10 August, 2022


13A After 19A & Wigneswaran Vs. Wickremesinghe

By Dayan Jayatilleka

Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka

Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka

‘India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), in a resolution passed on India’s foreign policy, at its ongoing two-day national executive meeting in Bengaluru… said …Modi became “the first Prime Minister of Bharat to visit Jaffna…He invoked his idea of cooperative federalism and stressed upon the 13th Amendment and beyond.” (IANS news agency)

What is the future of the 13th amendment if the 19th amendment is passed into law?

The 13th amendment was possible only because of the executive presidency. The system of provincial councils which was mooted by the Donoughmore Commission was never implemented under the Westminster model.

Every time anything came even close, it was rolled back or shut down. That was because of the ethnic outbidding which the first-past the post electoral system and the Westminster model were prone to in a society with the cultural configuration and ethno religious dynamics that we had.

It took the stable overarching framework of the Presidential system to make it sufficiently safe to experiment with an intermediate tier of devolved power and large units.

So what happens when that overarching framework is drastically altered?

When the ceiling is lowered, the Provincial Councils loom larger.

This is more so in the North and East with their ethnic consciousness and dynamics, as well as the proximity to Tamil Nadu and the attendant ideological osmosis.

Thus logically the 13th amendment must be right sized just as the executive Presidency is being reduced in size and scope. Logically we should return to the Bandaranaike-Chelvanayakam Pact.

However, the dynamics in the north are working in the opposite direction and seek a push beyond the 13th amendment and the unitary framework itself.

This cannot but result in a push back in the South, which will manifest itself in a Westminster model and a first past the post system, in just the manner it did in the past.

If the new power wielders are too clever by half and delay the move beyond the unitary framework to the post-parliamentary election phase, then the blowback is likely to take different, less institutionalized forms.

State repression is likely to be the result, triggering cycles of nationalist resistance and repression, leading to de-legitimation of the regime.

None of this can help either ethnic reconciliation or economic stability.

So why on earth start down that road?

Instead let us retain and reform the status quo.

As the Americans say, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. The Presidential system ain’t broke. Yet the new government is not only trying to fix it; it is going way beyond, by trying to break it and then fix it back in an old shape.

The 13th amendment ain’t broke. It just needs streamlining. So why go beyond the 13th amendment? Why not simply improve upon it?

The experience of Gorbachev led Deng Hsiao Peng to understand that you mustn’t attempt more than one big reform at one time. Why go against that wisdom and try to drastically reform the executive presidency, the 13th amendment and the electoral system all at the same time or in rapid uninterrupted sequence?

What if the whole darn thing goes haywire? What if it all blows up? What will emerge through the fissures of a dismantled state structure?

It is now in the public domain that Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran is at odds with Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe. He and his Provincial Councilors have absented themselves from events convened by the PM. What does this show?

It has long been said that the maximum that the most moderate of Sinhala politicians is willing to go falls short of the minimum that the most moderate Tamil politicians are satisfied with. This truism has always been thought to demonstrate the obduracy of Sinhala politicians. But what if that’s the opposite of the real lesson to be derived? What if the real lesson is about the immoderation of the moderate mainstream Tamil politicians? What if that immoderation eventually sinks the moderate Sinhala political partners of the Tamil moderates?

Prime Minister Wickremesinghe may not be dove-ish enough for Chef Minister Wigneswaran but he is easily the most dove-ish of frontline Sri Lankan politicians and has been so for almost two decades– so dove-ish that he has been persistently accused of appeasement; of being ready to give away the store; of suffering from a wimp factor when it comes to Tamil nationalism while being a ruthless hawk when it comes to Southern dissent be it nationalist or leftist. And yet, here is the Northern Chief Minister being publicly critical of him for not showing sufficient readiness to give away the store fast enough. Mr. Wigneswaran wants a fire sale. Prime Minister Wickremesinghe isn’t willing to do so, roughly a hundred days before an election. Therefore Mr. Wigneswaran thumbs his nose at the Prime Minister. What does this say of Mr. Wigneswaran?

