this is cleansed. Since the West cannot resolve it the cycle of violence will return again and again.

This is the grim at-root picture and it is overlaid by the story of Iraq and Syria, both artificial constructs of post-WW1 British and French policy. After crushing the Ottoman Empire the European Great Powers arbitrarily carved out areas of control – Lebanon and Syria to the French, Jordan and Iraq to the British Mandate – with scant regard for settled tribes and religious demographics. No account was taken of Sunni, Shia, Kurdish and Christian Assyrian communities. It is no surprise that anti-British and anti-French Kurdish and Shi’ite independence movements commenced during WW2. The discovery of oil transformed power relations across the ME and brought America to the ME with the double mandate to bolster Israel and exploit oil. Oil wealth improved people’s livelihood in Iraq and Syria too for three decades after WW2, but the Palestinian horror continued.

The storyline shifted to the overthrow of Mosaddegh for threatening Anglo-US control of Persian oil (1953), then the coming to power of dictators Saddam Hussein and Hafez al-Assad in the 1970s, then revolution in Iran and overthrow of the Pahlavi Monarchy and expulsion of its US masters in 1979 and next the Iraq-Iran war where the US armed and incited the former. Oil, power and greed drove a veritable devils circus complicated by 9-11 which had nothing to do with Iraq or Syria. Nevertheless Moron Bush with Teflon Blair in tow drove his tanks into Baghdad; the consequences have been remorseless. Poverty, destruction of lives and homes and mass flight of refugees; these lie at the root of terrorism. One part of the world cannot go up in flames without conflagration elsewhere. This is the difference between the way Western leaders and media depict terrorism and I perceive it. Hence my certainty that nothing lasting will be achieved until stable nations (possibly with different borders; or federations) are created and the power vacuum ended.

It is spurious to say that since the Paris jihadists are French or Belgian citizens, extremist ideology in Europe, not dire conditions in the ME lies at the root. There is an identity that radical Islamic youth in Europe share with other Muslims. Daesh, which inspires and coordinates operations is rooted in the post-Bush ME and possesses ideological consistency and military-organisational continuity which runs to a worldwide network. It holds its own in disputes with other schools of Islamic ideology and is confident in its use of scripture. There is much more to it than a bunch of irresponsible youth and criminals enlisting in a gun trotting loony outfit. There is an ideological ferment that reminds me of 16-th Century Reformation schisms or the fights to theoretical death of Marxist sects in pre-revolutionary Russia. It is social and political solutions to concrete issues, not theological debates that can cut this Gordian knot.

Political and social solutions

It is easy to outline what needs to be done; it is difficult to get any of it done. A long-term approach is far more important than military action

a) Borders must be redrawn to correspond to cultural-historical divides and durable nations established. Separate Shia, Sunni and Kurdish states or federal arrangements are appropriate. A Greater Kurdistan incorporating parts of south-east Turkey would be good and stable.

b) These states must be democratic and secular as they need to be multi-religious, multi-clan and culturally plural even if boundaries are redrawn.

c) A political solution that eases Assad out after a transition and guarantees the Sunnis a role in the power structures of the new states or federations is essential. The Syrian military, an effective fighting force, must not be disbanded except removing the high-command.

d) New boundaries and political structures must be internationally guaranteed; hence they must be acceptable to Iran and Russia in addition to America of course. In the age of globalisation survival is predicated on a global mandate.

e) Unless a Palestinian state is created jihadism will not disappear. Supra-Zionism (intention to make all of Palestine a future Israel) is an abscess that America cannot staunch for reasons of its own domestic politics. An international alliance with minimal American influence will have to force Israel into a reasonable compromise.

Nothing will hold up sans economic development. Yes, stabilisation of states must come first but this will matter little unless people’s lives improve. Interestingly, Daesh runs an orderly though dictatorial network of schools, clinics, courts and administrative services in the territory it manages. Regional reorganisation after the defeat of Daesh will be stable only if international public-private partnerships intervene to foster growth. That is global state power can provide security, direction and financial guarantees, the private sector can inject expertise and money.

