26 June, 2022


Where Is The Miracle?

By Sharmini Serasinghe

Sharmini Serasinghe

“By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest”  – Confucius

As I rapidly approach the half-a-century mark on my birthday calendar I have a choice of three ways to sum up my life; so I opt for the third “… and third by experience, which is the bitterest.” Like those of my generation thirty of fifty years I have known only war, bloodshed and communal hatred. Shortly before that my school classmates and I were ripped apart and shoved into compartments labeled the Sinhala, Tamil and English stream. Somewhere during this time my mother kept complaining about bread queues, kerosene smelling fabric and everything being rationed. I also recall my parents having to pull strings, grease palms and creep through back doors to obtain the requirements of my annual school book-lists. I had no toys (I still envy those kids today) so I ended up loving books instead, which was a good thing; but I still would have loved to have had a few toys.

That more or less sums up my fifty years as a Sri Lankan and I’m still looking for the much-trumpeted but evasive Miracle Sri Lanka! I envy those who lived before me in the not-so-miraculous days of our country. It had to be better than this. So in my eternal quest to discover the miracle I have returned to fables that I loved so much as a child!

Once upon a time there was a God called Democracy who also overlooked our country. This was a time when we were governed by Men and Women of Letters who ruled according to the teachings of God Democracy. These rulers had one powerful weapon to govern with- the common ‘Word’. Word was understood and respected by all, not only the rulers. For Word had the power to reward as well as to punish or correct with no bloodletting or broken bones. Law and order prevailed as all feared and revered Word.

This was a time when Word also entertained, intoxicated, enlightened, educated etc., and God Democracy had given us the freedom of expression to use Word be it written or spoken without fear, whatever one’s views. This was also a time when guns were used, but for sport and at ceremonial events. And Kelaniya was a sacred city to which people flocked in large numbers, and not the Capital of the underworld where drug dealers, murders, rapists et al are manufactured in large numbers.

Under Word, were ‘Siblings Language’ named Sinhala and Tamil who got along well, worshipped God Democracy and respected Word. Of course Siblings Language had minor skirmishes from time to time like in any healthy family with one feeling superior to the other.

Somewhere down the line Men and Women of Letters got their letters in a twist resulting in Siblings Language taking precedence over Word. Men and Women of Letters then made the first faux pas by taking sides. Thereafter came the expected polarization with Word in the minority understood and regarded by few and Siblings Language at opposite ends.

By now God Democracy was beginning to look more and more like a wallflower displayed whenever required for International Consumption and thereafter shoved back out of sight. Mayhem was now tapping on the door of the land God Democracy was supposed to overlook. Word had lost power it once enjoyed and Siblings Language were preaching to their followers in their vernacular not understood by the other, save a few.

Into this tragic sequence along came ‘Satan Racism’ smelling blood! He had come to stay put and the peaceful country that God Democracy had once overseen was soon to become a lost civilization. With the destruction of the country as a peaceful one foremost in his mind, Satan Racism’s master plan was to eliminate all Men and Women of Letters who posed a threat to his objective – to create a breed of blundering idiots in the country who would finally destroy each other.

With both camps of Siblings Language now being educated in their vernacular and following ideologies detrimental to each other Satan Racism’s master plan was further boosted and took root in the land.

To jazz up the scene with fireworks, Satan Racism then created an army of buffoons to abide by his laws. This army came in all shapes, colours and sizes belonging to both camps of Siblings Language. The gun was no longer used only for sport and at ceremonial events but to maim and kill one’s opponent. The once mighty ‘Word’ was replaced by the gun!

With God Democracy now relegated to the Outhouse there entered on the scene ‘Clown Idiocracy’!

Before long the dregs of society embracing Clown Idiocracy entered the once sacred precincts of politics. This was obviously to result in a government of idiots, by the idiots, for the idiots such as what is felt and seen today.

