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Where Are We Now?: The Diaspora Four Years After The War

By Raj Subramaniam

Raj Subramaniam

Four years have passed without seeing any progress in the lives of Tamils in our homeland. The International Community marks May 18, 2009, as the end of the war. But the war on Tamils has never ceased, as our people have been subjected to land grabbing, threats against freedom of expression, kidnappings, raping, and political impeachments. During the month of May in 2009, Tamils experienced some of the worst crimes perpetrated against them by the Sri Lankan government.

Under its ‘Liberating Vanni’ banner, the Sri Lankan government, with the assistance of twenty odd countries and their resources, conducted ‘nonstop’ war in what seems to be the most costly war of 21st century, a war that stole the lives of more than 100,000 Tamils. The only force that fought to safeguard the lives and land of the Tamils were brutally crushed and its leadership completely eradicated. And over the years, we had yet to see and hear about the brutal scenes of those last few days of the war, though Channel 4, HRW, and AI took great initiatives, and did their best to speak for the victims and recount their experiences.

Sadly, the International Community nearly completely abandoned Tamils during the war, and the Sri Lankan government denied Tamils access to foreign aid. Since then we have seen the International Community show little interest and little change in their direction towards the victims. As a Diaspora Tamil, I cannot completely forget and forgive what happened to my own people, especially during the last stage of the war waged by the Sri Lankan government.

Having hailed from Vanni, it is very close to my heart that the people had, for more than 50 years, been subjected to poverty, and never, never did they trade in their agriculture and forfeit their environment for making money. These who were put through this misery were not the average Tamils fortunate enough to be financially secure. The Tamils that I speak of were raped, looted, killed, tortured, and put into open prisons while the International Community continued to engage with the Sri Lankan government. During these tragic days in 2009, Tamils all over the world gathered in large numbers on the streets pleading for the International Community to get involved and stop the bloodbath.

Unfortunately, these efforts did not do anything to stop the war. The Sri Lankan government has taken very good advantage of the International Community’s one-sided approach to the Tamil issue. Peace talks were collapsed because of what the International Community did against the party involved in the talks. As a result, it encouraged the Sri Lankan government to pull out of the talks and concentrate on the war. Their own geopolitics and other private interests played a major role in deciding who were legal and who were illegal.

The last 30 years of Tamils’ struggle for independence did prevent multiple Mulliyavaikkal, and it did help save lives, contrary to what the International Community thought of the Tamil Tigers. The Tigers’ political aspirations and their dedication towards helping and saving their own mobilized and motivated many Diaspora Tamils under one umbrella. The Tigers were the glue that held the Diaspora together, because on the ground people had an upper hand, and they saw that there was passionate, authentic voices and leadership that could help them find the light. Our people had a de-facto state that gave them the faith and motivation to come together under one system, and this was why the Tamils gathered in thousands and thousands before 2009. Justice was served under our de-facto government while we witnessed illegal impeachment procedures happening in a democratic state against judges. Under the de-facto government, crime rates were lower and no women were raped. Even plastic bags were banned under the rule and the environment was protected under harsh law.

After 2009, we have seen so many Tamils in despair who seem to have lost hope. We see in others, and at times in ourselves, a lack of confidence, motivation, faith, and an inability to find justification to continue to be active in finding justice for Tamils. But why? The primary reason why Tamils may be disengaging from their commitment to Eelam may be the changes happening on the ground. The bloodbaths may be over, but we all know Tamils are still under attack in many ways. I do believe there is another reason why Tamils have lost hope and momentum. This reason seems to be the Diaspora’s inability to come together and collaborate for this common goal we all share. Of course we cannot expect all eggs to fit into one basket right away.

But the problem we face today is a problem that began after the fall of the Tigers, when members of the Diaspora thought it was their turn to take leadership, their turn to put their own ideas into action. They proposed working in 2-3 different groups for the same cause, a cause that was previously managed under one system. The challenge we face today is that the groups who have formed after 2009 in Diaspora communities are reluctant to compromise on finding one ‘working’ model that can help keep the support and momentum of the masses strong and intact for our Eelam cause.

The irony here is that when the Diaspora was under one system, there was absolutely no momentum from the International Community. It appears that very little momentum has generated after the genocide, and we the Diaspora are divided, and in this fragmentation we are effectively disturbing the efforts of trying to build and increase the momentum and put it to better use towards achieving our common goal. I am very saddened by the state of our Diaspora’s affairs today. It is very painful to see that some of our people have not been willing to give up their desire to control in order to formularize the effective working mechanism we need to have on a global scale.


As an activist, I have witnessed and learned the practical implications of putting teams together and finding common ground. Believe me, I know that it is easier said than done. Sure, we can continue to pour our frustrations and be disengaged with cause. We don’t have to spend any money, energy, or time for any of the activities or lobbying. And where will that get us? What justice will that bring? What, then, becomes of our cause and our dream?

When we become active, engaged, and most importantly, collaborative, we suddenly manage to see where the problems are and can address the issues firsthand, together. The unity I talk of is not to be perceived as ‘all under same umbrella’ model. It should be formulated in such a way that everyone is free to act independently, but collaboratively work together in ways that directly relate to our common goal. There is no doubt in my mind that we all want the same thing: justice for Tamils, international recognition of the Sri Lankan government’s genocide on Tamils, and for a homeland where Tamils never have to feel inferior, oppressed, silenced. It appears that at present, Tamils have no unified roadmap, no clear strategy and action plan that can take us to the end goal.

