19 May, 2022


Wigneswaran Trivializes The Attempt On The Life Of Sumanthiran As A Ruse Staged By The Army

By Veluppillai Thangavelu

Veluppillai Thangavelu

Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran of NPC is notorious for blurting out without thinking and without analysing the facts.

Referring to the case filed against 5 suspects who are involved in an assassination attempt on Sumanthiran, MP Wigneswaran claims “This seems to be a ruse, because if the ex-LTTE cadres had in fact had any plans to assassinate Sumanthiran, then why did the police fail to mention this to the Magistrate when the case was taken up, instead they only told the court about the drugs in possession of the ex-cadres?”

What is the fact? The TID did not name Sumanthiran in the first B report, but they did mention that a VIP politician was the target of a claymore mine attack by the suspects. When the judge asked the TID who is the VIP politician, the TID told him it was Sumanthiran, MP. The judge then directed the TID to include Sumanthiran as the intended target by the suspects.

It is a well known fact the LTTE supporters and remnants have carried out a vicious character assassination campaign against Sampanthan and Sumanthiran since May 2009. They did not take kindly to the abandonment of confrontational politics in favour of conciliatory and constructive engagement with the government.

It was Sampanthan and Sumanthiran who prevailed on the TNA to support the Common Candidate Maithripala Sirisena at the January 2015 presidential elections.  Between two evils, it is wise to choose the lesser evil. Or if a person is weak and he has to confront two enemies, it is wise to befriend one of them to defeat the other.

In the presidential elections held in January 2005 the TNA took a principled and rational stand regarding the choice between Mahinda and Sirisena. Under Mahindra’s autocratic rule, the Tamils were brutalized, humiliated and robbed of self-respect.

Media nets run by the pro-LTTE extremists such as Tamilnet lambasted TNA leaders for their decision to come out openly in support of Sirisena instead of asking a boycott of the election on the grounds that neither Rajapaksa nor Maithripala will meet Tamils’ demand.

Gajendrakumar and pro LTTE elements in Diaspora denounced both Sampanthan and Sumanthiran for supporting the Common Candidate claiming there is no difference between Mahinda and Sirisena except in name! The TNPF led by Gajendrakumar initially asked the Tamil people to boycott the election, but later asked them to vote stopping short of recommending a candidate. In a similar vein Tamil diaspora in the West called for a total boycott.

The International Council of Eelam Tamils (ICET) went further “ our stance is for complete freedom for the Tamil Nation…. after careful analysis of the actions of the incumbent Mahinda Rajapakse and the beliefs of Maithripala Sirisena we have come to the firm conclusion that neither is FIT to be the choice of our people.”

However, the results of the elections proved these false prophets wrong. Over 74% of the Tamils in the Jaffna electoral district and over 78% in Vanni electoral district voted for Sirisena. This was a humiliating defeat for the anti-TNA forces within and the pro LTTE Diaspora overseas.

Extremely unhappy with the results of the presidential elections, these elements both in the Diaspora and in the North burnt the effigies of Sampanthan and Sumanthiran to vent their anger. On February 21, 2015 in front of No.10 Downing St. London the effigies of both were burnt. This was a protest rally organized by the BTF and Tamil Youth Organization based in UK. Many such rallies were held in Geneva by these organizations vilifying Sumanthiran and burning copies of resolutions adopted by the UNHRC and the US national flag.

During the 2015 parliamentary elections, a concerted and vicious campaign was launched to defeat Sumanthiran contesting elections in the North for the first time. Scurrilous pamphlets were circulated through out the length of breath of Jaffna peninsula denouncing Sumanthiran as a ‘thrice’ (traitor). Sumanthiran was humiliated and subjected to verbal abuse by LTTE remnants in Australia and Switzerland. Since his entry into active politics, the LTTE remnants considered Sumanthiran as a thorn in their flesh.

