29 June, 2022


Who’d Challenge This Military Involvement?

By Kusal Perera

Kusal Perara

Kusal Perara

“The Army has been given legal powers to arrest and take legal action against those who ignore the instructions of the government with regard to the eradication of dengue mosquitoes” – CDN/26 June 2014

“The entire effort will utilize the services of 15 officers and 750 men (soldiers). They will be focusing on reconstruction…..The estimated cost of the whole project is around Rs 200 million and the President has granted this amount to us and we have already commenced work on this project…” Security Forces Commander (West) Major General Ubaya Madawela to Sunday Leader of 29 June 2014

“Army Commander attend the ACJU co-existing event in Dehiwala Mosque” – ACJU/Vidiyal.lk 26 June 2014

A politically very savvy colleague said, “This is a helluva thing-no. Their saffron thugs go and damage and devastate whole villages…..And we have to pay the cost of reconstruction.”  He was referring to the 200 million rupees the President had approved for the military driven reconstructions in Aluthgama-Beruwala-Dharga Town areas. That money is obviously tax payers money and it is public funds. Contemplating on that very apt statement, I thought the best would have been to confiscate all funds, property and assets owned by BBS leaders individually and collectively and turn them into rupees and cents for reconstruction. If there was still a deficit in bridging the gap for costs, then allocating public funds can be justified and accepted. Accepted for the reason, such racially and religiously instigated violence thereafter would not be attempted by any.

With social media also coming under the scanner of defence authorities, we are heading to a future that should not be our future.

With social media also coming under the scanner of defence authorities, we are heading to a future that should not be our future.

In this Sri Lanka under this Rajapaksa regime, that way of handling Sinhala Buddhist extremism would never be the order of the day. This regime lives on majority Sinhala sentiments, that’s evaporating much faster than the regime thought. Five post war years wasted with nothing delivered even to the majority in the South, they now have to fire up the most extreme “Sinhala Buddhist Zionism” to try and survive. That extremism can not be propped up without State patronage and  militarising of society in every form. Thus the question, “What if this army is kept longer than needed in this high density, traditional Muslim area in Kalutara district ?”

It is a disturbing trend now to see the army being deployed for work that’s exclusively civilian. From city beautification to ethno religious co-existence, from wayside cafés to the hospitality trade, from dengue eradication to reconstruction of devastated villages, and now to control social media, the military is being sent for almost everything the civil administration and civil agencies are responsible for and have to be entrusted with. There is no legal or social validation in any such trespassing of civil life. How constitutional and legally valid the power said to have been given to the army  “to arrest and take legal action” as reported by the Ceylon Daily News (CDN quoted above) is, would not be tested by any HR defending agency nor by political Opposition. They certainly go unchallenged, here in the South. The very deployment of the military in civil work, goes without any discussion in the Sinhala society, without questioning and quite timidly accepted too.

That in a way is clear proof, the Sinhala majority accepts militarisation. That also is proof, the Sinhala Opposition as a whole gives into militarisation without even a grumble. In 2010 they played sucker to this dangerous ideology, only wanting political power at any cost. The Sinhala Opposition – the UNP and the JVP – including everyone else wanting a mere face change for a regime change, fielded army Commander Fonseka who claims he led the bloody savage war from the front, as their Common Presidential Candidate. That campaign to install this seasoned army commander as Executive President of the country, was purely on the argument he was the most qualified “Sinhala patriot” to compete against President Rajapaksa, for war credits. The campaign led by both UNP and JVP, with Sarath Fonseka projected in full military regalia, conceded the military is well disciplined, perfect in planning and super efficient in executing any project. The conclusion of the 30 year war was proof for that, deduced most public arguments. All this added undue quality and unfounded credibility to the image of the army that otherwise would have been just “war heroes” for the Sinhala South.