I see two solutions to bring justice to Tamils. The first, is getting the International Community’s attention by coordinating global boycotting efforts against Sri Lanka. The second, is working together, utilizing our resources to bring international monitors to conduct a more thorough genocide inquiry and the referendum. Our roadmap, strategy, and action plan should be drafted based on these two primary objectives. Boycott campaigns and protests will bring awareness and will help consumers realize that when they purchase items manufactured in Sri Lanka, they are funding a country of oppressors. If we can effectively link the companies that use Sri Lanka to manufacture their goods with the atrocities of past and present, this may get the attention not only of the consumer, but of the companies themselves. Every one of the hearts and minds we win through a boycott campaign and through our human rights activities should be seen as a great step forward towards achieving our goal!

Based on past efforts and their lack of real results, I do believe that the Diaspora needs to move away from ‘event-based’ activities and stop providing opportunities for repeat performers to dance and sing songs for the events. We do not want our stages to be exploited by the same people for the wrong reasons. Our efforts should not be wasted by repeating event after event and gaining absolutely no progress towards our common goal. While repeated programs with dances, songs, and dramas celebrate our rich culture and history, these events are not too helpful from a strategic perspective, especially when there are only limited resources available to move our cause forward. Organizers should be more focused on how to transform attendees of these events into activists who can contribute to carrying forward our action plan.

If we want to see a major shift in our global efforts, our strategy must change immediately. Now is the time to regain focus. Now is the time for us to come together in a new progressive way. We need to create a single roadmap, formulate a realistic plan of action, re-strategize, and reposition ourselves. From this will emerge a blueprint and it should be our ‘bible’. Once all these are done, teams need to figure out how to divide the workload, exchange ideas, give and receive constructive criticism, and work in collaboration. We need a central communication stream in order that everyone stays on the same page, so that no one is excluded or loses sight of this blueprint.

How do we get the teams to work collaboratively? It really is a very simple approach. At the start of each year, only one meeting should be held with all teams present where they develop their plans for the coming year, keeping our established blueprint in mind. The board calendar needs to be prepared by teams by sitting together, and moderated by few. While discussions take place, some may not agree with events or activities, but they can propose ideas and inform the rest of the teams about other items where collaboration may be achieved. It is better if we are able to have open dialogue and reach some agreement with few items rather than expecting for a perfect agreement and walking away with unspoken dissatisfaction.  Teams need to be prepared to listen with an open mind, and compromise in some areas.

Issues & Moving Forward

What often puzzles me is the amount of money, energy, and resources spent on unproductive events and activities that are at the expenses of donors. Our donors should not financially back events that have no value added based on evidence from prior events that are similar or identical. It is essential that we learn to redirect organizations towards pragmatic activities that are a part of the general roadmap. We learn what is effective by trying new strategies, and by assessing their effectiveness in mobilizing activists and getting the attention of our target audiences. If something proves ineffective, we need to come together, regroup, and discuss our failures. But we must also be sure to acknowledge our successes and those who contributed to making them successful.

How are the decisions made, and who decides what needs be done? What type of transparency system is in place–or should be in place–that makes everyone aware of how they reach their decisions? It is safe to say that we need to open more doors towards educating, guiding, and engaging the Diaspora on a global scale and inform the people on the ground on our decision making model. While trying to engage the International Community, we should have very transparent organizations that can be accountable for both local governments and the people that they represent. Being open will help a great deal with carrying forward the objectives easily and without any hurdles.

If organizations in the Diaspora try to mobilize efforts behind closed doors, this can lead to a lot of unexpected incidents and will result in causing much more damage to Tamils and their cause. How democratically are the ideas endorsed and supported? How are we integrating democracy at every level of our operation? We must not fail to adapt democracy and accountability into our operational strategy drafted off the roadmap.

It is a sad reality that we are at this current state with very little progress. If we continue to operate this way, we will never make progress. If we continue to operate using the ‘old model’, this will only empower the Sri Lankan government and show our weaknesses. People will continue to move away and eventually organizations will be forced to drop their action plans due to inadequate support. Do we need another 10 organizations popping up out of nowhere in the next few years and trying to join the race? No. Because we should all be on the same team, not competing against each other! Do we see light from here today with how we currently operate? It is a very dim light in the distance, but we must move forward in order to see it, in order for us to reach that light. If the Diaspora is not properly engaged and informed, they will not be motivated to invest their support for the cause and will not be able to help with implementing steps in the blueprint.

Four years have passed and it is not easy to digest that we the Diaspora have not developed an effective mechanism to safeguard Tamils. Our failures, lack of structure, and ignorance have only helped the oppressive Sri Lankan government. They do not feel our strength or that we have the power to produce positive change and liberation for Tamils. We must never forget the lives lost in the genocide, those on the ground who fought for Eelam, and those who are still victims of the Sri Lankan government’s oppression.

