22 September, 2023


Wijeyadasa Hits Out At National Police Commission Saying It Has Become A Home For Elders

Higher Education and Cultural Affairs Minister Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe hit out at the National Police Commission (NPC) today, asking if the NPC was a home for elders aimed squarely at ensuring a good retirement plan for some people.

Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe

Addressing an event in Walasmulla, his hometown, Rajapakshe said the objectives of forming the NPC had not been fulfilled.

“We have doubts about the Police Commission and about the IGP,” Rajapakshe said, voicing his concerns about IGP Pujith Jayasundara who is currently facing a ministerial investigation.

He also said the governmet would introduce drastic reforms to the Police Commission aiming to transform it into an efficient organization that would strengthen the Police service.

Rajapakshe said President Maithripala Sirisena voiced his concerns over the rising crime rate in the country at the last Cabinet meeting. “The President,” he said, “instructed the Law and Order Minister to adopt necessary action to bring down the crime rate. I hope the Law and Order Minister will act accordingly. The weakened Police commission is also a reason for the current state of affairs.”

However, Colombo Telegraph is in a position to reveal that President Sirisena’s remarks over rising crime rate were contested by Law and Order Minister Ranjith Madduma Bandara and Finance and Media Minister Mangala Samaraweera.

The two ministers, quoting official Police statistics, argued that the crime rate had decreased this year.  They said the media was highlighting crimes, painting a wrong picture about the crime rate.

Rajapakshe was one of the few ministers who argued in favour of President Sirisena on the contentious matter.

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    This guy always comes up with funny statements at the behest of his yellow-robed handlers. He must first face an investigation for his earlier role in this government as the crooked minister of justice.

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      “This guy always comes up with funny statements at the behest of his yellow-robed handlers.”

      He is not a comedian but a typical racist who just happened to enjoy power with his one sided views on race, land, and rights of the people while being justice minister in the government. He allowed photo opportunity to two saffron clad thugs who have no reasonable excuse to be in Batticaloa other than stirring up racial hatred and land grabbing.

      Read his wise counsel:
      “There is a serious issue facing the Sinhalese community in the area, because they are a minority here. Before the war there was 28,000 but today this has reduced to a very small number. The Sinhalese have serious grievances but they don’t have a representative in parliament from this area to highlight their grievance, and neither is there anyone in the Eastern Provincial Council to speak on their behalf,” he said.

      According to Rajapakshe, the Sinhalese in the area were meted out step motherly treatment, where in many instances even the Grama Sevakas refuse to include the names of the Sinhalese in the electoral register. “If they go to the Pradeshiya Sabha, the officers there won’t read their letters because it is in Sinhalese. Even if there are officers who can read letters, they will throw them to the dust bin,” the minister disclosed.

      Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe Plays With Numbers Again, This Time He Lies About The Sinhala Population In Batticaloa

      By the way he is a double doctorate.

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    Where is Walassmulla?…
    There won’t be any of those in that 5 Million UN List in Walassmulla…
    Otherwise why is Wijedasa sucking Dr Ranil ,even after Dr Ranil sacked Wije from the Justice Minister job.

    Maggie is with “them” all the way, Isn’t he?
    Haven’t you seen how irate Maggie was, when the STF killed the Pathlaya Dude who who pulled off that big ass Robbery in Matara.

    How can Madduma Banda say anything bad about the IGP. Pujitha who is a card carrying member of the UNP.
    And hand picked by Dr Ranil himself ,as the Yahapalana IGP.

    Dr Ranil wouldn’t have picked Madduma Banda if Banda had any Balls.
    Banda even dissed the Army Chief in Jaffna for offering to curb the AVA ..
    That was soon after Dr Ranil’s Field Marshall called the Yahapalana Army Chief a Picker & Packer in a US Army Base in Arizona..

    Now Wije wants to give the Yahapalan Police Commission Viagra.
    Will it help them to stand up?..

    • 1

      KASmaalam K A Sumanasekera

      I was just wondering just after reading the list of Nobel Prize winners, why there is not single of inhabitant of this island has won the Nobel prizes in any of the categories since 1901?

      It seems the Norwegian Nobel Committee which award these prizes has been biased against poor inhabitant of this thrice blessed island of ours.

