20 July, 2024


Yahapalanaya And IGP On Snooze Mode As Radical Buddhists Threaten To Kill Muslims

Both the Inspector General of Police Pujith Jayasundara and the Yahapalanaya Government appears to be on snooze mode despite the increasing and intensifying ant-Muslim campaigns by radical Buddhists, with certain protestors openly threatening to burn and kill Muslims, while others have declared that they are ready to carry out suicide bombings.

During a recent protest opposite the Fort Railway Station, a group of protestors, including a person by the name of Dan Priyasad, as per his Facebook page, declared that there are only a few people to talk on behalf of the Sinhalese and if necessary they also have all the necessities to kill the Muslims where the protest was being held.

Shouting Jaywewa Sinhalaya, this is our country, the protestors said, “This is a Sinhalese country. Only a handful of people are there to talk on behalf of the Sinhalese. Today if all those b*ggers who liked and shared the anti-Muslim posts on Facebook came together, we could have burnt and killed the Muslims.”

“We have enough stuff here, we can kill them right here. We can carry out suicide bombings and kill them all,” the protestors including Priyasad said.

Despite making statements which also threatened the country’s national security, there has been no action against the protestors by the police.

Despite various groups threatening the Muslim community in the recent past, IGP Pujith Jayasundara has continued to turn a blind eye. Complaints with video evidence being sent to him, requesting an inquiring into the 2014 Aluthgama riots, which the Bodu Bala Sena’s Galagoda atte Gnanasara said was orchestrated by the BBS.dayan-pdayan-priyasad

Picture- Dan Priyasad and his friends 

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    First let me Thank CT. the only News Journal who without bias publishes hate and other dangerous anti religious and ethnic hate in the Island, yesterdays gone by we had only CT and today we still have only CT to depend on , never mind what sick heart have to brand CT as , the ones who value you CT will always do, thank you again.

    Besides no other news journal allow unknown readers to comment ,especially daily mirror ,it is reserved to a handful of their selection.


    First and foremost if this vandalizing is true (vandalizing is vandalizing ,let be the graffiti is about God or the devil).

    It is time this be brought to a stop , one of the most disgusting vandalizing that breaks my heart is of Sigiriya Frescoes paintings Sigiriya Rock Fortress, whoever did have to be from some ghetto with no education or any feeling toward to valuable artifacts.

    If This government is serious and wants to stay in power and want to prove to the people they are genuinely committed, this is the best opportunity they have in hands right now.

    First and foremost you can not allow vandalizing of anything , let it be religious, cultural heritage, any religious places of worship, hones , business premises ,Public transports etc.


    You need to fist implement heavy fines and corporal punishment same as in Singapore ,I will post some examples below.

    And every Cultural Heritage sites , religious places , Public transports must be immediately monitored by using the most sophisticated CT camera System , I am sure Singapore will be happy to help with this.

    If you fail to address this from today itself ,Please do not be offended The government have to take full responsibility for any blood shed that may take place in this Island in future, no point in Pointing fingers at MR. and it is wrong to do so ,i doubt he will mingle with a person like this chap, he is to much of a seasoned and matured politician ,he is not a fool to stoop to this level and especially not at this moment.

    Michael P. Fay – Wikipedia
    Michael Peter Fay (born May 30, 1975) is an American man who was the subject of international attention in 1994 when he was sentenced to six strokes of the cane in Singapore for theft and vandalism at age 18. Although caning is a routine court sentence in Singapore, its unfamiliarity to …. claiming that Singapore had a right to use corporal punishment and that the .

    Caning in Singapore – Wikipedia
    Caning is a widely used form of legal corporal punishment in Singapore. Of these, judicial caning, for which Singapore is best known, is the most severe.

    Vandalism Act – Wikipedia
    Jump to Offences and penalties – Upon conviction, the penalty is a fine not exceeding … years, and also corporal punishment of not less than three

    Two Germans to be caned, jailed for Singapore train graffiti | Reuters
    Mar 5, 2015 – “But it speaks out against corporal punishment as a form of sentence … Singapore’s vandalism laws became global news in 1994 when …

    has this government the capacity and the courage to take the law into their hands and prevent it from abused ?

    Time will tell.

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      Everything you write about is right excepting that MR will not stoop to low acts. That is not true. MR stoops to the lowest level. A man who can steal money from Tsunami victims is not a man at all but a knave.