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  • 4

    Prof. Kumar David

    RE:West Blind To Root Causes Of Terrorism

    “and ill-concealed Islam phobia in the US, there was no mention of the roots of jihadist terrorism. “Great” strategists, political commentators and Middle East (ME) “specialists” on TV and print media failed to go beyond calls for merciless military responses and more intrusive snooping.”


    Because they are behind it.

    1. The British and the French nurtured Wahhabism 200 years ago in order to beat the Ottoman Turks.

    2. The British and the French, with the Picot -Sykes agreement of 1914, divided the Middle East among themselves, and cheated the Stupid Arabs of their lands and Palestine.

    3. The Stupid Devil following Wahhabis bought into the labeling of Shia and others as non-Muslims and killing them.

    4. The Normal or Moderate Muslim sa r enow paying aproce for letting the Iblis, Devil Follwing Wahhabis to mislead and run amok among them.

    This is very similar to the situation of Velupillai Prbakaran and LTTE and the near destruction of the Sri Lankan Tamils.

    Will the Stupid Muslims Learn and label the Wahhabis and their followers as followers of Satan, Iblis?

    The Solution for the Muslims and the rest of the World is clear.

    Round up every Wahhabi and its clone, Salafis, Towheed, Boko Haram, Al Quda, etc. and reform them, jail them or just terminate them.

    Muslims are better off getting rid t=of the Devil Wahhabis and their Clones.

    • 2

      Prof. Kumar David

      RE:West Blind To Root Causes Of Terrorism

      Another Title Could be

      Wahhabism to ISIS: how Saudi Arabia exported the main source of global terrorism

      Or, Saudi Arabia: The White ISIS That made it With the Help of the West, now heping the Black ISIS is Syria with the Help of the West.


      Although IS is certainly an Islamic movement, it is neither typical nor mired in the distant past, because its roots are in Wahhabism, a form of Islam practised in Saudi Arabia that developed only in the 18th century.

      Yet although scripture was so central to Ibn Abd al-Wahhab’s ideology, by insisting that his version of Islam alone had validity, he had distorted the Quranic message. The Quran firmly stated that “There must be no coercion in matters of faith” (2:256), ruled that Muslims must believe in the revelations of all the great prophets (3:84) and that religious pluralism was God’s will (5:48). Muslims had, therefore, been traditionally wary of takfir, the practice of declaring a fellow Muslim to be an unbeliever (kafir). Hitherto Sufism, which had developed an outstanding appreciation of other faith traditions, had been the most popular form of Islam and had played an important role in both social and religious life. “Do not praise your own faith so exclusively that you disbelieve all the rest,” urged the great mystic Ibn al-Arabi (d.1240). “God the omniscient and omnipresent cannot be confined to any one creed.” It was common for a Sufi to claim that he was a neither a Jew nor a Christian, nor even a Muslim, because once you glimpsed the divine, you left these man-made distinctions behind.

      Despite his rejection of other forms of Islam, Ibn Abd al-Wahhab himself refrained from takfir, arguing that God alone could read the heart, but after his death Wahhabis cast this inhibition aside and the generous pluralism of Sufism became increasingly suspect in the Muslim world.

      After his death, too, Wahhabism became more violent, an instrument of state terror. As he sought to establish an independent kingdom, Abd al-Aziz Ibn Muhammad, Ibn Saud’s son and successor, used takfir to justify the wholesale slaughter of resistant populations. In 1801, his army sacked the holy Shia city of Karbala in what is now Iraq, plundered the tomb of Imam Husain, and slaughtered thousands of Shias, including women and children; in 1803, in fear and panic, the holy city of Mecca surrendered to the Saudi leader.

      Eventually, in 1815, the Ottomans despatched Muhammad Ali Pasha, governor of Egypt, to crush the Wahhabi forces and destroy their capital. But Wahhabism became a political force once again during the First World War when the Saudi chieftain – another Abd al-Aziz – made a new push for statehood and began to carve out a large kingdom for himself in the Middle East with his devout Bedouin army, known as the Ikhwan, the “Brotherhood”.

