21 July, 2024


Western Province Gota Governor Dr. Seetha Arambepola Exposes Herself To Litigation

Despite being in the knowledge that she is violating the constitution, Dr. Seetha Arambepola the Western Province Governor continues her private practice as an ENT Surgeon between the hours of 7am to 8:30am and once again after 4:30pm at multiple hospitals Colombo Telegraph can reveal today.

Seetha Arambepola

Whilst continuing to turn a a deaf ear, a sore throat and a snuffy nose to the country’s contitution, Dr. Seetha Arambepola now exposes her vulnerability of being litigated for such an act.

The country’s constitution clearly defines that any person appointed to posts such as a Governor, should cease to continue profiting by all other means.

According to the article 154B (7) of the Constitution, the Governor shall not hold any other office or place of profit. It says: “Upon such assumption of office a Governor shall cease to hold any other office created or recognized by the Constitution, and if he is a Member of Parliament, shall vacate his seat in Parliament. The Governor shall not hold any other office or place of profit.”

According to sources close to Dr. Seetha Arambepola it can be confirmed that she continues offering her services as an ENT Surgeon before and after regular office hours.

A fellow member of the medical profession speaking to Colombo Telegraph on condition of anonymity said “I am flummoxed that a person of her stature continues to break the law. She definitely will be hauled to courts for this if she does not stop it immediately. She must decide what she really wants to do. She can’t continue to have the cake and also eat the cake”.

Earlier several social media commentators voiced their displeasure when this news initially broke out.

Further many eye brows have now being raised as to why President Gotabaya Rajapaksa who has so far portrayed to be wanting to streamline governmental policies and processes continues turning a blind eye when it comes to his close associates and supporters such as Dr. Seetha Arambepola who in this instance is in stark violation of the country’s constitution. (By Dasun Jayakody)

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    “Whilst continuing to turn a a deaf ear, a sore throat and a snuffy nose to the country’s contitution, Dr. Seetha Arambepola now exposes her vulnerability of being litigated for such an act.”

    You are behind the times. With the new tribal wind, new tribal rules are set up in consultation with the monks. Some are in conflict with the constitution.
    When they are in conflict, the new tribal rules, supersede.

    Gone with the November 16th wind of the imbeciles, mean IQ 79, who prostrate to the saffron clad monks, who hijacked Buddhism, to establish their hegemony, and to get the imbeciles to prostrate to them, to achieve the elusive Nibbana of Buddhagama, are the constitutional safeguards and the civilizational safeguards of ethics in the society, all hiding under Buddhism.

    Suckers, mean measured IQ 79.

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    The President himself is a violator of the constitution which made him the ‘Puppet Ruler’ of the ‘Failed Republic of ‘Sorry Lanka’, governed by his maniac of a brother/Prime Minister & his murderous gangsters.
    There is no ‘Law & Order and there never will be again.

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      which president or PM did not violate law in Sri lanka”? All of them have installed by foreigners. And non of the are Sinhalese nor Sinhalese Buddhist except for two or three for a brief period

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    Human Eros can be rectifier by later.
    All that human beings are subject to make mistakes .
    It has not that lost or damage to that Billions of Tax Payers Funds by Lady Governor .
    Let us give her to redress mistakes or minor versus …. more Time and Space.
    Those are no accounted by Press and Media.

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    I wonder if, in SL, the (so called) educated lack understanding of basic rules & norms or accepted principals, perhaps, due to an education system where the focus is on passing exams & not a rounded education where integrity, ethics & professional conduct are also built in, or is it sheer arrogance of power which gives a sense of being above the law?

    I am an Engineer by profession but my work is now mostly administrative. My working hours are flexible, usually 8.30 to 5.30, but sometimes I am in my office longer to finish off the daily work. I don’t want to bring home work because I want to spend quality time with my family but sometimes I have to prepare for the next day or an upcoming event. Even in my humble job, I am exhausted at the end of the day & have no time for a part time job. My female colleagues with families also try to juggle a career with family commitments with great difficulty. Therefore, I wonder how this lady can start her day at 7.30 am, then switch to a different role in a high profile job & then continue to work in the evenings too, all this being a mother as well. Super mum or what?

