18 August, 2022


Yahapālanaya Is No Better Than Its Predecessor: Opposition Leader Sampanthan

The Yahapalana government is no better than its predecessor, Opposition Leader R. Sampanthan said while condemning Thursday’s police crackdown on a group of students who were demonstrating at Ward Place over several demands related to their education last Thursday.

Rajavayothi Sampanthan

Rajavayothi Sampanthan

Images of Police personnel attacking students with batons and sticks went viral in the media generating widespread condemnation.

Speaking in parliament today Sampanthan blamed both the government and the Police for the brutal attack.

The TNA leader Sampanthan queried from the government as to why the Police attacked students who were leaving after engaging in a peaceful protest.

Making a scathing attack Sampanthan questioned whether President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe were following in the foot steps of the previous regime which used brute force to quell student protests.

The Opposition leader said that with barricades blocking their way and with water cannons been hurled at them the students had not gone forward but retreated. He questioned the logic behind attacking a group of students who were retreating.

He demanded the Government to hold a proper and comprehensive inquiry into the attack and take action against those responsible.

Meanwhile for the first time since Ranil-Sirisena government came into power the widely split opposition acted as a cohesive unit to condemn the government over the attack on students.

Led by Sampanthan the opposition protested while displaying posters and banners inside the Parliament over the attack on the Higher National Diplomas in Accountancy (HNDA) students in Colombo on Thursday.

Meanwhile the Inter University Students’ Federation (IUSF), commenced a protest march from the University of Sri Jayewardenepura to the University Grants Commission (UGC) premises where the previous attack occurred.

Severe traffic congestion was reported along High-level Road due to the protest march by the university students.

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Latest comments

  • 13

    Appe aanduwa explains it.

    What better could you expect: The modus operandi remains the same.

  • 21

    The govt might have changed but the goons put in place are still in control whether it be the military. police or the AG’s dept so don’t expect too much.

    • 15

      You,me,he,and her are the ones who elected the goons.So there is none but ourselves to blame.

      • 12

        Actually if you really think about it we did not vote for people we voted for hope against despair. We have not found what we are looking for: a just government that has the interest of the people yet we don’t have the luxury of loosing hope.

  • 17

    What more can you expect from a Government whom they have given appointments to the very people they criticized as crooks. Merely as buying their silence exercise. Nothing really has changed from the rule of the previous Rajapakse Government.

    Just to mention President Sirisena is not a man above board. He did a dirty thing to stab his boss Rajapakse in his back. Had he was truly driven by conviction that Rajapakse was a cruel man he should have left him long ago and not at the last moment as how he did, when Rajapakse announced holding early Presidential elections. It was his greed for power not the conviction Rajapakse was bad that played.

    The same style of Governance as the previous still continues including nepotism. Same crooks are now with Sirisena what more can we expect.

    • 7

      And MS did marvellous acting role from last Nov.. Lot of us thought he was so different from previous mobs and going to make very positive impact on the country..

    • 4

      They will be gone in 18 months, and deserve being thrown out as they are dragging their feet on the all important question of corruption. Bluff is not the answer.

  • 9

    what else old wine in new packing would mean?

  • 2

    Mr Sampanthan(Sampantham)
    Yor are the one arranged both sides to create problem then only you can play your politics

    • 9

      Opposition Leader Sam

      Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

      Do what is right.

  • 5

    DEAR SAMPANTHAR APPU-you are trying your level best to show that you are the leader of opposition for the whole country not only the leader of tamil community.you are wasting your time.can you get no corporation or support at least sympathy from the current opposition leaders sorry members such as vasideva-denesh-gompulle-boruwanse-when you speak about the plight of TAMIL DETAINEES HELD UNDER PTA for a long time.IF YOU SPEAK ABOUT THIS YOU BECOME KOTTIYA-if you speak about singala students YOU ARE THE LEADER OF OPPOSITION.IF YOU HAVE ANY SELF RESPECT PLEASE RESIGN FROM THIS BORU POST.

  • 5

    The Police have used a Sledge hammer to hit an Ant.
    There are so many unsolved crimes,but they are not getting their act together!

  • 5

    Sampanthan you never talk about your leader amirthalingam and so many people killed by LTTE

  • 10

    Sampanthan Aiyya

    Under Sinhala Man’s Yahapalanaya you’re the leader of the opposition.
    Under Prabakaran’s Tamil Eelam you’re already dead.

  • 1

    Has Mr Sambandan’s Chief Whip joined Bodhi Sira and his 60 Monk delegation to Thailand ?

    Has Batalan Ranil’s Baton attack ( was it a 2 by2 broken chair leg) on poor Dalit girl’s head ,timed to coincide with Bodhi Sira’s exhibition..