      In the Ikhwan we see the roots of IS. To break up the tribes and wean them from the nomadic life, which was deemed incompatible with Islam, the Wahhabi clergy had settled the Bedouin in oases, where they learned farming and the crafts of sedentary life and were indoctrinated in Wahhabi Islam. Once they exchanged the time-honoured ghazu raid, which typically resulted in the plunder of livestock, for the jihad, these Bedouin fighters became more violent and extreme, covering their faces when they encountered Europeans and non-Saudi Arabs and fighting with lances and swords because they disdained weaponry not used by the Prophet. In the old ghazu raids, the Bedouin had always kept casualties to a minimum and did not attack non-combatants. Now the Ikhwan routinely massacred “apostate” unarmed villagers in their thousands, thought nothing of slaughtering women and children, and routinely slit the throats of all male captives.

    • 1

      Prof. Kumar David

      RE: West Blind To Root Causes Of Terrorism

      Now, Americans love Putin for destroying Daesh: US analyst

      There is Difference Between what the American People Think and What the Politicians Deliver. Not Much different in Sri Lanka.


      “As odd as it may sound, truly the American public has a new love affair with President Putin and Russia,” Scott Bennet told Press TV on Wednesday.

      Americans are very grateful to Russia and love President Vladimir Putin for launching a war against Daesh terrorists wreaking havoc in Syria, says Scott Bennet, a US counter-terrorism analyst.

      Bennet, a former US army psychological warfare officer, made the remarks in a phone interview with Press TV on Wednesday while commenting on a statement by President Barack Obama who predicted on Tuesday that a Democrat would win the White House next year.

      “I am anticipating a Democrat succeeding me. I am confident in the wisdom of the American people on that front,” Obama said during a press conference from Paris.

      Clinton will be indicted for criminal acts

      Bennett said frontrunner Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton will not win the 2016 presidential election because she will soon possibly be indicted for criminal acts.

      “I don’t think, in fact, I probably would say absolutely not that Hillary Clinton would be the candidate, because she very well soon may be indicted for criminal acts, which include treason and misprision of felony and aiding and abetting international terrorists, because when she was at the State Department and sectary of state, she prosecuted a Union Bank of Switzerland whistleblower who gave us all sorts intelligence on terrorist financing,” he stated.

      “Instead of releasing [this information] and giving it to the American intelligence community, she covered it up, and she prosecuted this whistleblower and she got $1.5 million from Saudi Arabia from the Union Bank of Switzerland to her president husband Bill Clinton and to herself,” he added.

      As many as 14 Republicans are seeking their party’s nomination for president but only Donald Trump, Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are considered serious contenders.

      Hillary Clinton is competing against only one Democrat and one independent senator, Bernie Sanders, for the Democratic Party’s nomination. Only Sanders is considered at all competitive in the early primaries.

      Trump has ‘real chance’ of winning

      Bennett said that leading Republican contender Donald Trump has the “real chance” of winning the White House in 2016 “because he represents an independent person; he is not an establishment Republican, and the American public does not like establishment candidates anymore, because they are the ones who got us into these wasteful wars, and have really created the police state (at home) and are constantly demanding that the government continues its surveillance and its various prosecutions of the American citizens.”

      “So the American public are tired of that. So that leads me to believe that they are already inclined to vote for Donald Trump. The other candidates? Marco Rubio I think is too young and is far too much an aggressive warmonger,” he stated.

      “And the American citizens are tired of war… the American citizens do not want to get into anymore unnecessary wars and fights,” the analyst observed.

      According to recent polls, Trump is still leading the Republican field nationally but his support has fallen by 12 points in less than a week, mainly because of his recent controversial remarks against Muslims.

      The decline in his popularity among Republicans is the biggest since he leapt to the top of the field in July, according to a poll released on Friday.

      Americans throwing flowers at Putin’s feet

      Elsewhere in his remarks Bennett said, “As odd as it may sound, truly the American public has a new love affair with President Putin and Russia. The American public — although they may not say it — is very grateful and happy and celebratory towards President Putin.”

      “They’re clapping their hands, and they are saying ‘thank you Mr. Putin’, and throwing flowers at his feet for going into Syria and destroying the ISIS terrorists that have been blamed for so much of mishap and confusion and destruction in Europe and in various parts of the United States,” he noted.