However it appears that Men and Women of Letters are not a totally extinct species although in the minority. Word is still their master and God Democracy is still worshiped by some. Through such columns such as these and others, we see and hear such men and women rumbling, grumbling and complaining to each other with views and opinions thrown in for good measure. But then for whose benefit?

If it is meant to stir the conscience of the Idiocracy which has no understanding of Word it would be akin to casting pearls before swine.

Would then these Men and Women of Letters and remote-control intellectuals be willing to come forward and take on the system of Idiocracy presently running/ruining the country? Do they think that by writing columns the system will fall? Or do they think by writing columns others might take note and do something about it? I really wonder.

So I believe the sole purpose these columns serve is to provide a platform to vent frustrations as we stick our heads in the sand and make ourselves believe our hands are tied.

Find a way Oh Men and Women of Letters and remote-control intellectuals and we shall follow you!

*Sharmini Serasinghe was Director Communications of the former Secretariat for Coordinating the Peace Process (SCOPP) under Secretary Generals Jayantha Dhanapala and Dr. John Gooneratne. She counts over thirty years in journalism in both the print and electronic media.

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Latest comments

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    Last Tuesday headline news……

    “The regime is ordering 3,300 tear-gas canisters, 2,500 riot helmets and other riot-control equipment at the cost of Rs.17.37 million..”

    Therefore I strongly recommend that oposition parties,trade unions, all Clergy, business, majority and minority communities, Professional and student groups should order quickly the following.

    Bullet proof vests, Riot helmets and gas masks and hand and arm protection gloves, Navy boots to cover and for self defense, loud speakers, satellite transmission cameras for worldwide viewers, special video and television cameras and cameramen and reporters, swiss knives for hand to hand fight, smoke bombs for cover, steel belts and goggles.

    Also opposition parties should order Traser guns, pepper spray, air sirens, gas vapor absorbing towels and prepare a special defense front line protest force with qualified martial art personnel.

    We have past experience with Gen Sarath Fonseka and CJ arrests and now can be anybody.

    Therefore unity is the key and together we could win…..and at least could protect my wife and children if I am accompanied with above.

    Otherwise it will be a…….. Valige nethi Gona…. Cow without a tail.

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      This is what MARA plans to do when people are asking for Food, education for their children, youth asking for jobs and sick asking for health care,Families asking to lower cost of living and increase their pay.

      This is MARA’s easy solution in his Aishcharya…..Chinthanaya say…..order more Police force, Battons, tear gas, helmets and Guns and bullets.

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        The easiest thing for the majority public in this country to do is to stop paying statutary bills and taxes. If a 50% stops paying it wiil not be an easy task for the MR govt. to take action against the public. The MR govt. is not run by the revenue of the Villagers but from the revenue of the Urbanites. No ammount of arming the Forces would help to protect MR and his regime.

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        You’ve got to feel sorry for the uneducated idiot for whom lots of bright lights and shiny things are what a Miracle is all about.

        You will see more enormous structures all around this tiny island and don’t be surprised if you hear of a structure like the pyramids built in vain to fan the fragile ego that was not soothed by those gigantic cut-outs erected all around the island.

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    Miracle is nothing else the BEESHANYA that the folk have now been facing.

    We have not had it earlier. Nor was it during climax of the war against the Ltters. Today, MR and gangs have created a new Era that everyone in the country is compelled to live with fears.

    Fears of being assualted, abducted or murdered.

    Fears of being raped or abused in all forms.

    As women not being able to go out without being feard – as no any times in the past.

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      It is time to Audit Central Bank Gold and Foreign Currency reserve.

      Also CB holding Foreign International Bonds and other Assets.

      After Colombo Museum robbery theft, which British Preserved for so long and gave us with the Museum Building when they left…..and now suddenly the swards, coins, Rings and precious stones got stolen….. anything is possible with CB for MR and CB Governer by his side.

      It’s time to keep an eye on all our assets to safeguard from Alibaba.