The malleable Sinhala mind was beaten into hero worshipping, by both the regime and its Opponents alike. In the absence of a second opinion in society that warned of militarisation as a suicidal trend against democratic life, militarised politics has come to stay. The Opposition is now left mum, unable to say they made a big bloody blunder at the 2010 presidential polls. They are therefore unable to campaign even for the main recommendations of the LLRC that with a strong endorsement, request the military should be removed from all civil activities, as rapidly as possible. They – the UNP and the JVP – don’t want themselves identified as political parties that campaign for LLRC recommendations in the South. Neither the UNP nor the JVP leaders demand replacing of former military officers as Governors of North and East. They don’t  support the TNA in demanding civil administration for North-East. South therefore lacks a political platform to enlarge and extend the call for demilitarisation of society. Both UNP and JVP thus remain as Sinhala opposition parties without an alternate programme that could progressively move society into a functional democracy.

Most often now, the Sinhala Opposition and even most HR defenders say, the affected people can not afford to stay displaced and the fastest remedy is to deploy the military for reconstruction. Muslim people who were not consulted (people were substituted by few “leaders”) on deploying the military for reconstruction, is taken for granted as willing beneficiaries of this military intrusion into their life. The question as to why the Tamil people in the North, in the Vanni displaced for long and bleeding decades want the military removed and their reconstruction given to civil administration needs to be revisited, if military is allowed for the same work in traditional Muslim areas in Beruwala, Dharga Town areas.

This military that’s deployed at the whim and fancy of the MoD, is not the ceremonial army of the 1950’s. Its not even the army that attempted a Coup in 1962. This is a battle hardened, blood stained military that went through every aspect of a bloody violent, protracted war for 30 years. This is a military that had not been through any “Re-socialising” programme thereafter in the post war years. To task them with responsibilities in civil life they should not be tasked with, is therefore suicidal even in the mid run.  Yet they are brought in more and more into civil life. Brought for physical work, social supervision and regulatory work, apart from economic activities they are allowed into.

Public funds that should go to civil administration for work that has to be handled by civil agencies are channelled to the military and security forces for work in civil society. The military would not take themselves as just contract labour. They are also not sent just for that purpose alone. Within contracts in civil life that seem innocent, are surveillance and intelligence responsibilities too. A battle hardened military never trained to see the difference between the State and the Government, would not see any difference in protests, dialogue and discourses and in statements made against the government, as a democratic fact of daily life. Democracy and rule of law is defined according to their share in executing political power. What needs to be stressed further is the fact security forces along with the police are accused of partisan treatment based on ethno religious identities. Its this stress and strain on daily life, the Tamil people in the North, in the Vanni does not want. This military presence seriously threatens democracy and freedom in society and the right to association, as social activities that threaten the authority the military is tasked with.

Defense Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa ordering security authorities to take stern action against those who espouse racial and religious hatred using social media, as reported by Ada Derana on 28 June 2014, is not mere administration of a collective media activity, though he himself says in an interview to the DM, “hate speech” is not easy to define.

This order comes in, when mainstream media with no distinction between “State owned” and “Privately owned” media behave within the political para metres set by the Sinhala ideology shouldered by this regime. This intrusion into social media presence by Secretary to MoD comes, while the Secretary to Ministry of Media and Information remains the right authority to talk of media ethics and freedom. His intrusion in a way explains why Media and Information Ministry Secretary Herath avoided (at the “SMColombo” forum) discussing the silence in mainstream media that left a huge space for Social Media to take over in reporting of events that resulted in Aluthgama/Beruwala tragedy.

With social media also coming under the scanner of defence authorities, we are heading to a future that should not be our future. We are heading to a future where civil life is being subordinated to military regimentation. Irony is, that future seems welcomed.

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  • 10

    Mayka thamai appe aanduwa,

    Sixty six years of our rule has brought about this progress:

    Orange robed terrorist led mobs destroy whole villages,
    and the taxpayer pays for the reconstruction while the state and the regime watch or participate in connivance.

    Isn’t it freedom from the suddha rule?

    Rajapakse thuma has delivered full independence to the people!

