28 May, 2024


Colombo Wigneswaran Is Out Of Touch, TNA Should Pick Another CM Candidate, Says Tamils For Obama

Justice Wigneswaran should apologize  to Tamil Nadu Tamils; TNA should pick another CM candidate, says Tamils for Obama.

Issuing a statement Tamils for Obama says; “Mr. Wigneswaran lives in Colombo and has lived there all his life. He is out of touch with the experiences and wishes of the Tamils in northeast Sri Lanka. He was reluctant from the beginning take this office and we urge the TNA should pick someone closer to the northeastern Tamils.”


We publish below the statement in full;

Justice Wigneswaran recently gave an exclusive interview to Hindustan Times. There are few things that came out during this  interview that worry us. We would like address these worries in this letter.

1. Mr. Wigneswaran in this Hindustan Times interview referred to “our army” and “our navy.” These references are to the Singhalese-controlled national Sri Lankan armed forces. They are not “our” forces and calling it “our army” insults the Tamils. This is the genocidal army killed over 70,000 Tamil civilians, and raped numerous Tamil women and whose officers may eventually be facing war crimes tribunals for these murders.

2. Mr. Wigneswaran makes clear (he says it many times and in many ways) that he favors a united Sri Lanka. He asks the leaders in Tamil Nadu to “allow us to work out our own solutions to our own problems within a united Sri Lanka.” These are the same ideas and even the same phrases that Mahinda Rajapaksa  used when misleading the international community.

3. “You are welcome to give us any other kind of support,” Mr. Wigneswaran says to our Tamil cousins in Tamil Nadu, “but please allow us to work out our own solutions to our own problems within a united Sri Lanka.” Our cousins deserve our respect and thanks for their support and sacrifice. CM Jayalalithaa and the Tamil Nadu legislature have passed (unanimously) a resolution calling for a South Sudan style referendum asking about a separate, secure and safe Tamil homeland.  Jayalalithaa met Hillary Clinton in Chennai and spoke of the suffering of the Sri Lankan Tamils. We know, because when we met Asst. Secretary Blake at the state department he told us so. Secretary  Clinton then worked to support the UNHRC resolution to bring war crimes charges against SL government leaders. Jayalalithaa and  the TN  legislature then pushed India to support the resolution also, and India has since supported it twice. TN Tamils have given us their support in our time of need.  We appreciate their help, and we will never  tell them “mind your own business.”

We urge Mr. Wigneswaran to apologize to the leaders and the people of Tamil Nadu.

Mr. Wigneswaran lives in Colombo and has lived there all his life. He is out of touch with the experiences and wishes of the Tamils in northeast Sri Lanka. He was reluctant from the beginning take this office and we urge the TNA should pick someone closer to the northeastern Tamils.

Tamils for Obama

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    It would be quite imprudent and counter productive to disrupt or cause distraction to the current momentum and general acceptance of CW as the widely accepted contender for the position of the Chief minister with parties of other political persuasions also rallying. Bensen

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      Gay Bensen Burner – just shut up!
      Are you a Tamil? Are you for Obama?

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    I had the time to go over some of the messages and counter message attacks.counter messages to Tamils are indeed ugly.calling names etc clearly shows the hatred and ugliness that still prevails.

    I see Kadirgarmar name come up by the singhalese – glorifying him.
    The Tamils as always dissapointed,a distinguished son of Jaffna,lived in colombo and Uk returned to work for CBK and the govt.
    Tamils agree he was a brilliant man.

    The same with justice Wigneswaran.The singhalese upholding him because he has said – ‘we have to work within a unitary sri Lanka’.

    I see LTTE come up and the leader’s name slandering him – by the singhalese.Not so with many Tamils.

    In one comment I went into a state of shock.
    It said – the poor soldiers suffered in Nandikadal and handed over the victory to the LTTE.I go with the declared win by our GOSL by our valiant soldiers.

    No singhalese commented about the distinguished,man of the Jaffna soil,brilliant and young politician Gajen Ponnambalam.I guess they do no want anyone holding the torch for seperation.

    So here we are hearing the bashing the diaspora Tamils.Perhaps
    these men and women do not know the hours some of them spend monitorong what is going on running into years of sadness.if not for their monies sent over many years and now to the vanni Tamil people as well as to Jaffna etc half of these people would have died of starvation lack of mediacation and a hut to live in.