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    True. There is hardly anything decent people can do except talk and write to register their opposition and dissent. Can the thugs be opposed in any language other than their own? Do we need to fight fire with fire?

    But then do we have to descend to their level to win the battle for truth and justice. If we do so then we will be no better than them. People of wisdom must do justice to their wisdom and knowledge. The pen is said to be mightier than the sword. However those who use the pen must be prepared to meet the sword. We have the examples of Ghandiji who died at the hands of an assasin. Here we have the examples of Tissanayagam and Lasantha. In South Africa we have Nelson Mandela. Those who fight by the pen must be prepared to die by the sword.

    What is lacking here is men of principles. Heroes who will stand resolutely against the dark forces of injustice. People who are willing to sacrifice themselves and their personal lives for truth and justice. The humble seed is crushed beneath the soil to give rise to a massive tree which bears fruit and gives shade to all. So must there be human beings of character who are willing to sacrifice their selves for the good of the nation. Until we have such a prophet of our times we will continue to write and complain.

    • 0

      Some if not all of the top NAZI and other types of political leaders, serial killers and most top level psycho-sociopathic CEOs and chairman of multinationals and giant companies and corporations that in reality run some of the most important Govts behind the scenes.

      These people have it in their immortal and selfish genes to be born ruthless. These people are kind and gentle with their own families and close kith, kin & ideological sympathisers and empathisers but not to the rest of us.

      Nature seems to favour more the ruthless for its ongoing apparent proto-type experimentations and the balancing of species. It can wipe out the human and all species by about 10 catastrophies from and within the the earth and and space above and restart its song and dance of the myriad cycles within other cycles of life as it has in the past.

      Mara and co are also a byproducts of nature even as we are. In the short term we are F**t**G against the thunder. Vilolence and destructions whether self inflicted or external are part and parcel of natures ongoing endless experimentations and renewals to no end in sight.

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    The miracle Sharmini is , Mahinda and his 560 some thing uneducated ,unintelligent relatives. Can you think of one other person in this country ,who would have this many uncouth , greedy, uneducated , unwise relatives? Our president advises the Sri Lankans to bring up children to be unselfish!!!! What the hell is he his siblings relatives by blood and marriage and his kids? Unselfishly robbing this country?

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    The God Democracy has now been replaced by Devil Demoncracy with Satan appointed as the Guardian Angel of Demoncracy coupled with kleptocracy assisted by mobocracy.

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    We simple Simons understand everything that your verbose writing says in a roundabout way. You, Dhanapala and your line of intellectuals had your chance to impose your ideals on us during 11 years rule of CBK and RanilW. But, together you have not only made this country a war terrain but also failed to convince your fruit-salad ideals were right to mass in this country.

    After the bandit queen was compelled to shorten her term by one year, people elected Rajapaksa against all odds to solve our problems in a different way. Indeed, he had vanquished the terrorists as expected. We know that you and your IC do not like it. What matters is, Rajapakse was re-elected with a large majority. Mind you, he is not, elected to fulfil your ideals or programs or your advice on democracy. He has to fulfil his Mahinda Chintana Idiri Dekma for him to elect again.

    However, we understand your frustrations. So, we have no objection you vent it out just the way all others do here. But please understand that people will elect Rajapakse again if he sticks to his declared Chintana and improve the life of mass. After all, is not that is true democracy at work. I am afraid; neither you nor your masters can do anything about it.

    • 0

      This woman – Man or Transvestit – go on repeating this in her every comment – grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..

      still ignoring that her or his great leader is a proved criminal was reelected by people^s vote.

      If it is the case, why is that numbers of pro-SF ballot papers that were manipulated are still being found in unknown corners of the country ?