    IMF just released its inspection report ( first ??) of Yahapalana Economy of Batalanda Ranil and his chief Architect Galleon Ravi.

    Privatize Government Services, Spread the Tax net, Sell our public lands, cut subsidies to Dalits’s services are among the many recommendations.

    Even with those in place our Growth Rate will be pushing uphill to reach even 5.5 percent.

    And guess what..

    Galleon Ravi dismisses it as bunkum.

    He reckons it will be 6.5 , still one short of the rate of last five years.

    The Opposition in countries which Batalanada Ranil aspires to take us, would have been flaying and flogging the Government to death on these bad Economic figures.

    But our Opposition Leader is only worried about the War Crime Trials againsto the War Heroes and Homeland in the North.

    And the President is busy trying to pacify the monks in case they get upset when the Hybrid Judges arrive at BIA.

    • 0


      “Galleon Ravi dismisses it as bunkum.”

      If there are no major problems why the need to borrow 1,500,000,000 USD at 6,85% and the domestic bonds of 400 trillion or what ever the amount is? Why talk about unconditional help (=soft loans) coming from the IMF and WB when you borrow at 6,85%? Why the need to beg Chinese grant us lower interest rates? Why the need to welcome foreign currency without any questions?

      Hope that honorable Ravi reads my short summary.

    • 2

      Cannot say any better than this Sumane, Looks like the yahapalana toyyo are going to get a heavy tax bill for electing the new government!
      Congestion charges to drive to colombo
      Increased income tax may be soon
      Increased vehicle tax.
      This is going to be a very costly yahapalne?
      Where is all the western aid?

    • 1


      Is that 6.5% GDP growth includes the Chinese loans to repair the 50 computers broken down by Chinese Hackers or it negated from the GDP? Nobody did know which laptop Ajith Nivad used to calculate the 6.5% growth rate while our free women were staying in the middle-east masters’ prisons to bring the badly needed FE money the Chinese prisoners were sending back from Lankawe their share of the milk from the white elephants to China back?

      Sumane, you are a poor, mater’s slippers sole rushing too fast. Batalanda Ranil Mahata can anytime ask Mahendran to revise the numbers released by Ajith Nivad. It is a common practice even in Western economies to revise the past numbers with the new finds of what happened in the past.

      Don’t bang your butt too much on the chair before the show is over. You have not seen the climax and you do not have the capacity to guess it either.

  • 5


    Sampandan Ayyah has now realised that the Yahapalanaya mob are no different to the MR lot.

    We knew it many moons ago when Sirisena gave Ministerial posts to known rogues from the previous regime. The rot is continuing. What we have is Yamapalanaya – nothing more nothing less. All else is decorations of democracy.

  • 1

    “Sampanthan questioned whether President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe were following in the footsteps of the previous regime”

    Sampanthan Ayyaa we salute to your ripen deep wisdom has come out with the truth. But sadly it is that same thing we the shallows have been saying from the time when you differed from us and went to support the common candidate! TNA has a sad drawback. Every time if “Suddaal thaane Therikirathu thoddaal suduvathu nheruppenru” (after touching and have the hand burned only we are coming to know the fire burns). At least now you know the New Royals are exactly the same Old Royals too. The SLFP Chittanta and the UNP Palayana are Coconut Toddy and Palmyrah toddy. Basically it is the same old stuff, the sour toddy!

    Thank you!

    • 1


      “But sadly it is that same thing we the shallows have been saying from the time when you differed from us and went to support the common candidate!”

      Sorry I have to disagree and we knew who Maithri was but the need of the hour then was Mahinda Rajapkse should go. All of us including Sampanthan knew My3 was not clean.

      We cannot expect much from this Government and one thing My3 is no leader and he does not have much of a vision. My3 is merely a puppet dancing to his master’s voice Chandrika and Ranil who pull the strings attached to him.

      He had given Ministerial portfolios to the same people whom he described as crooks and action will be taken against them when he comes to power. But all we saw was the same crooks being rewarded with ministerial posts and other very responsible jobs. It just an exercise in winning their silence. I scratch your back and you scratch mine seems to be the slogan of the day. The same degree nepotism for keys posts continues as before.

      I shall repeat what I have said about My3, in one my comments in the same subject.

      “Just to mention President Sirisena is not a man above board. He did a dirty thing to stab his boss Rajapakse in his back. Had he was truly driven by conviction that Rajapakse was a cruel man he should have left him long ago and not at the last moment as how he did, when Rajapakse announced holding early Presidential elections. It was his greed for power not the conviction Rajapakse was bad that played.”