Mr. Wigneswaran insists that all but a few military camps should be vacated from the North. But who is to decide what’s essential and what’s not: the Northern Chief Minister or those who are professionally competent in making strategic and security assessments, i.e. the Sri Lankan military? Mr. Wigneswaran urges that the army be replaced by the Police in the North. Well, in certain roles and duties, most certainly, but in terms of a physical presence in the north, most certainly not. Which country replaces the army with the Police in a sensitive, porous, vulnerable border area, security perimeter and potential frontline? Which country would do so, just half a decade after the end of a bitter, thirty year secessionist–terrorist war?

It can be credibly argued that Mr. Wigneswaran is more moderate than most TNA politicians and that he therefore has to keep pace with them. After all, Mr. Sritharan, MP, did say just recently, that Prabhakaran remains his Thalaivar (leader) while Indian PM Modi has become his model. That leaves open three questions: is it the role of the Northern Chief Minister or any leader, to stay ahead of the most irresponsibly radical sentiments of his colleagues or to rein them in? If so what can one conclude about the consciousness of the underlying constituency and the likely direction of political developments? And given the combination of the lack of a strong moderate leadership and a radical political consciousness, what should be the constitutional, political and institutional framework that can keep the country secure and united?

There is a more basic question too. This Chief Minister has had a contradiction with the administration of President Rajapaksa as well as the quite different political personality Prime Minister Wickremesinghe. Logic teaches us that if the same phenomenon arises in the presence of two drastically distinct stimuli, then the cause has to be sought in that which is unchanged rather than that which changes.

Furthermore, Mr. Wigneswaran is not the only Northern Chief Minister to have friction with the Government of Sri Lanka. The earlier, first Chief Minister of the area, Vardarajahperumal had a political collision with President Ranasinghe Premadasa, just at the time when the latter was heavily besieged by the ultranationalist, anti-devolution, anti-Indian JVP uprising. With a qurter of a century between them, both Perumal and Wigneswaran criticized the 13th amendment as insufficient even before they took office. The critique of 13A as insufficient was a priori, and entirely without empirical verification.

Of course, both Perumal and Wigneswaran have reasons to give with regard to their contradictions with the Government of the day, and not all of those reasons lack legitimacy, but when a country has had only two Northern Chief Ministers from very different ideological backgrounds (Perumal was a leftist) and they have both developed contradictions with three quite different dispensations in Colombo, in different decades– indeed centuries– and in very different historical contexts, then surely, we have to go by the weight of empirical evidence and the dictum of Einstein who defined lunacy as trying the same experiment over and over again and expecting a different result.

I initially advocated and supported, at very considerable political, social and personal cost, both experiments under the 13th amendment. I cannot be blind to the evidence of Northern political recidivism. At the very least there has to be a freeze on devolution, with no movement beyond or to build upon the 13th amendment. It may even be necessary to dissolve a recalcitrant Council while retaining the 13th amendment if only for pragmatic reasons of geopolitics, and run the North through an interim administration comprising entirely of progressive Tamil political elements whose loyalty to the Sri Lankan State have been proven beyond reasonable doubt. This can be a transition measure until Tamil politics comes to its senses and Colombo can count on a moderate, responsible Tamil (sub) nationalist partner.

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Latest comments

  • 16

    This great prescriber is trying to have Wigneswaran removed? Huh!

    Sengodan. M

  • 17

    The ugly scheming and instigating by DJ, shrouded in an article which desperately attempts to project a vision, opinion and intellectualism but fails miserably to even convince the daftest of Sri Lankan public. DJ, whom are you fooling? You have been left behind by a country that is moving forward. There will be challenges ahead but lets leave it to wiser people in Gov and Opposition to deal with it.

  • 9

    Dayan’s only problem is how the TNA , that is possible only through genocide. Ideas of Tamils have not changed in the past, instead they are more united now than earlier. So his suggestions will lead to some kind of hardship to entire Srilanka.o

  • 16

    “But what if that’s the opposite of the real lesson to be derived? What if the real lesson is about the immoderation of the moderate mainstream Tamil politicians? What if that immoderation eventually sinks the moderate Sinhala political partners of the Tamil moderates?”

    I suppose, they will then let loose another wave of genocidal assault on Tamils: This has been the historically established pattern for several decades now.