      For this kind of people in this country, ones who bear contradictory views against the killing minded bunch of thieves – are always NGO supporters, Tamil Diasphora supporters, dollar greedy anti-MR candidates

      But why the Leela and her ilk would not want to grasp the reality is the question. :(

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        Read this report on Colombo Page date line Jan 18, Colombo on

        It says; “The World Bank projects Sri Lanka’s economy to grow at 6.8 percent this year after slowing to a 6.1 percent in 2012 and to strengthen to 7.2 percent in 2015.

        In a report on global economic prospects, the global lender said Sri Lanka’s growth is forecast to rise to 6.8 percent in 2013 as external demand continues to improve gradually and agricultural production growth returns to normal rates.

        Growth is expected to increase further to 7.2 percent by 2015 at a weaker pace compared with the more than 8 percent growth in 2010 and 2011 as the boom in investment and reconstruction experienced after the end of the conflict in 2009 wanes off implying a more sustainable pace of growth in line with underlying macroeconomic fundamentals, the World Bank said.

        Sri Lanka, however, targets a 7.5 percent growth in the country’s GDP for 2013.”

        Can’t you idiots see why Rajapakse is winning? How could you for you view Sri Lanka with hate and through coloured glasses.

        You can carry on till you perish but you’ll not succeed because unlike you, the majority not just read but feel it as well.

        • 0

          Hay Leela,

          It is not the WB that say Sri Lanka Is Projecting Economic Growth at 6.8%…..but it is Sri Lanka Govt. mouthpiece press which say that World Bank Projects this. WB does not forecast bogus figurs as per your comment.l

          According to my Forecast based on Both Sri Lanka and world economy taking into consideration…..I forecast Sri Lanka Economy growth will max out at 1.5% (one point five percent growth). I give below the following reasons to prove it.
          According CB Governor who is a mere Charted Accountant and a Rajapakse goon always gives bogus economic forecasts.

          According to him, he forecasts 7.5% GDP growth for this year……and I want to know on what grounds, he forecasted this figure.

          First I say that to CB Governor including all the Ministers and other Rajapakse Goons not to deceive public by giving bogus figures and forecasts.

          I challenge now with Basil Rajapakse that we did not get one million tourists last year.
          In order to get one million tourists…….there should be 12 plane loads of tourists landing every day 365 days per year.

          But I was at airport six days last month and did not see more than 30 to 40 tourists landing per plane while hotels are half empty.

          Therefore I request to both Basil Rajapakse and CB Governor Ajith Nevad Cabral not to give bogus figures and forecasts to people.

          85 Billion Divineguma Jackpot is also another Basil fake job and small business enterpreneur creations. Basil plans to recruit 100,000 party members just to administer divineguma bill. Once he pay these Party members salary, OH, transportation, utility, literature, advertising, meetings and conference costs…..where and how much money available to give for real needy people. This in addition to 17,000 Samurdhi receipients and to supplement their pension funds absorbed under Divineguma fund. Just do your math.

          CB Governore was more sure of winning the 2018 commonwealth games bid and spent 800 million rupees for that bid. But finally it was a mere flop and we lost all that money after he had a big tamasha in Caribbean island.

          Even before I talk about CB’s 2013 7.5% GDP forecast I must write this first.

          It is time to Audit Central Bank Gold and Foreign Currency reserve.
          Also to Audit all CB holding of Foreign International Bonds and other Assets.

          The reason is after Colombo Museum robbery theft, which British Govt.preserved for so long and gave us with the Museum Building when they gave us independence …..…..and now after 65 years suddenly the swards, coins, Rings and precious stones got stolen….. anything is possible with President and CB Governer by his side.
          I hope not that these lost items will appear in China Museum one day, but anything can be possible in a Banana republic and Alibaba in power.

          Also It’s time to keep an eye on all our assets to safeguard from Alibaba and the 85 billion Divineguma jackopt clan.

          According to my Analysis We are going have between 0.5% to 1.5% GDP Growth this year……..and the reasons are follows.
          1) The first IMF US$ 2.6 Billion loan payment due in March 2013.