In this back ground, the news that there was an attempt at Sumanthiran’s life should come as no surprise. The plot to kill Sumanthiran by exploding landmine was disclosed to the police by an ex-LTTE cadre who has undergone rehabilitation. The suspects are tried under criminal law and not under PTA which the government has suspended pending enactment of a new law that meets international standards. The case against all the five suspects is heard before a Tamil judge and, therefore, a fair trial is assured.

Knowing Wigneswaran’s animosity and disdain towards Sumanthiran, the former should not have rushed to the conclusion that the threat is a ruse (nadagam) cooked up by the army. Wigneswaran should have been the first to condemn unequivocally the attempt to assassinate Sambanthan. Ironically, Wigneswaran himself has received life threats last year.

NPC passed a resolution in October, 2016 calling for an investigation into death threats issued against Wigneswaran by Sinhalese protestors.”The resolution asked the Inspector General of Police to investigate the complaint and, if necessary, increase security for the Chief Minister,” NPC chairman, Sivagnanam, told the New Indian Express.

The Chief Minister had said in an earlier speech that he had received information of assassination plots against him. “I have been receiving information continuously that there are efforts being taken to kill me and to put the blame on the LTTE,” ttttt the Hindu quoted him as saying at a book launch. Sinhala protestors in Vavuniya carried placards threatening the chief minister with death, following the Ezhuka Tamil rally in Jaffna.

In October, 2016 a man from Balapitiya revealing his name and identity has telephoned Wigneswaran and said Rs 25 million payments has been made for the CM’s life and TNA Leader R Sampanthan. He had also emailed the Chief Minister a month ago and called him recently to give details of the conspiracy. A month ago the CM received an email from the same man (He admitted it was him who sent it) revealing about the conspiracy to kill him and Leader of the Opposition, R. Sampanthan.

Wigneswaran claimed “None should stoop to such a low level in politics to transform a serious matter into a political gimmick…….” is himself  stooping to a very very low level trivializing the  attempt on the life of Sumanthiran as a ruse by the army to continue its occupation of North. He is becoming notorious for making outlandish, naive and stupid statements.

It is unfortunate the threat to Sumanthiran’s comes not from the Sinhalese but from his own people the Tamils. His life is too precious to be lost to some mis-guided extremists who think assassinating Sumanthiran will solve the Tamil problem. If anything, history shows that it is very counter productive.

Sumanthiran blames the government for not providing gainful employment to ex-LTTE cadres. He says they are vulnerable to manipulations by interested parties.

Proficient in all three languages, Sumanthiran is committed to promoting national unity, peace and economic development. He understands the mind-set of the Sinhalese more than any one else.

The Tamil people have suffered decades of systematic discrimination and oppression under successive governments led by the Sinhalese ethnic majority. However, what we need today is a serious paradigm shift in the way we do politics and understand geopolitics in a convoluted world.

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  • 12

    For wigneswaran, even AAVA group was from Army, until they were caught. wigneswaran is not behaving like a former supreme court judge. He is just a cheap politician who is exploiting poor voters.

    • 4


      WHERE ARE YOU???????????????… SARO WHERE ARE YOU??????????

      • 24

        Veluppillai Thangavelu, Are you now a ‘born-again’?

        Shed your cloak. Stand against a mirror. Who do you see?

        Do you see a man hungry for status? Do you see a man who was VP of an LTTE front? Do you see a man who lambasted USA on its soil for being non-supportive of LTTE? Do you see a man who was clinging on to the coattails of Rudrakumaran, when he was an LTTE front man? Do you see a man, who challenged the Canadian Prime Minister in 2009, for wanting Tamil protesters in Ottawa, to drop their LTTE flags if they wanted his backing? Do you see … ? Do you see … ?

        You have no moral strength to even speak of CVW. The Chief Minister was raising the correct doubts, and asking the right questions.

        Knowing your record of criticising any one who is not ready to give you a place of prominence, your article does not surprise me.

        MA Sumanthiran is quite capable of taking care of himself. He can live without a turncoat like you, on his side!

