2 June, 2023


What A Pity Yoshitha!!!

By Barbara Seneviratne

Barbara Seneviratne

Barbara Seneviratne

It is pity that for the first time in the history of Sri Lanka the general public had to witness a son of president being taken to prison not for a simple truant but for a major crime.

The public is aware that President Mahinda Rajapaksa‘s sons were a handful to manage, but they were unheard of at the early stages of Mahinda’s political activities. Then how come that these two sons got so prominently exposed and Namal had problems about his law exams?

No sooner he was an organizer and later he was in a position to dictate terms, very senior officers of the Central Bank were threatened that if they cannot carry out his orders they will be sacked. In fact one honest senior officer resigned as Namal considered himself to be above other MPs and Ministers so much so that when he walked in to Parliament the SLFP members stood up. This shows the caliber of these MPs.

Yoshitha ShiranthiTaking the question of Yoshitha, a youngster who managed to obtain only 2 credit passes was not only able to enter the Sri Lanka Navy but he was able to enter prestigious naval institutions in London and Ukraine which cost the country millions of rupees.

This is the cost to train one child while there are many hospitals, schools, roads that need attention. However one do not know if these qualifications was of any use to country as apparently it seams he has qualified to forge documents and is involved in money laundering with five others. One of these is well known for corrupt dealings while in the National TV.

The question is how a Naval officer become a chairman to an organization even it is in the family? Well its a job for the authorities of the Navy.

Namal and Yoshitha are carbon copies of Mahinda Rajapakasa. Unlike other fathers Mahinda Rajapaksa ruined the future of his sons due to greed for power, wealth which he never had. Actually the real culprit is the Executive Presidency as we see today even though certain executive powers are done with yet nepotism has taken hold. Due to the executive powers Mahinda enjoyed and promoted looting thuggery, crimes, rapists, grabbed state lands and brought about the economic recession. He eternally talks about winning the war, what good has it done to general public. While there is no terrorists we are loaded with Sinhala thugs and so called monks.

Mahinda’s only concern was to rule this land until death. He gave no thought as at how or what would become of his sons. They got used to a wealthy life style, they could kill as they want, they could sack senior officers at a will and in fact no one could be above them.

But now we see what has happened, both the father and mother are so short sighted they had only seeked wealth and power, hell with the country and the children. Both Namal and Yoshitha brought disgrace to their College, S. Thomas College Mount Lavinia.

This is also a lesson for the present corrupt ministers, MPs and state officials. Watch out those who came by the back door will not have a second chance and Prime Minister, we know that you are shrewd and cunning like your uncle JR Jayewardene, but do not try to hoodwink the masses, We could see you are trying your best to get rid of the President or to corner him, it is also Mahinda’s dream, you are in touch with him through certain others. give up under hand dealings and be an honest man who love the country Like the former Prime minster of Malaysia.

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    law is applicable equally to all without discrimination , retrospectively – for past crimes ( say since FEB 4th 1948 If I may start Sri Lankas recorded history at this point) , current crimes and future crimes too. In the eyes of the law a case is closed until its opened again. in other words a previous acquittal is not necessarily a permanent acquittal. Prisons are very spacious and has room for everyone. So sit back , relax and enjoy the current happy moments under the sun – for who knows what tomorrow brings.

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    This talk of corruption of the Rajapakses is just that,Talk! So far nothing has been found despite a lot of high flying claims.
    The latest was that Rajtha claiming that a digit was found wrong in the account and it was reffered to the US fed for correction!
    Any school child will know that if a single digit is different it means its different account and the balances shown in that account has no relevence to what jarajitha is accusing of.
    This only shows level of contempt with which This jarajitha and and his jahapalana clan treats the people of this country.

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      “This talk of corruption of the Rajapakses is just that,Talk! So far nothing has been found despite a lot of high flying claims.”

      All those corrupt practices which took place over ten year period cannot be investigated in one year. Crooks are becoming smarter than the investigators.

      Hold your breath, people may hear some good news, not so good news and as usual, a lot of bad news.

      People also tell me that the whole extended range of investigation is just a PR exercise by Tricky Wicky (Ranil).

      Why are you in a hurry to clear/convict them? In what ways can you help these investigations?

      Truth works in mysterious ways.

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    Most of the hatred towards Rajapakses is that they are considered Hambanthota bayya’s and columbian toyyas are jealous that they are doing well. So at all times they try to look down on them.
    Jealousy is a sickness that has no cure.

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      We do not know what you are talking about and you too do not know what you are talking about. No honest person wishes to be jealous about the Rajapaksa’s wealth as that is illgotten wealth. All the politicos of sri lanka are fattened with illgotten wealth. That kind of wealth is not blessed, healthy wealth, as it makes you sick with guilt. The GUILT in the Rajapaksa family is a cancer gradually eating into their innards. Cancer you can cure, CORRUPTION, HAUGHTINESS, THUGGERY, PRIDE, VULGARITY, Etc Etc cannot be cured.
      The only cure for the above is when one falls down from one’s pedestal, like modern day tyrants such as Saddam Hussein of Iraq, Hosny Mubbarak of Egypt, Muammar Gaddafi of Libya, Mobuto Sese Seko of the Congo, The Shah of Iran, Pol Pot of Cambodia, Charles Taylor of Liberia, The Suharto family of Indonesia, Idi Amin of Uganda, Adolf Hitler of Nazi Germany, Ceausescu of Romania, Ben Ali of Tunisia, Erich Honecker of East Germany, Benito Mussolini of Italy, etc etc.
      These persons suffered from the same cancer that was not curable, ultimately they became drunk with power ( a halucinating power drug ) and fell from their pedestals. Now they are consigned to history.
      The same will befall the Rajapaksas and any other politicians who are infected with the same type of Cancer.
      What Corrupt people fail to understand is that there is a form of Law called ” God’s Judgement & Justice “.
      It comes forth from the Mill of God that grinds slowly but surely. This powerfull act of Justice will follow one to the ends of the earth and eventually catch up with you even in the smallest hole. Remember that Saddam Hussein was finally caught shivering in a small, smelly, filthy hole. A same kind of hole that he put others into death.
      If Mr Rajapaksa & family have a sense of intelligence in them then let they not get caught up tottering on their pedestals and fall from grace. Forgiveness is a powerful Antidote and we like to bestow it upon the Rajapaksas if they accept it with humility.
      After all no human is perfect.
      God Bless them all.

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    Barbra Seneviratne talks of a family who has been rejected by the people. What is important for us who wish live in the present is her last paragraph, which is an eye opener.

    The question I wish to pose, is how to prevent those who abuse power WHILE IN OFFICE? No point putting pictures, glum faces of the scum which we threw to the dust bag. We may take satisfaction that they are gradually paying the price. But the duty we have to do as citizens of a country is to PREVENT ABUSE.

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    The Rajapakses are Swindlers par Excellence!

    This has nothing to do with bayaas and toyaas!

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    Is this a crazy rant or is she trying to say something in that last paragraph ?

    Wish she had a better command of the language !

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    These comments are good for the people live in Colombo 07. The writer has a grudge against of a family for ruling a country, but writers dream is to help her beloved party ruling the country.
    The two sons has brought fame to ‘Blue black and Blue” so don’t make bogus comments about our college…. Hatred is not good watch and see the fame “Rajapaksha’s” has done to the country who came from a rural village…… has known PM or President had done this development?

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