23 May, 2024


Wiggie’s Thunderbolt & 13A – Not + As Solution

By Izeth Hussain

Izeth Hussain

Izeth Hussain

This article is really in continuation of my article ‘After the Modi visit‘. That article was written hurriedly while I was still convalescent and in a state of alarm. Since then I have had time to consider some important feedbacks that I have received and to study in detail an important policy statement of Prime Minister Modi. I have come to two firm conclusions. One is that seen in the perspective of promoting a political solution to the Tamil ethnic problem the Modi visit was a total unmitigated disaster. Wittingly or otherwise it strengthened the hands of the Tamil racists who have been working, stealthily and steadfastly, towards Eelam or a confederal arrangement close to it. My other firm conclusion is that Sri Lanka can come through unscathed only by occupying the moral high ground. In concrete terms that can best be done by implementing 13A minus – that is 13A without police and land powers.

To understand the significance of what transpired during the Modi visit we must set it in the perspective of developments since the Presidential elections of January 8. The outcome of those elections has been interpreted in different ways. The most significant fact about those elections was that the minorities voted solidly in favor of the Sinhalese candidate Maithripala Sirisena, which was an exhilarating display of our ability to transcend the ethnic divide. The minorities came together with a substantial proportion of the Sinhalese in favor of democracy and an end to our two ethnic problems, which had clearly become impossible under the former President Rajapaksa. The situation clearly demanded that anything that might obstruct ethnic accommodation should be removed. The international community responded accordingly by postponing the presentation of the war crimes report by six months.

Maithripala WigneswaranIt seemed to be, at long last, halcyon weather on the ethnic front. But it was at that moment that our Wiggie – Chief Minister of the Northern Provincial Council, Wigneswaran – chose to detonate his thunderbolt in the form of a demand that the international community investigate charges of genocide against the Tamils perpetrated since 1948. The timing seemed truly bizarre. The question that shot into my mind was this: Is that man mad? If so, his bizarre behavior could be dismissed as the kind of thing that somehow happens every now and then. But his behavior seemed to me symptomatic of the kind of Tamil who is ostensibly moderate but continues to hanker after Eelam or something close to it. He can be expected to sabotage anything that might lead to ethnic accommodation. However, we can afford to laugh off our Wiggie’s bizarre antics, but not those of Prime Minister Modi. He came, he saw, and conquered us with a superb display of Indian soft power, and has gone smothered in laurel. But he has left two thunder clouds that could again bode stormy weather on the ethnic front.

One Modi thunder cloud takes the form of his recommendation that we go beyond 13A. It has been reported that at that point Wimal Weerawansa staged a walk-out. I regret that many more did not join him, for that recommendation has to be regarded as nothing less than outrageous. In my last article I pointed out that that recommendation was objectionable for being open-ended: it could be interpreted as meaning that the Tamil side would be justified in asking even for a confederal arrangement by way of devolution. Of course Modi did not mean anything like that, but he ought to have been circumspect bearing in mind that the Tamil side has in the past shown a penchant for striking out for maximalist positions. His recommendation was therefore made in an irresponsible manner. But I have in mind a much more fundamental objection: it is that since 1987 no Sri Lankan Government has committed itself to going beyond 13A. True, former President Rajapaksa used to jabber and blabber about 13A+, but that was just a form of Orwellian duckspeak, a form of speech in which the larynx goes into action without the higher brain centers coming into operation at all. His statements on 13A+ did not have the sanction of the Government behind it, and was not much more meaningful than the inane quacking of ducks. Considering the Peace Accords and commitments made thereafter, it would have been legitimate for Prime Minister Modi to request the full implementation of 13A. But in going beyond that he was perilously close to interfering in the internal affairs of Sri Lanka.

The second Modi thunder cloud took the form of his encomium on what he called “cooperative federalism”. I have studied the full text of his speech to Parliament in which that encomium occurs. He was not making a policy prescription for Sri Lanka to follow, and he explicitly acknowledged that a single model of devolution would not fit all countries. He was speaking of his experience as Chief Minister for thirteen years and as Prime Minister for a brief period, on which basis he clearly thought that a very wide measure of devolution, even to the extent of cooperative federalism would be best for India. But are we to suppose that Modi was merely engaging in personal reminiscences which had no relevance to Sri Lanka at all? Surely, he clearly meant that Sri Lanka too should try out a very wide measure of devolution going well beyond 13A.

The two thunder clouds left behind by Modi – going beyond 13A and cooperative federalism – can be expected to lead to stormy weather on the ethnic front because they can encourage the taking of maximalist positions by the Tamil side. We must not forget that there used to be a time when the LTTE insisted that negotiations should be preceded by the Government acknowledging that the Tamils had a right to self-determination inclusive of the right to set up a separate state. Could arrogant stupidity have gone further? But the situation today is very different because the LTTE has been defeated and the TNA is led by seasoned moderate politicians. It is worth mentioning that the Global Tamil Forum did not want any demonstrations against President Sirisena during his London visit. I would like to believe that the Modi line may not necessarily prevail. But I cannot ignore this from Chief Minister Wigneswaran: “The thirteenth Amendment can never be the final solution. No wonder you referred to your firm belief in cooperative federalism yesterday in Parliament. ………. We need the services of a guarantor and it is our considered view that the Government of India under your stewardship is best suited for this role”. It is to be noted that he was not speaking in the first person singular but in the plural, using the terms “we” and “our’ to indicate that he was speaking for the Tamils as a whole. So, we can take it that Modi’s advocacy of a very wide measure of devolution will encourage the Tamil side to strike out for maximalist positions, making the problem of ethnic accommodation even more difficult than in the past. The Modi visit has therefore to be regarded as a total unmitigated disaster.

At this point we must however consider a possible counter-argument. The military defeat of the LTTE shows that the Sri Lankan Tamils cannot by themselves establish Eelam. Therefore even a very wide measure of devolution, including federalism, will not pose any threat to the political unity and territorial integrity of Sri Lanka. In fact the failure to find a political solution, on the basis of wide devolution or any other basis, is precisely what might lead some other power, namely India, to help the Tamils establish Eelam. I myself have advanced this argument several times and have never found anything by way of a cogent reply. The truth is that there cannot be a cogent reply at the logical level. But I would concede that I have been arguing at an abstract level without taking into account hard realities in the realm of practical politics. The hard reality is that because of the historical experience of many invasions from South India, as well as from the West, the Sinhalese have an acute sense of Sri Lanka’s vulnerability and the dread that a wide measure of devolution would lead ineluctably to Eelam. It is an unreasonable dread, but a very real one all the same. A political solution on the basis of a very wide measure of devolution is not in the realm of practical politics in Sri Lanka.

I have to be terse in conclusion. I suggest that the Government undertake a two-pronged program. It is a fact that there are innumerable minorities all over the world who are living in reasonable accommodation with dominant majorities without any devolution at all. Our Tamils are very happy to settle down in the West where there is no devolution for the Tamils. Why insist on a wide measure of devolution only in Sri Lanka? Part of the reason is that the Tamils have an essentially racist projection about the Sinhalese, the so-called Mahawamsa mind-set which will forever prevent the Sinhalese giving the minorities fair and equal treatment, and that means that the Tamils can be happy in Sri Lanka only within a Tamil enclave. The Government should undertake a campaign to spread the view that the Mahawamsa mindset is tosh, and that Sinhalese-Tamil relations have for the most part been, not antagonistic, but symbiotic.

The second prong of the program I have in mind is that the Government earnestly try to make a success of the Northern Provincial Council. The implementation of 13A-, without land and police powers, backed by a fully functioning democracy, should go a long way towards solving the ethnic problem. If the Government is earnest about implementing 13A-, it will be occupying the moral high ground which is the only way Sri Lanka can come through when challenged by powerful countries. But are we capable of producing such a Government? I don’t know, but we had better try, bearing in mind that Narendra Modi is not just any leader but a devotee of the Hindutva ideology, an essentially Fascist ideology, and that he is not an Oxbridge product.

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  • 19

    Since the muslim riots in his state, Modi is persona non grata for Muslims.

    Your slip is showing in your last statement about Modi’s humble beginnings.

    I remember a product of Oxbridge from 1956, yes the father of all these problems SWRD.

    • 3

      In 1939 the Hindu Organ carried a report with the headline “Mr. Ponnambalam’s N’pitiya speech” and beneath it the strap line: “Mr. Bandaranaike’s challenge.” (p. 4 – June 22, 1939)

      Here is the Editorial


      “….. A verbal bombshell dropped unwittingly by a Tamil politician at Nawalapitiya appears to have set the South on fire……. A slander against a community by an individual, though unintended, is inexcusable …… Communal differences, though there existed hardly any during the time of the last generation of leaders, have now been multiplied and intensified, thanks to the hot-heads and irresponsible talkers in the country who care more for the plaudits of the mob than for the welfare of the people. Ceylon today is seething with petty problems which have been created by thoughtless gas-bags, and which threaten to poison the peaceful conditions in the country….. Let us hope that wise statesmanship will prevail among leaders who should realize the imperative need for the welding of the communities into a Ceylonese Community for the political and economic salvation of the country. The writing on the wall is too clear to be ignored.”

      The “Hindu Organ” was an Anglo/Tamil fortnightly Newspaper which was founded on September 1889 by the Siva Paripalana Sabai. They still own it.

      Mr. T. Chellappa-pillai, who was the retired Chief Justice of Travancore and also a renowned mathematician an eminent English, Sanskrit and Tamil Scholar, Edited the English pages while Mr T. Kailasapillai the Nephew of Srila Sri Arumuga Navalar (the famous Tamil Nationalist) was the Manager and the Editor of the Tamil pages. Both editors worked for free. The paper was Owned. Published, Edited and printed by Tamils, in Jaffna.

      BEFORE 1939 Tamil Sinhala Riots did not exist in the 20th century.
      But Tamil Tamil riots occurred in 1871, 1923, 1929 and 1931 where raping, killing and burning occurred for TRIVIAL reasons such as wearing shoes or using drums at ceremonies.

      The first Tamil Sinhala riot occurred in 1939.