        • 15

          You are so correct ‘Unreal’!

          Thangavelu was once a vicious pro-LTTE extremist and Tamil Christian bigot. He is well known for his animosity, hatred and disdain for Wigneswaran. Thangam is also noted for his concerted, highly personalized and vicious character assassination of Wigneswaran. Thangavelu is a stooge of Sumanthiran who in turn is an American agent. The two are Christian fundamentalists with zero standing. Sumanthiran only won because he was a TNA candidate, not because of his personal popularity.

        • 5

          @ Ureal

          For a moment there i thought you were describing Wigneswaran.. In fact your description of Veluppillai Thangavelu is exactly similar to Wigneswaran.

    • 3

      And the Aava group admitted their link to BBS.

    • 21

      I will not comment on Wigneswaran or Sumanthiran. I voted for both. Living in Jaffna, I know that both have their admirers.

      Let me say this though as a Jaffna resident.

      Velupillai Thangavelu was silent when our sons and daughters were kidnapped by the Tigers. He was conveniently quiet when the Tigers killed those of us Tamils who thought independently. He was part of the Tamil Tiger overseas fund raising mechanism that allowed the Tigers to brutally crush and exploit us. The Tigers broke the 1987, 1990, 1995 and 2002 ceasefires bringing death and destruction to our lives. Velupillai Thanga has our blood in his hands.

      He has not visited Jaffna in 30 to 40 years. If he cares so much for us, he should at least return to Sri Lanka or otherwise shut up. He is fraud and a rabble rouser and will be punished by the Lord for the blood that he helped the Tigers to shed. We do not want the LTTE nor political turncoats and demagogues like Velupillai Thangavelu.

  • 28

    CV Wiggy is not trivialising the issue. on the contrary Veluppillai Thangavelu is blowing out of proportion CV’s comments

    • 3

      @ Rajash

      arrested men were in possession of …claymore mines and detonators..”

      these are code names for drugs used by the police to get drugs from ex LTTE carders.

      You now can become wigneswaran PA. [Edited out]

    • 3

      Here comes the Confucius (Rajash) so confused and full of contradictions.

      You are unable to understand the rationale analysis of Thangavelu.

      CV is all fart and no shits. A real constipated man. CV should conscript you Rajash as his lifetime propaganda secretary.

      • 13

        Ayub Khan

        “CV is all fart and no shits.”


        We did not know that you have been appointed the official observer of CV W’s daily bowel movements.

        Wish you well in your new job.

        • 11

          Native Vedda- indeed.- Ayub Khan’s post are all shits.

      • 5

        Thangavelu appears to be interested in playing Federal Party’s Potter Nadarajah’ role. Certainly a worthless talker.

  • 5

    Is Thangavelu serious..

    Abrham publicly announced that Buddhism must be expunged from the Constitution r for him and his Vellala Leader Sambandandan to do reconciliation with Sinhales.

    Thangavelu should say Abrahan understands the mind set of Sinhales in the Elite class and the LGBT and their leader Batalanda Ranil.

    Vellala Wiggy is a cunning man who changes his colour like a Chameleon.

    He was all Vellala TNA before he got the CM Gig. .

    Then he garlanded late Mr Pirahaparan and called him his Hero.

    And switched totally to the hard core Camp of the Diaspora LTTE.

    Jaffna poor knows that Vellalas in Colombo are the high class & high caste. And they are not going to leave their leafy suburbs in Cinnamon Gardens and wellala Gardens and come to live among cattle herders in dusty neighborhoods.

    Cunning Wiggy used it to consolidate his power and become a formidable politician in the North.

    His latest Elusha Thanize oration is a good indication of his power.

    He said ,North must be joined with the East, and the Sinhala Soldiers must go home,leaving all Tamil .lands to him.

    Wonder whether the hired labour from the 225 who are entrusted to make the Batalanda Constitution to give us Yahapalanaya are wasting their time.

