15 August, 2022


Wish For Tomorrow: A Hate Free Society & A Corrupt Free Government

By Thangamuthu Jayasingam

Dr. Thangamuthu Jayasingam

Dr. Thangamuthu Jayasingam

No to vengeance and Yes to justice in a Corrupt free Government and Hate free society – A wish for 18th August 2015

We meet many cross roads on any path. Some may delay your journey if chosen and others may differ your destination. Sri Lanka is at cross roads today, very significant for its destiny. However even if wrong choices are made, like many in the past, the society would meander through the rocks, boulders and the pastures as a river to its destiny over time, a quality and peaceful living to all. The river follows a basic principle that it always flow below its level and that is its secret to reach the sea, which it has never seen before. Similarly justice is pivotal to the society to meet its destiny and also equal opportunities to all to steer it to the destiny. Justice thus needs to prevail and the offenders need to be punished for the benefit of the larger society. But no vengeance, which is more on a philosophical term, acts against those who differ in opinion.

Freedom of an individual has been compromised in the making of a society; freedom of a society is compromised in making of a Nation; freedom of a nation is compromised in the making of a State and country. The reciprocation by those institutions to the individual is vital for the continuous agreement/interaction between the individual and the state. Vote, is be a significant component in the contract, to choose their interest in the agreement.

MaithripalaMany issues of the country could be easily zoomed to the events that had violated these principles between the state and the individuals. The mere fact that those who violated/ caused the violations have not been brought to JUSTICE, causes the confidence building measures in society to slow down its pace. It is thus imperative that any and all who had violated the agreements/ rules/

legislations/ principles of the state need to be brought to justice. Often those who have caused mass violations have been those in power of one form or the other. It is evident that individuals without power who violate are sentenced by the Justice as a day to day event. At the same time assure that there are no violations made in the path/process of justice, very often by those in power, to ‘falsely justify’ punishment to those who differ in opinion, political or otherwise. This is also a violation and should be taken to justice as VENGENCE. The famous words ‘if one slaps on one cheek show the other’ has a more philosophical meaning to it than the mere direct verbal one. It is actually a measure of fair principles and justice underlying that statement; ‘if one hits you with strong opinions of one side please show him the other side for comparison’. The phrase ‘slap on the face’ has the same meaning of ‘slap’ and not the physical contact.

Given the fact that there is the notion of a National Government ahead ( even if not), it would be essential that those with quality be chosen from any side for governing the country not only from parliament but in any and every sector. Opinions and allegiance change for various reasons viz. relationship, companionship, friendship, obligations etc. We should respect them as their own as much as ours. They may change with time and or opportunities. There is a proverb ‘Do not seek for the origin of a Rishi or a River’, asking you to ‘see them as they are’. This should not be interpolated in reference to the corrupt who also may change, but, they should first be cleared for their wrongs as it is not only a deterrent to the rest of the society, but a moral value it likes to uphold ‘wrongs will be punished’.

A hate free society and a corrupt free government is what we seek. A government which provides equal opportunities to all ( hate free) with prevailing Justice (corrupt free) shares the principles of good governance. If you are able to take up comments on your governance then you qualify for democracy, transparency, rule of law etc the other fragments of the good governance principles. I wish the democracy and good governance which was endorsed on January 8th would continue to share its morals on August 18th for the prosperity of the country. The time will tell.

Wish all the crew who aboard on 18th our confidence on them to steer us to destiny, with the Captain already on the deck of the ship.

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    Dr. Thangamuthu Jayasingam

    Wish For Tomorrow: A Hate Free Society & A Corrupt Free Government

    Wish For Tomorrow: Mahinda Rajapaksa, MaRa, Mara Free Society & A Corrupt Free Government. Then the People and Country can achieve Nirvanna, Nibbana.

    MaRa MaRa Chatu MaRa Amana Mara Hora MaRa Dhushana MaRa, Mara

    Jaya Mangala Gatha-Verses of Auspicious Victory (rare Pali version)-Buddhist Chants


    Uploaded on May 21, 2011
    Based on the Book of Protection (Paritta Sutta) from the Pali canon, the Jaya Mangala Gatha is sung here in a rare recording by the Mahabodhi Society of India in original Pali. The Jaya Mangala Gatha is a chant recommended by the Buddha to destroy negativity and to generate auspiciousness. It proclaims the 8 major victories of the Buddha which are:

    1) Victory over Mara ( MaRa- Mahinda Rajapaksa)
    2) Victory over the demon Alavaka ( Wimal Weerawansa)
    3) Victory over the wild elephant Nalagiri (Gammanpila)
    4) Victory over serial killer Angulimala ( Gotabaya Rajapaksa)
    5) Victory over the evil intentions of Cinca who sought to defame ( Dayan Jayatillaka)
    6) Victory over the haughty brahmin Saccaka (Dinesh Goonawardana)
    7) Victory over the serpent king Nandopananda ( Vasufdeva Nanakkara)
    8) Victory over the false views of Brahma Baka ( ??/)

    It is important to understand that most of these are allegorical stories that relate to the Buddha defeating the negative aspects of his (Mara and Alavaka) and others’ minds.