      The reason was identified by Mr. T. Chellappa-pillai the Editor of the “Hindu Organ”.

      It happened because “thoughtless gas-bags, hot-heads and irresponsible talkers in the country who care more for the plaudits of the mob than for the welfare of the people”.

      That Gas Bag is identified as the guy who delivered a hate speech at Nawalapitiya, Mr G. G. Ponnambalam, Founder of the All Ceylon Tamil Congress.

      • 7


        It reads that the Bedouin from North Africa has lost his Ba**s and not a sound is heard from either from China, Russia or India- In fact Asia.

        Your days of terror are numbered like Obama rule which is seeking his late fathers faith but not his not his brother who lives in China and is a writer.

        Come on BBS Come on Tea Baggers let gets the styscrapers of the UAE which does not have a sewer line flattened because of its stench-

        You have the support of the Prince at the UNHRC- Pan_Islam to destroy the Terror of Pan_Arab sh*t & spit on our 3 times blessed land saying they are fasting. Most sihala are in fact Islamist- JR, Preme, passa and familial because they were the ancestors of south indian mercenary muslims from the south west kerala to south east Bangala. This is pure observation by the colombo 7 elite.
        Who owned `cinnamon gardens before 1948 and before 1505??
        The castle is still there but converses only with the world of the Boston Brahmins.

      • 0

        So Native Veddah, your rebuttal?

        • 3


          Here is the link to Jane Russell’s book


          Read it and see what a liar this shameless plagiarist OTC is.

    • 22

      This writer has gone mad. To say that Tamils are racists in demanding their legitimate rights to get back their lost sovereignty, shows his bias towards Tamils. What the international community is suggesting is to accommodate this reasonable request within an undivided Srilanka. Only way to achieve it is, through genuine form of sharing power and territory. It is the Sinhalese who are not willing for it, and to blame Tamils as intransigent is grossly unfair. The present government has been dishonest in international forums, which has been leaked out to Tamil members, and hence this knee jerk reaction.

      Regarding genocide resolution by the Northern PC, it may not be prudent or timely, but certainly it is the truth which is hurting the perpetrators. Whether what happened in Srilanka could be termed genocide legally, but morally it is so, because as a young student at Royal College 60 years ago, I was told by my Sinhala classmates that they will drive all Indian Tamils out of the country and Ceylon Tamils into Jaffna peninsula, with rest of the land populated only by Sinhalese. Does this not prove that there was an intent in reducing Tamil population in Srilanka, though being achieved only partly.

      • 0

        Dear Dr G.S.
        “I was told by my Sinhala classmates that they will drive all Indian Tamils out of the country and Ceylon Tamils into Jaffna peninsula, with rest of the land populated only by Sinhalese.”
        Your classmates would have been crude and impolite to you to counter your Tamil extremist position.
        Sorry to say I am also of the opinion that Sinhalese should demand that all Tamil speaking people should be moved to the geographical are for which Modi’s line of thinking to be implemented.

        • 5

          The who country belongs to the DECCAN plateau and the Sinhalese or Muslim do not belong to So they should jump in the SEA like the Diego Garcia’s.
          Modi is a native of the DECCAN so he threw on the Island of chickens- stay in no flying or swimming unless you get our permission.

          He does not carry peace keeping forces like the school dropouts Sonia or Rajive who JR hoodwinked- It is called claiming the land owned by the Deccan. Pakistan has already been defused of it’s nukes with Musharraf assistance.

          That is a warning and if you do not heed expect the vultures to drive you away. It is also superior to China in the Air but not in subs as yet.( that was the reason 72 India was able to rescue Bangaladesh in 8 days- So SL in 3 days No captives but dead ones.

          Geography does not it is scientific. If it did you can not be on the internet.

          History is a Liar.

        • 1

          Dear Dr. Gnana Sankaralingam

          Re “To say that Tamils are racists in demanding their legitimate rights to get back their lost sovereignty,..”

          That would not have been a problem if you had demanded it at the time from the British. Then we would have had a 100% Tamil dominated govt in the former Jaffna Tamil Kingdom and a Sri Lanka with a multi cultural govt.

          But why did you not ask for it like Pakistan did?
          Can you please explain?

          Re “What the international community is suggesting is to accommodate this reasonable request within an undivided Srilanka. Only way to achieve it is, through genuine form of sharing power and territory.”

          Tamil sovereignty was lost to the Portuguese who over came the Tamil Kingdom of Cankili II. Thus the territory that should have a Tamil govt is bounded by the boundary of that Tamil kingdom when you argue using the Tamil Sovereignty.

          The Eastern Seaboard South of Elephant Pass was OUTSIDE that Tamil Kingdom. There are Dutch records that unequivocally confirm it.

          Thomas Johnpulle a Lanka Tamil says,

          “On the western part, it is on recorded history that the present Madhu church was located in the Maddu area at the mercy of the Kandy king. Obviously it was a substantial distance from the boundary of the Jaffna Kingdom. Otherwise Tamil Catholics would not have agreed to it as it would have been unsafe and it would not have survived Dutch hostility.

          These facts leave only a small area apart from the Jaffna peninsula for the Jaffna Kingdom.”

          The Northern Province is far greater than the former Sovereign Tamil Kingdom. It’s area is 13.7% of Lanka. It has a 99.8% Tamil population (thanks to Ethnic cleansing) which is just 4.85% of Lanka’ population.

          How do you justify it?

          The Eastern Province is wholly within the Kandyan Kingdom of the Sinhalese and hence was under Sinhala sovereignty. Therefore no claim can be made on the East using Tamil sovereignty, which is your main argument.

          Re It is the Sinhalese who are not willing for it, and to blame Tamils as intransigent is grossly unfair”

          What the Sinhalese object to is the grossly DISPROPORTIONATE, indecent and devious attempts made by Racist Tamil politicians to deprive the NON TAMIL population of Lanka of their Birthright. Your simplistic language is an attempt to hide the underlying greed and intransigence of Tamil Politicians.

          The TULF Manifesto of July 1977 speaks of “Exclusively the Homeland of the Tamils”

          Land in Lanka has 80% PUBLIC ownership and is hence the Birthright of her citizenship regardless of ethnicity. Please JUSTIFY how a Tamil population consisting 7.85% of Lanka’s population Living in the North and East can make a stake to almost 40% of Lanka and claim that it is fair?

          Your Genocide justification is deplorable and shows you up as a racist.

          I too studied in Colombo and my classmates were Burghers, Tamils and Muslims. Most of them are professionals today. What you say is fraudulent and racist, it NEVER happened in my school. It is an attempt to justify the idiotic and racist Genocide claim of CM Wigs.

          You claim “I was told by my Sinhala classmates that they will drive all Indian Tamils out of the country and Ceylon Tamils into Jaffna peninsula, with rest of the land populated only by Sinhalese”

          You would have spent 12 years at school and another 5 years at University (assuming you are a medical person) studying amongst an overwhelming majority of Sinhala students enjoying the Free education provided by the State and living amongst the Sinhalese. It beats me to understand how you managed to spend 17 years of your child hood and young adult life amongst a Racist Sinhala who were out to chase you to the North and yet managed to finish your schooling successfully, while living amongst the Sinhalese for at least 1/3 of your natural life.

          That part about the Indian Tamils makes one laugh because they were the lowest strata of Tamil Society that people of your status OPPRESSED for centuries.

          To help the reader, who you are trying to deceive, to understand Tamil and Sinhala society I will quote from a Jaffna Tamil.

          When I moved to Hatton, and later to Colombo, I found a very different world. It was a transforming experience for me and my wife to find that our work mates, mostly Sinhalese, would actually sit with us and share a cup of tea, as if that was normal. We found that we could go to night school and study without been threatened, beaten up, or go and borrow books, and do things that would bring swift retribution `back in the North’. Our dwellings would have been torched, and our women would have been raped with impunity.

          You can see the differences in Jaffna society and Sinhala society, even in Hatton, an area where a considerable Indian origin Tamil population lives on misappropriated lands of the Sinhala. Instead of rancour where rancour can be expected you see kindness and acceptance.

          The above is the first hand experiences of a Servile Class Jaffna Tamil and his underclass Indian origin Tamil wife as related by himself.

          The writer is Mr Sebastian Rasalingam who grew up in the Jaffna peninsula. He moved to Mannar after world-war II. Later he moved to Hatton and married an Indian origin Tamil Lady and finally came to Colombo. Now in his 80s he lives with his offspring in Canada.

          Please do not Lie through your Teeth to advance your Land Grab project.

          Kind Regards,

        • 5

          To call me an extremist is grossly unfair. We used to have friendly discussions in class about what is happening in Srilanka. My Sinhala classmates were only coming out with what was being told to them, to inform us of what the future plan is. If I have extremist views, the following could not have happened.

          I defeated a Sinhalese, an old boy of Ananda College, in an election two years ago in the UK, for the post of President of a prestigious association, whose members are mostly Sinhalese, with the help of fair minded people, despite a racist campaign carried out against me by my opponent and his supporters.

          • 2

            Like the muslim Gandhi they know you have a weakness so they backed you.

            There is a monster only village tamils can create for themselves and kill themselves.
            your big names have no visa to India or Lanka and that is a forerunner.

            Very soon you JT’s may be hounded off the west for this (most tamils of India with power at centre dislike you because you are spoiling their name.)

            “The LTTE, even after its military defeat in May 2009 in Sri Lanka, has not abandoned the concept of ‘Eelam’ and has been clandestinely working towards the ‘Eelam’ cause by undertaking fund raising and propaganda activities in Europe. The remnant LTTE leaders or cadres have also initiated efforts to regroup the scattered activists and resurrect the outfit locally and internationally,” read the 2012 notification, adding that the Tamil chauvinist groups and pro-LTTE groups continued to foster a separatist tendency amongst the masses and enhance the support base for LTTE in India and particularly in Tamil Nadu. The notification also mentioned that the Diaspora continued to spread through articles in the Internet portals, anti-India feeling amongst the Sri Lankan Tamils by holding the top Indian political leaders and bureaucrats responsible for the defeat of the LTTE. “Such propaganda through Internet, which remains continued, is likely to impact VVIP security adversely in India,” it said. The MHA justified the extension of ban in 2012 stating that the Central Government had “information that the activities of the LTTE remnant cadres, dropouts, sympathisers, supporters who have been traced out recently in the State of Tamil Nadu suggest that the cadres sent to Tamil Nadu would ultimately be utilised by the LTTE for unlawful activities”.