    Independence from what? Reason and rationality?

    Mayka thamai appe aanduwa. appe aanduwa.

    • 5

      Thanks for this Kusal!
      Best practice in reconstruction after disaster (natural and man made) is to do an Assessment what each household lost and then give them the funds to reconstruct their homes at current market value. This is international best practice when homes are destroyed and the numbers are not very large.

      But goon Gota ahs Trumped the corrupt and incompetent clowns at the Ministry of Disaster Management which gets big buck from UN and other donor and sent in the military to rebuild houses and erase the evidence of the crimes commmitted by BBS.

      Meanwhile Gota the Goon’s military dictatorship is shaping up fine and the Rajapaksa brothers are now on WAR FOOTING. They have instructed the Service Chiefs and politicians not to meet with US, EU and other Ambassadors without being accompanied by Gota and or his spies! The end of democracy in the Land of SInhala Modayas is upon us!

    • 5

      Kusal Perera –

      “Orange robed terrorist led mobs destroy whole villages, and the taxpayer pays for the reconstruction while the state and the regime watch or participate in connivance. Isn’t it freedom from the suddha rule?”

      It is not even going to the victims. It is being pocketted by the Army.

      Freedom from the suddha rule to Para-Sinhala Buddhist Rule by Saffron Clad monks, with State Support.

      Kusal, yes those who destroyed Must pay.

      Those who destroyed and killed Must be arrested and prosecuted for the killings.

      The Mara state will not do it. So, a citizen force need to be created against them. Do the Sinhala Buddhists follow Buddhas Buddhism or Mara, or MaRa Buddhism? MaRa is looking after himself.

      What we have is Nero Rajapaksa. So, these Saffron Clad “Buddhist: want to save Buddhism.

      Nero Rajapaksa


      In 64 AD, most of Rome was destroyed in the Great Fire of Rome, which many Romans believed Nero himself had started in order to clear land for his planned palatial complex, the Domus Aurea. In 68, the rebellion of Vindex in Gaul and later the acclamation of Galba in Hispania drove Nero from the throne. Facing execution as a public enemy, he committed suicide on 9 June 68 (the first Roman emperor to do so).[3] His death ended the Julio-Claudian Dynasty, sparking a brief period of civil wars known as the Year of the Four Emperors. Nero’s rule is often associated with tyranny and extravagance.[4] He is known for many executions, including that of his mother,[5] and the probable murder by poison of his stepbrother Britannicus.

      In 2014 AD, most of Aluthgama was destroyed in the Para- Sinhala Buddhist Saffron Clad Fire of Aluthgama, Sri Lanka, the Land of Native Veddah., which many Lankans believed Nero Rahapaksa himself in collaboration with his brother Gatabaya Mara Rajapaksa had started in order to clear the electorate of those who want to be calleds Sinhala Buddhists and win the reelection.for his planned third presidential term.

      • 1


        Nero Tyrant
        Nero Destructive

        But we are not Nero, Because we have more qualification.

        Is Nero addicted to…… etc.?
        Is Nero a racist of ……etc.?
        Is Nero a Murderer?
        Is Nero cut to family linage to emperor-ship(that was not due for him)?
        We have more qualifications than emperor Nero. So, we are not Nero.

        One can talk and argue many points on the situation. Is the peoples voted to these goons are Mahavamsa Modayas” or the ones cheated them are the “Mahavamsa Modayas”. Commentators and writers are pointing their fingers on both.
        But look at the American Slavery. During the constitution development process their leader Jefferson wanted the slavery abolished. DS refused to participate on Soulbury commission because because the fear of Tamils may get equal rights.

        Lincoln killed 1/10 of the Americans to liberate Slaves. King Killed 150,000 just to make sure Tamils are under his control.

        My feeling is Sinhalese biggest deficiency is they are blessed with statesmen born in their community. There is no one to offer the lesson that should come from leaders to mass. In contrast The leaders have been historically promoting the opposite. As soon as DS went the power, he started to promote Nepotism.