    It is said that these verses if chanted with a clear and pure intention are helpful in protecting the seeker by attracting the Good around.
    The Pali pronunciation here is exemplary and difficult to find.

    In Pali:

    Bahum sahassam-abhinim
    mita sayudham tam
    Girimekhalam udita ghora
    sasena maram
    Danadidhamma vidhina
    jitava munindo
    Tarn tejasa bhavatu te

    Maratirekam-abhiyuj jhita
    Ghorampanalavaka makkha
    mathaddha yakkham
    Khanti sudanta vidhina jitava munindo
    Tam tejasa bhavatu te

    Nalagirim gajavaram
    atimatta bhutan
    Davaggicakkam-asanlva sudarunantam
    Mettambuseka vidhina jitava munindo
    Tarn tejasa bhavatu te

    Ukkhitta khagga mati hattha sudarunantam
    Dhavarn tiyojana pathan gulimala vantarn
    Iddhibhi sarikhatamano jitava munindo
    Tarn tejasa bhavatu te

    Katvana katthamudararn iva gabbhinlya
    Cincaya duttha vacanarn janakaya majjhe
    Santena somavidhina jitava munindo
    Tarn tejasa bhavatu te

    Saccarn vihaya matisac caka vadaketum
    Vadabhiropitamanam atiandhabhutam
    Pannapadlpajalito jitava munindo
    Tarn tejasa bhavatu te

    Nandopanandabhujagam vibudham
    Puttena therabhujagena damapayanto Iddhupadesa
    vidhina jitava munindo
    Tarn tejasa bhavatu te

    Duggahaditthi bhujajagena
    Brahmam visuddhi jutimiddhi
    Nanagadena vidhina jitava munindo
    Tarn tejasa bhavatu te

    Etapi Buddha j ayamangala atthagatha
    Yavacako dinadine sarate matandi
    Hitvana neka vividhani cupaddavani
    Mokkham sukham adhigameyya

    English translation:

    Creating thousand hands, with weapons
    armed was Mara seated on the
    trumpeting, ferocious elephant Girimekhala.
    Him, together with his army, did the
    Lord of Sages subdue by means of generosity and other virtues.
    By its grace may joyous victory be thine.

    More violent than Mara were the
    indocile, obstinate demon Alavaka, who
    battled with the Buddha throughout the
    whole night.
    Him, did the Lord of Sages
    subdue by means of His patience and
    By its grace may joyous victory be thine.

    Nalagiri, the mighty elephant, highly
    intoxicated was raging like a forest-fire
    and was terrible as thunder-bolt.
    Sprinkling the waters of loving-kindness,
    this ferocious Beast, did the Lord of
    Sages subdue.
    By its grace may joyous victory be thine.

    With uplifted sword, for a distance of
    three leagues, did wicked Angulimala
    run. The Lord of Sages subdued him by
    His psychic powers.
    By its grace may joyous victory be thine.

    Her belly bound with faggots, to simulate
    the bigness of pregnancy, Cinca, with
    harsh words made foul accusation in the
    midst of an assemblage. Her, did the
    Lord of Sages subdue by His serene and
    peaceful bearing.
    By its grace may Joyous victory be thine.

    Haughty Saccaka, who ignored truth, was
    like a banner in controversy, and his
    vision was blinded by his own
    disputation. Lighting the lamp of
    wisdom, Him did the Lord of Sages
    By its grace may Joyous victory be thine.

    The wise and powerful serpent
    Nandopananda, the Noble Sage caused
    to be subdued by the psychic power of
    his disciple son (Thero Moggallana).
    By its grace may joyous victory be thine.

    The pure, radiant, majestic Brahma,
    named Baka, whose hand was grievously
    bitten by the snake of tenacious false-views,
    the Lord of Sages cure with His
    medicine of wisdom.
    By its grace may joyous victory be thine.

    The wise one, who daily recites and
    earnestly remembers these eight verses
    of joyous victory of the Budhha, will get
    rid of various misfortunes and gain the
    bliss of Nirvana.

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    A very good article with high hope for hate free society ….. etc. Whole world is looking to Sri Lankans who will fulfil your dreams(?).we all hope and pray for such events in the near future or at least in term of the next parliament.

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    Hate free society is possible only with Maithree and Ranil government.

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    What a fine article, considering the noble sentiments it expresses! In the final analysis, unless we learn to throw off the fetters of hate and vengeance we cannot hope for a peaceful society. The lines of a popular hymn sung in Christian churches go something like this –‘Let there be peace on earth, let it begin with me’. That says it all. The rejection of hate has to start with each one of us.

    In the meantime, l am sure all of us will join the author of the article in wishing the new government every success in its endeavours.

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    For starters, Tamils in the North should stop hating and clamoring for a “separate state”, when their real eelam is in Tamil Nadu, India. It was the separatist rhetoric of the eelamists that spewed all the reactions from the Sinhalese.
    Tamils have Tamil Nadu, where a gazillion of their fellows live. When a Sinhalese tries to protect the only place he has to talk his own language and follow his religion, he is termed a racist by the new govt.

    Tamil separatists, keep quiet and everything will be alright again!

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