          2) The first phase of China Hambanthota harbour project of US$361 million loan payment is due in the first quarter 2013.

          3) CB Heading deal payment (US $400 million premium payable to banks + US $200 million Interest + US $400 million attorney fee payment, with a total of US dollars One Billion ) is to be paid now.
          The more we delay payment the more we have to pay as interest to these Banks and Attorney fee.

          4)We already lost 6000 Jobs and Closed down 200 factories during last three months due to loss of GSP, and this trend will continue in the coming months. Most of those factories were taken to Bangladesh, Myanmar and Vietnam who have GSP status and less OH cost,operational cost and utility cost compared to Sri Lanka and easy to operate businesses in these countries.

          5)Less and less House Maids will seek ME employment after Rizana Rafique’s murder and many are planning to return to Sri Lanka.

          6)Recent Floods effected and lost over 300,000 acres of Agriculturel land including Paddy, vegetables, poultry and cows effecting over 200,000 families and businesses. Reconstruction of roads, houses, bridges, dams and culverts will cost Govt. Billions of rupees.

          7)Additional 5000 University students to universities with boarding, logistic and university facilities.

          8)Suspending Gulf Air, Malaysian Airline and Air Asia from feb. 2013 will effect our tourist Industry and loss revenue to Airport and logistics.

          9) Hacking BOI investment web and obtaining over 2000 invester information will nervous foreign investors to invest in BOI projects in Sri Lanka.

          10)Weak economic foreacst will make investers to dump their stocks in the CSE.

          11) According to JVP MP Anura Dissanayake Govt. have money to run the country only for six months…….and has to borrow from outside to run the other six months.

          12)Therefore due to spiraling of Cost of living and with no proper economic Progress forecast in sight for 2013…….and after taking the above points into consideration…….

          13)CB Securities, debenture and CD’s issues to public for over 50 Billion rupees arfe due in First and second quarter of 2013. Therefore CB has to seek these funds either from local or foreign borrowed money.

          14)Jumbo cabinet with and additional 400 million rupees per month will add more burden to tax peyer and will curb economic growth.

          Please let me have your views on the above forecast….

      • 0

        This bugger Leela is the Proprietor of Lee Potter Housing project who played out many Sri Lankans promising houses in the ’80s. So the bugger has to blow MR’s horn, for him not to be investigated. Now the bugger has quietly returned from the UK and hiding away in Horana area.

        • 0

          You stupid sod! If I am hiding, how could I be writing so openly and visit Otters regularly as a life member?

          • 0

            Are u open to anyone ?

            Perhaps not even to your own family…. :)

            Just to join CT with abusive – MR supportive views – but being far from all realities, you could be capable, but for nothing else.
            you the ones who create the current situation in the country will be a curse to our nation.
            This you will see with your elderly eyes soon now. Above all as a man or woman or TV or TS who has collected exp about the life – cant behave in the manner you have been if you are not abnormal. That you should be very clear..

            You can add supportive views to the GOSL, but coming with arguments that mostly are not connected with actual reference are repeating you.. unbearable.. :(

          • 0

            So you are the Leelawardene of Lee Potters fame afterall. All those folks who were played out here is the man. You have the audacity and the brass to say you are not hiding as most of the corrupt and murderous are freely roaming under MR regime. No wonder you have been praising MR another Rogue and a Murderer.

            • 0

              Yes, Gamini

              if this is correct,

              Leela is caught in the act :)

              He has got his reasons to defend whatever MR has been doing.


          • 0

            Leela kella,

            “Stupid sod” cheeeee no good words for lady speak.

            You go Otters regularly, no? Myeeeeeee!

            You bikini wear for swim? you put adi also? Mayeeeeee bad no?

            Can I pick you up?