        So, in Lanka the leaders have grown as Kings and Citizen have grown as goon.

    • 3

      oi Thiru !! Norway proxy Gnanasaraya was only attempting to help you guys by instigating attacks on Muslims in order to drive them into Tamil arms which could not be done for 30 damn years.

      If the Tamils could not with the assistance of the Catholic & Christian Church,the UNP, The Young Asia Telivision, [Edited out] establish eelam, here’s another opportunity provided by Norway through Gnanasaraya in attempting to drive the Muslims into the arms of the Tamils…… Good luck

      At least this time Apey Eelama ??????????

  • 6

    “Good government generally begins in the family,
    and if the moral character of a people once
    degenerate, their political character must
    soon follow.”

    Elias Boudinot, Founding Father of the United States.

    Does it ring a bell?

    Majority community go back and search your conscience.

  • 8

    Gota the goon’s military dictatorship is shaping up nicely in the Miracle of Sinhala Buddhist Modayas.

    Goon Gota has given orders to all service commanders and Ministers NOT to meet the UN and EU and other Ambassadors without him!

    Voila Lanka’s Military Dictator…

    • 5

      CT – editors- why no coverage of the mess in the education sector and the events at Rajarata university where students who got military training and orientation are attacking the lecturers?

      What when wrong with Goon Gota’s Leadership training for undergraduates?

  • 3

    These are issues that should be taken up by the opposition political parties and civil society organisations. The main opposition party is definitely deaf,dumb and blind. As long as we have a spinless leader in the main opposition party and one who does not care about the people ,the President and his government will do their own thing.The shameless leader of the main opposition party is very comfortable and enjoys all the perks. He also must be wanting certain restrictions brought in where social media is concerned ,especially on Facebook.That is why they are quite. Its time for members of the grand old political party walks its leader to the exit door.

  • 3

    Who decides the governance of this island?
    It is the Sinhala speaking Buddhists.
    Is it Sinhala or Buddhist or both parts of the Sinhala Buddhists?
    Difficult to answer but both are together.
    Does Buddhism allow violence?
    No. But Sinhala Buddhists from top to bottom allow and practice violence as a means of taking governance.
    Does the Sinhala Buddhists against the law and order?
    Yes. They believe that they are above law and they are above God.

  • 2

    A “silent military coup” has taken place in Sri Lanka. This is the reason why Sri Lankan military is every where. One of the reasons why military is involved in rebuilding Aluthgama is to provide an opportunity to establish a military camp in Aluthgama and Beruwela areas. This is the modus operandi that the Chinese did all over China. Gotha is a Chinese agent and he does or duplicates what the Chinese government does.

    Its time for all the democratic governments all over the world to call a spade a spade. Call Sri Lanka a “Military State” and take appropriate action immediately before Rajapakse loses his Presidential seat and the open military take over of the government.

    We are following the foot steps of Pakistan with the guidance of China.

  • 2

    We, each one of us , have to resist the militarisation of civilian life.

    We have to resist what I call the Pakistanization of Sri Lanka. The armed forces should continue to protect the Sri Lankan State, which means every citizen of this country. They should not compete with the citizens nor should they become the enemies of any group of citizens. They are from the citizens and for the citizens- every single one of them. They are not for the Sinhalyos as thug Gnanasara proclaims or for the ruling family. Once citizens choose to become soldiers, they have to be cantoned and kept apart as far as possible from the citizens with the constraints and privileges that go with that choice. They are licensed to hurt and kill our enemies, but not compete with us , hurt us or kill us. They are trained to be violent when called upon to do so. Violence is built into them during training. They are protectors of the State and not of a government that is increasingly alienated from its people- the State. They are also not the government, although the Secretary of Defence- an unelected political appointee to the public service, the President’s brother and a retired Colonel- is their delegated Commander-in-Chief, because of the nepotism that is practiced with gay abandon by our President.