    This is what Justice Wigeshvaran is telling the UN; to investigate the genocide of Tamils for humanity’s sake, and for the sake of the tens of thousands innocent Tamil civilians killed in Vanni in 2009.

    Dayan, don’t play too smart, your thinking doesn’t hold water. Tamils are not bloody fools to be cheated by the Sinhalese all the time until they become extinct in the island.

    • 23


      “Tamils are not bloody fools to be cheated by the Sinhalese all the time until they become extinct in the island. “

      You certainly were fools when it came to Prabhakaran. The so called hero after getting his cadres to bite the cyanide capsule surrendered to the Army like a coward.

      • 15

        Ravi Perera,

        Remember that failure is not permanent, neither is success:

        Tamils learned from the failure and will go forward to their goal of autonomy; only fools stay down.

        Also remember, most great achievers, discovers and inventors had to go though failure after failure to eventually end in success of their worthwhile goals.

        • 19


          “Tamils learned from the failure and will go forward to their goal of autonomy; only fools stay down”

          If they learned from failure ,I also think at some point they may have a chance of some sort of autonomy. But I do not think they have.

          Your leaders are still playing the Tamil speaking card to bring the Muslims under your wing,thereby you intend controlling the East, which has never been yours historically and will never be.

          • 8

            Well then you have the standard technique of dealing with Tamils whenever they struggle for political autonomy:

            Let loose another round of anti-Tamil pogrom similar to that of 1983 or even worse to teach them another lesson.

            Who is stopping you?

          • 5

            Ravi Perera Sinhala speaking Demela

            “thereby you intend controlling the East, which has never been yours historically and will never be.”

            Could we have some evidence?

  • 11

    ” Logic teaches us that if the same phenomenon arises in the presence of two drastically distinct stimuli, then the cause has to be sought in that which is unchanged rather than that which changes.”

    This is not logic: Here is my reasoning;

    If genocide victims protest against two leaders of the same state that is committing genocide of the victims in different ways, then is the cause of the problem with the victims?

    The difference between the leaders being one was rough and brutal while the other is smooth and soothing in their ways, but the ways are only slightly changed – slow genocide versus a fast one.

    He cleverly introduces “..two drastically distinct stimuli..” He is trying to do a political magic trick with sleight with words!

    They are not drastically distinct as our friend suggests, but one was a brutal lion, while the other is a cunning fox. Their intentions are not changed but subtly directed behind the scene by the Mahanayakes to fix the Tamils for good.

    Tamils are still between the deep blue sea and the devil of Mullivvaaikkaal. The devil might come back, who knows?

    • 9

      “..then the cause has to be sought in that which is unchanged rather than that which changes..”

      Sure “that which is unchanged” in the vast majority of the Tamil people’s minds is that the Sinhala political hierarchy is not unchanged in their unyielding Sinhala Buddhist supremacy, and their unwillingness to give any meaningful autonomy to Tamils!

      • 8

        He is another way of looking at Dayan’s “logic”:

        Here is a child crying and the mother gives a sweet but the child doesn’t stop crying, so the next time she gives toy and the child still keeps on crying.

        So, according to Dayanage, the cause or problem is with the child:

        Sure it is, the child wants freedom to move around and not the bribes offered by the parent.

  • 10

    So you you want to bring down democratically elected WIGNESWARAN and install douglas the custodian of democracy like your friend Mahinda.

    13A is nothing but rule by the all powerful Executive President through his representative the Governor. As the previous Minister of health of Eastern P.C. Hisbullah said you can’t appoint even a Labourer without the sanction of the Governor. When the Governor is an ex Navy or Army Officer like in the past in East or North it is even worse when they are nothing but dictators like their President. If you are a moron please read the article on 13A in ‘Groundviews’ by Iqbal who was the Secretary of the Western Provincial Council and the Secretary of many Commissions on Disappearances and Involuntary removals.

  • 15


    Who are the progressive Tamil political elements you have in mind to run the interim provincial council for the North, subsequent to the dissolution of the elected council? Please also define what you would consider ‘ Progressive’ in Tamil politics?

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

    • 13

      Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

      “Who are the progressive Tamil political elements you have in mind to run the interim provincial council for the North, subsequent to the dissolution of the elected council?”