            Go marry a muslim because he speaks your language..

            BTW you are the man who ran the the cricket show – what a disgrace, even MIA was handled by carnival organizers of UK for her to be noticed- but your greed made you go out of profession and interfere.

          • 0

            Dear Dr. Gnana Sankaralingam,

            I based my comment on what you have written.

            Your own experience in the UK shows how fair minded the Sinhala people are. I gave you the views of two fair minded Tamils to counter what you said. Mr. Thomas Johnpulle and Mr Sebastian Rasalingam.

            I also provided you with the racist statement made by the Tamil United Liberation Front in their election Manifesto of July 1977 about an “Exclusively the Homeland of the Tamils”

            So how can you maintain what you wrote?

            Please don’t racially profile the Sinhalese using school boy banter.

            The ethnic issue has always been about Land. At least 80% of Lanka is Public Land held in trust by the State. It is the Birthright of all Lankans irrespective of Ethnicity or Religion. No part of State Land in Lanka is exclusively owned by any single ethnicity. No one has the right to deprive the others of their Birthright.

            The Eastern Province is the 2nd Largest Province of Lanka. The North and the East put together is almost 40% of Lanka’s Land Mass. More than half of that is uninhabited.

            The racist Tamil politicians are not looking at ways and means of sharing the country on equal terms but instead make RACIST claims of Exclusive Ownership to about 40% of Lanka (over half UNINHABITED) when Tamils consisting 7.85% of Lanka’s population live within.

            Please JUSTIFY how a Tamil population consisting 7.85% of Lanka’s population Living in the North and East can make a stake to almost 40% of Lanka and claim that it is fair?

            Re drawing provincial boundaries is required in order to ensure fairness in Land use.

            Excise unpopulated areas from the NP, EP and NCP to create a Territory governed by the Central Govt. There are such territories in India and the USA.

            This central govt territory can then be used for development and if that development involves a scheme like Gal Oya then the irrigated Land so opened up should be used to settle the Landless.

            This will leave a NP with a Tamil majority and an EP with a Muslim Majority who will be in control of their own economic and political destinies. And the Rest of Lanka will not feel Cheated as is the case now.

            The East was NEVER an Exclusive Tamil Habitation.
            It was NEVER a Tamil Kingdom.

            The Dutch National Archive is the repository of the following historical record.

            During the 17th century the Company was engaged in a war of attrition with the king of Kandy, who had close ties with Ceylon’s Buddhist population. There was a narrow tongue of land at Elephant Pass a fort was built to guard the border with the king’s territory. Elephants captured on Ceylon were herded past here to Jaffna to be sold in India, hence the name Elephant Pass.

            This is unchallengeable and unambiguous evidence of the location of the BORDER of the Kandyan Kingdom of the Sinhalese and the Tamil Kingdom of Jaffna.

            It also provides historical continuity of the border to the last Tamil king Cankili II of the Jaffna Tamil Kingdom. The border did not change during Portuguese rule and passed to Dutch rule when the Dutch defeated them.
            Thus the Territory South and East of Elephant Pass was the Sinhala Kingdom of Kandy. There was absolutely NO Tamil Kingdom in the East when Tamil sovereignty was lost due to Colonial invasion.

            Here is a satellite view of “Elephant Pass” that will make things clear. The A9 road runs on the Isthmus of Elephant Pass. The Northern end of which is on the Jaffna Peninsular while the Southern end is on Mainland Lanka.

            For background information, please read

            Regional Powers and Small State Security: India and Sri Lanka, 1977-1990 By K. M. De Silva pages 90 – 94 to get an understanding of the Eastern Province.

            Kind Regards,

      • 11

        Dr. Gnana Sankaralingam, You are absolutely correct,

        This man Izeth Hussain is a midget in politics:

        why doesn’t he listen to the late Lee Kuan Yew, the greatest statesman ever lived in Asia saying about Tamils?

        Tamils didn’t come down from Arabia chanting Allahu Akbar a few centuries ago. Tamils are the sons of the soil just like the Sinhalese. Tamils inherited a kingdom in the North-East of the island before the arrival of the foreign colonizers.

        These so-called intellectuals, other than the honest ones like Shamini Serasinghe accept this historical fact.

        This midget is singing for his supper in his twilight years I susspect.

        Best luck to these Sinhala Busddhist supremacists in the ranks of Mahinda, Dayan, Soorawansa, Gnanasara and many others.

        They got the chance to destroy the Tamils standing and rights in the island once Britain gave them the power with this unitary nonsense 67 years ago.

        Izeth Hussain might as keep Quarn one side and take Mahavamsa in his hand and go piping the Sinhala Buddhist supremacist music to the destruction of the island.

      • 6

        Izeth Hussain,
        NaMo is the same format of the first South India (Deccan(means south in Sanskrit) plateau, ADMINISTRATION and That of Modi. (there it is written in Modi script)
        The Marathas used secular policy of administration and allowed complete freedom of religion.[65] There were many notable Muslims in the military and administration of Marathas like Ibrahim Khan Gardi, Haider Ali Kohari, Daulat Khan, Siddi Ibrahim, Jiva Mahal etc.
        (none of them are foreign muslims but sons of the soil- lankan are linked to the arab like Bin Larden because of Mecca visits and slave trade sponcered by Sinhala governments)

        I hope that the tamils will never again speak in tamil to muslims and let the muslims murder them via the sinhala. Rather speak to the sinhala in tamil or sinhala or english

        See also: Ashtapradhan

        Maratha Court
        The Ashta Pradhan ( The Council of Eight ) was a council of eight ministers that administered the Maratha empire.[64] Ministerial designations were drawn from the Sanskrit language; the eight ministerial roles were as follows:
        Pantpradhan or Peshwa – Prime Minister, general administration of the Empire.
        Amatya – Finance Minister, managing accounts of the Empire.
        Sacheev – Secretary, preparing royal edicts.
        Mantri – Interior Minister, managing internal affairs especially intelligence and espionage.
        Senapati – Commander-in-Chief, managing the forces and defense of the Empire.
        Sumant – Foreign Minister, to manage relationships with other sovereigns.
        Nyayadhish – Chief Justice, dispensing justice on civil and criminal matters.
        Panditrao – High Priest, managing internal religious matters.
        With the notable exception of the priestly Panditrao and the judicial Nyayadisha, the other pradhans held full-time military commands, and their deputies performed their civil duties in their stead. In the later era of the Maratha Empire, these deputies and their staff constituted the core of the Peshwa’s bureaucracy.
        Peshwa (Marathi: पेशवे) was the titular equivalent of a modern Prime Minister. Emperor Shivaji created the Peshwa designation in order to more effectively delegate administrative duties during the growth of the Maratha Empire. Prior to 1749, Peshwas held office for 8–9 years and controlled the Maratha army. They later became the de facto hereditary administrators of the Maratha Empire from 1749 till its end in 1818.
        Under Peshwa administration and with the support of several key generals and diplomats (listed below), the Maratha Empire reached its zenith, ruling most of the Indian subcontinent landmass. It was also under the Peshwas that the Maratha Empire came to its end through its formal annexation into the British Empire by the British East India Company in 1818.

        Gold coins minted during Shivaji’s era, 17th century.
        The Marathas used secular policy of administration and allowed complete freedom of religion.[65] There were many notable Muslims in the military and administration of Marathas like Ibrahim Khan Gardi, Haider Ali Kohari, Daulat Khan, Siddi Ibrahim, Jiva Mahal etc.
        Shivaji was an able administrator who established a government that included modern concepts such as cabinet, foreign affairs and internal intelligence.[citation needed] He established an effective civil and military administration. He believed that there was a close bond between the state and the citizens. He is remembered as a just and welfare-minded king. Cosme da Guarda says about Shivaji in ‘Life of the Celebrated Sevaji’:[66]
        Such was the good treatment Shivaji accorded to people and such was the honesty with which he observed the capitulations that none looked upon him without a feeling of love and confidence. By his people he was exceedingly loved. Both in matters of reward and punishment he was so impartial that while he lived he made no exception for any person; no merit was left unrewarded, no offence went unpunished; and this he did with so much care and attention that he specially charged his governors to inform him in writing of the conduct of his soldiers, mentioning in particular those who had distinguished themselves, and he would at once order their promotion, either in rank or in pay, according to their merit. He was naturally loved by all men of valor and good conduct.
        However, the later Marathas are remembered more for their military campaigns, not for their administration. Hindu right historians have criticised the treatment of Marathas with Jats and Rajputs. Historian K Roy writes:
        “The treatment of Marathas with their co-religionist fellows – Jats and Rajputs was definitely unfair, and ultimately they had to pay its price in Panipat where Muslim forces had united in the name of religion.”[26]

      • 5

        It is perfectly clear this Izeth Hussain cannot sleep a wink unless he has an unwarranted dig at Lankan Tamils, Wiggie, Narendra Mody and India – for starters. But let us begin from the beginning and welcome the man back from his recent illness and recovering from some form of state of alarm (?)- to use his own words.

        Let me try to engage him in some of his own words and mischievous interpretation.

        “The Mody visit is an unmitigated disaster” – a poor opinion he goes on to repeat later in his piece. But both the Governments of India and Sri Lanka, going by their communiqués and the pronouncements of leaders from both sides, seem to think entirely otherwise. Mainstream Indian media goes on to suggest
        the visit was an exceptional success and insists it was a pity it took 28 years for an Indian PM to make an official visit – despite the gross discourtesy to Rajiv Gandhi by a crazed extremist Sinhala youth.