    • 9

      KASmaalam K A Sumanasekera

      The chapter II of the Constitution gives prominence to Sinhala/Buddhism.

      Buddhism in its pristine form does not need grantees in the constitution nor it requires protection by the crooked politicians.

      Therefore you should support the elimination of religious content from the constitution which should remain a secular one.

      On Valentine’s day have some more malt , plenty of beef kuruma and play a few round of golf, which is Sinhala/Buddhism in a nutshell.

      Keep your Sinhala/Buddhism to yourself and leave the Buddhist alone.

      • 0

        Dear Native,

        Do you have a sort of a Lord’s Prayer in Hindu Tamil for Vellala Wiggy to say, when he opens the Elusha Thamiz Independent Federal Eelaam, after your mate Batalanda Ranil’s “Secular Constitution” kicks in ?..

      • 0


  • 8

    We Thamils disappointed by vicky,all these unhelpful resolutions,stiring the communal harmony,sabataging the peace process,lot of wirm hatred wording war.

    Most of us would like to open the Pallaly air port less hassle reduce accidents less traffic save time job opportunity more economical for locals but sadly who oppose it.he wants to help Colombo business like hotels taxis etc.

    Anadi sasi gajen sivajilingam Vicky diaspora elements don’t want people to live in peace.

    Corrupting the uni studies,well I stop here,think the ordinary build the nation with good spirit be frank and fair.

    Whats the future generations hold,get boats and risk lives for good hope

    • 2

      Well said, Kugan.Tamils of Sri Lanka must wake to this fact.

    • 0

      Kugan,you want to enjoy facilities, convenience and creature comforts at the expense of innocent Tamil residents’ lands close to Palaly.In the north and east any development by the government means colonization of Sinhalese people there.That is why Tamil people are wary of any development projects.You bastards dont care for the people because you all are resident in Colombo and want to lord it over us.Accident or no accident we don’t want insensitive imbeciles like you in the north. You better stay put in Colombo.

      • 1

        Uncommon nan

        Even from the name itself tell the character,in 70s its an air port,but since the vellu’s riffle killings started military took over.thats the reality.

        Am not asking for luxury here create jobs local taxis hotels etc don’t you think it will give benefit for the locals.

        The habit of Jaffna is name calling bastard traiter throgie how many lives took away by that name.

        What a hypocrite stopping development in case Sinhalese comes,after all we all Sri lankans all we wants is to develop the country regardless.

    • 1


      “Most of us would like to open the Pallaly air port”

      I have nothing against more flights to Palaly but is there real demand for them?

      Some years ago several airlines were flying to Palaly from Ratmalana. Now there is a flight 3 times a week in a small plane owned by the SLAF. Many passengers are members of the security forces and their family.

      Are there enough people to fill a big plane daily from Colombo or Chennai?

      • 0

        Lone what ever

        Why you scared to reveal the name in the 1st place.

        The Pallaly was not military base not tiny even the air India used to land,well before air Lanka if am correct,

        Yes still may be from ratmalana but it’s not convenient for people come from abroad those days that was the choice,rather than going through the hurdles of LTTE.

        The city will develop the runway already there jobs local taxi firm hotels don’t you think it will give benefit for locals.

  • 19

    Much ado about nothing.
    Rumours are not cause for court cases.
    This so-called “assassination attempt against Sumanthiran” was cooked up originally by D.B.S.Jeyaraj living in Canada, who earlier visited and toured the north in a Navy jeep.

    This was an attempt by the army to entrench their stay in the north.

    Tomorrow, “a man living in Wellawatte” may telephone about another attempt to kill someone else for Rs. 50 Million !!

    If Tamils had boycotted the election, Mahinda would have won.
    Hence they voted for the “common candidate” who has now turned out to be worse than Mahinda.

  • 4

    Thanks Mr Thangavelu for a timely article.

    I support every word you say in this article I never expected an expatriate so enlightened.

