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Wide Spread Incidents Of Extortion Taking Place Throughout The Country – LfD

Lawyers for Democracy’ views with alarm the wide spread incidents of extortion that is taking place throughout the country.  The recent incident where the manager of a plantation was murdered and the statement released by the Planters’ Association reveals the several cases of extortion and intimidation that has taken place in the plantation sector.

Lal Wijenayake

Forcible acquisition of land from lawful owners and even state lands is fast becoming like bribery and corruption the accepted norm in our country.  It is no secret that extortion of money from reputed business establishments has become the serious problem in the business sector.  This development has dissuaded investors from investing in business ventures in our country.  It is well known that in almost all instances these acts of extortion / intimidation has been committed either by politicians or persons closely connected to politicians.  What is strange is the impunity with which such acts are committed.  In many instances such incidents goes unreported because of the risks involved in reporting these incidents because of the corruption and politicization that exists in the police and one cannot rely on the police to provide for their safety.

The Planters Association has to be congratulated for exposing this development fearlessly.

We ‘Lawyers for Democracy’ calls upon the authorities concerned even at this late stage to take immediate action to restore confidence in individuals regarding their personal safety and the safety of their property.

Lal WijenayakeConvener Lawyers for Democracy

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