On this day today, we must make a promise to ourselves and each other that we will do everything to immediately stop divisive politics and get back into working together on a common platform. If we fail to do so, we will certainly create an easy path for the Sri Lankan government to continue with their agenda against our own people in the land that is ours. We the Tamils must focus on the blueprint, and do everything legally, peacefully, and with respect to the laws of the countries we live in. Let us set our egos aside to achieve our goals. This is not about you or me. It is about our nation. The priority is our nation. Let us prepare ourselves in deeds and words against violence, and prepare ourselves to take a non-violent, yet meaningful path towards our common goals: Tamil Eelam and bringing the true criminals to justice.

*Raj Subramaniam –Twitter: ilango74 

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    ‘Let us prepare ourselves in deeds and words against violence, and prepare ourselves to take a non-violent, yet meaningful path towards our common goals: Tamil Eelam and bringing the true criminals to justice’

    After decades of funding and supporting murder and mayhem, torture, terror and genocide,the Tamil diaspora are portraying themselves as innocent victims. The bleeding heart MPs and councilors in London and Toronto turn a blind eye to history because they need their votes.

    Today the diaspora will demonstrate in London. Displaying the flag of a banned terrorist organisation is illegal but the police won’t stop them. The brainwashed young among them, who have never set foot in Sri Lanka and know nothing of what Prabhakaran and the LTTE did to the Tamil people, will be screaming as loudly as ever.

    • 1

      Mr. Subramaniam

      I specially love the part about “bringing the true criminals to justice”.

      There are so many war criminals in the LTTE Die-Ass-Pora.

      They funded the brutal terror in Sri Lanka. Did all propaganda required to cover it up for 30 years. Worst of all justified LTTE child soldiers. And even VP’s human shield in Vanni, in May 2009, was OK with these overnight “humanitarians” of the LTTE die-ass-pora.

      Justice must be done. Looking forward.

      • 3

        We need indpendent investigation to find the truth.

      • 2

        damm rascals from both sides fo the divide need to be tried and convicted in the courts!

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    So long as people like Raj Subramaniam and the Tamil diaspora talk about their Eelam cause, there won’t be any progress in the lives of Tamils living in Sri Lanka.

    Your leader Prabaharan could have avoided what happened to your people during the last stage of the war had he only assessed the ground situation and agreed to lay down arms when the international community wanted him to do so. Now don’t blame the interntional community for what happened to the 300,000 Tamils who were kept as human shield by your leader Prabaharan.

    Even now TGTE,Nediyavan Group and Father Emmanuel and other diaspora are stil dreaming of carving out an Eelam. Stop and think for a moment whether Eelam is achievable even through peaceful means.

    This argument of two nations is a stupid argument. There never existed a Sinhala nation or a Tamil nation. Nation state is a Westphalian concept which was alien to the three kingdoms that existed in former Ceylon before the advent of the European colonisation. One of those kingdoms, namely, Kandyan Kingdom even included the present land mass of Eastern Province. Tamils served Sinhala Kings and Sinhalese served Tamil Kings during the long history of Sri Lanka.

    This concept of Tamil nation is an invention of Federal Party and later the LTTE. It is now time to burry these and move forward to achieve the status of Tamils as citizens of Sri Lanka with equal rights and dignity.

    • 0

      Part 1:

      Subramanium, Naga and Sinhala Buddhists

      “Even now TGTE,Nediyavan Group and Father Emmanuel and other diaspora are stil dreaming of carving out an Eelam. Stop and think for a moment whether Eelam is achievable even through peaceful means.”

      Let’s Recap and Review Some Pivotal Events.

      1.True, it is the Mahanamsa Myths at the root of the Sinhala Buddhist Chauvinism, BUT it was exploited by the Sinhala and Tamil politicians on both sides and some selected racist monks, and the substantial majority of ordinary Sinhala Buddhists were and are peaceful, law abiding and very good citizens.

      2. Unfortunately, due to the politicians end game, that opened an opportunity for Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi to meddle.


      a) The First Catholic Christian Conspiracy;( Before Martin Luther)

      1. Ever since the World was PARTITIONED by the POPE in the 15th and 16th Centuries between the two Catholic Kingdoms of Spain and Portugal to conquer the people, with Bible on one Hand and Sword on the other,and the arrival of Portuguese in Sri Lanka, the Portuguese wanted the island to be turned into a Portuguese Catholic Island. Both the Tamil and Sinhala Kingdoms were attacked, with massacres, forceful conversions, the changing of names wholesale to Portuguese names.

      2. The results are clear. Anywhere from 10 to 25%b of the low country Sinhala were converted to Cat holism, and about 30 to 40% of the Tamils were converted, and the Muslims, who would not elevate a Prophet to be God, with the promises of sins expunged, were persecuted and took refuge in the up country Kandyan Kingdom.

      3. Fast forward to the Dutch and British colonialists, who were more “civilized” as they were not under the Popes “Infallibility”, thanks to Martin Luther and other reformists, and “got” or “given” independence, along with India and Pakistan. Why? The World War II( the Second Great Colonial War) has substantially weakened the colonial power Britain, along with France and Holland. However, the economic position of the substantially weakened Britain became more and more untenable.

      4. UNFORTUNATELY, Lord Soulbury, did not understand the cunning Sinhalas and Tamils who did not trust each other, and gave the key to the warehouse with a very weak lock. It was so easy to break.
      He did not put sufficient checks and balances, with human rights, religious rights, separation of church and state and needing 90% majority to change certain provisions fundamental rights provisions etc.