    As citizens we have to also demand that Gotabaya Rajapakse, function as a public servant within the ambit of the rules that govern other public servants holding similar positions. He cannot be treated as the Minister of Defence, just because he is MR’s brother. He cannot usurp the powers constitutionally bestowed on his brother or even carry out orders from his brother that cross the defined boundaries within which he has to work. He is a public servant, despite being a political appointee, who is not qualified, trained or experienced to be a senior public servant. It apparent that the tail- GR, is wagging the head-MR, in many subjects governing the well being of this country. This is a tragedy because the head and the tail are both proving themselves intellectually incapable visualising a Sri Lanka beyond the values that are clearly defining them.

    Ultimately, it is not Gotabaya who has to be blamed, but his brother the President, who has no idea how to govern a democratic and multi-cultural country with majority and minority populations, in accordance with the rules and expectations that are defining the 21st century that makes the world a global village.

    Dr. Rajasingham Narendran

    • 0

      Of course you are right doctor but who will challenge the Ministry of Fear?

      • 2

        Rajasingham Narendran,

        The values of the society needs fixing before good governance can flow from democracy.

        How can a society which thinks Tamils were favored by the British rather than attributing the success of Tamils during colonial period to their valuing education and hard work, progress without jealousy or contempt for Tamils?

        They are doing the same thing with Muslims, who have the genetic prowess for trading as their ancestors came to the island as traders from the time of king Solomon from the Middle East and farther, and got assimilated in the Tamil society and later became Muslims with the advent of Islam.

        So they excel in business, and it is an asset to the country, and other communities must try and emulate instead of being jealous and destroy them.

        The majority of the society should place their trust in the values of education and hard work rather than the losers’ way of jealousy and destruction.

        The majority politicians and rulers are driving out/driven out more than a million Tamils who could have been a valuable asset to build a dynamic country. Now they contribute worldwide while Sri Lanka goes poorer and poorer lacking talents or values!

        Inculcating good values from childhood is the only way to build up a society based on meritocracy and fair play just like what Singapore does!

    • 1

      Very commendable but instead of “WE” could you elaborate what “YOU” Dr.Rajasingham Narendran individually is doing to resist the militarisation of civilian life (as you put it) other than sitting in front of the computer screen ?

      • 3

        Isn’t mine a type of challenge too? I am also doing it under my name. Each one according to his ability. Expressing strong opinions as individuals and collectively is the right means. Only vociferous public opinion both through the media and through the ballot box will have an impact, even on this thick skinned government.


        • 1


          “Good government generally begins in the family, and if the moral character of a people once degenerate, their political character must soon follow.”

          Said Elias Boudinot, Founding Father of the United States.

          Elections can’t fix this malice, the whole society needs shake up of its values to have good governance, let alone democracy.

        • 0

          “Neither the UNP nor the JVP leaders demand replacing of former military officers as Governors of North and East….. They don’t support the TNA in demanding civil administration for North-East. South therefore lacks a political platform to enlarge and extend the call for demilitarisation of society…”

          In many ways the Rajapakses have made us into two nations in one country already. The UNP, JVP or Sarath Fonseka cannot call for the reduction of armed services presence to a far lower normal level. Because, the new entrant to the political landscape – the ubiquitous Army – has more power than all political parties combined.

          Mahinda Rajapakse indeed made solemn promises to UNSG/BKM and to the Indian political leadership he will institute inquiries into army excesses in 5/’09 but, coming home, he feels threatened because if the inquiries are held most of the senior army men during the war will be identified for violating HR rights and guilty of War Crimes. It is not in question the orders for the serious crimes came from the political leadership itself. That is probably why the JHU and Weerawansa and company fight this tooth and nail to keep the Tamils now. They have recently gone openly against the President publicly as symbolic of the influence they have with the army. The latter two have close links with the army for years and their political influence so far can be attributed to theirn close proximity to the army. If Mahinda R gives in here or for even minor concessions to Wiggy’s NPC or the Tamil NEP, what happened to Mujibur Rahman in Dhaka will take place here within hours. In the devious plans of the army, the only way to combat Tamil resistance is to slowly and over the years reduce them “to manageable numbers” That is why Rajapakses risk criticism and being called liars by the international community ignoring even their own LLRC.