      There are a great many more occasions when MR stoops to the lowest level of humanity.

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    Caning is not the right medicine for these rogues. Apparently, the CUT OUT (Placard) depicts a lot more than what we needed to know.

    Now it is very apparent that the current rulers are no better than the previous ones. In fact, it will not be surprising to note that they are all hand-in-glove in fueling the fires of racism in this country especially against the muslims.

    We the citizens can never change the system in this country. We live in it and die in the system, pushing our 60 or 70 years in dire agony and mental distress.

    May these people be guided to the right path through a DIVINE WILL.If not, let them rot in hell.

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    Maysar Jasim from Saddam district in Mosul arrived at the camp two nights previously. “I want to look like David Beckham!” he says, pushing his way to the front of the queue, unable to contain his excitement. He’s wearing a Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal football shirt that, his friends point out, has had the Portugal logo ripped off. “I want a goatee,” he says. “I hate this beard. By God, I hate it.”
    (The guardian 09/11/16)

    This is called freedom……..

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    @Azmi ,please do not give up so easily on humanity , i really respect the attitude of The majority this time they way they boycotted the call for hate hate campaign ,very civilized and matured ,let us give the government the benefit of the doubt and wait and hope for the best.

    USA Election should teach our leaders a new lesson ,as long as Trump was harping on Muslim and foreigners hate his chances were almost nil to win and as he slowly changed his attitude , he won !

    Soon in the coming years excuses of making a community the scapegoat and bogyman may not work, people have started to wake up and think..

    “All human wisdom is contained in these two words – Wait and Hope”
    ― Alexandre Dumas, The Count of Monte Cristo


    You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty. Mahatma Gandhi
    Finally We Muslims Must also see how we can rectify the misunderstandings. beginning within us.

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    @Azmi ,The cut out does not mean anything , today people create motion pictures of individuals , images ,and in a Country that has no law to prosecute those who indulge in such crimes, what the wise must do is, never endorse images and visuals that they see on any media without being able to verify it for its authenticity personally .

    I agree with you hope are low ,but not nil,the older folks may not reap the fruits,but if we have sincere politicians who are willing to work without bias and willing to sacrifice ,in another 20 years time, the future generation will befit greatly , yes Sri Lanka needs at-least 20 years of sincere work .

    But who will do it? whom do we have? we just need to put our last hope on the present regime, at-least for the moment .

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    Tamils and Muslims need to join and take up arms against the Sinhala Buddhist fascist state. Sinhala Lanka can be annihilated with the help of Muslim countries.

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    Real Siva Sankaran Sarma,

    With all respects to the innocent Tamils lives lost in the war, I want to remind you that we Muslims lost only 3 lives in Aluthgama incident, and we toppled the government for it. We sent Rajapakse home for that.

    You’re boasting a lot about Tamils, what could you do after nearly 9 years of SL Army allegedly massacring over 100,000 of your own Tamil people????

    Talking BIG about your ethnicity is of no use when all you care is to live in West and Australia on migrant cards for better lives.

    Honestly, I repeat my stand that Sinhalese are much better than Tamils, whatever you say.