      1. In the late 50’s and early 60’s the Catholics took over South Vietnam with the help of the Catholic American President.
      2. In Sri Lanka in 1962 there was a Catholic Coup. All the conspirators and suspects had Portuguese and Christian names, or were Catholic.
      3. Fast Forward, into the 80’s, and Lanka became a pawn of Indira Gandhi and the West, for their OWN self interest. It is rather unfortunate, we had fools, “Modayas” and “Madus” among the Sinhala and Tamils.
      4.”Father Emmanuel” and others are ALL Christian agents or hires to complete the Portuguese Dream of turning Lanka into Catholic, as the Spanish have done to the Philippines and to Timor, and Now East Timor is Portuguese and Catholic Christian.
      5. Thanks yo the foresight of many Lankan Patriots, Lanka is still independent and avoided the split into a Christian dominated Tamil Eelam Nadu.
      6.Having Failed in the separatist split using LTTE, East Timor Style, the Christians, are now taking a different strategy, to destroy the harmony between the Sinhala Buddhists and Muslims. Their weapons? The Christian Tamils, the Norwegians, The Western Christian and the American Christian Fundamentalists.

      The RESULTS: Sinhala Buddhist Beware. Ministerer Wimal Weerawansa, a True Patriot.

      1. Budu Bala Sena Group Visit to Norway, funded by Norway and the Western Christian fundamentalism in USA and Christian NGO’s.
      2. Attack Muslims, and get the Buddhists to leave the Christian Fundamentalist alone, so that they can continue their unethical conversions.
      3. We are currently witnessing this drama now!
      4. Listen to Minister Wimal Weerawansa, the True Patriot.
      5. Do NOT try to be a SINHALA MODAYA.
      5. These Christian Fundamentalist are very cunning.
      6. All of a Sudden they Change the tactics and want to drive a Wedge between the Sinhala Buddhists and Muslims, AND Sri Lanka and the Muslim Countries. We do not know how many Sinhala Buddhists have been bought out by the Western Fundamentalist Christian Schemers.

      DeJa Vu. Still on the Portuguese dram of 1505.,..

      Asian Tribune website did not say BBS is an agent of Norway or BBS got money from Norway. It was true that those who later formed BBS went to Norway and met LTTE agents just like BBS leaders met Tamils in America when they visited USA recently. WW must be a fool to think such acts by Buddhist monks are anti-Sri Lankan acts.”

      Who knows? Buddhists beware of the Christian Fundamentalists from the West.

      Sinhalayo, Awadiyaw!, Awadiyaw!, Awadiyaw!
      Poortugese Karaya, Ratrawal Christiani Karanne Sooraya.

    • 0

      “Where Are We Now?: The Diaspora Four Years After The War
      May 18, 2013
      By Raj Subramaniam “

      The Tails are NO Where.
      The Tamils are in NO- Way.

      A PLAN

      1.ALL TAMILS Declare that Christianity is in NOT TRUE.
      Get the LTTE and Tamil Diaspora to Nail on ALL the Churches of Noway, America, Britain, Australia, France, Germany and Italy, a Copy of the 95 Theses of Martin Luther AND THE Following:


      1) There is no Hell,Limbo, Purgatory or Heaven the way we were brainwashed.

      2. There is No original Sin. Adam and Eve Evolved out of Africa, Here is the Proof of human genealogy.


      The Genographic Project Confirms Humans Migrated Out of Africa through Arabia. New analytical method approaches the unstudied 99% of the human genome.

      WASHINGTON, D.C., – 02 Nov 2011: Evolutionary history shows that human populations likely originated in Africa, and the Genographic Project, the most extensive survey of human population genetic data to date, suggests where they went next. A study by the Project finds that modern humans migrated out of Africa via a southern route through Arabia, rather than a northern route by way of Egypt. These findings will be highlighted today at a conference at the National Geographic Society.

      3. Hegemony of the Church and the Priests. Christianity is just another way of imperialism using Myths.

      4. There is absolutely no way, Jesus be born from a Virgin.

      5. The Church was proven to be wrong by Copernicus, Galileo and Kepler, bit it took them 350 years to acknowledge the truth.

      6. The Church Inquisition killed hundreds of thousands of the followers of the Church Myths, because they did not follow the Myths exactly the way the myths were taught.

      Dear Tamil Christians. Have guts. Denounce the Myth Religion introduced by the Portuguese. Free yourselves.

      Look in the mirror. The Jews were right.
      Even in Europe, the majority does not believe in this Myth.

      Is there a Tamil Martin Luther in the Community?

      • 0

        Tatte Motte You sucking an Indian buttha backside and are vilifying a western faith that is the only world power surely you have a brain in the rear! yak puute. :)

        • 0

          Brute, cannot you spell even the name of BUDDHA correctly, malaka puuti?

          • 0

            [Edited out]
            Have you tried pork chops at the “Drunken Buddha?” They are delicious and when you sit on the potty head its nirvana Gautama sil sil.

      • 0

        A total ‘Bodu bala’ nutcase ! Its people like you who force your ‘foolish’ ideas that have destroyed and keep destroying our beautiful country.

        For a united Sri Lanka for equal rights of every person ! (other than Amarasiri)

  • 0

    Tamil Eelam? What is it?