      “So the Russian infiltration into Syria and takeover of that battle space is a very great favor to the people of the United States. So any country – really – that attacks Russia will not be on the good side of the American citizens,” he pointed out. “The mainstream media may not report this, but they don’t govern the heart of American citizens.”

      Syria has been gripped by foreign-backed militancy since March 2011. The crisis has claimed the lives of more than 250,000 people so far and displaced millions of others.

      On September 30, Russia began its military campaign against Daesh terrorists and militants fighting against the Syrian government. Moscow has carried out scores of airstrikes, killing hundreds of terrorists.

      The United States has accused Russia of targeting so-called moderate militants instead of ISIL terrorists. However, Russia has denounced the accusations as baseless, saying they are attacking both pro- and anti-Western terrorists in Syria.

  • 13

    Kumar DAvid always talk like a blind.

    IT is West who created Muslims Extremism. Wahabism began as a result of western interference.

    AL Qaeda and ISIS are creations of the west and are funded by the west and Arabs friendly to west and to ISrael.

    IT is turkey and ISrael who supports mostly to the ISIS because they get cheap oil, ISrael muslim killed by muslims, on of their one enemies ASSAD out, finally Turkey will be able to establsih a separate country KURDS at the expense of IRaq and Syria. they also get States frinedly to the west then we can sell their goods more. Who is selling weapons to ISIS and Accept bloody cash earend by looting Syrian Oil. It is the most demcoratic country in the world.

    Just Don’t talk CRAP Kumar David.

    YOu are extremely honest human being with middle eastern values.

  • 17

    Mr. know it all Kumar David is his usual naïve, senile and simple-minded. He underscores the Palestinian issue to explain Islamist terror.

    How does one then explain the Islamist terror in northern Nigeria, Mali, Niger, Sudan, Somalia, Kenya, Yemen, Caucasus, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the Caucasus, southern Thailand and occasionally elsewhere. Algeria experienced a vicious civil war that was spurred by a similar ideology but was then ruthlessly crushed by the military to its own population’s benefit. Tajikistan faced similar turmoil.

    Kumar should stick to what he knows and not wade into waters he is unfamiliar with! He regurgitates the analysis of others without understanding it in the first place!

    • 1

      Kumar David [Edited out]

  • 15

    Blame the Jews not so called piece loving radical Islamist who wants to create a Caliphate and introduce Sharia to the world. How many academics and experts who blame the West and Christen crusades for every ill’s of the world who will only chose to live in the West other than any place in the world is mind boggling. Is the west without faults not by any means. Keep visiting the past to justify beheadings, rapes and murders in todays world by so called radical Islamist who are so brave and willing to die but cover the their face while beheading hostages very brave indeed.

  • 13

    Professor Kumar essay are always mixed up.

    First, whatever he lists as the long term solution is what mainly proposed by the west. He concluded achieving it as difficult. But I did not feel that. For example, I though after the secound war, a better democracy could have been built with a forced Federal Constitution and putting Al-Malik into prison for sabotaging. Bush dropped out everything and further to search and revenge Saddam, kept Al Malik in power. It is not Bush destroyed Iraq. He left the country’s structure in tact. Market suicide bombing and splitting the country was earnest effort of Al Malik. So the second American invasion into iraq failed. It is same case in Lankawe too. Robert Blake accused LTTE for defeating Ranil. But he personally support the power of Chandrika and Old king than Ranil at the start. America played a big hand in turning the sinhalese enthusiastically vote for Old Kind in the 2005 presidential voting. Then it conducted the war in Lanka and saw the result it got from Iraq. Even though west advocate for secular, democratic governments in the world, it goes for the power play. People in the turmoiled counties do not understand how the secular democracy works. So they vote for the power play leaders of the west and lose. Certainly, in Lankawe, Ambassador Blake prefered Old King and Weerawansa’s JVP that time.

    America lost in Vietnam, almost lost in Korea, but won in Afghanistan. Nasibullah was ousted and USSR was splitted. Second time too, in Afghanistan America won, until second Iraq war started. Afghanistan is very difficult country. America won twice. If Bush was there, now it might have become another Iraq. But after the death of the secound Taliban leader, There could be a hope in the future. In General America’s and west’s biggest failure is Middle East.