        • 0

          Yes, HE OR SHE OR IN BETWEEN, SAYS SOMETHING almost like

          Koheda yanna ahuwama malle pol – totally different responses not focusing on what is being questioned…

          Leela, you could better be away from all your views. You are just an isolated bugger who would never be able to grasp the current situation in SL.

          People around you may be not aware who you are, because the fact that chamelion colours you own are far from understanding of the average of those HORANA or any other village areas.

          But believe or not lanken state will be in a critical condition very soon now. You will get to see all these after March.

          • 0

            I Only responded to those who abused me in type.

            Sama, I may be an odd one among commentators here but I am is just one of the many in general. You seemed incapable of tolerating just one odd view
            here yet you demand MR to take all the beatings lying down. What a contrast.

            Many of your type had disseminated similar apocalyptic views in 2007 and they have almost toppled the government and thereby saved Pirapakaran. But MR prevailed, won the war and such tricks have become byones.

            Are you blind for world bank figures I have cut and pasted here? Otherwise why say ‘lankan state will be in a critical condition.’

  • 0

    It is easier to get older… than it is to get wiser???

  • 0

    sharmini ..

    This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our Comment policy.For more detail see our Comment policy

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    I think this 15 billion to be allocated to for sports complex in Hambantota for the Asian games yes maybe but it is totally the wrong location. Yes we need a new international airport, a new harbour, cricket stadium and even maybe a sports complex but to build these very near our wildlife reserves of Yala, Bunadala, Kalametiya is a total disaster for our wildlife reserves. We need these projects but nearer population centres like Colombo, Kandy and Kurunegala not Hambantota for god’s sake there is nobody there I mean people. Imagine how popular the cricket stadium or this sports complex would be in Colombo, Kandy, Kurunegala. The harbour should have been built in Galle. So the govt is making a big mistake in building these in the wrong location which would be a disaster for our wild environment nearer Yala and beyond.

    I urge the govt to protect our wildlife reserves and ensure no roads or any kind of buildings are built within them, ensure strict penalties for anyone caught cutting trees, anyone including farmers caught using devices like haka patas should be fined at least ten lakhs on the spot and thrown in jail for twenty years. Anyone caught snaring wild animals should also be fined heavy fines and thrown in jail. Farmers should be moved away from wildlife corridors and where wildlife resides and given alternative lands to farm. The animal rights bill should take into account cruel treatment of wild animals as well. The law should be strengthened to protect wildlife. The law should also be strengthened to protect all our wildlife reserves. The govt can also create new wildlife reserves especially in the wet zone. As the govt may know, sri lanka is a biodiversity hotspot and there are many species endemic to sri lanka and there are many threats to their extinction. So any barren wild land, new wildlife reserves can be created especially in the wet zone.

    The people in the sri lanka are backward and ignorant when it comes to humane treatment of wild and domesticated animals. People children, especially farmers should be educated through schools programmes about humane treatment of animals. Farmers should be told that if they kill any wild animals that there will be heavy penalties. There should be a compensation scheme for farmers loss of crop due to encroachment by elephants. Wherever possible farmers should be moved away from elephant corridors and given alternative land to farm.

    Sri Lanka is known the world over for it’s elephants and wildlife. This is what the tourists come to see in Sri Lanka. Our tourist industry will suffer immensely if our wildlife reserves including Yala, Bundala and Kalametiya are not protected.

    • 0

      This 15 Billion Allocation For Sport complex is an utter waste….dure to Following reasons.

      1)Hambantota is the least sport friendly environment due to very high humidity and the dry weather heat and its constant variable wind.

      2)Due to high heat, humidity and unpredictable wind an athlete has to spend twice the Calories and strength to compete and event.Specially when it comes to 1500M, 3000steeple chase, 5000M, 10000M, Marathon, Penthathelon and Decathelon events coulb be an endurance killing for athletes.Better be prepared with a lot of First Aid for Cramps, exhauston and Muscle sprain injuries.
      Therefore many of these events would have to be held after dark under Flood Light.