    I am sad that being a person from the Vanni, you are so unaware of the feelings of the People who now live in the Vanni. They were the sacrificial goats of the last war and paid a price that can never be compensated in history. They are he only heroes of the last war! We owe them much, but not a repeat of history in whatever guise. Read about what non-violence and satyagraha mean, before using these profound words. It is a sacrilege to misuse such words, without understanding their profound implications and stringent standards. ‘ TRUTH’ and ‘ RESPECT’ for the opponent are absolute prerequisites. I find these missing in your language-wise beautifully written essay.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  • 0

    International independent investigation is the only feasible way forward. No justice, no peace.

    • 0

      You ate the cake and had it. Now vailing over a spilt milk, what a wonderful brain.

    • 0

      Really Vel. Only for the last few days in Mullativu? Heh what about the good merits you Die-Ass-Poo-ra collected over 30 odd years for the muck you ran in mother lanka.

      Go and fly a kite with your western masters.

  • 0

    Call for International Independent Investigation

    Rather than playing games with words, lets call for International Independent Investigation on what happened in Vanni. Let the Sri Lankan Government come clean out of it.

  • 0

    // Four years have passed without seeing any progress in the lives of Tamils in our homeland. // The moment I saw this very first sentence, I dragged the mouse straight to the comments section. Thankfully some people have spoken sense there. LTTE and LTTE supporters are grievance liars and this article cannot be an exception. Nobody is going to take you guys seriously unless you get rid of your lies, false propaganda an violent ideologies. Always remember that people like you and your deceased psychopathic Thalivar are the biggest enemies of your own community !!

  • 1

    One of the major mistake Tamil Diaspora did is that it didn’t put enough effort in exposing Sri Lankan State terrorism since 1958.. The very same month of May in 1958, there was pogrom against Eelam Tamils. This mistake need to be corrected as soon as possible, and the stories must be told loud and clear to the people around the world.

    For the folks who don’t know what Tamil Eelam is.. Better get little bit of geography and history knowledge. It is beside Tamil Nadu and it is in fact Eelam Tamils democratic will in 1977. The best definition for it’s boundaries are defined as “connect all the places where Sri Lankan military bomb and shell in the past”.. When Tamils decided to form the State, they didn’t have any clue, but there was a de-facto Tamil Eelam State in 2002. There was Bandladesh, Kosova, Sudan, etc. So, please don’t waste energy by telling that Independent State is not possible. Even without any land, Jews was able to build Israel.

    • 0

      Sri lankan bombs include the bombs exploded by the Tiger cadre including
      even in India, and the IPKF that came to Sri lanka to put down violent ethnic politics.

      Also, remember that the first Tamil-Sinhala riot happened in July 1939 when Ponnambalam attacked the Sinhales at a Nawalapitiya meeting. The riots spread rapidly, but the British raj took no chances and stamped it out. Then the war put a halt to ethnic bickering, although in 1949 the ITAK declared the push for Arasu at their inaugural meeting at Maradana. So the problem goes to the days when the British ruled the land.

      Mr. Raj Subramanium `hails’ from the Vanni! Are you still hailing from the vanni? Did you try to have some dailogue with Prabhakaran about how best to advance the lot of the tamil people during his time? Did you write any articles to newspapers about the use of women and children and old civilians against their wishes in war? Did you argue against attacks on civilians in the south?
      It is not enough to talk about state terror. It is important to get the support of the neighboring countries like India, pakistan, Europe and even China to look at the problem of civic rights in Sri lanka. You cant do that by alienating the whole civilized world by doing brutal things, on the excuse that the government is practicing state terror. Amirthalingam’s wife used to say, “let state terror come, and we are ready for it”. But who suffered – the poor vanni people. Sebstaian Rasalingam has argued that the whole issue is a matter of land owning and exploitation privileges by the upper caste Tamils? What is your religion, and what is your caste, Mr. Subra?

    • 0

      The Diaspora was non existent to the extant of assessing state terrorism since 50’s. It’s a vagabond mushroom organization to collect entries of day-to-day plight of the masses and issuing unduly receipts and engage in vile chat congregations. Stupids>

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    Where Are We Now?: The Diaspora Four Years After The War?

    Dear Fellow Tamil Sri Lankans,

    What a shame? You need a Tamil Martin Luther.

    You had the wrong guy. Instead of following “German” Martin Luther, Tamils had a “German” Nazi, Adolph Hitler, aka Velupillai Prabakaran.

    Even now it is not too late.

    Denounce the Portuguese imposed Myths, and go back to your Hindu roots. You have a better chance of salvation there, but for heaven sake, discard your caste system.

    Do not be a slave again to the Norwegian-Western-American Fundamentalist conspiracy again. They want your body. They want to expunge your Nirvana and Rebirth, and pit in their Myth Souls.

    Beware of the Christian Fundamentalists from the West.


    • 0

      “You had the wrong guy. Instead of following “German” Martin Luther, Tamils had a “German” Nazi, Adolph Hitler, aka Velupillai Prabakaran.

      Even now it is not too late.”

      – ” They had one, and he is no more, and you are having one in Rakapaksha, what are you going to do?”

      Of course, for you it is too late to do anything now to redeem.

      • 0

        Whatever it is, you are now searching your bearing & the balls.