  • 17

    Mr Thangavelu
    your opening sentence lets the cat out of the bag.

    “Referring to the case filed against 5 suspects who are involved in an assassination attempt on Sumanthiran”

    you say and I quote “…who are involved in an assassination attempt
    There is no proof yet they were involved in any assassination attempt.

    unless you know better and perhaps DBS is giving you first hand information.

    as it stands now the are suspected of an “alleged” assassination attempt.

  • 14

    Veluppillai Thangavelu:

    “The International Council of Eelam Tamils (ICET) went further “

    what a joke.
    who the hell is this ICET

    There is “Global Tamil Forum” now there is this “International Council….” sprouting up

  • 0

    We will get Eelam next year. India and USA are working together to help us.Our fearless leader Rudra Anna will be leading this new nation. We will start later this year with some security issues. We will then provoke the Sri Lankan army like we used to do back when we got our University cadre to hoot, throw stones and moon the Army to provoke a retaliation. A week after protests demanding democracy, US and India will come and recognize our state. US will immediately send planes to Palalay and Trincomalee. Eelam is coming soon. Wait until 2018 Tamil brothers. USA is on our side now and so is India. We will soon avenge our fallen heroes. Long live Rudra Anna.

  • 14

    Mr. Thangavelu,
    I assume that now you have joined the Mahinda side to divide Tamils. The Sinhalese leadership wants to divide Tamils and you are the victim of that. In a 150000 Sinhalese military surrounded North do you think that former LTTE cadres dare to assasinate Sumanthiran or Sampanthan? You can’t silence the truth about military occupation of North. Do you think this government is genuinly involved in finding a political solution? Do you think Sinhalese are going to give free approval to a Federal solution? If you want to find a solution you should expect the Govt to be more open to its citizens but it is not happening. What power Sampanthan and Sumanthiran have over Sinhalese leadership?

    • 1

      Ajith is correct to conclude Sirisena, Rajapakse or any other leader cannot and will not grant anything more than District Councils in the North and East. Idiotic Tamil leaders such as Ponna brothers, Chelva and Sunda have created an illusion amongst ordinary Tamils that they can carve a Tamil enclave for themselves on Sinhala land. However, nobody can assume though defeated, there are terrorist idiots who will continue to go down their murderous path. Therefore, the army will stay in the NE or wherever needed to ensure; stability, no Federalism, no designated/exclusive area or areas for any ethnic/religious group.

      • 0

        First of all, this island is not a Sinhala land to carve by Tamils. This land belongs to Tamils and it is their right to claim its ownership which was unlawfully given to Sinhalese in 1948 by British.You mean Sinhala Buddhist Fundamentalist terrorist because they are the one go down their murderous path since 1958. It is a welll established fact and truth.

  • 3

    it seems that your dear friends Sampanthan and Sumanthiran are being attached by your old friend Sagary in the same forum. You may want to take a swipe at him as well.

  • 6

    Utter rubbish. This guy has hard time to understand what CV is saying.

    Thangam can deny as many times as he wants, but this is a ruse acted by government’s army.

    If there is a Tamil judge is conducting the case it does not mean that there won’t be any Thangavelu or Dougie or Karuna will not be there.

    Sumanthiran has said that file a case against past five LTTErs plotting doesn’t not involving of 12,000 released LTTErs. He is the one opposed the accused being charged under PTA.

    This comedy is interpreting that as PTA is abolished that is why the accused are not charged under that. But the government is very careful not to talk about that because, if it talks, it has to release all political prisoners if PTA is no longer there.

    This government is only continuation of White Van government. So, that is maximum Sumanthiran can get involved in that investigation, caring about his safety from the New Yahapalanaya’s white Vans.

    Further Sumanthiran has said that he is bothered by the new security arrangements. Apparently he understand that either whether he is alive not, this technique is to control his activities. But he needs to tolerate it.

    If this guy is in ITAK Mavai should release this guy.