        Hussain follows his verbal garbage referring to “Tamil racists” and “Eelam” both of which can be said to be ammunition Hussain’s ilk in the Muslim side wish to inflame the Sinhalese against the Tamils. Why is Hussain silent in the well known but considered change of position by the Tamil political leadership that they have jettisoned the Separate State project on the basis of assurances from the global community that long-denied justice will soon be theirs. The Tamil Nation has provided so many indicators of a fresh beginning the liberal leaders of the new dispensation viz:- President Sirisena, PM Ranil, former President CBK, Mangala Samaraweera, Ven. Sobitha Thero and many others are now in the process of repairing the damage done. Despite the racial cries of Galaboda Gnanassara Thero, Dinesh G, Weerawansa and others the new regime has restored the sensitive singing of the National Anthem in Tamil areas. Tamils, whose residential and agricultural lands were stolen and handed over to friends of the army and Sinhala politicians, are now being gradually given these back. Tamils in the North East, as indeed elsewhere in the island, are being made to feel part of the Lankan family. This must be a bitter pill for Muslims like Hussain to swallow for we all know he was a great proponent years ago Tamils should be starved of food as a means to break the backbone of Tamil resistance. What a savage suggestion from a man claiming to be learned and humane. Of course, he denied having said that. But that is nothing new.

        “The minorities came together with a substantial proportion of the Sinhalese…” says he. The truth is it was the Tamils, who once again, voted enbloc against Sinhala extremism. This time the Muslim political leadership did not take an opportunistic stand. That was because the blood and terror of the Aluthgama
        attacks were fresh in Muslim memory. If the Muslim political leadership had sided with the Rajapakses, as one Muslim told me “we would have removed their sarongs and killed the entire lot”

        Referring to Justice Wigneswaren, CM/NPC our friend screams “is that man mad?” Wiggie is fully entitled to toss the question back at the ageing and suspect senile Hussain. The answer to the readers is obvious. By the way, Hussain did not tell us what illness he has recovered from, has he?

        Surely, he cannot be serious as he notes “He (Wiggie) can be expected to sabotage anything that leads to ethnic accommodation” Here Mr. Hussain might not have many takers. But, on the other hand,many will wonder if the man has recovered sufficiently at all if you knew Wiggie’s family composition.

        Mody’s recommendation on the 13A was made “in an irresponsible manner” says Mr. Hussain. But there are millions on the Lankan side who will disagree with Hussain’s irresponsible comments.This subject, after all, is now part of the national discourse and its results will soon be known for all to see and hear.
        But Hussain, perhaps in his process of convalescence, has his moments of attacks of rational thinking too as when he wisely remarks “even a measure of Devolution, including Federalism, will not pose any threat to the political unity and territorial integrity of Sri Lanka” We will not dispute him there except to say this has been the considered of many an academic on both sides of the Straits and elsewhere for decades now.

        “Our Tamils are very happy to settle down in the West where there is no Devolution. Therefore, why do they insist on a wide measure of devolution only in Sri Lanka” sinks to his known depths this Mr. Hussain. But, Sir, are you quite well. You surely know the fundamentals for asking for a State, Devolution and all that, can only be done by a people that has a claim on history, culture, language etc etc in the place where the claim is made. Surely, this is elementary, Mr.Hussain. Are you losing your marbles?

        “The Govt should undertake a campaign to spread the view that the Mahavamsa mindset is tosh..” How can we disagree. But then can you push this through those regular Mahanayakas and the new dirt like Galabodda Gnanasara and the rest. As the late Thondaman once remarked “it will take the arrival of the Indian army to remind the Sinhalese of their obligations by the Tamils”

        “The 2nd prong of the programme I have in mind is that the Govt earnestly try to make a success of the NPC” How wise. You certainly are recovering fast, Mr. Hussain. Rajapakse used the ex-Army man Governor and an over-sized army to terrorise the Tamils and keep them in chains as a subject race. The current dispensation sees the folly of it and realises the world is against this calumny. So the Sirisena administration behaves in a civilised manner and the world responds. But all is not entirely well. The Rajapakses are ready to risk a blood-bath and civil war to come back.

        And then your coupe de grace “Narendra Mody is just not any leader but a devotee of the Hindutva ideology – essentially fascist..” That inflammatory sentence is aimed at your extreme Muslim readers. This does not work in India where only last week the much feared Rajnath Singh, Home Minister joined Indian Muslim leaders like Delhi Jamad Masjid Imam Syed Ahmed Bukhari, Maulana Kalbe Sadiq, Maulana Khalid Rasheed Kalbe and many others and declared “Muslims are an essential and important part of the Indian family. The militants amongst them are only a miniscular minority” Mr. Hussain now and then do write to the effect relations between Muslims and Hindus have never been higher – save a few minor incidents here and there in that vast subcontinent of 1.3 billion people.

        I cannot resist but add Hussain using the word “thunderbolt” in the beginning and then goes down and uses the expression “thundercloud” ???

        Mr. Hussain, as the Beatles would have it, learn to make love – not war.


    • 7

      Hussian says ” Wittingly or otherwise it strengthened the hands of the Tamil racists”- Pan_Arab terrorist like Bin Larden in Asia- CRUSADER

      VP was perfectly right to drive the Muslims away because one can never trust them from the Ottoman period they were so very untrust worthy of retaining a treaty.
      You see Bosnia can never be at peace. But Bosnia was created to stop Europe going to war again not for the love of any stupid muslim there who worked in the construction of Saddams nuclear city Baghdad- SAAD 16 which was first bombed in desert storm 2000 hectres (plans available at New Delhi Engineering projects of India)
      once russia joins europe the Muslim is not wanted anywhere and he can practice his faith at home not in the mosque or any cultural center. then there wont be hungry mouths in the Muslim faith while the rest belch and fart like camels.

      Robert ,
      You are perfectly right. SWRD learnt at oxford that mahatma was in fact a follower of Islam and had that weakness of polygamy- the naked fakir so the Brits preferred him.
      See the day he was shot in the Maratha kingdom the Muslims hid in their womens burka and not one war was lost.
      Pakistan east & west was created by Roosevelt to check Russian intrusions(russia was still penetrating into east Germany even after the war had ended) because it has never been conquered by the west except ruled by Mongolia for 400 years.

      Now russia is desperate to join their west European as one Europe but they cannot under their `communist terms of one party`. It would follow soon but before that the pan_arab voices would be silenced in full. BBS will do that for lanka and get rid of the `foreign Islamist`- they are the real crusade curse to the island working as moggots isince 48 by forceing all governments to accept them as the only minority with clout to sell anyones mother to the medival middle east as sex slaves.
      Izeth Hussain is furious that Jaffna Tamils are not sex slaves to Pan-arab stupid polygamist.
      How many women and how many extended families has Izeth Hussain that is where the answer lies??
      Izeth Hussain, there is no Alla but you create hell on earth by kissing the ground.
      British Historian P. Spear termed the year 1818 of The Third Anglo-Maratha War as the “Watershed” year in the History of India. He wrote on the importance of 1818:
      “In that year the British dominion in India became the British dominion of India.”[58][59]
      NaMo of Gujarat is the undisputed representative of the maratha empire of deccan(south in sanskrit) plateau the last and the only warrior who fought all foreign invasions- Mughals, Portugese , Dutch, French, British- last war 1818- treaty of London.
      The Third Anglo-Maratha War was fought by Maratha war lords separately instead of forming a common front and they surrendered one by one.- They lost this because the trusted Muslims played the double and let them down.

      The Maratha Empire or the Maratha Confederacy was an Indian imperial power that existed from 1674 to 1818. At its peak, the empire covered much of the subcontinent, encompassing a territory of over 2.8 million km². The Marathas are credited to a large extent for ending the Mughal rule in India.[2][3]

      The empire at its peak stretched from Tamil Nadu[11][12] in the south, to Peshawar(modern-day Khyber Pakhtunkhwa)[note 1] in the north, and Bengal and Andaman Islands in the east.[14][15] In 1761, the Maratha army lost the Third Battle of Panipat to Ahmed Shah Abdali of the Afghan Durrani Empire which halted their imperial expansion in North western India. Ten years after Panipat, young Madhavrao Peshwa reinstated the Maratha authority over North India.

      The Marathas remained the preeminent power in India until their defeat in the Second and Third Anglo-Maratha wars (1805–1818), which left the British East India Company in control of most of India.

      In the Third Anglo-Maratha War, the last Peshwa, Baji Rao II, was defeated by the British in 1818. Most of the former Maratha Empire was absorbed by British India, however some of the Maratha states remained as vassals of the British until India became independent in 1947.

  • 11

    This man in [Edited out] for whom I had a lot of respect as an intellectual has become a fan of Wimal Weerawansas, of all people!

    If Tamils are to be offered less and less autonomy as advocated by this author, there will be nothing to stop a part or whole of the country becoming a part of India.
    The ONLY way the territorial integrity of the country could be preserved is by giving the Tamils a fair degree of autonomy through 13A as often promised by none other than MR.
    Sengodan. M

  • 18

    “Our Tamils are very happy to settle down in the West, where there is no devolution for the Tamils”

    What nonsense is this man writing? What a comparison? Tamils are a people who have lived as long as the Sinhalese in the country called Sri Lanka today. For centuries, they had their own kingdom which was conquered by the west and united with the other parts of the island purely for ‘administrative convenience’ by the colonial powers.

    The Tamils who migrated to the West are no doubt happy to be treated as equal citizens in those strange countries where they have had opportunities( again equal to the rest of the populations there) and have undoubtedly done well whereas Tamils in their own homeland have suffered so much of oppression, discriminations in every sphere, assaults, rapes, murders, disappearances, pogroms and what not?
    Are the two instances comparable?
    What has gone wrong with your intellect?

    Sengodan. M

    • 7

      Sengodan. M,

      Just because ixxots have degrees in political science or something, and had some position in government in the past, they think they are great political thinkers:

      They are not, they are merely third-world mediocre midgets who overestimate their whatever little knowledge.

      Look at the late Lee Kuan Yew, a global statesman and a political giant who built a 1st world nation out of a marshland, and what he has to say about Tamils: He said: Tamils are a more capable people and Sinhalese are less so.