  • 0

    Tamils experienced some of the worst crimes perpetrated against them by the Sri Lankan government.

    Tamils were saints every way and Sri Lankan govt soldiers were suicide bombers, recruited Tamil children to fight for a their own country, so that affluent tamils could satisfy their inferiority complex, and took Tamils hostage in hundreds of thousands to protect bunch of criminals.

    You are singing the same song that your predecessor – politicians sang.

    Mahathma gandhi handled the last part of a violent struggle non-violently because British wanted it that way.

    When did you use non-violent struggle ? That is in order to begin the violent struggle.

  • 0

    Many diaspora fund raisers vanished into thin air with the funds they collected in the name of Eelam. They divided into many groups and started fighting for the wealth collected. Even one guy was killed in France.

    In Canada many LTTE “chandiyas” publicly denounced LTTE and joined the Conservative Party which banned LTTE in Canada.

    Did the diaspora spend a single dollar to the people in Vanni or war affected areas? a blatant NOOOOOOOOO.

    So, what is the real interest of the DIE ASS PORA? Collecting dollars and lead a comfortable life at the expense of the Tamils killed in Sri Lanka! That climate is over forever and never return!

    • 0

      Very very well said M.Sivanathan !!! That’s the REAL truth !!

      • 0

        Well said M. Sivananthan. They are busy appointing themselves Prime Minsters etc of a non-existent one-race state. They have no time to think of hunger in the Vanni unless it supports their ambitions.

        • 0

          They are busy appointing themselves Prime Minsters etc of a non-existent one-race state”

          Yes. That is why they chased the Sinhala First.
          Then they chased the Muslims, even though they spoke Tamil.

          Now they are teaming up with the Norwegians, the front for the Western Ambitions and Strategies, with the Tamil Christians in Norway and USA with Budu Bala Sena, the strange bedfellows.

          Norway gave the Nobel Peace Prize to Henry Kissinger, the Christmas bombing murderer of Hanoi.

          Even many Norwegians protested.

          It was given by the Norwegian Parliament, the Storting.

          That was the mistake done by Alfred Nobel.

          • 0

            Here is more information on Norway, and its role for the West.

            Why did BBS go to Norway and USA?

            “In many of these moves, and in some of its UN lobbying, the US uses third parties to cover its hand. Norway has figured prominently as one of the not-so-hidden hands of Western foreign policy in this regard. Canada and Britain have figured in extraordinary renditions of prisoners who were whisked away for torture by US agents operating in other countries.”


            Western role in the Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) of Sri Lanka
            Posted on May 18th, 2013

            by Anura Alahakone, USA

            It is well-known that US has taken a lead role in combating, and sometimes fostering Islamic extremism in many parts of the world. Its support for the Taliban in Afganistan by arming them against the Soviets is well known. The US has also supported Islamic groups to create tension is some African states to counter other tendencies.

            In many of these moves, and in some of its UN lobbying, the US uses third parties to cover its hand. Norway has figured prominently as one of the not-so-hidden hands of Western foreign policy in this regard. Canada and Britain have figured in extraordinary renditions of prisoners who were whisked away for torture by US agents operating in other countries.

            In Sri Lanka, Western policy was directed through the secessionist politics of the Tamil Nationalism. This provided a stage for global capitalism to move in, with Ranil Wickremasinghe and Chandrika Kumaratunga willing partners. However, this agenda was thwarted by the rise of the Rajapaksa government which exploited the growing anger of the majority of the country that realized that the carpet is being pulled from under them, with the sovereignty and decision making in the country passing into the hands of Norway, Japan, India and internationally funded NGOs.

            Rajapaksa used a policy of dividing up the opposition and offering perks to woo support, to bring most of the Sinhala polity as well as the Muslims behind him. Using a large cabinet to shield the weakness of his minority government, Rajapaksa won a war that had been declared `un-winnable’ by the West which funded the Tamil Tigers, and harboured individuals like Anton and Adele Balasingham who openly supported programs declared by the UN to be crimes against civil societies.

            Western analysts realized that until and unless the Sinhala polity is divided, the Western program cannot go ahead. The Tamil nationalist program thrived in the last three decades only because the Sinhalese were divided equally between the United National party (center right) and the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (center left). The US keeps track of Islamic groups and knew of the Wahabist-Islamic incursions in Sri Lanka, and the growing resentment against it among certain nationalist sections of the Sinhalese.

            The strategists in the Pentagon invoke their standard formula for situations like this. It lines up its defense establishment with the defense establishment of the target country (Sri Lanka), and gets one of its henchmen (e.g., Norway) to support the anti-Islamic radical groups at a variety of levels. This has been done not only by the so-called “one-shot” support given to the BBS, but also by giving financial aid to selected Buddhist temples. This is the standard approach to buying up political support where there is none.

            In effect, the West needs a Buddhist NGO in Sri Lanka, just as it needed an Islamic NGO in Afghanistan against the Soviets. However, here it is playing a more subtle game, check-mating the Wahabi Islamists in Sri Lanka, gaining support from a section of Buddhists, while alienating and diminishing the power of the Jathika-Hela Urumaya that led the vanguard against Norway at Mavil Ara, and actually fielded Buddhist monks at Sri Lankan elections. Thus the rise of the BBS fits in very well with the strategy of the West.

