29 May, 2022


Will Donald Trump Be The Next President Of The United States?

By Jude Fernando

Jude Fernando

Jude Fernando

Donald Trump continues to maintain his momentum in the 2016 US Presidential race.

The liberal corporate establishment will do their utmost to ensure Hillary Clinton prevails over Bernie Sanders. The Sander’s anti-corporatism and the fact that his campaign is not funded by corporate money do not mean that his followers are liberated themselves from neoliberal corporate mindset. Because a Clinton presidency will continue the Democratic Party’s push to right and ignore minorities and the poor, the Democratic base may not be motivated to get out and vote for her. Clinton may lose the national election, and Trump may still pull ahead of the Republican pack if he continues to appeal to voters who have turned on the established Democratic and Republican leadership.

A Trump presidency could become reality if most voters, consumed with paranoia over terrorism and immigrants, reject Hillary Clinton because they dislike her, and if Bernie Sanders’s supporters aren’t motivated to vote because they see her as a corporate ally.

Donald Trump rides roughshod over political correctness and multiculturalism. The more transgressive and outrageous his statements, the higher his lead in Republican primaries grow. Both liberals and conservatives wrongly assume that Trump’s “rump romp in the short term” will not “secure victory in the long term.”

Donald TrumpTrump has ascended not because he is a self-made sensationalist backed by personal wealth and charisma but because he articulates a particular position—bipartisan Trumpism. It appeals to the political consciousness of those voters discontent with the ‘political expediency’ of the established Democrats and Republicans who once in power failed to honor the ideals and expectations of their respective constituencies and kowtow to similar corporate and geopolitical interests. For many, Trump’s political incorrectness, anti-multiculturalism, braggadocio and grandiosity come across as evidence of a self-confident, bold, risk taking and entrepreneurial President who promises to vanquish their fears and confusion, and build a clear path to make the American dream a reality.

Hardly anyone thought that Ronald Reagan could ever become president!

Three consequences are possible if Trump gets elected as the President. First, just like the other Republican Presidents in the past Trump might compromise his election promises and move to a pragmatic center. Second, his nationalistic economic and foreign policies, that resonate with those of the authoritarian regimes since Hitler, could reverse our hard-earned gains in civil rights and other social and environmental struggles for justice, especially those that have benefitted minorities and the poor. His foreign policies will isolate United States from the International community and pave the way for a more contentious world order. Third, he might completely destroy the Republican Party.

Then why is it so difficult for the Republicans and Democrats, and their media allies to remove Trump from the race?

Though staunch Republicans dislike Trump’s politics, his popularity springs, in part, from a political consciousness deliberately cultivated since the Reagan era – an attitude of suspicion and paranoia toward immigrants and foreigners. Trump supporters see him as an alternative to failed Republican politicians— traitors who, once elected, compromised the conservative values they touted during their campaigns.

By pushing the fringe so far right, mainstream Republicans have lost the backing of their most committed supporters who now turn to Trump despite, or perhaps because of, his socially and morally repugnant ideals, his ignorance and outright lies, and his dangerously simplistic, divisive, and isolationist foreign policy.

Trump appeals to those on the religious right who prioritize the interests of American patriotic nationalism and corporate capitalism to frame the universal biblical values of justice and fairness. Only a theology that derives its moral and political teachings first from American patriotism and corporatism would accept Trump – a man who knows so little about Christianity and doesn’t practice its values – to lead the country.

Bryan Fischer, head of the American Family Association and avowed evangelical conservative, pointed out, “Trump has initiated two unbiblical divorces, had a very public affair with the woman who became wife number two while still married to wife number one, has made a fortune off the immoral practice of gambling, celebrates greed, has gone bankrupt four times, openly admits that he has spent his entire public life bribing politicians for access and influence, and hasn’t apologized to God or man for any of it.” Still, evangelicals embrace Trump because they see him as the man who can create the political conditions for American corporatized theology to take control of the country and the world.

Republican Evangelicalism has never limited itself to scripture-based morality; instead, it has been pragmatic about achieving its parochial political, economic, and cultural goals. In such corporatized theology, Trump and his ilk comfortably achieve Christ-like status.