      Sinhalese won the war because 23 countries, including the most powerful on Earth helped them not because of their superiority, while Tamils stood alone on their own feet and fought.

      Tamils are a proud people who will not whiter in temporary failures.

      As Velupillai Pirapakaran said after he lost the battle for Elephant Pass the first time:

      “I never get elated with success, and neither do I get disheartened with failure – I work towards the goal.”

      Tamils should take the above as their motto until their legitimate, and historic rights are restored and free from oppression – even in the face of genocide that they have been facing for 67 years.

      Those who are afraid to die will never have freedom!

      • 0


        “Look at the late Lee Kuan Yew, a global statesman and a political giant who built a 1st world nation out of a marshland, and what he has to say about Tamils: He said: Tamils are a more capable people and Sinhalese are less so.”

        Lee Kuan Yew was surrounded by competent Tamil professionals from Jaffna. He didn’t meet the less competent and less professional Tamils.

        Have you studied how Lee Kuan Yew created modern Singapore in a small place with different languages, ethnic groups and religions? Can Sri Lanka maybe learn something from Singapore?

        • 4


          “Can Sri Lanka maybe learn something from Singapore”

          No chance as long as Dr. Harsha De Silva thinks “I am a proud Southerner and a Sinhala Buddhist”.

    • 1

      Dear Mr S.
      “Tamils in their own homeland have suffered so much of oppression, discriminations in every sphere, assaults, rapes, murders, disappearances, pogroms and what not?”
      I expected after the war some voluntary movement of Tamil speaking people from South to North / East and a determined effort by TNA and SLMC encouraging the them to move . The fact that not a single family did so give the lie to your unbounded exaggeration.
      If TNA and SLMC can demonstrate to us such a tendency I will be the first to raise my hand for a separate political entity for Tamil speaking people.

      • 1


        “I expected after the war some voluntary movement of Tamil speaking people from South to North / East and a determined effort by TNA and SLMC encouraging the them to move . The fact that not a single family did so give the lie to your unbounded exaggeration.”

        I only know Jaffna. Some but not many families have returned from the South and even from overseas. Unfortunately many have left again after facing the reality of life here. Jaffna today has better infrastructure, for instance, internet,phone,electricity and better roads even in the rural areas but that is not enough. There is virtually no employment, bad schools, no political stability, lots of bureacracy, foreign citizens have problems with immigration etc.

        The only people who have managed to somewhat happily resettle are the lucky few who are elderly,healthy and receive a pension. Most of these choose to stay with children and grandchildren instead of returning to Jaffna.

        I don’t expect Tamils and Muslims to return here whatever politicians say and decide. Most youngsters are trying to leave.

        • 0

          Heretic the Islamist in Sri Lankan sihala batth.

          You are ` Moro¬ skuldruggery from Morroco algerian funding of Boka harem terror like
          Eusence operated from US.

          You need to be thrown alive to the incinerator at kannata by BBS.-
          Its the wijeweera concept in buddha land for balu terror of system changers.

          • 0

            Javi, Thiru and others

            “You need to be thrown alive to the incinerator at kannata by BBS.- Its the wijeweera concept in buddha land for balu terror of system changers.”

            This is another fine example of “hate speech” that CT allows. Have you heard of fundamental rights, instigating communal violence, criminal intimidation etc?

            In many countries hate speech is taken seriously. Below an example from Singapore.


            “Nonetheless, there were an insignificant number young bloggers and commentators who have been charged under the Sedition Act for making disparaging remarks about race and religion. One of the government’s approaches to handle such ‘hate speech’ is to deal with expressions of extreme racism, e.g. on web sites, by way of the Sedition Act. This, however, curtails freedom of speech in Singapore.”

            • 3

              “”This is another fine example of “hate speech” that CT “”

              Heretic/ Moro/Magreb,

              It seems that “hate speech” is your secret within the burka regime,
              sorry we did not know before your silent barrages.

              We like things clean & hygienic & that does not make us poor but richer,
              We never feel inferior but humble because we know how much wealth we need to have and no more.
              We learnt at school to stuudy hard play hard and live simple.
              Art of intelligence: Live poor with lots of money.

              (psst: policy matters are negotiable but not system because system means revolution and we had 2 jvp, 4 ltte Goota knows best, what is latti charge now)

              we have a world view of the Islamist and the Sihala Islamist that have grown in our midst.

              you have your knickers in a twist like your funders of fanatism Pan_Arab style of butchery.
              The prince at UNHRC a Pan_Islam knows it too and what hit them in 1967 Suez canal.

              In the 21st centenary when the Sihala, Tamil or Muslim man throws a white cloth on the seat for some folk to sit we observe and know what kind of narrow minded folk you are- can you be that dirty to be blind that we don’t see. Even the Japanese see it they talk about it in the west.

            • 2


              You are the one propagating hate speech,look what you say:

              “Javi, Thiru and others “You need to be thrown alive to the incinerator at kannata by BBS…..”

              If it is not hate hate speech, you must be mad then!

      • 3

        The fact that not a single family did so give the lie to your unbounded exaggeration.”
        Was this possible since 2005 under the Regime and later due to W.vanning?
        Even we the Sinhalese were silenced which you are aware of? They could not
        represent their comaplints to even UN – as the threat came from none other than
        the Regime and the Army.

  • 10

    Demanding investigation about past excesses is not madness – whether in Jaffna or Aluthgama.
    Not a word about the presence of the army and what the army does in the north especially, and also in the east – a selective amnesia by the writer.
    If tamils are allowed to implement all powers of the provincial councils of the north & east – as allowed in all the other PCs – without interference by the army, there will be peace and contentment.
    There will not be talk again of the genocide since 1948 nor about further devolution.
    “Land Powers” will not be necessary if all land annexed by the army – which does not happen in other provinces – is returned to the owners and the council.
    Police can enforce law and order, with the governor’s supervision.

  • 7

    Well written Izeth. I never thought I would ever agree with anything the despicable Wimal did. However I agree that more ought to have walked out. Even more strange is that Dayan J Wimal W and Izeth H are all on the same page.

  • 7

    – Narendra Modi is not just any leader but a devotee of the Hindutva ideology, an essentially Fascist ideology, and that he is not an Oxbridge product-

    If Hindutva Ideology is a Facist Ideology, what does this Writer call the ideology derived from the faith which he believes in??

  • 8

    Are Izeth and Dayan political twins .. they sure sound a like. Some corrections
    * Tamils didn’t vote for My3 but rather against Rajapakse
    * Tamils are indigenous to Sri Lanka and so their basis for devolution in Sri Lanka is different to their basis other parts of the world – and yes regardless of who arrived in Sri Lanka first, if you have been on the island for a thousand years, everywhere else in the world, thats called ‘indigenous’;
    * Sri Lanka defeated Tamil militancy with considerable global support and that support was based on a pledge to ‘go beyond the 13A or ’13++’ as it was called ..and now the state and its ‘patriots’ are whining about delivering.

    Anyway, most interesting is that Izeth fails to see that backing Sinhala chauvinism, which essentially is against any sort of political devolution to other indigenous nations, simply opens the way forward to a continuation of majoritarian and illiberal policies that actually make the whole country poorer. Oh well I guess he wants to be a ‘smart patriot’ as DJ calls it.

  • 8

    And an additional point, Izeth and Dayan sound a like because they both believe that Sri Lankan politics sets ‘hard boundaries’ on what is achievable. What they ignore are examples around the world like Serbia and Indonesia, where concerted international pressure has forced domestic nationalist majorities to eventually eschew those policies in exchange for economic and political engagement. Sri Lanka is in many ways a much smaller challenge for the world community than either of those two states. Izeth should focus on what is right as opposed to what Dayan says is possible .. what is right will make all Sri Lankans very wealthy people in the future … devolution and giving people control over their future has always made for better government and as a result greater prosperity.

    • 1

      Dear mr Alex
      Reality of the matter is in view of the demographic distribution of the Tamil speaking people throughout the island there is no conceivable solution to the problem which may satisfy the political ambitions of at least 75% of them. So there is no option other than living in one political entity where all are equal in all respects. (Please give me the reference of any such proposal presented by any political maestro for study or please present your own idea of a possible solution)

      • 4

        Soma, it is the failure to deliver a system where all are equal in all respects that is the problem. After all Mr DJ and now it seems Mr IH believe that it is a Buddhist Sinhala island and it is their land and other just have to be minorities, as opposed to indigenous people too. If all indigenous people were recognised as equals then there would be no problem would there?

      • 4

        “”Please give me the reference of any such proposal presented by any political maestro for study or please present your own idea of a possible solution) Soma “


        Celibacy is for freaks of civilisation.

        The islands begging bowl concept by the majority even in the 21st centenary makes it backward.

        What Lama Dalai could sell to the west was and is Mindfulness not the 3 gems of Buddhism, Buddha Sangha Sassana – the west is obese and has crones so it needs health from alternative ways not dogmas. That makes him popular over here especially at Switzerland with similar climate to Tibet.
        De Facto – The emperor of Japan is Japanese view of God/Respect/Power and the same goes in China- The communist party.

        Holding Tamils in other areas (because of their employment; but nothing else) ransom to your majority view for finally a select minority of the majority with caste based politics is not wholesome. Others doing same are not my concern if we have to address matters. Both Theravada governments Burma & Thailand are not in proper health as per good governance and are predominantly Buddhist your end product envisaged.

        Give your politicos and the monkies daily secession of Mindfulness- they are pot bellied and diabetic that they cannot work or think for long past midnight. Then let us know how you feel by Novembers end before X’mas month so that we may send you blokes some goodies.

    • 1

      “And an additional point, Izeth and Dayan sound a like because they both believe that Sri Lankan politics sets ‘hard boundaries’ on what is achievable.”
      Mr Alex, it is lack of ‘hard geological boundaries’ encompassing at least 80% of Tamil speaking people that make Sri Lankan politics find ‘hard boundaries’ to find a ‘solution’

      • 5

        Tell that to the Kosovans, the Acehnese and the East Timorese.