    • 8

      Keep on ranting and aggressively attacking me but the truth is the Muslims of Sri Lanka are descended from largely low caste immigrant Indian Tamil Hindus, who only migrated to the island only a few centuries ago. Only a few hundred Muslim families have a distant male Arab ancestor with the rest of their ancestors being Tamil too. Basically unlike that they claim to be the Muslims of Sri Lanka are low caste Tamil Hindus who converted to Islam, with some having a dash of Arab. This not even what I state, this is what history states DNA states and a Muslim has posted a article on the Colombo Telegraph regarding this and he also like me and Sir Ponnambalam Ramanathan was aggressively attacked by the Muslims like you who do not want to hear the truth but pathetically want the world to believe that the Sri Lankan Muslims are all pure Arabs. Go and look at the mirror and a Tamil Dravidian face and not an Arab face will stare back at you. This is true for more than 95% of the Muslims in the island.
      There is enough and more historical and archaeological evidence to prove that Tamils have lived in the island ancient pre historic times and have ruled large swathes of the land. The North and East had always been Tamil and ruled by Tamils. Even the Mahavamsa comic by trying to portray and discredit the Hindu Tamils as outsiders, was only confirming their ancient presence in the island ruling large swathes of land. The father of the King who converted to Buddhism Thevanai Nambiya Theesan( meaning the great man or king who believed or loved god in Tamil) was King Mutta Sivan. This is pure Tamil name meaning the great or venerated Siva. proving he was a Dravidian Naga Tamil king. The so called Sinhalese hero Dutugemunu’s ( how can he be Sinhalese when there were no Sinhalese or Sinhalese language 2300 years ago) father was Kakkai Vanna Theesan again another pure Tamil name, meaning the king or the great man the colour of the crow. basically meaning the black king. Aryans are not black. They are white or light skinned. Basically he was a another Tamil speaking Dravidian Naga. may have been a Hindu or Buddhist. It was the Tamil king Elara who was ruling the Anuradhapura and the so called Rajarata 2300 years ago. None of the ancient kings in the island ever called themselves Aryan or Sinhalese as they were neither. They were Buddhist or Hindu Naga or belonged to other Dravidian South Indian dynasties. The Naga are a Dravidian people who spoke Tamil as their language by 2300 years ago. Understood. That these Dravidian Tamil speaking Naga and Yakka who converted to Buddhism in the south of the country to Buddhism 2300 years ago, gradually evolved as Sinhalese by corrupting their semi Tamil Elu dialect with the Prakrit Pali and Sanskrit of Buddhism is another story. This is why the Sinhalese language has so much Tamil derived words in its vocabulary and its grammar syntax lexicon and alphabet is Tamil.
      The Muslim history in the island is recent and they have no history of ruling. A few Arab traders being in the Sinhalese court 700 years ago is not history. 99% of you arrived from South India as traders and refugees only a few centuries ago, in wooden boats called in Tamil Marrakalam. This is why the Sinhalese still call you Marrakalyo.
      The Sinhalese and the Indigenous Tamils belong to the island. They both have a ancient history and have a history of ruling the land. Muslims do not. They are recent low caste Dravidian South Indian arrivals now trying to steal the land of the Tamils by bum sucking the Sinhalese. Yes hundreds of thousands of Tamils were killed and you Muslims backstabbed the Tamils and overtly and covertly supported the Sinhalese in the large scale ethnic cleansing and genocide and were openly celebrating in the streets with the Sinhalese in May 2009. Just like in 1977 and 1983 now don’t try to deny it. You were surprised when the Sinhalese turned on you, as you backstabbers and turn coats never expected this. It was not just your votes but the votes of the island’s Tamils who number far greater than you that also helped Sirisena to victory. Muslims are 9% however despite all the killing and ethnic cleaning Tamils are still around 16% understood. Sirisena went to the west and asked for the help of the Tamil diaspora to elect him and promised true reconciliation in return not the Muslims as no one trusts you backstabbers. Get your facts correct before you start ranting and aggressively attacking me, just because your pea sized brainwashed brain cannot tolerate the truth that your community are really low caste Hindu Tamil converts from South India and not Arabs as you were made to believe.
      I have nothing against Muslims. I have worked in the middle east for and like Arabs a lot and can speak Arabic and fluent Hindi/Urdu and Malayalam.

      • 3

        I agree to you.The thing is even Tamils do not understand , although Muslims(majority) uses tamil as their mothertonge, they think that they are superior than tamils.They talk in Tamil in there homes ,they use Tamil as their main language in Muslim schools.But when it comes to their religion , instead of Tamil, Arabic has been glorified.Tamils should understand that they cannot be in par with Muslims I mean Tamils and Muslims can never be stand together – reason the religion gap

        • 7


          “But when it comes to their religion , instead of Tamil, Arabic has been glorified”

          You are talking bull.

          The Hindu Priests in Sri Lanka recite Sanskrit Vedas at Temples.

          • 1

            Your correct Native using Arabic or Sanskrit for religious purposes does not deter anything. For your information Tamil is also used in many Hindu temples in Tamil Nadu and Sri Lankan but Sanskrit is the main language.
            Tamil Muslims in Tamil Nadu from whom more than 95% of the Sri Lankan Muslims descended from are as Tamil as the rest of the population, despite using Arabic for religious purposes. However they also use Tamil and Nagoor is huge centre of Tamil Islamic Sufi culture. Previously all Muslims scholars and priests from Sri Lanka used to attend Islamic universities in Nagoor, where they used to learn the very tolerant 1000 year old Tamil Sufi Islam and its philosophy, however now they attend universities in Saudi Arabia and other parts of the Arab world and learn Wahhabism and are returning and indoctrination the Sri Lankan Muslims to discard their Tamil culture and their Sufi Islam and become some pathetic carbon clones of the Gulf Arabs and their very intolerant Wahhabi form of Islam