            However, some members of the Rajapaksa government, as well as some leaders of the Buddhist political program are clever strategists. They have realized that they too can use (the covertly western-supported) anti-Islamism of the BBS to their own advantage in winning back some of the assets that have been encroached upon by Islamist expansion. This is of course a popular move among the Sinhala nationalist merchant class which is prepared to compromise on Buddhist teachings for a bit more of Buddhist hegemony.

            Sri Lankan Buddhists do not have a strong moral figure like the Dalai Lama who successfully maintained the Tibetan effort against China on the high moral road for many decades. Now, the Dalai Lama has retired from that struggle and how it will spiral onwards is any-body’s guess. The Dalai Lama has expressed his sadness about the events in Sri Lanka and Burma, but it is easy to dismiss him as being mis-informed. Indeed, he is not informed about these events per se. He is making his statements based on the general principles of Buddhism that demand that every matter be solved by discussion, compromise and compassion, without violence. That is the high moral road that the Buddha indicated to the Lichchavi kings in regard to governance, some 26 centuries ago, with his seven rules.

            The BBS is a militant group which in effect implies that Buddhist principles have to be re-enforced by strong-arm tactics. Some church fathers as well as Western anti-Islamists who have been irked by Islam’s inroads all over the world are delighted by the new developments. They don’t have to openly sully their hands!

            The withdrawal of Muslim support from the Rajapaksa government is also attended with glee by Western strategists who noted how Rajapaksa had used such support in UN fora for thwarting international sanctions against his government.

            The western NGOs that existed in Sri Lanka so far have been headed by Tamils, Christians, or noted international wheeler-dealers. If the BBS can become a Southern Sinhalese NGO that can be manipulated by the West, an immediate objective of the West would be achieved.

            However, some of the leaders of the BBS may prove to be artful individuals who may not necessarily tow the line of the West, just as the Taliban NGOs created in Afghanistan by the West some decades ago morphed into anti-Western agents. However, the Taliban had enough middle-eastern financial backers when the West withdrew its support. In contrast, the BBS will dry up and loose steam, as soon as it looses its financial backing.

            Here we have to look at the JHU that has become a dormant entity when its financial support dried up with the JHU becoming a compliant partner of the Rajapaksa politics of accommodating all and `shaping up’ problems instead of solving them according to the rule book.

    • 0

      Just like Shrub would say during tsunami “All aid is defense related” Oluwa,puute no entry, no go machan. Song of the west.

      • 0

        Like your “Putang Paala”.

    • 0


      It is not “Die-Ass-Pora” It is “Die-Ass-Poo-ra”. Some of the dole budgers main income is collecting funds for dead horse LTTE the so-caaled freedom fighters

      • 0

        Mo Siva was doing exactly that and he declared bankrupt you should know. This is a failed business man trying another business. Has nothing to do with Tamils Sinhalese or anything like that. Please know his history you will know. He will turn around if you dont pay him enough. That is exactly what happened. The Diaspora didn’t pay him enough.

    • 0

      How do you know how much the diaspora spent on what and when. It is the flow of diaspora money that kept Sri Lnkan economy going. The diaspora doesn’t give money through your masters who give money to you. A bankrupt M is always bankrupt even in ideas and thoughts. Get a better script M > however much you try you are not noticed in Tamil as well as the Sinhalese community. Nobody buys second hand things nowadays.
      So you know about Canada and Norway. Create great improvement for an M.
      Mr M you are only trying to do business in the post war climate. You will end upo with the same fate as your previous one. Bankrut. Your new venture has not even taken off. People are aware of cheats hooligans and unintelligent thugs. Sing a song for your master he will pay you some money and you put it in the brown paper bag. Ba Ba black sheep have you any money Yes Mokkan Yes Mokkan ……

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    Tamil Eelam? What is it?

    “I am sad that being a person from the Vanni, you are so unaware of the feelings of the People who now live in the Vanni. They were the sacrificial goats of the last war and paid a price that can never be compensated in history”

    I agreed with Dr.Rajasingham Narendran. He said well. Some of us must realize the practical situation of the people first if they have truly interested the Tamil poor people, who lost all things by the so-called Tamil Eelam war.

  • 0

    subramanium please keep living in Canada and make sure you take your pills that are for hallucinations . or Visit another Dr who will prescribe something stronger . As far as your dreams are concerned the sun god is in Uganda waiting to make his apprearence .

  • 0

    Mr Raj Subramaniam,
    This essay of yours clearly another tune of the same song diaspora sang over the years.
    You obviously use words like -Genocide, land grabbing, kidnappings, raping, and political impeachments, worst crimes, and the list goes on.

    International community knows about the lies & propaganda people like you spread over the years are fabricated.

    You sounded like an educated person, how ever I don’t think you know what the word genocide means. look it up mate.

    suggestions you make to boycott SriLankan manufactured products is a sad dumb joke on all us Lankans.
    The fact that you even suggest it is cruel. It’s only going to hurt the development of livelihoods off all SriLankans. Yeah keep SriLankans as poor as they were for last 30yrs. Well you’d be fine mate cos you are another diaspora eating beacon and living in a air conditioned big house.
    Stop supporting a separate state in SriLanka. It will NEVER happen. Not EVER.
    Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims and all others will live together as SRI LANKANS.
    The pearl of the Indian Ocean will not be broken to pieces.