    Looks from the messages nothing has changed.The singhalese friends want Peace and Reconcilaiation handed to them by the Tamils.Looks like the Tamils in the north and all over the world are not willing to be a part of the chaos in the south.
    This is a major disaster in the south and only the southern friends can clean the mess.
    Let the Tamils decide whom they want as CM.It is their vote in the north that will eventually count.
    They expect the CM to deliver their meassage across to who ever.
    The Pursuit of Happiness is every mans Right.
    Thank you

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    In the selection of Nehru’s First Cabinet, was he dictated to by ‘Indians for Attlee’, resident in UK?

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    What makes you think you, a Sinhalese knows what is best for our kith and kin that we left behind in Sri Lanka. We, the Tamils in the Diaspora, are not aliens to the Tamils of Sri Lanka. We are the sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, and relatives of the Tamils in Sri Lanka. Although we live outside of Sri Lanka we know about the plight of our people under mono ethnic Sinhala military occupation.

    The TNA is supposed to be selecting a person who will stand up to Sinhala racsists and safeguard the interest of Tamils. Here people are blabbering about Mr.W’s career in the Sinhala justice system as a big qualification to be the CM of Tamils in the North –East. A future leader of the Sri Lankan Tamils, need not be a legal Eagle, he needs to be a Tamil Nationalist who loves his homeland, and respects and understands the sacrifices of the Sri Lankan Tamils made to defend their homeland from the Sinhala aggressors.

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    This is not from Tamils for Obama, rather it is from Tamils for Rajapaksas. lol

    Guys it is so obvious who your real masters are (the Rajapaksas of course.

    Now get lost and let us all concentrate on discussing the real issues that matter to the people of north.

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    Although some well informed and regular commentators wrote in these threads the date of the Northern Province PC Election has been announced, I notice even today the Election Commissioner speaking to the media says the date has not been decided upon by the Govt (read President) ???


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    Tamils for Obama should not jump from its seat at the drop of a hat!

    Wigneswaran’s opinion is his and not that of the TNA. He is a common candidate and he is entitled to his opinion. He is talking as a legal luminary, not as a politician!
    You are only picking holes leaving out some of the positive statements he made. Example he described the Sri Lankan army an OCCUPATION ARMY.

    On land and police powers he categorically states that “There are tremendous problems being faced by the people there. Their lands have been taken over by the army, they are unable to get back to their original positions, they live in makeshift houses, and there is cultural degradation. How can law and order be in the hands of people not indigenous to an area?” No English speaking Member of Parliament has been this blunt when it comes to land grab by the army.

    Mahinda Rajapaksa is scaring the Sinhalese people that TNA is conspiring to create a separate state. 13 A with police and land powers will be used by the TNA to declare Eelam. TNA is asking Eelam the same Eelam what Prabhakaran was asking and so forth.

    Wigneswaran’s statement allays such imaginary fears. It denies Rajapaksa to trot out excuses to deny the Thamil people their inherent rights. Let us move forward and let not the international community think the Thamils are secretly plotting to create Thamil Eelam and that they stand/support for violence.

    Of course not only Wigneswaran, even the TNA wants a solution within a united Sri Lanka, but with maximum autonomy for the Northeast on the basis of right to self-determination by Tamils.
    In short Thamils should be allowed to manage their own affairs, except say foreign affairs, defence, transport etc. in their historical habitat. US wants meaningful devolution so that all citizens can live equally and in peace. US does not want to hear the word genocide. If in doubt the Thamils for Obama should ask president Obama for confirmation.

    As for Wigneswaran’s statement Thamil Nadu politicians should “allow us to work out our own solutions to our own problems within a united Sri Lanka” is to counter the propaganda of Mahinda Rajapaksa that no outside force should dictate a solution. The solution should be found within the country. Wigneswaran is denying Mahinda Rajapaksa to exploit outside interference as an excuse not to find a solution to the national question.

    It is a fact that Jayalalithaa has passed a resolution calling for investigations into war crimes, referendum etc. We are grateful, but we also like to remind Thamils for Obama what she said during the war. That people die during a war and that is normal. In fact AIADMK refused to an all party meeting convened by the DMK. AIADMK stood completely aloof and never took to the streets like the DMK, MDMK, and PMK etc. After passing the Resolution she has not done anything to pursue it.

    Even today AIADMK and DMK do not take a common stand on the Eelam issue. Each tries to outwit the other scoring debating points including mutual mudslinging.