Trump’s evangelical supporters are unfazed by his ignorance of international affairs and false claims about foreigners because they match their own deep-rooted belief that the global mission of American evangelism is to ensure American economic and political dominance over the rest of the world. They do not care that “Trump evangelism” legitimizes and feeds politico-religious forces in countries that are increasingly hostile to Christian minorities and the West. American evangelicals have rarely looked outside the frame of American patriotic corporate interests to assess American foreign policy and are unlikely to begin now.

The Democratic Party is not ideologically positioned to reach out to evangelical voters who have been burned by the Republican Party. Democrats equate evangelical Christianity with conservative politics. The secular liberalism of the Democrats is often based on the false premise that just and equitable politics are antithetical to evangelical beliefs and have no place in democratic political agendas. There is a groundswell of progressive evangelical Christians, who historically rally around social justice and equality. However, these progressives are instinctively anticapitalist, and see Clinton as a corporate ally, so the progressives are no more welcome than the socialists. The ideology of the Democrats is the secular version of the Republican Party’s evangelical corporatized ideology—both parties are hostile to genuinely anti-corporate evangelicals.

For the secular-minded Trump supporters, Trump’s disdain for political correctness and multiculturalism is convincing evidence of his courage to offer simple and straightforward answers to their complex, but immediate issues concerning economic and national security. These voters are, indeed, seduced by Trump’s policies that promise to simultaneously protect the United States from foreigners — ‘terrorists’, ‘illegal immigrants’, ‘foreign labor’ and products — and promises to restore the American dominance over global security and the economy. Democrats certainly do not provide an alternative ideological framework for the voters to think outside of the broader parameters Trump policies.

As talking heads in liberal and conservative media denounce Trump for his bold assault on foundational American principles, including religious freedom and tolerance, they feed his ascendant popularity by giving him more airtime than any other candidate. What do Trump supporters care that sober-minded critics have branded him a racist, bigot, xenophobe, and sexist pig? Those same critics have been using the same terms to describe Republicans for years, but have failed spectacularly in persuading the voting public to reject continued use of such language and behavior. In the end, both liberal and conservative media are owned by similar, and often overlapping, corporate interests promoting the same corporate patriotism.

If Trump hides his corporate patriotism under his contempt for political correctness and multiculturalism, the liberal media hides its corporate patriotism under a flutter of hand-waving and finger-pointing, without offering a progressive challenge to the hate Trump is spewing. Hillary Clinton is subservient to the corporate interests Trump exemplifies. The Democratic Party has failed to foster a meaningfully inclusive, just, and equitable political consciousness and has instead been so busy “moving the center to the right” that, in some areas, its agenda is just as conservative as Trump’s.

Despite Sanders’ strong support with a significant population of voters, the majority does not see Sanders as a viable candidate. This is due to the Democratic Party’s corporate-backed propaganda machine intent on silencing him, evidenced by the great lack of media attention on the Sanders campaign. Sanders’ socialism has divided the Democratic Party, and he is unlikely to win the undecided voters of both parties. If Sanders loses the nomination, his supporters will have a hard time swallowing their disappointment, holding their noses, and pulling the lever for Clinton, whose subservience to corporate interests they see as a sign of nepotism, corporatism, elitism, and a betrayal of true democratic principles.

At the same time, Democrats cannot take for granted the cultural liberalism that helped elect Barack Obama as the country’s first Black President. They cannot assume that a similar inertia will help Hillary Clinton to be the first woman President because for the poor and marginalized minorities such liberalism in recent times means further worsening of their basic freedoms and living conditions.

Trump could win if disillusioned Democratic progressives stay home, but it would be hard to blame them. A Clinton presidency offers only a “kinder, gentler” form of Trumpism, cloaking “corporate über allies” in rhetoric that denies her actions and applies the patina of hardline neoliberalism and hawkish foreign policy with lip service to the few progressive issues that politicians like Sanders and Warren make impossible for her to avoid.

The “Trump moment” in American politics—the fact that we have reached this point—should challenge everyone, especially Democrats, to take stock and realize that we need to reject corporatism as a guiding ideology because it only leads down the path of disaster and destruction in a world that cannot take much more of either.