    If he is not in ITAK, Mavai should release his statement about the plot. Most of the TNA members have already released their statements. Mavai should not sit and watch this guy splitting TNA.

  • 0

    “Unreal” is a coward taking cover under a false identity. I don’t regret a wee bit for my participation in the liberation struggle. I only regret that the LTTE did not take the international dimension of the liberation struggle into account after 9/11. After 9/11 there were no good terrorists and bad terrorists. All are terrorists, not freedom fighters. The LTTE did not take this paradigm shift in its calculations. That proved a fatal mistake. 32 countries placed the LTTE on terrorist list. On the other hand the Sri Lankan government exploited the global war against terrorism to its advantage. The Government knows the Tamil youths took to arms in self defence since non-violent means failed. According to Chandrika, LTTE leader was a creation of Sinhala – Buddhist chauvinism. Now the Tamil side wants to settle outstanding problems amicably through dialogue. All we want is an equitable and just solution to the national question within an undivided Island. Is that an un-reasonable proposition? Jointly we can turn this country into another Singapore. There will be no losers, all winners.

    • 3

      Thanga, If using a pseudonym is being cowardice you don’t understand the purpose of pseudonyms! Mark Twain is a pseudonym!

      You yourself use a pseudonym on a daily basis. My pseudonym foretells the type of message under my comment!

      My views are my identity. I never use personal attacks. Usage of ‘coward’ on me is a personal attack. Even now I will not descend to your level.

      You hide behind 9/11. How convenient! You challenged the Canadian Prime Minister in 2009, – a good 8 years after 9/11.

      By the way, you are not denying any of my allegations, are you!

    • 2

      “All we want is an equitable and just solution to the national question within an undivided Island.”
      I asked you to stand up in an election in the North and prove claims on policy matters. As you know what will happen in North when they hear your violent statements, you slipped away with Blah, blah. Tamils wants “Internal Self-determination as per the last election Conducted there. As per Vattokkottai Convention, a separate country. Please stop baffling on that with your limited intelligence.

      Please read the comment down below written by a person named “Richard” below. It’s an ABC for an 8th grader, but it’s very hard for you to understand. Those, who Cannot understand but insert themselves into politics is not starting from you as the first one.

      These are the Aathiyum Anthamun of the current case:

      CV: This is a ruse by army to occupy North.
      Sumanthiran: The threat on my life is real. So even it’s very inconvenient, I have accepted my security arrangement.

      They both are correct. Comparing their intelligence level with yours is Mountain and Valley.

      They are commenting with on their angle. You don’t have IQ to get it. Other than these two statements, DBS and you are 100% wrong.

      ITAK shouldn’t have been revived, but because Ananthasangary’s selfishness made Sampanthar to do it. If the party has to be alive Mavai has an obligation to maintain it because it cannot become one like SLFP-UNP cutthroat gangs’ club. It was created by the angelical man called SJV. Mavai has to clean it right away and maintain the party’s image. There shouldn’t be any place for pulluruvies in that sanctified union. You may be angry with me but you still are going to agree with me the ITAK should be cleaned? Aren’t you?

  • 6

    Dear Velupillai Thangavelu and all participants,
    Your article and this forum looks very abstract and unrealistic. Why should you jump the gun as if something terrible will happen or has happened. Nobody is found as accused and nobody has been jailed for the crime. The crime is not heard yet. What will you all write some more if the accused are not found guilty and released?. What do you know about the Judiciary practice in your Country so far? Do anyone know where this assassination attempt took place? Have you heard any regular Judiciary procedure taking place for several known cases of assassination so far? Any real assassin or criminal taken to task so far? How come the security that is unable to net in a vast number of cases are able to net in assassins before a real assassination attempt? Is it not possible for an 8th grader in Sri Lanka to understand the politics in Sri Lanka to date? From where are you looking in the affairs of Sri Lanka?. Both Mr. Sumanthiran and Mr. Wickneswaran definitely understand Sri Lanka politics much better than any of us. Especially they are the best known practitioners in this field. Please give it a rest for your horses and take a nap.