    I think Middle east is inching towards secound world War’s atomic bomb solution of the current arms. One day world will be united on that issue. Saudi Arabia and Turkey will be the reasons for that. poverty in Africa. Poverty in South America. Poverty in South Asia. Turmoils are there not the Middle east Jihadism. Al-qaeda, the mother of all Jihadism did not born out of poor man ideology and not supported by poor people. It is clearly identified Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabism. Pakistan is richer than India. Pakistan Jihadism is not comparable to Indian Jihadism of RSS. Wealth may slow down the growth but poverty is not the stating cause.

    Israel is not willing to solve the Palestinian problem. America unconditionally supporting Israel; but certainly not on prolonging the Palatines problems for ever. Bush idiotically opened many prong war and destroyed American economy. Until these are solved, America will not work on Palestinian problem with full concentration.

    Again America is not with Israel in controlling Palestine for ever. America’s Cat on the wall appearance in not really cat on the wall mind. America not doing anything tangible is not America is against a Palestinian solution. In a theoretical situation like this America will be forced to act. Say Israel got captured and America has to go for liberate it, then America will do that solve Palestinian problem too before leave out. When Israel is well an ok America is unlikely to involve. It has to dealt with UN making America to agree not to use veto.

    Israel may wish to keep Palestine for ever. But I am sure they are willing to take that risk. Jihadism wants to take over the entire world. They believe 100% they can achieve that. But is not the Palestinian idea. So it is not correct even the notion that Palestinian problem is feeding milk to spread Jihadist ideology. It is pure religious extremism. We know the Muslim Kings in India created even a new religion(Sikh) to take up on that. We just can not cover up the extremist element in that religion and put the blame on the West.

    Middle East or Europe did not enjoy the considerable peace, China and India had. This is the reason they two became warrior races and India constantly lost the wars. So it appears it is time for another Crusader war(may be the Tenth).

    Having said all these, Jihadism is not to restore the fallen Ottoman empire. It is not to launch a war against Israel to free Palatine. It is only a religious extremism. There was nothing in the ottoman empire that is comparable to modern world. It is only a parallel to Lankake’s Dutu Gemunu myths. International sea piracy can no longer bring serious wealth. It is a lesson that Muslim leaders should have taken from secound world war. We saw at the Tamils end too. World would unite and inflict serious damage to those countries if the Middle East countries are not controlling the Jihadism. Saudi to Pakistan is 100% dependant of foreign military hardware even though Pakistan may eventually have arrangement to deliver atomic bombs beyond India.

  • 4

    Mr Kumar David

    Your analysis is spot on, the root cause of whatever that is happening now because of Israel and their ultimate goal in the region. I remember once Golda Meyer, a one time prime minister was asked by a journalist how they are able to always defeat the Arabs military, and her answer was that the Arabs can lose many battles and still survive, but for Israel, all it takes is one battle to lose and that will be the end of the Jewish state.

    The only way of survival for Israel is to destabilize the Arabs states in every possible way using all means, like the author says until a just solution is found to the Palestinian conflict, jihadism and terrorism will not end but will only increase. The western countries knows this but they cannot do anything because the Zionist force is too powerful, and no world leader can do anything about it, not even Obama or the UN.

  • 13

    What do you think would be the result of referenda in civilized countries asking if muslim immigrants should be returned to countries of origin?
    These people cannot point to even one islamic country as a success?
    What kind of hell will this filth create for future generations of Europeans?

  • 2

    Excellent analysis by KD. This is the best political analysis of the current situation in Iraq & Syria. I am sure that KD is also aware of the background information regarding the creation of Daesh.

    Western intelligence services found Ikhwan type of movement with a religious zeal for protecting Islam from infidels, was suitable to support the insurgency in Syria against Shiite President Assad. The resistant movement was trained apparently in an undisclosed US military camp; the leader of the movement was selected and supported in the midst of Syrian civil war, equipped with all necessary military resources.