  • 0

    some people never learn the lesson like Tamil.after 30 years used of all the resources and help finally they loss every thinks.today they are ready to have peaceful way to get elam. grant if possible and follow the Gandhi family policy since father to the terrorists and mother to this brutal terrorist movement.if you all can get one dollar from all every week and build one house for Tamil living in north and send one child to school having books and cloths much better than current activities of useless and waste of time and resources.

  • 0

    I find it especially interesting that Sinhalese people live on their computers to troll anything that comes from a Tamil person, I’m sure you all have more productive activities to do with your precious time. Repeating the same things that have been repeated since the beginning of time when some of your people attacked and tried to kill the other side …even burning down the library because tamil literature and culture was too strong for sinhalese liking…won’t do anything for critical people. Having said that , there are many uncritical beings in this world, and they take things at face value when trolls like you live on your computers and attack articles such as these. Just an update, In canada..in the capital, the tamil people now officially have a street called Vanni, and all the important politicians acknowledge the tamil diaspora and mourn with the tamil people. As a non-srilankan, even I find your comments to be quite idiotic. Can you go troll something else? Thanks. Leave room for people with critical abilities to come in instead of people with the same things as their ancestors..who used the same things… in order to justify the treatment/genocide of tamil people. I’m not sure if this is common but, here in Canada, I have many friends who hare half sinhalese and half tamil and they all agree with this article. You all need to go find something else to troll. Even I know that the north is indigenous to the Tamil people…so give it to them..you can stay in the south. This is the same type of thing that indigenous people in Canada are fighting for..land. Land that is RIGHTFULLY OURS> I am an indigenous person of Canada and I agree with the Tamil Nation. Only people who go through the same struggles are able to fully understand these things.

    • 0

      Katerina, looks like you’ve got your wires crossed. Don’t you think it is better to learn some thing about what you’re talking about before you say something?

      • 0

        What Katerina saying to Sinhalese people is that they should keep their mouths shut and let the world be fooled. I respect her ignorance. But there are other people who might want to know the flip side of the coin.

  • 0

    Dear Raj, it’s nice to see your commitment to your race. But I disagree with many claims you make here. You portray Sinhalese as oppressors and that Tamils have been mistreated. I do agree with you that there have been incidences where Tamil people were attacked by Sinhalese in the past and vise verse. As the last comment mentions, even burning down a Tamil library by a few thugs. But I would urge you to be a bit more honest about how Sinhalese treat Tamils. As a Tamil, you have no problem to travel anywhere buy a land build a house get a job and send your kids to a Tamil school and preform your religious duties anywhere in Sri Lanka without anyone discriminating your freedom. I know for fact that your religion teaches the cast system and you Tamils have mistreated your own people by categorizing them “low” or “high”. Sinhala Buddhists do not advocate that. You yourself say that the bloodbath may be over. Is it then not a good idea to start helping your people in a constructive way than to spend your energy to pour fuel into a dead fire and reignite it? Wars will always have casualties. The western countries whom you are seeking support from have even bigger bloodstains than the current Sri Lankan government. Probably LTTE has killed more Tamils than any other. Remember you had many Tamil groups such as PLOTE, EPRLF, TELO, EROS and many more. But LTTE killed them all! LTTE also killed many Tamil intellectuals and prominent Tamil politicians. Not only that, you started driving out the Muslims who spoke your language from the Vanni area.
    30 years war is over. Do not consider yourself Tamil. Consider yourself a Sri Lankan and start help building the country! You may be safe in Canada and if you restart brewing up trouble, it’s not your children that going to suffer. It’s the poor people who live in Sri Lanka will pay the price! 95% Sinhalese do not have an issue with Tamils and they want to live with them side by side. But you will have problems with Sinhalese if you start planting bombs in buses, trains, market places, schools and so on. Sinhalese will be against you 100%. Including me!

  • 0

    But the war on Tamils has never ceased, as our people have been subjected to land grabbing, threats against freedom of expression, kidnappings, raping, and political impeachments. During the month of May in 2009, Tamils experienced some of the worst crimes perpetrated against them by the Sri Lankan government.


    you are an idiot, you can see only one side ,did your people in north and east had luxury life under your leader(god) prabakaran, did all the kids go to school or suicide training camps

    parents who refuse give kids, did vp gave them real human treatments,

    last 30 years so many underground detention ,prison , barbwire cages created and put your Tamil people by VP for real humantarian treatment

    did VP allowed women carders to marry and have kids ,while fighting, but VP had kids and they went to school, expensive B day parties, swimming pools

    Did VP builds new roads, train lines, for Tamil people last 30 years

    did VP build new school for kids or build training camps to kill innocent Sinhalese and Muslim people

    all the LTTE carders had cyanide capsule around their neck, did vp and his gang had any cyanide capsule around their neck

    did ltte carders kill, rape or torched any Sinhalese people according to you NO

    I mentioned only few you and your VP gang did to your people and Sinhalese people in SL

    don’t try to be foolish activist ,try bit of cyanide for sake of goodness for Tamil and sinhales people live in SL

  • 0

    No don’t feel like you haven’t achieved anything! Your rhetoric is what’s keeping Rajapakse in power.


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