      • 2

        “The so called Sinhalese hero Dutugemunu’s ( how can he be Sinhalese when there were no Sinhalese or Sinhalese language 2300 years ago) father was Kakkai Vanna Theesan again another pure Tamil name, meaning the king or the great man the colour of the crow. “

        I do not think Mahavamsa is trying say he is a Sinhalese. After all it might have been against that time the full Dravidian dialect of Sinhala as the Aryan Pali and Sanskrit would not have entertained it.

        My contention is Elarla was as Buddhist at the time of the war and Gemunu was Hindu. Elarla had Intelligent Bell. Gemunu prayed Kathikama Kanthan and broked 1008 coconuts before set out to war and offered to Kanathan for the war victory and obtained sword from him. These are the factors deciding their religion. Then Gemunu too became a Buddhist after the war. Further Gemunu can not his true name either. You know the Dravidian did not maintain history. It is strange if the Ceylon Dravidians had maintained systematic history like the Western or Aryan did. You can see Wijaya’s history also not recorded in the Dravidian Orisa.

        Anything in Anuradhapura should have been the built by Elara or by both. When the racism stated the switchover took place. The rest are story as Mahavamsa did not care of the opinions when started to tell Vijaya’s story too.

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      Taking up arms and joining forces is not the answer. Treat these misled few with humility. It is not as if the whole Sinhala population is represented in the voice of a twisted mind. Remember that there are some political elements desperately trying save thier hides under the guise of discrimination. Several factos including some desire for limelight egged on by misaligned preachers are involved in this. Tread carefully. Fools dare where anges fear to tread!

    • 3

      “Sinhalese are much better than Tamils”

      You’re right. Sinhalese are much better than Tamils in looting, raping, mass murdering and terrorizing innocents.

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    At Colombo Telegraph…the photograph with the placard (mahinda’s photo) in hand is an edited one…do not mislead people…have you posted the rally held by thawheed jumma extremists…???

    • 3

      The answer is NO. Because CT is full of muslim journalists and columnist who never write any atrocities committed by the muslims of srilanka. IGP has said in addressing the INTERPOL conference in BALI that The IGP said that involvement of Sri Lankans in foreign terrorist organizations was recently revealed following the killing of a Sri Lankan in Syria in 2015.
      Whom do you think he is referring to of course it is a muslim fighting with ISIS.

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    “Yahapalanaya And IGP On Snooze Mode As Radical Buddhists Threaten To Kill Muslims”

    ‘PanathiPatha Veramani Sikkha Padam Samadiyami’

    The First Precept of Buddhism Means, ‘I Undertake the Way of Training, to Refrain from Killing Living Creatures’

    These People will not eat Meat, but are Willing to kill Human Beings, by giving them another Name, ‘Muslim’!

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    What sort of country, Sri Lanka. Despite being a small developing country still have this kind of racism. What they want to show to the world “We can kill Muslims right here”.

    Your government is begging to all world please come and invest in Sri Lanka for this king of fascism. Concerned authorities are on snooze mode, mean they are letting this channelled crowed to move on. What sort of mindset. What Sinhalese, what Tamils, is this a country or something else.

    • 1

      These People are Slavishly following America and the West, who encourage this attitude, so that USA Produced Weapons can be Sold to them!

      I remember reading a book around late 1960s, about an American called ‘DAX’ who travelled around the World, sponsored by Weapons Manufacturers, in order to Start Racist Wars in poorer Countries.

      It is the Norm now!

  • 6

    Real Siva Sankaran Sarma. what makes you so sure you are a Tamil? and Muslims are ‘low Cast ” Tamils ,

    And can you define what cast Tamil are you ?

    Further more . have you got a DNA authentication to prove Muslims are Tamils and Low cast?

    Until you can prove that by DNA ,you must shun this Myth , who knows may be we are all Sinhalese , or bangalas as per history , may be we adopted the two different languages due to circumstances back then.

    Anyway who care if someone brands a community as low cast ,and assume an ethnicity with no proof, what matters is humanity .