    According to a document recently released by NSA whistle blower Edward Snowden, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS, is an intelligence asset for USA. All rhetoric in his speech are based on the old Wahhabi doctrine in which there is not any doubt or hesitation on the part of a believer to kill anyone who is declared as infidel or anyone who reject this particular interpretation of Islam and he should be deprived of immunity of his property and his life. In line with this weird form of religious fanaticism, ISIS is ruthlessly executing both Muslims and non-Muslims without having a tinge of guilt or hesitation for their inhuman executions.

    Basically, in the span of a few months, a terrorist group emerged, causing mayhem in the very regions the US and its allies have been looking to attack for years. ISIS propaganda material utilizes state of the art equipment produced by seasoned movie producers. Their productions are a step above usual “Islamic propaganda” found circulating in the Middle-East.

    Western intelligence services also believe as reveled by the leaked NSA document that ISIS will serve as the “Hornets Nest” for radical Islamists to converge into one area to fight their holy war, preventing the terrorist attacks within their own countries. The NSA document leaked by Edward Snowden states the group was established by U.S., British and Israeli intelligence as part of a strategy dubbed “the hornet’s nest” to draw Islamic militants from around the world to Syria. There are as many as 20,000 estimated foreign nationals fighting along with ISIS from countries other than Iraq and Syria. Majority of the jihadists who traveled via Turkish border to Syria to join ISIS are those who were trained in the reformist religious doctrine where they were asked to reject the conventional wisdom from the Islamic scholars and to interpret the message from Qur’an in a radical way.

    What we saw in Paris attack was the blow out the works of Western intelligence in the creation of a Frankenstein monster in the name of ISIS/ISIL and their miscalculation in this creation.

  • 4

    Kumar David,

    The root cause of terrorism today is imperialism of different powers, or power blocks. Imperialism may be from China, the West, Russia, India, Sri Lanka or others.

    The powers be have to further their imperial interests: Terrorism is an effect to be dealt with firmly to further their interests.

    When there was a bi-polar world: West versus the Soviets or communists a category of freedom fighters, or guerrilla warfare were clearly recognized. Today everybody is dumped as terrorists.

    This muddled situation of terrorism is continuing.

  • 2

    The entire world shares your anguish. Our world is in agreement with your sentiments.

    But, beside the world to which you and I belong, there is yet another world. The avaricious world. The world of extreme greed. We share the world with them. Those who inhabit the other world are monsters. They are the known devils.

    But, those wicked people are all over, not just in the West. They are in Sri Lanka as well.

    The avaricious world thrives on conflicts, – real and imaginary; valid and not.

    The Israeli Palestinian conflict will never be resolved; it can never be.

    Irrespective of the world we belong to, we are all animals. The earth is a wild kingdom. In this beastly life of ours right and wrong is a matter of destiny.

  • 3

    Either the writer is ignorant or trying to pervert Islam with his brand of identifying Muslims with the term (SW) Salafi Wahabi. The term Salafi, were the first three generations after the Prophet Muhammed. (pbuh) The Salafi scholars were a bygone era. Muslims are required to take the interpretations of the Salafi scholars as a guide to apply Islamic values at all times.

    Wahabi is a tribe in Arabia just like many of others scattered around the Arabian peninsula. Muslims do not give allegiance to a tribe rather a true Muslim is the one who follows the Noble Quran and the authentic sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammed (pbuh).

    Imam Muhammed Ibn Abdul Wahhab made every effort to purify Islam by returning Muslims to the original principles of Islam, as exemplified by the Salaf (Companions of the Prophet (pbuh) First and Second Generation in Arabia) and rejecting what was regarded as corruptions introduced by Bid’ah (Innovation of new practices in Islam) and Shirk (Attributing Partners to Allah). Although all Muslims pray to one God, Imam Muhammed Ibn Abdul Wahhab was keen on emphasising that no intercession with God was possible without God’s permission, which God only grants to whom He wills and only to benefit those whom He wills, certainly not the ones who invoke anything or anyone except Him, as these would never be forgiven.

    And lo! this your religion is one religion and I am your Lord, so keep your duty unto Me. (The Noble Quran 22:52) But they (mankind) have broken their religion among them into sects, each sect rejoicing in its tenets. (The Noble Quran 22:53) So leave them in their error till a time. (The Noble Quran 22:54)

  • 3

    The solution to peace in the Middle East is to address the Root Cause – The eradication of Zionism / Atheism under the guise of liberal democracy force fed to Muslims around the world.

