3 July, 2022


Wimal Weerawansa Remanded

Colombo Fort magistrate has ordered Parliamentarian Wimal Weerawansa to be remanded till January 24th on charges that he misused 40 state vehicles. Weerawansa was arrested this morning by the Financial Crimes Investigation Division (FCID).

Speaking to journalists outside the FCID building this morning, prior to entering the FCID, Weerawansa claimed that Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe had ordered the FCID to arrest him today.
“Based on the information we have received, the FCID is preparing to put me behind bars today. Just before going abroad, Wickremesinghe has ordered for the arrest of me and several others,” he said. Weerawansa also added that these political motivated arrests were not going to stop him or the others in their fight against this government.

Weerawansa had allegedly misused state vehicles when he was the Minister of Construction, Engineering Services, Housing and Common Amenities. Last year, his brother, Sarath was also arrested and remanded on charges of misusing state vehicles.wimal

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    Here is he list of vehicles misused under WW`s authority, as given in a webnews:
    1.Vehicle No. GO 4894 given to the youngest son Vimukthi Weerawansa youngest son of Weerawansa’s elder sister Sumanawathi Weerawansa.
    2.Vehicle Nos. GK 5073, KD 4049, KB 7053, KW 6956 , GK 5073 and KP 4802 to the elder son Lalith Pushpakumara of Weerawansa’s elder sister Sumanawathi Weerawansa .
    3.Vehicle Nos. KB 6038, HQ 4974, GR 5774, KI 4648 and KA 7440 to Bombuwala Disawage Ananda Asoka Kumara , husband of Tanuja Nishanthi who is the elder sister of Weerawansa’s wife .
    4.Vehicle No. GY 4635 to Palleguru Gamage Ananda Priyadharshana, husband of Nilani Werawansa who is the younger sister of Weerawansa.
    5. Vehicle No. JN 8058 to Nilani Weerawansa the younger sister of Weerawansa.
    HK 8877 and KT 2884 to Lal Kularatne
    JN 5767 , KK3081 , 64-3225, HA 2189 and KA 4685 to Piyasiri Wijenayakae
    KO 5871 to K,D.U Jayasena
    KM 0882 to D.V.A. Jayawardena
    54 -5678 to L.C. Kumara
    KT 6089 to Viraj Sanjeewa
    KA 8125 and 32-9390 to Nuwan Indika
    HR 7619 and HN 4098 to V.S. Wijesiri alias Dampala
    GI 0001 to Chanaka
    GF0887 to Nissanka

    1.Vehicle Nos. KQ 0976, KA 9447, KP3768, KD 0158 and KQ 9762 to A.N.S Mendis public relations and trade union secretary
    2.JO 5953 and JE 6557 to U.D. Sanjeewa Perera – media secretary /advisor
    3.PC 6171 , 252-4908, PC 8430, PF 1277, EA 0260, PE 3626, KD 1494, EA 0004 and PF 3770 to Sisira Herath , chief security personnel (I.P.)
    4.65-5231, KI 3053, HR 0800, and KG 2376 to B.M.J.T. Mendis , management assistant
    5.KB 4427 , JC 2440, KB 8657, JO 5953, and CAB 9727 to J,H.R. Nayanananda , co ordinating secretary
    6.310-2751, HC 2349 , JW 3549,KU 9867 , and 300-2590 to Alagiya Hewage Suresh Indika , Development assistant .
    7.PC 2896 and PC 9097 to B.G. Indika Prasad , Accounts assistant
    8.JR 5354 and 300-5690 to Ishika Nadee Perera , staff officer
    9.HC 2048 and HI 2658 to Dr. Achala Upendra Jayatileke , advisor
    10. GJ 7117, KO6514, JS 9725, HN2194, PD 2563 and CAC 3327 to Ittekande Saddatissa Thera (Sihala Ravaya) – member of monitoring board
    11.KK 8941 to Lanka deepa media personnel , Prasanna Sanjeewa Tennekoon media co ordinator , ministry
    12.KE 0231 , KR 7730, KA 8125, and KS 7735 to Dushmantha Abeysinghe Parliamentary secretary
    13.JR 5774, KT 9085, KI 1610, KS 0097 and KQ 7961 to Sampath Thilakaratne ,clerk/ co ordinating secretary , workplace.
    14.250-4713 and JY 0359 to Prasad Manju, ministry media secretary .
    15.JZ 2669 to Ranjith Edirisinghe management trainee/ coordinating secretary
    16.HM 6920 to K.L.M. Samaratunge , group manager
    17.KA 6932 , GJ 4501 and JN 9942 to Ranjith Gamini Wickremesinghe, coordinating secretary .

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      The entire Sri Lanka Government and its corrupt cabinet of clowns, Ministers and Politicians should be BANNED from importing any more cars and SUVs.

      The 30 percent of the massive national DEBT is because of the import of cars for corrupt politicians who pollute the society, country and the environment with their presence.

      The car lobbies have been selling their cars like Volks wagon which is facing court cases for cheating in the US and EU that sold a huge number of Audis/ SUVs that Ranil likes to run around in while pretending to bring FDI to a factory!

      There has been NO DUE DILIGENCE by Ranil’s team of economic hit men who are dancing to the tune of Harvard’s economic hit men. WHile US is building a wall on Mexico border to stop free trade and Mexicans crossing the border but Harvard economic hit men are preaching to Sri Lanka to let the Indians and Chinese and US hit men take over!