        • 0

          Dear Alex
          Tamil speaking people are distributed throughout the island.

          • 3

            Well thats not quite right is it Soma? There is a large population in Colombo, the Up Country Tamil region and then the rest are in the North-East.
            Their distribution has remained despite concerted efforts by successive Sri Lankan governments at ‘ethnic cleansing’ as Lee Kwan Yew put it.

            • 0

              Dear Alex
              What about the Tamil speaking group whose religion is Islam? They are pockets scatteYou want us to find a different solution for them?

              • 3

                Well they have rights too that their leaders have so far failed to stand up for. Frankly anyone who has been on the island for 500 years should be considered indigenous – in fact the Upcountry tamils have those rights too.
                The issue is that Sri Lanka either needs to reform to accommodate those rights as indigenous people (i.e. Buddhism cannot have the foremost place, for example). Or other solutions need to be found – e.g. federalism, etc. These rights cannot be taken away by the whims of the majority .. that is where Izeth and Dayan and all the majoritarians get it wrong. These are the lands on which these people (Muslims) have been for 25 generations or more.
                If for example there is a federal structure, the Muslims have a choice of which region they live in. A state where Buddhism has foremost place, with consequences for the right to build a Mosque or a state where their rights are recognised.

                • 0

                  Dear Alex
                  Please give us just a sketch of a proposal where Muslims scattered throughout the island can be accommodated in a federal structure. North/East I can understand but outside is beyond my imagination. Please help.

                  • 1

                    Soma, being difficult is not helpful to finding solutions. Clearly it is impossible great states that precisely mirror populations. That said, it is quite easy to define states (and in fact those states, or provinces, are already defined). The simplest solution is to let those states have autonomy that allows their residents to enjoy complete equality as indigenous people … e.g. in those states buddhism is equal to other religions (as opposed to be the first amongst equals – foremost place …). Those Muslims and Tamils who chose to live outside those states, do so willingly and accept the rules of the rest of sri lanka. those who do not like those rules can live in those provinces with equal rights. Simple, if you try.

                  • 4

                    ” where Muslims scattered throughout the island can be accommodated in a federal structure.North/East I can understand but outside is beyond my imagination.”

                    Imagine if you had no imagination??

                    you would find the muslim in your ambude scratching away to glory.

                    we see it over here in the west and very clearly, they always live in ghettos please accommodate them in the lib_bokka..

                    600,000- they help to sell your sihala mothers to medival middle east and bring them back in coffins while you have kassipu and her child gives birth- samsara. How about your young sihala boys the cabbage patches advertised in european magazines (it’s a sihala muslim connection of advertising and playing tourism with heroin.

  • 5

    M. Hussain,

    If you were not trying to be as polemical as Dayan “The Nazi” Jayatilleka, you would have mentioned that when Indians say “going beyond 13th amendment,” it is a follow-up on earlier commitments to India and the UN by Mahinda Rajapaksa in his capacity as the all powerful executive president; while demagogues and racists in the South can interpret that to mean “open-ended,” it has always been clear that the “going beyond” means somewhere between 13A and Federalism.

    You were not born yesterday to pretend that you don’t know the context. Your explanation of “Orwellian Duckspeak” may satisfy liars like you and your former colleagues whose job as diplomats was to lie for their country, but it won’t wash with the public at large.

    “The question that shot into my mind was this: Is that man mad? If so, his bizarre behavior could be dismissed as the kind of thing that somehow happens every now and then. But his behavior seemed to me symptomatic of the kind of Tamil who is ostensibly moderate but continues to hanker after Eelam or something close to it.”

    Asserting that genocide has happened and requires a full investigation has nothing to do with “hankering after Eelam.” Tamils want physical security and dignity and that is what CVW has been expressing.

    You live in Colombo, callously indifferent to the travails of the tens of thousands of victims of the war and the IDPs whose land has been stolen by the SLA, even justifying SLA atrocities, while Justice CVW meets the people in the North and listens to their concerns every week.
    While I personally don’t agree with the Geonocide resolution of the NPC, I defend their right to express the Tamil victims’ feeling through that resolution.

    Want to have a “hug-a-thug” party with Dayan Jayatilleka and Wimal Weerawansa? Go ahead.

    • 0

      CT seems to be selective with their policy of editing (“edited out” as they call it). Seems CT does not apply the policy when insults (“Nazi”) are hurled at

      • 0

        Lal, others and CT,

        I agree. I have tried to ask about the abuse that CT allows but there has not been any reply. The abuse continues. The editing out seems to be random. The feeling I have is that some times nobody reads the comments and everything is published. One of my comments asking about this was NOT published and there was definitely no reason to “white van” it.

        I understand that some of the abuse might be a joke. I don’t think finding me and really hurting me is an easy task.

        Main problem is that after only some weeks here I am tired of reading the comments with abuse.

        If the abuse is edited out I am sure the abusers will learn this and stop wasting their time posting the stuff.

        Hope to see something better in the future and that this attempt to comment doesn’t disappear.

  • 5

    I have responded to this writer in the past, because some of his arguments sounded reasonable. But in this one he has completely lost it. He is now on par with ‘Dr’ DJ, a person who has completely given in to his biases, in this case against both Hinduism and Tamils, and has completely lost the capacity for intellectual thought. (Not that I am saying Modi is blameless – what was done to Muslims in Gujarat with his backing is certainly wrong, and I am uncomfortable with his version of Hindu nationalism, but that should not be a reason to attack Modi on everything he does). So I shall no longer bother with lengthy comments.

    I will state one thing though, to Mr. Hussain. Someone does not automatically become a racist or a mad person just because they do or demand something you do not like. Even if a Tamil demands a separate state it does not make him a racist, and in more civilized countries (such as Canada and UK) such things are decided by peaceful referendums among the populations which demand it. You can accuse somebody of being a racist only if they make sweeping generalized derogatory statements towards another community, or hurt somebody based on their ethnicity. By the way, going by this article, you yourself will fit that bill perfectly. I feel very sorry for you, because at your age you are still not cured of this illness.

  • 4

    Mr Izeth Hussain is really mad and biased against Tamils. Tamils fought for their legitimate rights since 1948. They ask for lands rights because Mr Hussain’s Masters planned and settled their people in the Tamil area to bring down the ethnic proportions. They ask for police powers because Tamils were at the receiving end of the police excesses. Northern CM was trying his best to prevent a motion during the previous MR regime. When the new government came to power, it was RW and his nephew who made comments degrading the call for demilitarization of the North. Why Mr Hussain cannot comment on the military issue which is also connected to land issue in the North.
    We never trust Mr Hussain and co.
    In the name of the almighty, pl don’t touch on Tamil Issue. Better focus on Aluthgama and related issues. That will keep you occupied.

    • 1

      the big mistake that tamils made was speaking in tamil to muslim of whhabi stock.
      Pan_Arab terrorist
      Saudi Pan_Islam of the king has no respect so Rizzana got the works. like the 50 corpses that arrive weekly i am told.

  • 6

    I am surprised by Izeth Hussain’s article. I always thought he was a balanced political analyst who saw through the chauvinistic maneuverings of Sinhala politicians. True, the Muslim approach to co-existence is to work with all Sinhala parties to the advantage of their community and when it suited them shift their political allegiance. Indeed, in the early days many Muslims thought it to be their advantage to even contest as candidates of the Federal Party and then change their positions to work with the Sinhalese political party in power.-it was a strategy that had paid the Muslims dividends and given that they area true minority an understandable (not necessarily moral) approach. But to suggest that the Tamils too adopt this strategy is not Husein’s business, And to imply that Justice Wigneswaran is a racist is a pretty low self-serving trick. I don’t begrudge the Southern Muslims their strategy but when they begin to name call decent, honest and upstanding gentlemen, its time to protest. Wigneswarn is a Tamil nationalist who seeks a solution within the confines of the island.

    I wonder whether the article is a knee jerk reaction to Modi whose BJP’s anti-Muslim stand.

  • 6

    Mr Wigneswaran was a former justice of the Supreme Court. He thinks that crimes have been committed and that the crimes amount to genocide. Just as in the case of homicides, he wants to see whether the accusations can be maintained. Why is that a thunderbolt? It is a thunderbolt only to the Muslim mind. Sadly, the thoppis can be turned too easily whenever the circumstances suit them. If there was a genocide of the Tamils and this applies equally to the Muslims, any lawyer would want the accusation to be tested out. In the case of the Tamils (and I am sure, many Muslims as well other than those who feed off the crumbs from the table of those in power), the proving of the accusation will provide a deterrence to future behaviour of Sinhalese chauvinists.
    The Sinhalese had seventy thousand of their innocent young killed. They did nothing about them. The Muslims had many killed at Aluthgama and they do nothing about it because they may see thunderbolts. They want the Tamils to do the same. We shall not. See as many thunderbolts as you wish, Mr Hussein.

    It is no thunderbolt for Modi to suggest cooperative federalism. These are constitutional ideas that enable the settlement of ethnic disputes without the division of states. Why should that be a thunderbolt? There are many such techniques- The British tried out devolution; the Americans, the Swiss and the Canadians have different types of federalism. It is a sick and prejudiced mind which sees thunderbolts in an attempt at suggesting a solution. Mr Hussein should sober down and not see too much of lightening. It may spoil his eyesight.

  • 5

    Now perhaps there may be a clue why Prabhakaran wanted the Muslims out. Looks like Izeth has an axe to grind because of what happened in Gujarat. While he chastises Modi he wants to prove his elite arrogance by belittling Modi of his educational background. What a snob and racist.

    • 5

      There is no defence for what the LTTE did to the Muslims of the North. Just as there is no defence for what the Sri Lankan government did to the Tamils. Do not try and defend the indefensible. Mr Izeth’s opinion is one he is entitled to but ultimately it ignores the fact that around the world ‘nationalist majorities’ are being confronted by a liberal world order that won’t tolerate their mind set. In that context the oppressed of Sri Lanka should have ambitions far beyond that defined by demographics (which in Sri Lanka’s case means a tyranny of the majority).