    ‘War on Terror’ waged against the Muslim civilian population is also terrorism, and as long as it continues, expect opposition. Islam poses a severe threat to the western governance / economies which are built on the industries of deceptive media, Interest ‘riba’ banking, gambling, prostitution, alcohol, pornography and weapons of mass destruction. It’s all about retaining their market share. The only way they think, they could slow down the spread of Islam is by discrediting Islam, disuniting Muslims or by corrupting us with the above mentioned industries and force feeding us with their bankrupt ideology of democrazy.

    And they (the disbelievers) schemed, and Allah schemed (against them): and Allah is the best of schemers. (The Noble Quran 3:54)

  • 2

    This article should be read understood and memorized by our uncultured uneducated moronic gnanasarite islamophobes before they ever open their farting mouths against Sri Lankan Muslims.

  • 2

    The prescription given by the learned Doctor is perhaps the best remedy to the malady of global Islamic terrorism. But will that get administered? Highly unlikely!
    There can never be any solution without the recognition of the independence and the right of self determination of the Kurds, Sunnies, Shiites and even the other groups of substantial number.
    Perhaps the world may be destined to become wiser the hard way!
    Sengodan. M

  • 2

    When terror groups raise funds in western world and create havoc in third world, they were freedom fighters!
    Now suddenly chicken has come home. They run around like they know nothing.
    In Sri Lanka it is called asking and eating.
    The best product of the LTTE the suicicide jacket which every terror group pioneers.
    Wait, cyanide capsule distributed by auntie Adele, bus bombs, train bombs,vehicle bombs. There are plentymto innovations.
    The west has never learned the simple natural law, Karma!

    • 3

      Srinath Gunaratne

      “The west has never learned the simple natural law, Karma!”

      You are right.

      We have had lots and lots of experience in this island.

      Premadasa resuscitated dying LTTE in the late 1980s with loads of arms, ammunition, cash, medical care, ….. diplomatic passports, for LTTE to survive the onslaught of Hindians and come back.

      Mahinda paid loads and loads of cash to VP which helped finance LTTE terrorism for another 5 years.

      Karma is a bitch.

    • 2

      LTTE found out dangerous weapon the suicide jacket. That is filthy!

      The super clean Lankavwe army found out the best fun through the armes!. THE RAPE

      West got woke up only after China hacked the computers and started to capture lands in Sri Lanka. Ambassador Blake struggled a lot and got a piece of land for Dole from Muralitharan. When China threatened of the safety of the computers, Old King had to repossess that land from Dole. The shameless goon, the Old King, who lost the lands to computer hacking declared he liberated Lankawe. This how they lost Kote Kingdom. Then they send mercenaries to capture Jaffna for portuguese. The idiot did not take lesson from those two. Very bravely went ahead and captured the Tamil King of Kandy and handed over to the English. After seeing Ranil Mahata winning the election with a slogan of repossessing the Port City Land but now backtracking from that,not just the west, even I am getting clear of you Karma Buddhist theories. Yesterday China has openly said it can not loose Lankawe.

  • 2

    Things will be easily cleared out if everyone understood that their ancestors were hairy ape’s from Africa and the books which everyone obey and claim that they are superior or different than others / you should follow these set of rules etc are all from man written out dated books which has their own controversy too just fairy tale science back then, I mean when majority of us are just goatherders so we do not need to take them serious.

    As long as we indoctrinate our children with these Ravana classic myths we will end up in the hands of criminals who use divide and steal policy.

  • 5

    My contention is is the so called Islamic terrorism stems from the continued assault on Palestinians. If Palestinian problem was solved at the beginning without deliberately adopting delaying tactics for which, the west is responsible. I wonder whether it could be sorted out at least even at this late stage thereby mitigating the effect of so called terrorism. The weaker section resort to naked terrorism while the strong west use sophisticated methods and get away with their type of terrorism.

  • 1

    The Israeli-Palestine conflict could eventually lead to the next World-War.
    Wahhabism is the catalyst for this eventual Holocaust.