      Dayan is not for democracy, his progressive Tamil political elements includes SC Chandrahasan (Mr SJV Chelvanayakam’s son), V Anandasangaree, D Siddharthan of PLOTE, Sritharan (‘Sugu’) of the EPRLF, Nesan Shanker Raji of EROS and Douglas Devananda. In the absence of progressive Tamil political elements he might suggest he might suggest Wimal Weerawansa, Dinesh, Gnanasara, Nalin de Silva, … as alternative progressive Sinhala political elements and himself as the Governor.

      Please see below for what this war monger wrote in 2012

      Set up an interim administration for North comprising non-anti LTTE moderate Tamils under a distinguished Tamil Governor


      To return to my main point, a bit of clear thinking can help and a gradualist approach may provide a solution. Until the TNA comes to its senses, it can remain the voice of the Tamil people of the North in the country’s important legislature. It is neither necessary to hold Northern Provincial Council elections now, nor dilute the powers devolved under the 13th amendment.

      It is by no means necessary to prolong the present politico-institutional vacuum in the North. Existing legislation and presidential power permit the setting up of an Interim Administration or Interim Council. This was declared by JR Jayewardene in September 1987 and rejected by Prabhakaran, and considered on several occasions by President Kumaratunga, while never implemented.

      This then is the way to cut the Gordian knot: set up an Interim Administration for the North, vested with the powers of the 13th amendment except perhaps for police powers.

      It can consist entirely of Tamil political and civic personalities of proven moderate views and non/anti-Tiger track records such as SC Chandrahasan (Mr SJV Chelvanayakam’s son), V Anandasangaree, D Siddharthan of PLOTE, Sritharan (‘Sugu’) of the EPRLF, Nesan Shanker Raji of EROS and Douglas Devananda.

      Appoint a distinguished Tamil governor for the province. Let the TNA speak out and participate in parliament. A prolonged peacetime spell in a parliamentary political life at the centre will draw that party out of its ethnic enclave and dysfunctional ‘domestic Diaspora’ mentality, absorbing the MPs into the mainstream.

      Meanwhile, the youth (who embody the future) and private enterprise must conceive and construct a new, inclusive, pluralist Sri Lankan identity at the social, cultural, artistic, economic and inter-personal levels, quite irrespective of the politicians.

      Dayan Jayatilleka
      13 February 2012

      • 5

        Dear NV,

        Thanks. Dayan may have revised his list of progressive Tamis now! Further, I hope he will define for us, what would make a Tamil, ”Progressive’, in simple terms, without quotes and references,


  • 11


    Douglas, of course!

  • 7

    “”I initially advocated and supported, at very considerable political, social and personal cost, both experiments under the 13th amendment”.

    Did anyone accept you as an advocate? Did anyone wants to your support?
    People understood you very well. Without any doubt in their mind you are an Opportunistic Rascist Fundamentalist Terrorist (ORFT).

  • 6

    DJ is trying to fish in troubled waters. The relationship between P.M.Ranil W and NPC Chief minister Wineswaran will fall in place in due course.
    DJ can shed crocodile tears but it is of no avail.

  • 2

    The army harasses the people of north and east.
    When men are away at work, army men enter homes and behave in a threatening manner.
    This had been raised when the prime minister visited, and he along with other officials had asked whether this happens even now with a new government, & had been assured that it does happen.

    Armies world over have “Protect and Serve” as their motto – not so, in Sri Lanka.
    Under the PTA any citizen labelled ‘pro-, ex-, LTTE and those who protest this, and seek whereabouts of ‘disappeared relatives’, are arrested and detained.

    It is reported that at the “disppearances commission”, those who volunteered to testify, were not allowed to tell their stories, but were mostly interrogated about their past and present lives.

    “….vulnerable, sensitive, porous border area with security perimeter and potential frontline…………”
    This DJ’s imagination running riot.

    Why not allow all that happens in all other PCs to happen in NPC & EPC?

    For the first time, recently, the NPC was able to appoint teachers under the new governor !!