          The next few months and the immediate future is going to be very worrisome for all Sri Lankans – politically, economically and in terms of the national social equilibrium.

          R. Varathan

      • 3

        Robert R,dont try to act too harsh on Dr Narendran as he is one of the few people who writes under his own name and that itself is a great service,you dont write under your own name nor do I so dont try to act high and mighty here

  • 0

    “Who’d Challenge This Military Involvement?”

    nobody can challenge the prez brother almighty defense secretary.
    even if mara loose prez election there is a danger that gota will do coup to take power with his military men.

    it is all going in bad direction for the country.

  • 2

    Ajith :Catholic Church from top to bottom allow & practice violence as a means of governance.
    They too believe they are above the law.

    They equate Velu Baba to Jesus Christ. Both freedom fighters.
    Suicide cardres are promised Matyrdom.

    Pope Francis is going to visit the Popie of the International temple of Velu Baba in Rayappu.

    Pope Francis excommunicated Italian mafia for their practices which was a disgrace to the church & the faith.

    • 2


      Could you summarise your comment in two lines.

      • 0

        sorry Native Vedda,I dont think comprehension was one of his strong subjects ;-)

  • 2

    Believe nothing on the faith of traditions,
    even though they have been held in honor
    for many generations and in diverse places.
    Do not believe a thing because many people speak of it.
    Do not believe on the faith of the sages of the past.
    Do not believe what you yourself have imagined,
    persuading yourself that a God inspires you.
    Believe nothing on the sole authority of your masters and priests.
    After examination, believe what you yourself have tested
    and found to be reasonable, and conform your conduct thereto

  • 1

    Thanks for the post Kusal!

    This is so disgusting! I don’t know why these people want to push the country into more backwardness. These people even don’t know how to govern and sitting there like clowns controlling everything there with their families.

    International donors should not give money to them but instead give to charity organizations who will be directly concerned about the muslims affected in the areas that was under attack from the bbs. these as for muslims will be the ACJU and their trusted clergys or other respected and reputed muslim charities. No muslim politicians either please, NO!!
    All these people have the same face.

    If our country is going to go forward like this, I see very little prosperity coming in the way for our people in Lanka and opportunities weakening, keeping the best of the minds overseas and thereby a brain drain for further development. It is going to hamper development, FDI, and tourism as well. The majority sinhalase in the country unfortunately do not understand this and elect people for trivial benefits.

    I feel sorry for the people who will have to miss their families further and continue to live abroad with no choice left!

  • 2

    These people are all very narrow minded idiots.

    They are just hypocrites.

    They are going against the democracy.

    The govt is democratically elected and the govt is popular among people.

    But, you people don’t like it it should not happen.

    Kusal PErera is [Edited out] because of that He blams Sinhala-buddhist Zionism. but, he does not talk a word about child sexual abuse all over the world by the Catholic and the Christian Church.

    He does not feel any shame about so many crusade wars.

    Kusal Perera [Edited out] is fighting the modern crusade war.

  • 3

    The armed forces are now effectively running the country.
    The largest slice of the annual budget goes for defence.
    The army is recruiting more members daily.
    The army has the north and east under direct complete subjugation, and the rest of the country, indirectly.
    They get away with murders of civilians which are never inquired into.
    The army is doing jobs which the public service should do, and people are getting used to this.
    The army will now be allowed to conduct elections too, with the elections commissioner kept as a puppet – this is coming, because MR and family cannot afford to lose any election,knowing well that all tamils,muslims,most christians and all UNPers will vote against this government.The police have to cooperate, else they will be eliminated.
    There will be a few “casualties” of course – but the captive judiciary will delay action until the election is over.
    The future is too terrible to contemplate.

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