25 June, 2022


Yoshitha Ordered To Appear Before Court Over Land Issue

Mount Lavinia Magistrate Mohammed Sahabdeen today ordered Yoshitha Rajapaksa to appear before court on June 26, 2016 over a land he had purchased in Mihindu Mawatha, Mount Lavinia for the sum of Rs. Rs.50 million.



The notice was issued when the case was taken up at the Mount Lavinia Magistrate Courts today.

Yoshitha is currently on bail over a money laundering scandal at the Carlton Sports Network (CSN).

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  • 30

    Ahhh was this the land where construction was being carried out where a sign read..Mrs Shiranthi Rajapaksa…..
    Graduslly things seem to be coming to light… a petty navy officer has such amount of money? Laundered? May be what he savee from the allowances given while studying in U K n Ukraine…thanjx to appachchis cousin…the ex ambassador to Russia…

    • 4

      Why is that no many of the journos in the lost land not much revealed as to why Yoshita had to buy the plot of lands the name of any arbitory grannies … ?

      Why the journos fail to bring about the stories.

      Why cant they yet interview Mahajara as athe producer of these small cirminals being not interviewed ?

      Guys, you can know know what journos we have in this country – even under the lead of current administration. Not much is changed in the line of free journalism.. not even 20% improvment… anyways, relatively acceptable freedom is given to journalists, but journos dont do the job well.

      Apita budusarnai…

  • 18

    This budding politician and Naval hero of the 30-year war,is now collecting credentials that make him qualify as a Politician. In the old and/or prison and then politics. Now corruption, criminal activities, one or two murders at least, bail or bail jumping, prison cum luxury stay in VIP accommodation or private wing of prison hospital, publicity photos of hero in manacles,and only then politics. Political development and maturity of this once respected nation and a one of the senior commonwealth countries that the Queen is Proud of!

  • 21

    The SEC refused to let me transfer Rs.20,000 to my sister from my SIA Account as apparently it infringed Money Laundering Regulations. How did this upstart produce Rs.50 Million from nowhere and get away with it, until now.

  • 1

    [Edited out]

  • 8

    What about the helicopter was hidden.then lately it was a gift of Thathi’s friend.

    Then uncle took over the Apollo and took over as lanka hospital another uncle ruined the national air line.

    Thathi thought he can rule the country until his life time and pass it to the children like old kingdom. But everything gone upside down.

    Thathi had good vision but that had only for China. He failed to create jobs.drugs ethonel prosituation underworld business people have to pay protection money dosent mention police.

    Thathi don’t trust anyone now that’s why he made himself to Uganda for fact finding mission how that president secured 5 terms.

    Thathi lives in home town but representing Kurunagala.doesn’t know about that much of constituency but they selected as usual.

    Singer,actor,cricketer,monk,,,can be a MP.as long as name is famous then you are in parliament.

  • 7

    What was Shirani Bandaranayake’s crime? Buying a house for her sister with her sister’s money, whose family is well settled in Australia!

    • 3

      Alas! Shirani B. was the CJ. The problem was not really buying a flat but the declaration of Assets as they call it. Anyway her position was restored and the Bribery Commission has now withdrawn the case against her. I think it is fair that with respect to Shirani B. let the past be laid to rest. What is relevant is the present. Apart from the real rogues not caught, the budding rogues need be taken to task. How different from early Singapore PM, Lee Luan Yew’s stand to his cabinet of Ministers “If I suspect any of you taking bribes out you go!” and how a Cabinet Minister in Singapore committed suicide then in the wake of being caught for bribery.

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