      3)Main attraction for any event is the spectators…….and Hambanthota is the least Spectator friendly place…..due to the High heat and unbearable sun, not enough trees for shelter and natural cool the dry sea wind makes spectators uncomfortable.
      Also unavailability of Restaurants, Low cost hotels and night stay could deprive spectators coming all the way to hambantota.

      4)In addition Games….there’s not much to attract spectators like…museums, malls, recreation games, facilities, parks etc..which will reduce Municilpal income.

      5)Also unavailability of sufficient restaurants and rest areas and isolation from town it makes one a boring and a lonely place. Remember track and field is a longer time taken and people want to relax the rest of the day.

      6)Non of our single Athlete won any medal during last Commonwealth or Asian Games.
      Therefore Sports Ministry should focus moreand spend more on Creating better Sri Lankan sportsmen and sportswomen as a priority than to hold this youth Games spending such a colossal amount.

      7)All this projects anr built at the expense of our wild life……and due to land grab by state now elephants are dying or been killed at the rate of one a day. What are the tourists going to see in Sri Lanka in future…..other than animal skeletons and a hambantota ghost town with concrete structures……

      8)The ideal sportsmen friendly environment, climatic condition and spectator friendly towns are Kandy district, Colombo and Galle.

      9)It’s time to re-think building a monster project wasting 15 Billion rupees in Hambanthota.

      10) Also better wait until GOSL hear on the outcome of Commonwealth Counsil on holding CHOGM 2013 conference in Hambanthota.

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    I would say that for Sri Lanka to go forward economically the govt must work harder on the issue of providing more vocational training for youth. The education system today is designed for a few people to go to university but what about the thousands who only have o levels or only a levels (vast majority)? To provide employment vocational training should be increased. We had three inserructions two JVP and one LTTE and I think it was overwhelmingly due to youth underemployment and unemployment. Lessons should be learnt. The education system should not be for the few who go to university but for the many who don’t which means vocational training opportunities should expand considerably. The main point here is education system should not be designed to cater for the few university goers but also to provide opportunities for the many who don’t. May be institutes providing HND (higher national diplomas as in the UK) type qualifications should be increased.

    Secondly help in terms of easy loans for small and medium enterprises should expand so the youth especially who now have vocational training can start up their SMEs. Our economy should be based on success of SMEs.

    The world today (outside sri lanka, inside sri lanka people are like linde inna gembo) is all about IT and English. The govt to its credit has started up IT and English courses for the youth which is good. Maybe govt should give a cheap computer to every youth in the country for free. Something to think about.

    The economic sectors should diversify like making value added products for example in the tea industry and not just exporting raw materials only. For example instead of exporting raw cinnamon and tea export finished cinnamon and tea which are packaged for direct consumption.

    The markets should diversity. We should realise Russia, former CIS countries, Central Asian Republics, China, India, Mid East, Far East and South America and ASEAN these countries and others even Mongolia Nigeria are now getting richer due to their economies doing very well. Sri Lanka should promote tourism in these countries and sell it’s raw materials here. The traditional markets US and Europe economies are doing very badly and will do so in the foreseeable future with no recovery in sight.

    We should have canning factories for fish to save money, make our own tyres to save money.

    So these are some ideas to improve the sri Lankan economy. In addition, all subsidies to the poor must expand, increase and improve. A healthy educated people with the basic facilities is essential for healthy economy.

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    “Miracle” not there????

    This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our Comment policy.For more detail see our Comment policy

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    Having read Ms. Sharmini Serasinghe artical that she speak of the past and present situation that is happening in Sri Lanka in the Political spectrum about God Democracy the rule of law which does not exist, but
    it will not go on for very long the uprising has to come when the people start to open their eyes like it has happened in Egypt, Libya,Syria. In this world things are changing and the people mostly poor are begining to see what is going on and when it reach the breaking point they will rise a Miracle to happen in Sri Lanka.

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