      • 4


        While I would hasten to agree and admit that one cannot put all the Muslims in one basket, and that applies to people of all races and religions, the Muslim leadership have almost never considered the plight of the Tamils. Despite the fact that most of them are Tamil speaking, when thousands were massacred during the final stages of the war, they looked the other way.

        After the elections in the east, Sampanthan proposed a unity govt with a Muslim as the CM but deceitfully they sided with the Rajapakse regime apparently for Ministers’ posts.

        They have always considered themselves as a different race, apparently confusing race with religion, despite they are mostly Tamil speaking.

        Their fire of baptism came when the BBS made them wake up to their senses, or did they really? By their words and deeds, they have wanted to charter a course of their own and so be it. The joke of it all is how this Izeth believes that he is the be all and end all and shoots through his mouth.

        • 4

          Jansee, I have heard all this anti-Muslim rhetoric before. Whilst it is unfortunate that their leaders have been pliant with the tyranny of the majority, it doesn’t justify the violence against the community. The Muslims of Sri Lanka have right to identify themselves as they see fit, i.e. as Sri Lankans, as Tamils or as Muslims, or indeed for some as all three.
          The issue is that those who are lobbying for change cannot then be as disingenuous and calculating as those who unfairly wield power. Lee K Yew didn’t leave Malaysia and set up a tyranny of the Chinese – he set up a state where all can prosper. If the Tamils want a successful state (federal or otherwise), it needs to be one which does not repeat the mistakes of Sri Lanka ..i.e. all indigenous people of that state (Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim, Burgher, Vedda) should have equal constitutional and practical rights.

        • 4


          “Muslim leadership have almost never considered the plight of the Tamils. Despite the fact that most of them are Tamil speaking, when thousands were massacred during the final stages of the war, they looked the other way”

          The Tamils were very considerate and benevolent towards Muslims as they didn’t want the Muslims to suffer during the war, out of goodness of their heart they expelled them from their habitat and lively hood in North.

          When in 1971 and between 1987 and 1991 innocent Southerners were butchered by Sinhala/Buddhists state the Tamils did nothing to stop the war crimes perpetrated by the state on Sinhala speaking people nor did they protest. Perhaps the Tamils were happy that Sinhala speaking people were being massacred by their own Sinhala/Buddhists armed forces.

          Double standards and hypocrisy are not very good basis to garner support for the Tamil speaking people.

          • 4

            “”Double standards and hypocrisy are not very good basis to garner support for the Tamil speaking people.””


            Sometimes we should stop asking for feathers from village tortoise.

            In the west diversity is an ongoing ball game but immigration is a different ball game all together- that is its practical side.

            With the end of WW2 UK had no people to carry out the reconstruction so they bought in immigrants from the villages of Pakistan the new nation created solely to tame Russia their own race of Europeans.

            This was mainly to run the textile industry in the midlands like Bradford.
            Till 1968 every Indian Pakistani woman had to have a cavity check for virginity at the airport.

            With the Beetles diversity took a great leap forward but then in came a new breed of immigrants after the Suez Canal closure.

            Then came the suicide bombers of religious fanatics using this socialist/socialite acceptance of `diversity`- they are now fed up because double funding comes via Arab charities to break up diversity.

            Therefore Diversity has to be capped and seen in context of what is native and what is colonial- arab muslim, or our agricultural export market, garments, foreign remittances (apart from sex, drug and other unhealthy work.)

            The blacks in the UK have been the longest but they have a different concept and the Bengalis join them at the lowest strata.
            After the troubles in 70 London saw an influx of Irish and they have blended soon even in marriage and still having their puns at the pubs because the Brits are tolerant.

            In today’s world it is good to have value judgements in analysing greatness of a nation not media rhetoric of massaged facts & figures.

            “there is a saying by Hillary and it goes like this;
            Once a psychiatrist told me the worst scenario is for a small boy to go in between two quarreling women as he has to please both.
            See the Islamist nation Bangladesh.

            When sihala fight sihala keep out as they must realise and know their brood. The JVP used it to immigrate mainly down under. When they first fought it was not rocket science but the new woman dynasty robbed them of gainful employment – falling in love with Tito, Mao, Nasser for her tarunayata hetak. Kumarasooriya who? was her man- Badda- udin.

            When Tamil kill Tamil the smart ones went away and all types of stories staid back and some gained help from the ones who fled.

        • 0

          the Vaiko porriki bud,
          “Despite the fact that most of them are Tamil speaking, when thousands were massacred during the final stages of the war, they looked the other way. “

          To know your language is to their advantage. We in Europe know English but would not speak it on demand by anyone especially from colonies. The Chinese at Madrid and Spain do the same. Yet we have bossiness because we are irresistible products.

          They had to look the other way because your bored wife and you gossiped with their bored selves what your next move was in tamil- clear. Its your stupid class like VP who think they are Ruling class with guns and loot to kill to understand better- like the Jewish.

          “They have always considered themselves as a different race, apparently confusing race with religion, despite they are mostly Tamil speaking.”

          The buying and selling kind are street wise to learn languages to their advantage not for you to hijack their lives with your stupid village idea of becoming a nation and like your sihala brothers awaiting DPL passports to show off and smuggle of course- we know you – from then – buy a Benz at Colombo and drive it to jaffna to brake a coconut- Palmyra_head.
          Kallu kudi!!

    • 2


      How did you manage to escape from VP’s fiefdom? Did you hide yourself among ethnically cleansed Muslims by covering yourself in Burqa from head to bottom?

      “Now perhaps there may be a clue why Prabhakaran wanted the Muslims out.”

      Now could you give us a clue as to why VP wanted all Tamils who were trapped in Vanni killed?

      Perhaps VP was hearing voices of Jim Jones (1931–1978) whose followers were forced to drink cyanide laced punch, 909 of them died en masse.

  • 1

    Thanks Hus,for developing more on the theme you selected. I fully agree with your conclusions.
    Time-bombs Modi planted during Sri Lankan visit are showing signs of fusing
    There is no question that Modi planted few time bombs during his recent visit to Sri Lanka. These were seen first in his address to the Sri Lankan Parliament where he recommended the virtues of “cooperative federalism.” That seemed to explain what he was meaning in his later open-ended remark of going beyond the 13th Amendment on the issue of devolution. In other words, he spoke what is considered the “F” word here.No time was lost before Modi’s bomb-shell was picked up by Chief Minister Wigneswaram to fuse it by the demand for a solution of the devolution issue going beyond the 13th Amendment, taking full advantage of the Indian Prime Minister’s address to Parliament. The Sinhala adage “Pudapu gaman kapi yaka” (The Devil consumed the offering no sooner it was served)is a very apt description.It looked as if the Chief Minister was anxiously waiting for it. An Indian commentator even suggested the prospects of a collusion and that Wigneswaram had said it before Modi. The sequence of events which followed, namely, Modi saying that India would stand by the Tamils of Sri Lanka, seemed to prove that there could be some truth behind that observation. Modi’s remarks extended not only to the Tamils of the North and the East but also those of recent Indian origin whose issues, which he observed, were not being addressed – another serious statement to be made by a visiting Indian dignitary. He invited their leaders to visit New Delhi in the near future. For what? To open a second front for interference by India, I suppose.
    It is in this context that the statement reported in the Divayina newspaper of 25 March 2015 to have been made by the Deputy High Commissioner, Radha Venkatram of the Indian High Commission in Sri Lanka has to be viewed. Addressing a meeting of estate Women [of recent Indian origin(?)] sh was reported observing that these women who made a great effort to sustain their families should be elected as representatives to the Parliament. That way they could effect a transformation of the social status surrounding them. Referring to the election of Saraswathie Sivaguru to the Provincial Council, the Deputy High Commissioner had stated that this trend should be further advanced.
    These remarks may look innocuous at a glance but coming in the wake of Modi’s own observation that the recent-origin Indian population’s issues had not been addressed and which conclusion led him to invite their leaders to New Delhi for discussions, they cannot be taken lying down without questioning. Is it an indication that a second front is being opened progressively as a way of showing that the promise by Modi not to abandon interest in the Tamil issues in Sri Lanka.
    The question also arises in one’s mind as to whether a Sri Lankan diplomat in New Delhi or Chenai could have got away easily had he/she addressed an Indian audience in similar terms. For example, if one of them spoke addressing an audience, whether it be male or female, referring to the abject poverty that dominates rural India or the ever present rigid caste system there, could he or she have got away without facing a barrage of criticism by the Indian media, politicians and the bureaucracy? In a comparable situation to what the Indian Deputy High Commissioner brought up, if a Sri Lankan Muslim diplomat at the Sri Lankan High Commission had raised the question of Muslim women’s poor state of education or poor social conditions in India wouldn’t there have been thousand calls from the media and others calling for the diplomat’s blood, not to speak of demand for his recall? One saw this when the former Sri Lankan High Commissioner in New Delhi, an outstanding career diplomat during a visit to Orissa referred to Orissa’s ancient link with Sri Lanka. Some even asked for his recall. He was also summoned to the South Block calling for an explanation! What the Indians would have liked to hear in the present context where Tamil Nadu politics guide New Delhi was a link with Tamil Nadu rather, as the next Sri Lankan High Commissioner whom I called an [Indianized] “Brown Sahib” would wont to say.
    Consequently, what is evident is that the diplomats of the big country – India is not alone in this – could get away with whatever they say even if that meant blatantly interfering remarks on internal affairs of another [small] country. In contrast, our media remains totally docile not raising a voice, and our legislators keep on grinning listening to the “f” word recommended to them by the visiting Indian head of government in their own assembly. Only the Leader of the Opposition is said to have used a word –Malapropism one says but an Indian commentator put it that it was neither Malapropism nor humour as the former Health Minister in the Rajapaksa government was using the term “immunization” (for “emulation”), a term with which he was more familiar, to have a dig at Prime Minister Modi’s speech!
    But diplomats of small countries cannot get away like that.