    If Terminal illness , poverty and death chooses by cast and ethnicity ,well we have something to brag about what ethnicity or low or high cast.

    people who are filled with hate of racism and bigotry , must visit the Maharagama cancer hospital at-least once a year ,it will help them to cleanse their souls.

    Humanity is the only thing that ever matters , no one should become puffed with arrogance, just because they are a majority in any Country or a certain Community is been hunted for crimes of a few .

    Nothing is permanent, tables ca always turn sides ,who ever thought The Jews who were hunted and killed one time ,is today though a small number ,is today in full control of more than a billion of their historical enemies.

    Humanity first and may peace prevail.

  • 8

    To come to conclusion of an ethnic community merely by the features or looks is one of the most absurd assumptions.

    There are lot of Gulf Arabs who look more Indian without their attire ,so with some Moroccans depending on the geographical location of the country.

    The Moroccan descendants of Vietnam look mostly Vietnamese , that does neither by ethnicity make them vietnamese ,nor 100 percent Berber /Arab . but Moors, any Arab ,or Berber Arab mix with another ethnicity is termed as Moors.
    The South African Javanese have lost their language totally , that does not make them south Africans, The Brazilian Japanese have adopted Brasilia Portuguese , does not make them Portuguese.

    has it ever occurred to you that today’s Moors ancestors had developed a transliteration named Arwi (Arabic Tamil) to write, it would be absurd for Tamils to learn Tamil in Arabic transliteration, if it was thee other way about ,if Arabic was written in Tamil transliteration ,like how it is done today using roman letter to transliterate Arabic ,instead of Arabic , then there is something to discuss about, besides for me I do not really care a damn what ethnicity I belong to ,but I am not willing to give up my birth right over a random speculation without any DNA proof ,so until then I will remain a Proud Ceylon Moor and nothing is going to change that until you take my blood sample and prove am a Tamil and I will accept it , then we also may have to go through a lot more research to prove the venomous and most evil assumption to lay upon any Human being to call low cast , which only proves how low and a racist mind one has to have to categorize ones own human SPECIES AS LOW CAST.

    MAY PEACE PREVAIL and with fraternity love of humanity to all .

    Just because there is similarities between Chinese features and other who look similar does not make them all Chinese , and so with all south Indians , most of them look alike ,does not make them all Tamils. and you have made an absolute two false allegation, 1) saying all Muslims want the world to believe that they pure Arabs , 2) That you have DNA proof which Muslims deny , No Muslim have ever claimed to be pure 100% Arabs , how silly ,how can a decedent be 100% of one ethnicity ? by the way not all Muslims are Moors , please remember that , for your information ,yes we have pure Arabs and they are the first and second generations the Suby Family , you may be familiar with the famous mama Aida Rotti , then , comes the Ceylon moors who claim to be either decedent of magribi or Arab , but I will not endorse that 100% until proved by DNA officially . The comes the Indian Moors , who proudly claim to be of Tamil Muslim origin , then we have the Javanese from Indonesia, we have the memons from Pakistan, a few malabari Muslim (Like The P.S.Mohameds of vavuniya) then The Shite Muslims from Gujarat The Borahs , the ismaili kojahs from Afghanistan , tha Ahmediya from Pakistan , all of them must have some reason and affection to hold on to their roots .

    Muslim means a Monotheist . It is not an ethnicity,Tamil Politicians have time and time been desperate to add the entire Sri lankan Muslims to their camp to increase the numbers , its all political agenda . Muslims never want to be a part in dividing the country , it is unfortunate to see so many new Politically foreign aspired sectarianism that has created an unwanted hate among the Muslims today ,just over an attire mostly .

    Just because you worked in Gulf Countries and can speak Arabic ,you say fluently among Hini-urdu and malayalam , may I know what Arabic you are so fluent in ? besides that does not qualify you with a PHD in DNA authentication.

    And oh yes ,your Nick tells it all how much you have nothing against The Muslims , you must be oozing with so-much of Dravidian fraternity love .

    May Peace prevail & signing off with fraternity Love of humanity to all.

  • 6

    A humble request to His Excellency The President ,Hon Prime Minister and the Minister in Charge of Islamic affairs of Sri Lanka

    Kindly take into Consideration ,today no one particular Islamic ,group/Sect or School of Thought represents the entire Muslims of Sri Lanka , therefore I kindly request you to pass a new resolution that will in future restrict any Protests organized by any particular Muslim Group randomly , giving the notion that they represent the entire Muslim community.