    It seems, particularly, doctors in SL, are super human with the capacity to work long hours regularly & I thought leaving home at 7am & returning at 7 pm was long hours, & in my case, underpaid as well.

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    Dear Raj-UK,
    You say “Even in my humble job, I am exhausted at the end of the day & have no time for a part time job.” …

    Your job as engineer is too much a load for you … Change the job … Select a manual job and enjoy the job…
    Do not compare you to this bright efficient ENT surgeon who had refused take perks of her very important position she is holding … This honest lady has immense love for the country in addition to brightness and efficiency … I think that’s what she could do so much to the western province within short time…. Patriotism is above all other qualities in the current environment of the country and she has abundance of that quality ….

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      I like my job but in UK, employers run a tight ship with minimum staff. We are responsible for our assigned duties & there is no one to clean up if we make a mess. According to EU regulations, the working week is 40 hrs. Anything up to 60 hrs is considered overtime, depending on the work. For doctors, it is less, depending on the ‘sessions’. A warehouse man in my company used to work a 4 hours in the night at a supermarket to supplement his income & when it came to the notice of the management, he was to be dismissed, if not for the pleas of his co-workers who were aware of his financial hardships. He was reinstated with a severe warning as it is a known fact that it is impossible to maintain productivity when tired after working long hours & not sustainable health wise either. Therefore, the strict limits in working hours in developed countries, encouraging a healthy work life balance. In fact, my boss has a saying that anybody who appears to work long hours continuously is either incompetent or just trying to impress the superiors.

      This doctor may have good intentions but it is physically & mentally impossible to focus on work for long hours, therefore, she won’t be giving her best attention all the time. She should make a choice, her hypocritical oath to the sick or governing a state (for which, is she qualified?). Her good intentions & others in governance being yobs are immaterial. Can she do a good job in both capacity? I don’t think so.

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    This shows how low a journalist can go. This lady is trying to do something good for the nation. While doing that without earning money through corruption, she uses her learned profession ethically to earn a living. How sad these guys promote idiots to these positions rather than allowing a learned person like her. President and the parliament should change the law to allow professionals to hold such positions and deliver good service while practising own profession. What idiotic journalists we have. God help us.

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    Ali Sabry will defend this Lady Pro Bono,
    And I feel sorry the poor people who take her to Court , because Ali’s fees are no small change as I understand..

    Anyway more important legal claims issue is what the UNP MP Hirunickers is going do to the Four Media Outlets which helped Nandasena to become the President.

    Hirunickers is going to sue all Four in one Hit.
    And claim a colossal LKR One Billion..

    You should have seen the glee in her face when mentioning that One Billion figure
    I understand, because that is a heck of a lot of Dosh even in our Yahapalana Ruppiah..

    I know Ali Sabry wouldn’t do Hirunickers, even on that 50 : 50 No Win No Pay system which is common in the West.
    Wonder whether there are Lawyers who do that in Lankawe..

    But the problem is if Hirunickers won’t score, just imaging the Legal Cots Bill from Hiru, TV , Derana and Chatura , ITN and the other Mob whom I can’t remember..

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      The Economic Times reported on Jan 19, 2020
      “India has pledged a USD 50 million security assistance to Sri Lanka as National Security Advisor Ajit Doval called on President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and discussed a range of bilateral issues, including strengthening cooperation in defence, intelligence sharing and maritime security.”

      Could you explain the reason as to why Hindia is offering another $50, big ones in addition to the $550 Modi’s recent charitable donation, filling Gota’s begging bowl.

      Is Doval helping Gota to buy more oppressive equipments, eavesdropping gadgets, ….. arms, ammunitions, …. or a deposit towards SLPP’s election campaign fund? What did Gota promise Doval in return?