    Should it remain so always? Cannot our leaders and media raise their heads as the pride of our nation deserves? More specifically, should we allow a fall back to the situation in 1983 when Indian diplomats here had a free run and dictated terms even to the President of Sri Lanka as the former High Commissioner, JN Dixit ‘s book “assignment Colombo” reveals? The situation calls for extra vigilance at a time there are clear indications of prospects of continued Indian interference in the affairs of this country.

    You have rightly pointed Modi’s latent Hindutva background. Cannot one see that he took up the support for Tamil issue when there was no pressure from Tamil Nadu?
    I wanted to make these comments earlier before you wrote again but my email
    was not functioning.
    Wish you recovery soon to feed us with more of your balanced thinking on the devolution issue.

    • 4

      Bandual de Silva,

      just to answer your question could a ‘ Sri Lankan diplomat in New Delhi or Chenai could have got away easily had he/she addressed an Indian audience in similar terms?

      The simple answer is NO, Sri Lanka is a puny country which is dependent on other countries for its survival.

      You just got to suck it up and stay within the Indian orbit or risk it all and face the prospect of losing it all-the choice is yours!

      • 7


        “You just got to suck it up and stay within the Indian orbit or risk it all and face the prospect of losing it all-the choice is yours!”

        How dare you insult this island?

        This is the only country which brought an end to Tamil terrorism, annihilating the all powerful LTTE with no help from outside this island.

        The Navy rules the waves of Indian ocean.

        Gota dealt with Somali pirates.

        This island is the leader of Commonwealth Countries.

        Armed forces around the world visit this country to learn about tactics and strategy in combating terrorism.

        Armed forces of this island are not only capable of dealing with war, peace, rehabilitation but also experts business operators from barber shop, vegetable sellers, airline ticket agencies, tour ism, hoteliers, road builders, to transporters by white vans.

        This is the only country which rehabilitated its former terrorists.

        This is the only country to have blessed by Buddha not just once but thrice.

        Though this country fought terrorism since 5th April 1971 there has never been single loss of single innocent life.

        Give this island credit where credit is due.

        • 0

          Native Vedda,

          You forgot to mention how our security forces even participate in UN peace keeping and humanitarian operations overseas like Sudan and Haiti.

          • 3

            Yes we all know about the child abuse allegations from Haiti that have yet to be prosecuted. The Sri Lankan army seem to cover themselves in glory where ever they go.

        • 3

          Native V,

          Not just Somali pirates. We seem to have done some arming
          in the Ukraine front as well. Lucrative business than. But it can prejudice your US Green card. When the lowdown of this comes out and hit the ceiling the Rajapakses will be assured of a long stay
          in the Hague neighbourhood.


          • 4


            “When the lowdown of this comes out and hit the ceiling the Rajapakses will be assured of a long stay in the Hague neighbourhood.”

            Do you really think UN, USA and Hindia really want to see MR clan is punished for what they did?

    • 0

      Thanks Bandu for your very informative comment. I have not been able to access Modi’s comment that the issues of the hill country Tamils had not been properly addressed, and his inviting their representative to visit him in Delhi. Can you tell me how to access it or send me a copy? The implications are extremely grave. – Hus

      • 3

        “The implications are extremely grave. – Hus “

        The `Iron Pillar`(it does not rust from iron age but the taj marble is flaking) at New Delhi will give a kick up any camels arse-
        glory be to God for ever amen.
        The mystic muslims from working class arab stock tried to destroy it but it did not fail its creator. Gupta Chandragupta 11.
        There are no Huns around nowadays to threaten NaMo.
        Xi & NaMo are secret friends because he is from the the south – Deccan not the marrakala north of sihal/muslim.

        from 68 muslims sold sihala mums to their polygamist brothers. now its time for you to join your brothers at Male or swim like the Diego Garcia’s to north Africa – Magreb. take old goat karavadu pol kolla with you too.

        Jai iHind.
        Greater India.

    • 2

      Looks like the woodworms Hus & Bandu full of back handlers
      during their service are holding hands??
      [Edited out]

    • 2

      Both the issues of Sri Lankan Tamils in the NorthEast and the Indian Tamils are matters of Indian concern as the issues are subject to treaties with India. What sort of phony diplomats have we had if they did not understand something so basic. Once you make a treaty on a subject which is internal, it becomes subject to international rules. If Mr Hussein has to ask for information as to where Modi invited representatives of the Indian estate Tamils to Delhi, he should not be writing about the subject on which he did not have complete information.

      The Tamil issue is a problem for India. It has received refugees from Sri Lanka. It probably was implicated from the beginning by training the LTTE and other groups. It without doubt assisted Sri Lanka to end the war though SL crows that it won the war without outside help. It is astounding that anyone who claims to be so well versed should be surprised that Indian diplomats or others comment on such internal problems.

  • 4

    “Do you really think UN, USA and Hindia really want to see MR clan is punished for what they did? “
    USA, Hindia… asked MR to do it and gave him all the support.

    • 5


      “USA, Hindia… asked MR to do it and gave him all the support.”

      Therefore Hindia is the guardian angel of this island and its war criminals.

    • 0

      “”USA, Hindia… asked MR to do it and gave him all the support. “

      Anpu the troll you are just a reminder that Terrorism is profitable.

      India is the largest importer of arms but China is an exporter. Blaming India for your greed to think that you are the best engineer in the world is stupidity of government servants.

      and England gave you all the support to lead a better life in the west but along with a sick white nurse from New Zeland you tried to take the world- stupid. But the village JT’s sent guns killed Indian PM and many more- ad hoc.
      Yet you say Hindia. Go hug the Muslim he speaks tamil to his advantage. Perhaps you may make friends with Pakistan or ISIS.
      Very soon by next year The EU may run another cleansing operation and prosecute you if you keep on on accusing India.
      India is aware there has been graft(you are just a spec of a villager who has not learnt to respect that today’s world is value judgement not human rights even for Hillary with private e-mail). As if the British are not aware that JT lawyers have made immense British tax payers money defending the Maligawa bomber and muslims.
      India is going to do everything to defend its name and security against stupid Jaguar Tamil terrorist outfits operating in the west- so LTTE is banned and it would be indefinite – you would take 3 generations to blend in the west and get its help but standing on India’s head – is spitting on the hand that fed you and EU will never be with you.

  • 4

    The usually pugnacious Izeth Hussain now is, uncharacteristically, more restrained than before. Earlier it used to be the man comes firing on all cylinders at anyone writing critical of his opinions. Is this because of the possible advise of his Foreign Service colleague the Bandu. That’s a pity really because the angry retorts of Hussain and the interesting response of his detractors used to make these pages so lively.

    Of course, in this article alone the man attracts hot-in-the-collar responses from several readers – more than one even calling him stark mad. Surely, that calls for some comments from our in-house Socrates – the truculent, unsolicited and non-stop “expert” on many a subject.


  • 1

    This piece could have been easily written by a racist supremacist like Dayan Jayatilleka who repeatedly claims that Thamils are an ethnic minority and not a national minority.
    So it is surprising that a Muslim echoes Sinhala supremacist theories of Dayan Jayatilleka.

    It could even be said that you can easily beat the likes of Galagoda Aththe Gnanasara Thero General Secretary of BBS who says “This is a government created by Sinhala Buddhists and it must remain Sinhala Buddhist. This is a Sinhala country, Sinhala government. Democratic and pluralistic values are killing the Sinhala race.”

    You only decry racism and cry foul when Muslim owned stores are attacked and burnt or when mosques are attacked and destroyed by Buddhist monks and their goons.

    You also have the temerity to criticize Mahinda Rajapaksa who in a joint statement with Ban Ki moon declared he will implement 13A + and go beyond. He gave the same promise to visiting Indian Foreign Ministers and the Prime Minister of India . May be he never meant to implement as it turned out, but he did say it public. You also seem to claim superior intelligence and political acumen compared to Modi the Prime Minister of India.

    You being a Muslim living in Dehiwala is less qualified to tell the Thamils what they want or what they do not want, unless you act as a proxy to the Sinhalese.

    You conveniently forget and exhibit stark ignorance of the fact that land and police powers are in 13A. What the Thamils demand is the implementation of those powers.

    The Chief Minister was not dropping a thunderbolt as you make out; he is merely reiterating the policy of the TNA reiterated in their election manifestos.

    We Thamils are not asking for Eelam. We are only asking for a reasonable solution, an acceptable solution, a durable political solution within the framework of a united and undivided Sri Lanka that will be acceptable to all the people in this country. So why are you getting excited about Eelam?
    Modi spoke of co-operative federalism as a solution to the ethnic conflict. Although the word federal conjures nightmares in the minds of Sinhalese when did the Muslims came to hate the word federal? For your information 2/3 of the countries world wide have federal constitution not only as a panacea to ethnic differences like in Canada and Switzerland, but also to cope up with regional differences like Germany, Australia, America etc.

  • 0

    You are Tamil, Iseth before anything else. If you are not happy with Modi’s visit why don’t you invite ISIL of which you are a ardent supporter. Its people like you who go against your own mother tongue, that has spelt disaster to our motherland. At least at this old age repent and change your ways and your behavior. [Edited out]

    • 0

      It is liberal Muslims like Al-Haj Marikkar that eventually re-assure the Sinhalese, Tamils and the country those peaceful and accommodative Muslims who grew with us in the late 40s and since – are very much still there. It is only some of the younger ones that are poisoned by this infamy of the necessity of killing all other believers to ensure the idiotic dream of a 100% Muslim world. Going to heaven to stay the rest of their lives in a verdant paradise forever with their 64 virgins is yet another madness that has captured the imagination of uneducated and ignorant Muslim youth all over the world. This is reportedly why they kill and destroy for and in the name of Islam. But the majolrity of our sane Muslims refuse to fall into this trap. But there are bad eggs amongst them too.

      But don’t be too hard on Izeth H. The old man, in the evening of his life, has to have a job to see him through and so he raves and rants.
      But few take him seriously. How The Island provides space for such a man under so much of public opprobrium is beyond me.


  • 1

    Islamic racists like you are trying to capture the whole country to make it an Islamic state, that’s the reason you abhor federalism. I hope the Sri Lankan public realize this sooner rather than later. If not we will have another ISIL like situation in the country.

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