    It is best a written permission is obtained by The Minister of Islamic affairs , endorsed by religious scholars and then clearance from The Ministry of defense, It is time we curb one particular group risk the peace and security of the entire community just to boost their ideology . we have many different schools of thoughts today among the Muslims ,and no one group has the right of franchise to abuse that right in a democratic Country .

    Matters of The law concerning Islam can be sorted out by the Scholars with the government .

  • 6

    “bitter-truth” Walla! how well it blends with what you holds so deep inside you , only thing is we need to make a slight change ,it should be the truth of the bitterness deepest in your wicked heart ! ,

    weather it is bitter or sour , Truth is like “Peer hazarat Innayat Khan” quoted perfectly ,

    Truth is like the Ocean when one looks at the ocean only a part of it comes to his Vision ,so it is always with the truth ,no matter what the subject case is about ., truth can never be told and what can be told is never the truth.

    In every human there is some goodness , the percentage may differ , otherwise you will not find people of high intellect of past and present among Philosophers ,Poets and Military men of might and strength , quote something good in men of various walks of life, but unfortunate that most men are filled with hate,prejudice ,wickedness,jealousy and with hearts that are harder than the hardest rock ,it is said even some of the hardest rock split to gush water out to nourish every living being ,but yes not certain hearts ,unforgiving ,no compassion for humanity ,most men would turn and twist the very words of God,Prophets, saints and great philosophers ,only to commit cruelty to humanity to fulfill their own hateful evil desires .

    When in every system ,called it what you may ,religion, cult , philosophy , it is still a system handed down from generations for mankind to maintain justice and harmony,when they have the option of compassion and when there is no need of retaliation with the Sword , eye for an eye , tooth for a tooth , the ones who are plainly prejudiced will willingly shut their eyes in the broad day light and say they can not see the sunlight , for their only desire is to commit cruelty and bloodshed , reasoning , investigating the truth , consulting with the wise and making peace among humankind is not in their agenda .

    For a particular lot ,who have sadly made up their minds based purely on hearsay , tell tales , with evidence that are not investigated and not proven ,no matter even If any Holy man makes a fountain of milk and honey gush out of the earth,this lot ,unlike Shylock, not just the pound of flesh next to the heart of a man whom may have wronged? or may be not , they want the entire community he belongs wiped out purely on prejudice, hence ,God ,prophets, saints, Philosophers matter among such cruel men with no soul ,no rightness of mind but intoxicated with nothing but hate and blood thirst ,insanity to kill ,burn slaughter ,and it only brings out the true nature in such ones ,even when the action is not committed but said.

  • 5

    What anarchy a bunch of people bring in this country .. will there ever be any-one leader who will rise up to be fair and just to one and all of this Country ever ?

    I am driven to a total state of confusion , we use to blame The government and the leader of the past regime , Yes they were in power and did nothing about racial and religious hate .

    But today they are not in control , they are not in power , so how can we justify by continuing to blame them, for not enforcing the law by those in power today?

    Is this a continuation of hate profiling of a particular community who have become an accepted bogeyman for all politicians everywhere to divert their failures, win votes or maintain office ?

    Everyone seems to be using this profile …

    Only time will tell ,yes but at what cost ? not Just the government and law enforcement is in Snooze mood ,unfortunately the community in question’s leaders ,both from the religious authority to politicians are both in Snooze mood too and unfortunately most of the members of the community are too busy with trivial issues and not aware of the boiling pot.

  • 2

    Hello everyone !
    Nov.16 2016 is declared International day of tolerance and Tolerance is all we need , I kindly request you to take a little time and watch both the Videos , one about how an Indonesian Muslim girl goes to live with a Christian family to learn Tolerance, and the other is even more important , especially to people who are more overly concerned about their ethnicity ,If we all do a DNA test ,who knows ,we may end up with DNA of the very people we hate.

    Wednesday, November 16
    International Day for Tolerance 2016

    Muslim youngster stays with Christian family in Indonesia to …
    Jun 7, 2016 – A Muslim girl in Indonesia who lived in a Christian home for several … Muslim youngster stays with Christian family in Indonesia to understand religious tolerance better … the Singapore International Foundation, Sabang Merauke co-founder Ayu …. With just a few days to go before election day, Democratic …
    The DNA Journey


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