The best outcome of the two primaries, and perhaps the general election, would be a legitimacy crisis (unbridgeable divisions) within the Republican and Democratic parties. But what will it take for Americans to use this moment as an opportunity to embrace a paradigm shift in the way we do politics outside of the political cultures of the two parties?

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  • 1

    Jude Fernando

    RE: Will Donald Trump Be The Next President Of The United States?


    “Donald Trump continues to maintain his momentum in the 2016 US Presidential race.”

    That is among the Republicans. The percentage of Republicans in the USA is decreasing, thanks to George Bush and Dick Cheney, the Two War Criminals, the liars of WMD.

    The average American, with an Average IQ of 100, is much smarter than the Average Sri Lankan with an Average IQ of 79.

    America has a better Constitution than many countries.

  • 3

    You said it all Jude when you said “A Clinton presidency offers only a “kinder, gentler” form of Trumpism”.

    At the end of the day no matter which side or who becomes president of the US, business will go on as per usual. Nither Trump nor Hillary Clinton will engage in mass deportation of Hispanics nor change their policies towards waging unneeded wars. There has always been a third force in the US who call the shots, unseen and unheard. The President of the US are but mouthpieces of this third force. The most celebrated President in recent times who promised great things, Barack Obama, who especially promised to re-establish US moral high grounds, even failed to close the infamous Guantanamo torture centre leave alone placing any restraint on Israel’s destructive actions against the Palestinians. The third force will ensure Middle East wars will be kept alive, will support tin pot dictators around the world including the repressive Saudi regime. And all presidents while claiming to place non existent restraints on Israel will ensure Israel will expand and bludgeon Palestinians into a beggars etc. For the powers that be the silly Donald Trump will be only a slightly better bet than Clinton – but only slightly.

    • 0

      Good analysis from BBS Rep. The third force or otherwise known as the faceless men from corporate sector, influential religious lobby groups, the arms dealers (including the military) combine will call the shots as always regardless who wins. They select the reps and the senate and whoever wins the presidency is only their puppet. Of course, they allow the president to bomb the hell out of a middle eastern Muslim state and, Israel to bulldoze the Palestinians any time he chooses. (I had no idea that BBS had a foreign affairs spokesman/specialist until this day)

  • 5

    trump will and should crush muslim/islam terrorism for good…that’s for sure

    • 2

      Isn’t it great that CT grants the right to bark to pariah dogs!

      • 1

        Muslim sympathizer is Barking for fun, or maybe for a packet of buriyani

  • 2

    I wish he would.

    Who chose Hitler? The Germans and this mad dog created a holocaust. If Trump has garnered this much of support then it shows the contempt Americans have and sure enough they will have a bitter pill to swallow later. The “adventures” of George Bush Jr has set a good portion of the world burning with lies and deceit built on faked information presented as credible by Colin Powell to the Security Council. Doesn’t this go to show that Americans are not immune to rhetoric glory?

  • 5

    Anyone who is not deaf and blind will agree that the United States is a fake

    Bush Jr’s Government deliberately killed nearly 3000 US citizens in the Twin Towers on 9/11 (2001) in order to create an imaginary enemy of the United States. Despite there being clear proof of this atrocity, neither Obama, the current candidates for President, or other mainstream American politician has acknowledged this. Sixty percent of Americans still believe that Osama Bin Ladin from his cave in Afghanistan sent planes into the Twin Towers. They also believe that Building #7 came down to sympathize with the Twin Towers, although it was not attacked in any way.

    Why does the US need an enemy: so that Zionist controlled American and Western Banks can make money. A by-product is that their factories are kept busy making bombs, rockets, guns, fighter planes and drones which kill innocent human beings all over the world. Everyone of course knows that it is China that is now making the toothpaste, soya sauce, pots and pans, laptops, the bicycles, even cars that are required by the ordinary people of the world, including Westerners.

    The Zionists control the US Fourth Estate (Press). One of the attributes of Democracy, “Government by the People” has been buried in America long long ago. The real Government of the United States is the Banking and Weapons Mafia who rule the US through proxy Representatives and Senators. The Fourth Estate will simply not talk about it.