  • 9

    Dr. David,

    The Palestinian issue is used as an excuse by Al Qaeda and others, but it is a red-herring. Both Al Qaeda and the ISIS wanted an Islamic caliphate, but ISIS is much worse, beheading people and raping women.

    A secular democratic state in the warring Middle East is not going to happen for at least another 50 years. The only bright spot is the Kurds. America and NATO should be firm with Turkey and carve out a protected state for the Kurds, who can be the secular democratic example for the Middle East. Also Jordan, despite its monarchy, will likely retain a secular character.

    As for Turkey, they haven’t even acknowledged the Armenian genocide, and whenever any Armenian in the West tries to raise the issue, Turkey growls with indignation.

    The Shia-Sunni divisions, and the battle for supremacy between Iran and Saudi Arabia, have nothing to do with the Palestinian issue. Add Middle East oil into the mix and it will become clear that there are no easy solutions. But the ISIS will be
    exterminated one way or another; of that I have no doubt.

  • 6

    AKD is chanting these worn out mantras to explain what is happening in the Middle East. I do not know whether he has even visited the ME other than as a transit passenger of Emirates Air Lines. But as someone who has lived and worked for several decades in the ME, the main reason for all this is not what he says, though they may be the subsidiary factors.

    To look for the main reason one has to go to what is considered as the heart of Buddhism – Paticca Samuppada. The cycle of cause effect called Paticca Samuppada starts with Avijja Paccaya Sankhara. A loose translation is to say that due to Ignorance the Conditioning factors arise.

    In other words, it starts with ignorance. The ignorance comes from excessive dependence on the holy book and the clergy that interprets it. The Holy Quran is believed to be the book of truth by Muslims of all sects. Therefore, it is surprising how even the simplest suras in the Holy Quran are being interpreted in so many hundreds of ways with equal conviction.

    To understand this, one must know how the way that the religious hierarchy is stacked up. Every Muslim has his/her own teacher (a Mullah or Sheikh) who advises him on religious matters. That teacher in turn has his own teacher and so on it continues until one reaches the pinnacle of the pyramid.

    In the case of Shiites this grand teacher is usually an Ayatollah in Iran and in the case of Sunnis, it is a Mullah in Saudi Arabia.

    It is said that, in Sri Lanka, if we have 10 people there are usually about 12 different opinions. It is the opposite here in the ME where thousands may have the same opinion. In a given group there is one and only one opinion. If you ask them about something, they say exactly the same thing with the same examples. It is like listening to the same tape recording.

    On the other hand, between groups, there is only disagreements. In fact the intergroup hatred is much more than the hatred for non Muslims.

    There is no way he can get rid of this ignorance. Anyone who dissents is destroyed. Anyone who says something that goes against the book is also destroyed. The only way I see is to allow them to fight and destroy each other.

  • 0

    ” West Blind To Root Causes Of Terrorism ”

    Not when it is the CAUSE of terrorism. From the successful effort to balkanise Yugoslavia (started by infiltrating Western trained Albanian terrorists, the KLA, to Kosovo (followed by the NATO bombing campaign) to what is happening today in Syria the root cause has been the West. The KLA gained notoriety for commercial harvesting of human organs from Serbs for transplanting into others. The perpetrators are still running Kosovo under NATO protection. The Serbs were ethnically cleansed and are restricted to a small strip of land in the north. Like in Turkey before the centuries old Christian churches were desecrated and icons defaced.
    The US plan to destroy the Middle East that Wesley Clarke was good enough to expose to us hasn’t gone too smoothly as expected. The Arab spring in Egypt backfired, and had to be replaced by a US-trained general. Tunisia was lucky in that it did not fall into decay like Libya, which was subdued by NATO bombing again coming to the aid of terrorists. The same terrorists joined others and fell upon Syria. Arabs have come to recognise the crusaders (that is what NATO is) and have turned against them biting the hand that fed them for so long. ISIS is far worse than the KLA. Different labels are used to describe factions within the ranks in order to confuse the interested reader. The Syrian project has not gone to plan, and Russia has committed a strategic error in voting FOR the UN resolution recently.

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