  • 6

    I cannot see why people have to discuss personalities.
    I do not endorse the political stance of the writer.
    But there is a core issue here which concerns ethical conduct that deserves attention.

    “Wigneswaran should have been the first to condemn unequivocally the attempt to assassinate Sambanthan (sic). Ironically, Wigneswaran himself has received life threats last year.”
    That is a good comment, and more desirable if it said “alleged attempt” and got the name right.

    “Wigneswaran…is himself stooping to a very very low level trivializing the attempt on the life of Sumanthiran as a ruse by the army to continue its occupation of North. He is becoming notorious for making outlandish, naive and stupid statements.”
    This comment has been spoiled by the qualifiers “outlandish, naive and stupid”

    Any of us can be ‘outlandish, naive and stupid’ when given the right opportunity. Let us judge the worth of a statement in its own right.

    Let us not go much beyond pointing to inconsistencies and factual errors, and if necessary challenge views that we disagree with without denouncing people.

    Let this be a clean platform free of prejudiced and vile remarks.

    • 1


      “I cannot see why people have to discuss personalities.”

      Because their individual personality too have bearing on politics the way they perceive. The conduct of psychopaths VP, Rohana, GR and others have had lasting adverse effect on the country and its people, which has left a trail of destruction, not to mention the public racist Anagarika Dharmapala’s contribution to race relation.

      • 1

        Deeds of people speak volumes.
        But what happens here is that little relevant to the subject is discussed and there is endless bickering about personalities and character assassination.

        I concede your point to the extent that the socio-political past of certain personalities may need reference as relevant.
        But comment should desirably be brief and to the point.
        Where would a barrage of attacks take us?

        • 4


          “Where would a barrage of attacks take us?”

          On an ego trip, sometimes to the point of no return. .

          • 2

            Could not agree more.

  • 1


    Excellent article. you told the truth.

    This notorious guy Wigneswaren is very uncultured and backwar, stooping to the lowest level of behaviour. Many retired judges are ashamed of him bringing disrepute to the profession calling himself a retired supreme court judge.

    Many now wondering how did a man like him become a judge and what a shit judge he must have been

  • 5

    Dear Mr. Thangavelu

    I am confused as to why this article was written. You start with title ‘Wigneswaran Trivializes…..’ but then continues with information that is not relevant to the title.

    The question posed by CM is ‘why did the police fail to mention about ‘assassination attempt’ to the Magistrate when the case was taken up, instead they only told the court about the drugs in possession of the ex-cadres?’.
    You haven’t attempted to answer the question instead writing something not relevant about relationship between CM and MP Sumanthiran. The above question has nothing to do with what is going on between them too.

    CM has clearly stated it could be a game plan to re-install heavy military presence in the North, adding that it is important to find out what truly happened, he opined that the death threat was probably made up to station the Army permanently in Northern Province.

    Why you have failed to see the reason behind CM’s concern? Let us not mislead the readers in different direction.

    • 1


      It has been stated very clearly by this government and former government that there will be a military presence in the North or wherever it is needed. The CM is rather dumb if he thought it is a part of a game or, the military will pull out of Jaffna/North. The CM is impulsive and makes rash statements. He relies on the government forces for his personal security for fear of assassination (by Tamils), yet, condemns the goverment and the forces. Is he to be taken seriously?

      • 1


        Agree with you that Government has full authority to keep forces anywhere in the island, provided they are stationed in public land.
        But it is CM’s duty to ensure the public are safe within his region and the private owners land is not used by forces.
        Look what the people of Keappaa-pulavu and Pilak-kudiyiruppu are demonstrating for, day and night? Hence it is necessary for him to raise his concerns wherever possible.