      As a protest against Norway can we close down the Embassy and bring economic sanctions against the country. Please consult with Champa’s pimp and soul mate Wimal Sangili Karuppan.

      You must protest against Prime Minister’s visit to Norway.

      • 1

        Dear Native,
        What is Dr Ranil doing there..
        Pujithaya wouldn’t do anything without telling Dr Ranil..
        Is Dr Ranil seeking Asylum?.
        Or, Is Dr Ranil signing his Book on HIP Buddhism in the Micheal Kohr’s Shopping mall in Oslo?..

        • 1

          KASmaalam K A Sumanasekera

          As usual you haven’t answered my question.
          Aren’t you going to do something about the blatant discrimination against our inhabitants by the Norwegian Nobel Committee?
          Convince your competitor and Mahinda’s would be b***s carrier the need to boycott google, ……………… in order to attract publicity for your struggle against the racist Norwegians.

          Can you organise another farce onto death publicity stunt?

          • 1

            Dear Native,
            Lankawe has a strong chance of scoring that Noble Peace Prize, which always go to the favourites of the NGOs and the US & EU State Departments.
            May be Sampathar has a strong chance.

            A commentator on CT the other day had written that the Yahapalanaya is in the shit house, because most its policies are put out by the dudes who do romance at the waste exit…
            I think that dude has the potential to score a real Noble Prize in Literature…

          • 1

            KASmaalam K A Sumanasekera

            As usual you haven’t answered my question.
            Any self respecting inhabitant should challenge the Norwegian Nobel Committee for their bias against this thrice blessed country.
            As a smart patriot what are you doing to get the committee look at the scientific achievements of this island,
            innovative torture techniques with rudimentary tools,
            mass disappearance of corpse, gold and cash,
            importing/transporting large quantities of free rice from the moon,
            an island suddenly completely disappears and materialises as Sinhala/Buddhist country since the advent of Anagarika Homeless Dharmapala,
            ability to manufacture lies, myths, new kind of logic and consent, ……………………………… .
            KASmaalam these are unique inventions. Moreover this country is capable of growing cancerous hatred in inhabitants’ head in no time.

            Will you help soma build his Sinhala/Buddhist fascist mutant homeland/ghetto for his fellow noisy bigoted minority?

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    National Police Commission Saying is A Home For Elders and the National Assembly is home for corruptors

    • 3

      Place your bets.
      This moron is a medamulana stooge.
      Now he is supporting patholaya and the yellow robed thugs

  • 1

    “would introduce drastic reforms to the Police Commission”

    Mr. Rajapakse, Let’s hit more birds with one stone, please do that drastic reforms to SL Parliament, and many things will reform by themselves, including NPC.

  • 2

    There are more than 750,000 cases pending in courts in Sri Lanka during the time when Minister Wijedasa Rajapakse held the position of Minister of Justice. People wonder what did he during his time as a Minister of Justice. For him to accuse NPC as ‘Home for the Elders’, how old is Minister Wijedasa Rajapakse?

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    This corrupt fraud was seen clutching a soft toy in Disneyland, trip paid by avant- garden. Fonny exposed this sanctimonious humbug masquerading as a man of knowledge and substance.

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    We must not take this man seriously. He was appointer as the Minster of Higher Education although he has not gone to University let alone to escape from a rain. He put up posters during election potraying him as Prghaya-(Vice man) He betrayed the movement of the lawyers who fought against, removing of CJ and did not assume the Presidentship of BASL for second term which traditionally come to elected presidents. He did not want to have trial at bar and said it cannot be established according to the law. also told shall not arrest Gota under any circumstances. Our Legislature have enough opportunist like him. It comes to my mind what Sir James De Alwis commented about DS. Nobody is trying to be somebody.

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    Higher Education and Cultural Affairs Minister Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe suggests that the National Police Commission (NPC) a transition home for elite elders.
    We must place ‘brain and brawn’ Gnanasaros there.
    By the way who harboured fugitive Gnanasaro?
    MR can you hear? Wijedasa Rajapaksha is ready to jump.

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    our parliament too has become a home for the elders.If public servants and defence personnell have to retire at 55 and supreme court judges at 65 why unlimited time given to the worst of the lot.The new constitution has to state that parliamentarians have to also retire at 65.Countries that never change their diapers will always be third world forever.nagananda please tell in your manifesto that.

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