    It is news to me that “Secretary Clinton then worked to support the UNHRC resolution to bring war crimes charges against SL government leaders.” There was no such resolution. There is indirect reference in the preamble to the US resolution which reads “Welcomes the report of the High Commissioner for Human Rights on the human rights situation in Sri Lanka.” This is a far cry from the tall claim “Clinton then worked to support the UNHRC resolution to bring war crimes charges against SL government leaders.” Either Tamils for Obama suffers from selective amnesia or is ignorant of the resolution passed at the UNHRC. For the information of Tamils for Obama the US resolution underwent several changes from the original draft. Here are the changes made by US:

    “At the eleventh hour before a crucial United Nations Human Rights Council resolution calling on Sri Lanka to improve the post-war welfare of ethnic Tamils on the island, the U.S. appears to have watered down the text of that resolution.

    Washington’s revised draft copy of the resolution, which was freely circulating on the Internet by Tuesday, in particular hinted at least one major change from an earlier version: an entire paragraph calling for “unfettered access” in Sri Lanka by a host of external observers and specialists was deleted.

    A second key change in the text appeared to be regarding UNHRC’s call for an external investigation into alleged human rights violations in Sri Lanka, during the final phase of the combat between Sri Lankan forces and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam in which many civilians were said to have been killed and injured.

    In the paragraph that included a section calling for a “credible international investigation” into alleged human rights violations the U.S. appears to have rephrased the wording and elevated the request for an external investigation to a more prominent position in a previous section.

    However in a paragraph immediately following this one, the U.S. draft then veers off towards an apparent preference for Sri Lanka to conduct its own internal investigation into alleged human rights violations.

    In this second paragraph on the need for investigations the U.S. draft now reads, “… calls upon the Government of Sri Lanka to conduct an independent and credible investigation into allegations of violations of international human rights law and international humanitarian law, as applicable…” The word “international” has been dropped.

    At numerous points throughout the text of the revised draft weaker language has been inserted in place of a more condemnatory tone. For example where “Noting with concern…” has been used, the “with concern” phrase has been deleted. The phrase “Urges the Government of Sri Lanka” has been substituted with “Encourages the Government of Sri Lanka.”

    Most obviously, in a segment alluding to “Noting with concern the failure of the Government of Sri Lanka to fulfil its public commitments, including on the devolution of political authority…” the revised U.S. draft text has inserted “Calling upon,” in place of “Noting with concern the failure of…”

    In an early section that formerly stated that the UNHRC was “Reaffirming that it is the responsibility of the Government of Sri Lanka to ensure the full enjoyment of all human rights and fundamental freedoms of its entire population,” the reference to the Government of Sri Lanka was substituted with the phrase “each State.”

    Further, affirmative statements “Welcoming and acknowledging the progress made by the Government of Sri Lanka,” on holding elections, rebuilding infrastructure and resettling internally displaced persons were inserted where none existed before.

    In at least six places within the revised text, language that is unambiguously weaker than what was in the original text has been used. This does not include the insertion of positive statements recognising progress made or a large number of other edits that make minor tweaks to various calls for Sri Lanka’s actions to be consistent with human rights laws.

    G. Ananthapadmanabhan, Chief Executive of Amnesty International in India, was quoted in media reports saying, “There is a significant downgrading of the international community’s concerns regarding human rights violations in Sri Lanka,” adding that there was a “massive setback” for the campaign for justice in Sri Lanka because “The draft resolution places the onus on Sri Lanka to set up a mechanism for a credible, independent investigation.” (http://www.thehindu.com/news/international/has-us-watered-down-sri-lanka-unhrc-resolution/article4526539.ece?ref=relatedNews)

    However, the revision of the original draft is quite understandable since US has to carry with it as many member states as possible in support of the resolution. In fact if not for US there would have been no resolution on Sri Lanka. To that extent we are immensely thankful to US. Sri Lanka would have been allowed to go scot free or even commended for defeating “terrorism” as per resolution passed in 2011!

    For your information the Sri Lankan government has rejected US resolution and has said it does not bind them.

    Thamils for Obama is doing good job, but it must know its limitation. Asking Wigneswaran to apologise to TN Thamils is ridiculous. We don’t ask for apologies when M.Karunandihi, Ms Jayalalithaa make unpalatable statements.

    If Thamils for Obama wants to nitpick, please wait for the official election manifesto of the TNA on NPC elections.

    That document will clearly spell out the policies and programme of the TNA.


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      Tamils For Obama is correct being a US based Tamil organization. Thangavelu’s attack on TFO from Toronto, being a Vice President of the now banned WTM is just a fuutile attempt to divert the Tamil public opinion which is solidly behind TFO’s position.

      This is the same Thangavelu who was cheer leader for the LTTE boycott of elections in 2005 which then installed the Rajapakses in power. He was attacking Ranil as being responsible for the Karuna/Pillaiyan defection, which was utter nonsense and stupid.

