5 July, 2022


Speaker Silent On Public Interest Questions Related To Consitutional Council

Despite being an avowed champion of the Right to Information, Speaker Karu Jayasuriya has, up to now, failed to respond to several questions put to him by Colombo Telegraph in the public interest relating to the transparent and accountable functioning of the Constitutional Council of which he is the Chairman by virtue of office.

Karu JayasuriyaThese questions sent by Colombo Telegraph to him on 20th of November are as follows;

1 Would you agree that the process whereby the CC nominates people to the President should be made public and that the public be allowed to have their say?

2 If not, why not?

3 In your opinion, is it not contradictory to refer to the CC as independent when it is primarily a political body in its composition?

4 When the CC nominates members as Chairman of a commission, could you clarify on the process that is followed, for example, how many names does it send to the President (one, two, three, five) and how long does it wait for the President to make the appointment?

5 Public displeasure has been indicated in the recent weeks regarding allegations that a person appointed as Chairman of one Commission was sent a letter of ‘withdrawal’, taking back that appointment and appointing him as member of the Commission while another person was appointed as Chairman. This change was due to the intervention of former President Chandrika Kumaratunga. Are you aware of these reports?

6 In principle, would you not agree that such an interference with the process is unconstitutional and goes against the government’s pledges of good governance?

Despite Colombo Telegraph sending these questions to his email address on record, Speaker Jayasuriya has apparently declined to respond.

This failure raises questions as to the actual commitment of so-called right to information champions who were once in the opposition and are now holding positions of authority. This is even more a question at a time when a Right to Information draft law is due to be tabled before Parliament. Colombo Telegraph calls upon the Speaker to respond to these questions even belatedly.

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  • 1

    Here is something interesting to go with this.

    Tubby Minister’s Mama, our Whisky Madam says Gota offered LKR 1000 to an ASP who is working on the Avante Garde .investigation.

    She said this in public while addressing Tubby’s buddies in the Dockyards..

    And the ASP informed the Madam. But the Madam did nothing except telling the Dock Workers that this ASP friend is a National Hero and he should be given recognition as a Hero.

    Now I also have a few questions .

    Isn’t this ASP a member of Batalanad Ranil’s F*******CID ?

    If so why would he go to Whisky Madam to report this crime?.

    Isn’t offering a bribe a crime as bad as taking it?.

    Is this ASP real or fictional?…

    Is Whisky Madam the Ayatolla of Yahapalanaya to have such powers as to veto the CC?.

    • 2

      K.A Sumanasekera

      “Is Whisky Madam the Ayatolla “

      The Sinhala Buddhist Dalit ideal of moral rectitude……
      Hitler ate no meat, did not drink, and did not smoke.
      Stalin sipped brandy like a connoisseur while
      Mussolini now and then took a tantalising glass of light wine.

      No person could be a dangerous dictator with a hang-over.

  • 4

    Good questions CT, and ‘timely’, to boot!

    Let’s hope Speaker Karu responds – better late than never! However, judging by how the Yahapalanaya is going, let’s not hold our breath!!

    • 2

      Karu is the most selfish politician in Sri Lanka.

      He would not hesitate to stab anyone in the back if it would make him the leader of the party.

      He has no ideological or intellectual capacity. One cannot expect anything other than selfishness from him.

      • 4

        “He has no ideological or intellectual capacity. One cannot expect anything other than selfishness from him.”

        aren’t you in the image of greedy Marxist Vasu-

        honesty is not built on ideas but the education of the senses and emotions.

        Soldier Karu looks constipated and it is natural for dictators without power.

  • 2


    You are the official speaker. Please speak about Public Interest Questions Related To Consitutional Council.

    If you maintain silence Wimal Boruwanse will speak.

  • 2

    Everybody goes mums when it comes to real deal. After all they are politicians doing South Asian politics. Read more about our pathetic politicians , go here.

  • 1

    Karu Jayasuriya is a stooge. And he will do only what stooges do. So CT, can you get off his back please.

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