      Sri Lanka needs a DECENT PUBLIC TRANSPORT SYSTEM. Ari conditioned buses, trains and rapid rail.

      The foot note clown of the Volkswagon and Bond Scam, so called Dr. Harsha De silva who keep talking nonsense about free trade agreements when there is very little FDI because of DE-GLOBALIZATION and the GLOBAL DEBT crisis is promoting obsolete model of development.
      Volkswagon Factories and and car plants are not needed, trains and buses.

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      The problem right at the moment is

      Even if rulers louded about high profile frauds being carried out by former SO CALLED Regime, only small scale according to them are being addressed.

      What I cant understand is how they define – small scale so petty corrupted handling ?
      How one define a fraud as just small scale ones ?

      If over few hundreds of millions are the case, how can they ever be small scales frauds ?

      Main thing was, they the ones close to DICTATOR FAMILY never considered to move leaving some degnity and respect to any social values.
      They just recognized them as their own norms.
      So the ones close them too, behaved so.
      Today, former Ambassador to the US no to any other states, has been in remand for the last 2 months….
      For me, if I read any news about the so called Ambassador, I felt, something always should be fishy related to his behavour. He was like not at all fit to even sweep the floors of a diplomatic premises.
      The example MR regime made by appointing such men to represent the country should have been made as if they had no whatsoever feeling about the impact at all. Even self proclaimed Analyst sitting on their side today, SPINN doctor DJ has been telling nothing about the gravity of the issue, even if he repeats about his achievements.

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    To Puncinilame!
    Could you also please submit the list of the huge profit made (11.6 billion so far) by Perpetual T; so that the average Sri Lankan who read CT can make a comparative analysis of who did what, when, and where. It was just one list on one company. I don’t say the vehicle mis-use is not a crime; it is a crime but investigations should not be narrowed down to Yahapalana critics only.
    Could you also submit the famous Top 10 list! Don’t forget also to add the list of Singapore Bank accounts along with other overseas bank accounts of those illegal profit makers. (If you are reluctant just add it as a ‘foot-note’).
    You guys change these lists depending on the circumstances to your advantage; Where are your lists of lies that you submitted prior to 2015 elections? Don’t think that CT readers are suffering from Alzheimer.
    My request is not to discriminate against only those criticize your so-called Yahapalanaya; be fair and submit the names with thefts of Yahapalana crooks too.
    Today I listened to MP Weerakumara Dissanayake’s media conference; he gave a real warning to PM Ranil and it is serious! ‘If MP Weerawansa is jailed for a certain crime, PM Ranil W has also committed the same crime and he should be in jail too’ he said clearly.

    • 7

      Aney Yakko don’t you have anything else to do. Comparative analysis eh! How about a mountain to a mole hill.

    • 4

      Sorry, I am no analyst. I only added this comment (or copy pasted) to enhance CT news of a notorious politician and make these columns more lively!

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    This is where this rotter belongs PERMANENTLY…..behind bars.Next Gota?

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    I think this looks serious.

    Can tell form the faces and body language of the JO guys; Mara & Co. No false bravado.

    Gammanpilla is not talking of vindictiveness/revenge but of patriotism!

    Looks like, akin to good old Karl Rove, someone is giving them “talking points.” Even Weerawanse’s women-folk are talking of saving Jaffna. Man, I love this; comedy cannot get any better!

    Looks like the “Hora” got caught with the “Badu!”

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    Now could we round up all those who entered into these fraud and the deals made ..so that we could stop people and their stooges taking advantage of similar situations in the future ..hora badu gaththa minussith hrunge horu ne ..if and when this happen we can really clean the stables without this sensational news for the day ..

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    Government cannot stop or curtail wimals voice by arresting him on false charges and we are with you wimal

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      Wamal’s arrest is a lost to his Family members who are utilizing poor people’s tax money and they are leaches.

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    When it is time for payback Ranil and his goons will regret this. Patience my comrade.

    • 11

      Patriot the pathetic

      “When it is time for payback Ranil and his goons will regret this. Patience my comrade.”

      Thanks for your advice. People will remember when they vote next time and will ensure the clan and its cronies are not voted in for another 50 years or never.

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    Wht not jail ALL politicians and release those who can prove their innocence? Just a thought.

  • 9

    Well its all a farce and he will very soon be released on bail with compliments from Ranil aiya

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    Poor Wimal,

    In remand prison for 2 weeks.

    Hope Shashi remembers to take LEMON PUFFS when she visits him. And hope the Great Leader of the past carries some ORANGE JUICE with him when he visits him.

    That’s the stuff which kept Wimal alive when he was fasting to death in front of UN office to save our nation from Navi Pillay!

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    He deserves it get that Muzammil inside with him and feed them punnak.

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    to Eurocarmaker!
    Are u fart of that backfired Vokswagan poject?
    I sense sth like that?

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    The father of this rascal from Berwagoda in Gammana, Pasdun Korale West, a devil dancer by profession lived in a wattle and daub house thatched with cadjan before he moved to Kalutara. For Wimalasena or Weerawansa a vehicle is an important item for life. That’s why all his kith and kin were given courtesy MARA the worst culprit who became a leader.

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    Booruwansa has a box seat? Good for him………….hahaha

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    Vehicle Registration Number : JN-8058

    Name of the absolute ownership/ mortgage if any : THE CENTRAL FINANCE COMPANY
    Engine number : 003158
    Vehicle class : HAND TRACTOR
    Conditions and notes : n/a
    Make : AGROTECH GN12
    Model : GN12
    Year of manufacture : 2004

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