        End of this month/ early next month, Sri Lankan issue is to be taken up in United Nations. If this issue is not highlighted by CM as a pre fabricated game, obviously the government is going to show UN that there is a continued need to have the higher number of forces in North as terrorism still prevail in North. Government will look for all sorts of excuses to tell UN that they are unable to deliver by the deadline proposed by UN due to such fabricated excuses.

        Forget about CM for a minute, lets try to answer following question:
        Why those who were arrested were charged in the court for possession of drugs and NOT for attempted murder of MP?

        No one is answering this question, why?? Hence, it leads me to think this ‘attempted murder of an MP’ is a fabricated game, which is similar view of our CM and I would think even the MP concerned would think the same

  • 0

    Dear Mr.Chelva

    You are trying to defend Wigneswaran at any cost. When Wigneswaran claimed that Sumanthiran’s name is not in the B report filed by the TID, it was a lie whether intentionally or otherwise. Though the Police did not name Sumanthiran in their first B report filed, they did say the assassination plot was against a VIP politician. The Police filed another report specifically mentioning Sumanthiran’s name. This was on the advice of the judge who heard the case. If Wigneswaran was a gentleman, he should have first condemned the attempt on Sumanthiran’s life by former LTTE cadres and then added a caveat that the assassination attempt miight have been cooked up the police to justify the continued army occupation of North. Again he is very naïve to think that army will be withdraw based on this incident alone.  Wigneswaran’s behaviour is consistent with his claim that he won the election on his own popularity, he is not a member of any political party and he is independent.

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    Veluppillai Thangavelu –

    We know you are jack of all subjects but master of none.

    I am sure you must be sufering from some sort of inferiority complex.

    You are the best for you, all others are rubbish.

    Why are you washing dirty linen in public?

    If there is a problem between Wickneswaran, Sumanthiran, Sampanthar and others, why concern article should be written in English?

    Is it giving any self-satisfaction.

    If so carry on as it is your old age wisdom.

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    Dear Thanga

    I am an independent Tamil Citizen and I have no urge to defend neither CM Wigneswaran nor MP Sumanthiran.To me, I well respect both these tamil leaders as they are doing so much for our community and I always admire both along with other leaders.

    The fact that I am raising here is there is a mix up between the title of the article and the contents. There can be difference of opinions between both respected political officials but that is expected being politicians.
    But no attempt made to answer the question CM has raised, why?

    Government has full authority to keep forces anywhere in the island, provided they are stationed in public land.
    But it is CM’s duty to ensure the public are safe within his region and the private owners land is not used by forces.
    Look what the people of Keappaa-pulavu and Pilak-kudiyiruppu are demonstrating for, day and night? Hence it is necessary for him to raise his concerns wherever possible.

    CM perhaps wanted to know the truth behind this issue, hence he has not condemned it initially until he knows full facts. Him being there, he would be in a better position to know than us, whether there are really any terrorism activities prevail in North. Though I am not defending him, I would say him being a retired respected judge, what he has done is exactly what a judge would have done as judges wait till they hear full facts before delivering judgements.

    End of this month/ early next month, Sri Lankan issue is to be taken up in United Nations. If this issue is not highlighted by CM as a pre fabricated game, obviously the government is going to show UN that there is a continued need to have the higher number of forces in North as terrorism still prevail in North. Government will look for all sorts of excuses to tell UN that they are unable to deliver by the deadline proposed by UN due to such fabricated excuses.

    Lets try to answer following question:

    Why those who were arrested were charged in the court for possession of drugs and NOT for attempted murder of MP?

    No one is answering this question, why?? Hence, it leads me to think this ‘attempted murder of an MP’ is a fabricated game which is similar view of CM and possibly the MP himself too.

    May I ask one more question, has CM done anything bad against MP by raising this question? Not at all, in fact this question was addressed to those who claimed ‘there was an attempted murder’ not to MP concerned.
    So why would this article miix up this issue as an issue between CM and MP? Its all down to how we perceive such statements, I personally think CM raised this question for a good cause as specified above and I shall take this opportunity to thank you for your attempt to respond to my view.

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