      We have all seen the results and the massacre of Mullivaikal.

      Wigneswaran’s attack on Tamil Nadu politcians was highly unwarranted and inappropriate. There are no IF’s and BUT’s,. W is now a politician from Colombo 7 contesting the NPC elections. He has retired from Chandrika’s and Rajapakse’s bench long years ago. Nearly 8 years… Now he is also family member of the Nanayakara’s and Gunasekera’s lest Thangavelu forgents having selective amnesia himself. Anyway, he has always had that, and is a “Snake in the Grass”.

      He can easily remember Bruce fein Meeting in Toronto with his buddies Danton Thurairajah, David Poopalapillai, and Sriskandarajah (From CTC in 2008???? CTC aka Canadian Tamil Congress.

      Donald Gnanakone
      Tamils For Justice.

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        Donald @ ‘Tamils for Justice’ – you are no better than ‘Tamils
        For Obama’ – so is there any diaspora org working as ‘Tamils for Tamils”

        There is no evidence whatsoever of both of these organizations soon anything since the war ended – be it on livelihood issues or accountability .

        If all you people are abroad one can nominate the people who live here! It was Pillayan in East and North is now on.

        Is Donalad jealous that CVW lives in Colomno 7 and living in enthrall in the place of his birth – and means the island on the whole and not a diaspora making ruckus?

        If Tamils for Obama and Tamils for Juatice are so worried about his ties to the Nanayakara family or the Gunasekara family, is it OK for Tamil Diaspora married into non-Tamils to be regarded as genuine welfare of Tamils in general in advocating their future in te island? Doublys can be cast interns of you politicking, commitment and motive etc.

        If Nakkeern or anyone else wants to see what they want to do or align with , they are free to do so and should be welcome on that!

        At the end of the day stock rises for Rajavarothayam Sampanthan only as he is amble to lead this solidly as he wants – and that with no guns! sure the the comedy types of Donald’s Justice and Tamils for what ever will want a TNA leader like Mavai – whom they can manipulate !!

        Sorry that didn’t happen, so just enjoy your Gray Goose from wherever you are.!!

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    Is that excellent piece from Nakkeeran or Thangavelu? A well balanced article!

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    ‘Tamils for Obama’ wants someone whom this one person outfit can manipulate. Its is even alleged the person running the “Tamils for Obama’ letterhead org tried to split TNA via earlier the ‘registration of TNA’ fiasco lead by Suresh Premachandran. In fact this person may be just ‘Tamils for Premachandran’.

    I womder if this is the real face of ‘Tamils for Obama’ –


    not that of President Obama with whom this org has nthing to do with

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    Nakeeran- I understood that a ‘Master Stroke’ was played out by Mr Sambanthar,head of TNA by picking Justice Wigneswaran to stand election as CM for the northern Province.

    Then on W is not a common man who can say anything he likes.

    From that time of announcement every word Justice Wigneswaran utters is a message from TNA.He should take care of his words and Sambanthar has failed to advice him not to run off with his toungue.

    On the flipside – now the diaspora and the Tamils in SL know the true colors where the Tamils are heading.Rightly the Diaspora Tamils are very concerned and they all have a right to be concerned.

    To some others on this thresd—

    The singhala bashing of President Obama shows the frustration of the singhala south that their outlook of selfishnes of a better south by making the Tamils give up their aspiration is a clear exmaple of how the singhala government and the singhala mindset works.
    By now the singhala south must understand that the Tamils will not fall into any trap set by the GOSL.
    Trust is a Two Way Street.

    International Journalaists cried loud and clear when journalists went missing and murdered in South and North.Obama appealed on their behalf – soon Obama became the south singhala worst enemy.

    Unbelievable.how come? Your own singhala men and women journalists were hounded out of jobs and murdered too etc.So the list of hatred for President Obama is splashed on this thresd.
    Indirectly at the Diaspora.How stupid is this.It is a below the belt punch.
    Redo your thinking and redirect your assault of words and to the ones who are guilty.
    This thread is about the election of the CM for the North and about Ret Justice Wigneswaran and Mr Sambanthan’s Master Stroke,meeting the aspiration for a peacefull life for the Tamils.How best this could be achieved.The concern by the diaspora will go on untill that is met.

    Shouting derogatory words,hurling untruths is not going to give the south their happiness at the expense of the lives and happiness of the TAMILS.
    thank you

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    Tamils for Obama can go stuff it who are they to tell this when they are not in the country

    so what do they expect? a resurected VP to wreck havoc all over again while they sit in their comfy homes in N/America and Europe?