    US citizens are robbed of a decent honorable life, just to make the Mafia rich and powerful. Obama became President making lots of promises; his face was radiant; but look at his face now, frustration and impotence written all over; he looks haggard withered and old. Reality dawned on him around 2010, two years after being installed a puppet President, and the shine disappeared. He knows his daughters will be assassinated, like John F. Kennedy was, if he does not obey the bankers and the weapons manufacturers.

    The Question I like to pose:

    What does it matter whether it is Trump or Clinton or any other SOB becomes the President of the United States of America? Just like our own little country, American too is a goner.

    • 2


      “Anyone who is not deaf and blind will agree that the United States is a fake Democracy”

      Examples abound. WMD etc.

      Anyone who is not deaf and blind will agree that the Wahhabi Saudi Arabia is a fake Islamic Country.

      The have kings and princes.
      The follow the Satan-Iblis Wahhabi Ideology.
      The Stone Women to death, when it s not in the Quran.
      They re-brand other Muslims, non-Muslims, call them Apostate, Infidels, Kuffar are kill them.
      Even the Hadith of Najd predicted that the Satan will come from Najd, as Abdul Wahab has done.
      They do not want the Age of Reason and Enlightenment to arrive for Muslims.

      • 1


        It is easy to see that the Saudis have a pact with the US that the latter guarantee, by use of force if necessary, that any future Ruler of Saudi Arabia should have emanated from an Al Saud Royal Penis. From the 1930’s on, the US President has been the puppet of the Zionists, who ARE the Government of the United States. So it is natural that the Saudi Government is in bed with those Zionists. The Zionists want the billion plus Muslims to fight and kill each other. To facilitate such is the Saudi part of the bargain, and they are indeed doing it to perfection.

        But Amarasiri, while your obsession with the Wahhabism of the Saudi Monarchy is obvious, pray tell us what has that got to do with the subject under discussion – the repugnant Donald Trump? More importantly your regular interpolations on the CT forum are getting in the way of intelligent discussion.

        Your koheda yanne malle pol contribution is a yawn; but is also destructive. May I please request you to kindly refrain?

  • 1

    Donald Trump had been a fraud from the outset. He conned Alex Salmond into granting him support for his golf course in Aberdeen but Trump’s design was to decimate the coastal area of scenic beauty and enable the compulsory purchase of the innocent surrounding farms and turn down the proposed off shore wind farms. All to benefit Trump. Thankfully better sense prevailed. Trump entered the presidential race to deflect news of his forthcoming fraud case involving scamming nearly 30,000 students with his made up Trump University. He made outrageous speeches with no intention of going all the way but the opposite happened with the bigots who took him to heart. Donald Trump is not a politician and has no intention of contesting the Presidency. But, he has every intention of holding up the GOP for ransom as get the nomination or not and contesting as an independent will hand the election on a plate to the Democrats. The reasons he will give up is (1) He cannot afford it without any donors as pledged and (2) He cannot legally fulfill all the wild promises he has made and (3) There’s a distinct possibility he would be impeached for fraud. His only objective I believe is to distract the media from a forthcoming serious fraud case where he has allegedly scammed nearly 30,000 students with a fake Trump University. The only place this story is carried is via Google and evidently Trump has succeeded in his objective. Check out http://www.newsmax.com/US/Donald-trump-university-defraud-real-estate/2015/09/16/id/691937/

  • 0

    I think Trump has a pretty good chance of becoming the President.

    If only because it seems the US public is tired of the same old “Establishment Politics”

    The only question is, if Trump (or Sanders) become President, will the force of their personalities be enough to change the massive inertia of US politics

    My guess is not. O’Bama thought “Yes He Could”… but his administration could not live up to the pre-election rhetoric.

    • 2


      We have other important issues awaiting to be discussed on other threads.

      Pick your bum, move to other news and views pertaining to this island on CT.

      “My guess is not. O’Bama thought “Yes He Could”… but his administration could not live up to the pre-election rhetoric.”

      Because he is only the president.

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