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    This is a load of bollocks! I, along with many others, will rush to defend this fantastic lady, who is doing a great job, using all available time to her. Let us put this into perspective: there is at least one elected minister doing a rip-roaring kudu business – go after him. Other ministers are also busy with their own ‘profit-streams’. This is a professional women making time to serve her patients. If the constitution is sniffy about this, change the constitution.

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    for her being an educated lady to vilify and make a mocking bird of the respected constitution even if she’s married to a poor innocent soul of either sex as the world now gladly accepts and who’s the luckiest member to keep this 22% pass mark as his or their sleeping all the time rajapuka clans comfort pillow. ?
    R. J., the only shooting off the cuff mogul.

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    Last ruling -power of UNP of that regime of under name of that “good governance and rule of law” has been violated very simple norms and ethics of “RULE of LAW” in Island by UNP leadership…..15/1/8!
    While all committed crime against citizens of Sri Lankan by that ruling classes of UNP’s have not that taken their serious Mistaken. By the way certain set of public Medias, back by giants of Western of USA that Multi National Corporations. .
    Why is that? Because Western Media giants representatives of vital interest BIG Monopoly Groups base in soil of that USA+UK +EU nations .! As well as local UNP mismanagement having enough room being permitted to maneuvering by western powers. That is how RW, MS and CBK of Political autocracy being to exist since 15/1/8.#
    Past recently that negative things happen that working against Constitution of Republic and legal procedure of court of Law having result in important cases of political persons in injustice and hardship in Judiciary .We citizens might feel inclined to say.
    It was quite a pity ,bit it would be a greater evil to interfere by Judges and political persons.What has happen it was worse to make the Law of land uncertain than to leave unprecedented headship by UNP that RW to undressed

    The evaluation of Westminster democracy has being created to a political chaos, an instability and uncertainties around world ,which that including ours an Island by past decades since 2015 Jan 8th.

    • 0

      In Sri lanka, there is no political party that makes or made mistakes. They are all guided by Westerner or other countries’ spies directly or indirectly.

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    Hi! Raj-UK
    You know a lot than I thought when u write
    ” In fact, my boss has a saying that anybody who appears to work long hours continuously is either incompetent or just trying to impress the superiors.”

    By the way, these naked ‘HuNP’ and separatist dishonest lot here are ridiculing honest patriotic ladies (Governors Dr Seetha Arambepola and Anuradha Yahampath) purely to derail the good things the government doing. These patriotic ladies are doing wonderful job across their provinces within very short time. They do not need women quotas to held these positions. They are the real examples of Gotas best work for appointing capable people to high positions… Look at Hirinika … What a gossip lady … She thinks parliament is a place to discuss gossip… Gossip only .. I do not think she has ever uttered the words like ‘country’ or ‘development’ in her entire life .. the Country is so proud to have Dr Seetha and Anuradha to make all women proud in spite of Hirinika …

    Yesterday, Anuradha Y has donated a laptop from her money to a bright poor muslim girl … What a example she is showing ..

    Todays Divina reports
    ” A laptop from the personal wealth of the new Governor of the East who won first place in Trincomalee in the field of Biology.

    Kanthale – WD. M. Wickramasinghe, the

    new Governor of the Eastern Province, Anuradha Yahampath, recently donated a laptop computer to her home in Kinniya, where she lives in extreme poverty in Kinniya. She also said that a new house will also be provided to the girl. “

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    This lady could be a fantastic person.whatever it is she is setting a bad example by not respecting the rule of the country. She should have thought about what she wants before accepting political appointments.Channeling is tiring and boring job.Making a buk is the only fascination associated with it.I cannot believe after becoming the governor why she should go after channel practise like this.Cannot come down grade the high life she is used to live.Whatever it is this will compromise time and energy she can spend to the well being of masses she represents and this is not a good precedence to the up coming professionals who are going to follow her footsteps in future.

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    CT is your credible Journalism gone to Dogs..? A Governor without becoming an Egoistic person carrying on with her profession must be commended, what she has undertaken is a honourable job as a Governor.. Repeated exposure of such a not so newsworthy publish shows that someone hates her guts badly… Damn shame..

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