    Get lost Tamils for Obama

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    Tamils For Obama

    Why should TNA pick another candidate after a perfectly advised decision already announced?

    TFO can pick a candidate, field him with a Diaspora Manifesto, secure a mandate and redeem the community.

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    Peace Lover— wo!
    you got the diaspora ‘lost’ from the country of their birth.They did not run off,you guys chased them out.Certainly they will never give up
    their aspirations for the families back home.It is their homeland.

    Peace Lover – you don’t seem to Love Peace and Respect it the way the diaspora understands it..You just want to be happy calling yourself Peace Lover.Its a good thought but your heart is not in the right place.
    Seems to me you are very jealous that the diaspora is sitting in N.America and Europe.Too Bad.
    You should be very happy in the south of mother lanka.
    But you are crying at the same time for a chief Minister for the North?
    Why? You do seem to have a plan.So lets hear it.
    Please take it on a slow roll.No punches.


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    lololol extremists on both sides hate the man.

    good on you CV, you’re already doing things well! :D

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    Let us all patiently wait for the election manifesto and then comment further. Whoever likes or dislikes, there is not going to be any change in TNA’s candidate for CM.

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    TNA is incorrigible Tamil separatist political class and party,Not having national political agenda at all.Is quite natural TNA has to seek local-base candidate for North P.C election.
    Indeed needless to say Diaspora of Tamils has been request to
    Dr Mohammed Barack Obama to find new foreign base base candidate for COMING NORTH P.C ELECTION is SRI LANKA.
    Tamil diaspora still under the myth of the Caesarean hegemony politics is for Tamils,who search for calculate foreign base candidate that coming P.C. election.
    Ex-Jugde Wignesaran of TNA more or less had been selected by best vested interest of inhomogeneous forces of outside this Island of our-soil;having no knowledge of Tamil Diaspora!Ex-Judge is best selection of ongoing TNA Tamil politics are ingratiate by foreign powers.

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    Wigneswaran may be from Colombo, but he is there on the spot among the oppressed Tamils. But where are the Tamils for Obama? They are in far away America! And they are for Obama and not for the Tamils of Sri Lanka! In spite of their name, Obama’s domestic party does not appear to take them into their bosom or take them seriously,except during election time
    Mahinda Rajapakse and his sidekicks are worried as to how they are going to tackle Wigneswaran as CM of NPC. Wimal Weerawansa’s sudden expression of love for Mavai. S is proof that W. W also echoes the same sentiment of replacing Wigneswaran with Mavai. S as the Tamils for Obama! Why Wimal’s new found respect for Mavai- the very same Mavai whom he had attacked before and wanted to be expelled from parliament?
    The above is sufficient evidence that Wigneswaran will be a thorn to the Rajapakse regime. They are at a loss to find a means to getting rid of him. He is too big a personality to be arrested, taken to the 4th floor etc as the world is watching! They may even organise an ‘accident’ to get rid of him! God Forbid!!!
    So,we need not worry about the voices from the wilderness. Let them do their bitin their diaspora and not become kingmakers within Sri Lanka. They are not in a position to see the reality there.

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    A very piercing comment. Your reading of WW’s mind is exact and he serves MR’s interests.

    Mao points out that whatever be the motive, you can play into the hands of the enemy when you go awry tactically and strategically.This has happened with TFO serving MR.

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    “Mr. Wigneswaran lives in Colombo and has lived there all his life” At lest he live in colombo but tamils who don’t want wigneswarna living in London or UK. They are not sri Lankan. They don’t know where North and East of Sri Lanka is?. How they know needs of Sri Lankn tamils.

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    ‘Tamils for Justrice (?)’ – Which Tamils is Donald seeking this ‘Justice’ – I don’t know if this is Tamils in Sri Lanka, but ‘Tamils for Justice’ putting numerous faceBook comments and posting on several of my friend’s facebook status updates in Canada.

    Tamils for Justice is asking to boycott Sri Lankan food. What’s this? Does he understand not everyone comfortably retired in other greener pastures? What is the source of livelihood ‘Tamils for Justice’ proposing to all those diaspora that were uprooted form the island now has taken up ethnic food industry as their career?

    So is this kind of crooked Justice, the Donald@Justice for Tamils seeking??

    Donald, keep standing with your buddy Ranil, everyone else even in the UNP are deserting him!!

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      Your not from Sri Lanka.You are DBS’s buddy Thirukumar

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