26 June, 2022


With Elections In Sight Government “Resurrects” Thajudeen Yet Once Again

The Wasim Thajudeen murder case which has been lying dormant for a long time came up again yesterday when the CID informed Colombo Chief Magistrate Darshika Wimalasiri that statements had been recorded from several individuals who had close connections with the family of deposed president Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Wasim Thajudeen

Court was also informed that the CID was investigating two Navy vehicles which had been used under suspicious circumstances between May 1, 2012 and May 30, 2012.

Deputy Solicitor General Dilan Ratnayake meanwhile is said to have informed Court that the CID needed more time to investigate ‘suspicious phone calls’ that had originated from the presidential secretariat, the president’s house and Temple Trees at about the time the killing had taken place.

The Thajudeen case was brought up intensely in the election campaigns of President Maithripala Sirisena and that of the United National Party, in January and August 2015 respectively.

The Magistrate fixed the next hearing for May 3.

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    Thajudeens murderers and those who gave orders are living among us today may be seated next to you in a bus car or train. They are spending sleepless nights awaiting the day of judgement burnt buy the guilt of the dastardly crime committed.That alone is enough punishment. We don’t have to catch them and hang them and end the suffering they are undergoing now till they die.

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    The head of inquiry commission will be blamed or gauged from the international monotors for unable discover the crime finding intiatives for such a long period. INTERLIGENT – INTERGRATION

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    during election period bringing this case out and trying to gain votes is a third grade in a buddhist country like sri lanka. its like the politicians also partly getting involved to the crime.see the sufferings of the parents of the victim. beware politicians you also have children.

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    Well said my dear Ahmed. You are one of the few who could see through this disgusting manner in which the Sirisena Govt is trying to exploit the unfortunate death of a young man. Lack of evidence is no problem for them. The strategy is keep the dead man’s unfortunate death alive in the public mind so that Sirisena/Ranil can claw back some votes. They then get hold of their stoogesin the judiciary like Pitipana and Attygala to order the exhumation periodically hoping that the issue will be kept alive. Unfortunately it has become a hell raising joke, but still more unfortunately the public has lost faith in a pliant minor judiciary dancing to the tune of Yahalapana. Ranil is hammering the beray and Sirisena is raising his fricking sarong exposing the Crown Jewels in all their smelly, droopy,
    stinking visage, but not getting anywhere.Now the buggers are clawing each other like feral cats and old man Shaymons is indulging in a little self pleasure,in the corner, the old coot. That sums the political situation in our beloved country today.

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    “Probing the abduction of Tamil youth in the capital city of Colombo and its suburbs during the height of the war, Sri Lanka’s Criminal Investigation Department (CID) has arrested yet another Navy intelligence officer charging him of being in-charge of dumping dead bodies at sea as part of the well-organised abduction operation.”


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