  • 2

    A complete clean up of the police force is required as a matter of urgency. Over the years the police have been subject to political interference in carrying out their duties and the ex deposed king used the police as a vehicle to carry out his dirty work. We have a bunch of scoundrels including the great ex deposed patriot and the sycophants and rajapakse political scum like the Baluvasu pa…..yas using their influence and stolen monies to encourage these criminal police officers in undertaking such activities with a view to spoiling the image of Yahalpanaya. RW must carry out an independent investigation into this desecration of human rights and ensure that the politicos and police scum who carried out this brutal attack are punished, sacked from their positions and jailed.

  • 1

    All the commentators have got it wrong.

    Sambanban is playing a double game here.

    He is just playing the Opposition role by bashing the govt.

    Sambandan is a crook.

  • 3

    These politicians were silent until it became a issue.

    After that, they all began to talk.

    It is just riding the wave for popularity.

  • 1

    Mr.Sambanthan. This is your last five years. Remember that. You are crying for the students now when you have to cry for the 25000 people from Vali North being displaced for nearly 25 years and living in hell. You all are enjoying your lives in luxury, palaces and cars whereas the people elected you, are living in camps and shanties, in rain and sun. Almost 250 Tamil political prisoners are being suffocated in prisons for almost 25 years yet you are crying for the students. You raised the lion flag along with Ranil Wickremasinghe which no other Tamil leaders did, You and Sumanathran attended the Independence day celebrations which no other Tamil leaders did since the Independence of Sri Lanka. The Tamils still have not got their independence yet. Understand that Mr.Sambanthan. You and Sumanthran will be wiped out at the next elections. The Sinhala hierarchy is not at all worried about the sufferings of the Tamils but you and Sumanthran being Tamils have become traitors to the Tamil Community. On your death bed, only Ranil will mourn and not the Tamil people.

  • 0

    Tamils should create an environment to be trusted by Sinhalese. Going in the war path,which the Tamils did for the last sixty years has led to a point of no return.If you look at now, are the Tamis better off now than sixty years ago? Tamils should think.At least you have a civilian governor, 5000 acres of land released for agriculture and you can get it back everything slowly but surely.Tamils should get along with Sinhalese,Govt., civil societies and gradually get your rights back.You cannot get over night.You cannot fight 17 million Sinhalese.No body will help and sure not India as it’s against their own interest.All the golden opportunities are missed by unintelligent fools.Now wait patiently, negotiate and negotiate and discuss and no other way.In reality, there will be no another PRABAHARAN and no body is never ever going to allow that.If you don’t get along with RW, Douglas will and take upper hand and that will be a disaster.Last but least, Sinhalese are a better majority to live with and people with a heart and you should cultivate it and don’t let their bad side show it.

  • 0

    Who is this Sellam? Must be a crow living in Diaspora! The cow doesn’t die because the crow scolds it. Only last August the Thamil people reposed confidence in R.Sampanthan who won in Trincomalee polling 33,384 preference votes. And Sumanthiran won with 58,043 preference votes in Jaffna, third highest in the district. Valikamam North people are suffering for the last 25 years. There is no question about it. Only about 1100 acres have been released and balance about 5281 acres remain occupied by the army. In Sampur, Sampanthar succeeded in repossesssing the entire land (1055 acres) grabbed by the army and navy. The political prisoners’ case is also two decades old. Sampanthar does not have an army. He has to use diplomacy and persuasion to get things done. With all the deficiencies, today Sampanthar can talk to the President and discuss issues with the Prime Minister. During Mahinda Rajapaksa Sampanthar could not even talk to him. Mahinda is the person who handed over 818 acres of land to his brother in law on 99 years lease to build heavy industries at a cost of $4 billion dollars at Sampur! This was cancelled by the President Sirisena. All these progress was due to regime change. The progress is painfully slow, but we are moving forward. Independent Commissions have been created eliminating political interference. Whatever the likes of Sellams say we are fortunate to have Sampanthan as our leader after May, 2009. So is Sumanthiran his right hand.

  • 0

    Yes Thanga, diaspora has a different agenda.They are living comfortably, and tried to control the Tamis.When I spoke to people in Jaffna, they simply want to get on their lives, doing agriculture, educate their children etc.They are not interested in separation.Once, one of the most famous deputy prime minister and foreign minister of singapore ,mr. Rajaratnam ,a Jaffna born singapirean said you cannot drive forward by looking back.For Tamils the future is tied to Sri Lankas future And not with any other country certainly not with India.Indians are poaching our water, one of the reason for the drug culture and certainly not going to progress. Just look at India and china and you will realize it.Their political culture is much undesirable one.Full of corruption ,nepotism ESP. Tamil NADU by both DMK and Admk but thro. Individual efforts quite a few are doing well in manufacturing ,software etc.

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