  • 4


    That little water in your palm have surely and is steadily slipping through your fingers and the desperation of coughing up unworkable solutions will only further frustrate you. Whoever says that SL is now the sole arbiter of the “Tamils’ question”? Even Mahinda mama never dared to use the might of your sinhalese army in the north against a lone Cameron when he went on his winning wickets in the North. Well, you appear so concerned of what Modi said at the BJP convention. Didn’t he say the same thing in the SL Parliament but there was no one, I mean NONE in there who dare raise any objection to what he said. However you want to throw the dice, it is now in the hands of anyone but SL. It s jokers like you who created such a situation. Go on and make all the noises you want to, but the Tamils issue of SL is an internationalised issue despite what Ranil or Maithiri wish to believe and assert. There are enough spoilers among the sinhalese to accelerate descend.

  • 1

    DJ what was the relationship between Wiggy and Mahinda?Did Wiggy attend any meetings with Mahinda. Ranil may appear to be doveish to you but is not as foolish as Mahinda as demonstrated by his decision and the outcome on Jan 8th.Do you recall what Anton Balasingham said of Ranil?

  • 1

    DJ: forget about 13A and 19A BS !
    Remember what Tamara said about US dividing the country ? You never know.
    Advice your guys to behave and not try doing anything foolish.
    Just pack up and leave our nation with your rag tag world famous # 1 rapist barbaric forces who are still bringing shame and disgrace to you and your race.

    If not, the history will teach you racist rascals, an unforgettable lesson.You cannot fool the Tamils and the powerful nations anymore. They all know what you guys are up to.

  • 1

    D.J., I completely agree with you. Until Tamil politicians in the north moderate themselves and fall into the orbit of ‘realism’, I do not think the govt. should move on any constitutional solution.

    As for those Eelam termites, all I have to say is, if they are thinking of embarking on another ‘misadventure’, then a dose of Nanthikadal awaits them.

    • 2


      “Until Tamil politicians in the north moderate themselves and fall into the orbit of ‘realism’, I do not think the govt. should move on any constitutional solution.”

      Could you define moderate in your own word.

      My Elders tell me SJV Chelva who never professed violence was vilified as an extremist whereas the JVP is allowed to remember their fallen heros.

      “They were addressing crowds gathered at Viharamahadevi Park on Thursday for the 25th “Il Maha Viru Samuruwa” commemorating JVP ‘heroes’. It was 25 years since JVP leaders Wijeweera, Upatissa Gamanayake and other party cadres were killed.”


  • 1

    Hi DJ: Forget about 13A, 19A…and blah blah. just remember what Tamara said about US dividing the country ?!
    Advice your guys not to try doing anything foolish anymore. Just pack up and leave our nation with your world famous rag tag rapist forces.
    They are only bringing shame to you and your race. You cannot go on cheating the world’s powerful nations and the Tamils anymore. Get real or else you and your racist rascals will learn a very bitter and unforgettable lesson. Beware !

  • 17

    Southern Sinhala politicians are trying to build a Sri lankan Identity, since when, 1948 ?

    But, every thing Tamil politicians asking are to preserve and promote the Tamil identity separately. Only the Sinhala parties that talk about preserving Sinhala identity are ridiculed by everybody. Those who ridicule threse Sinhala parties include all Tamils, muslims and christians/Catholics.

    Ranil wickramsinghe is doing political suicide by not understanding that by being very moderate to tribalist Tamils, one can never build the Sri lankan identity. Sinhala people are not talking about Sinhale or sinhala Jaathiya.
    It is Tamils who talks about this.

    It is the Sinhala voters who don’t understand these dumb politicians too.

  • 2

    Mr Perera and Thiru,
    Tamil sacrificed lives not for autonomy. Through autonomy they plan to reach their goal. And Sinhales and tamils coexistence never be harmonica l. The world will realize soon

  • 1

    “Mr. Wigneswaran urges that the army be replaced by the Police in the North.”

    Some other Tamil politicians now want the Coast Guard in the North. The Coast Guard is part of the Ministry of Defense

    According to the Financial Times TNA politicians now request the security forces to protect the Northern fishermen and stop drug smuggling. Does this mean that the SL security forces are welcome and needed as long as they don’t have bases in the North?


    Tamil leaders request President to deploy Coast Guard to protect northern fishermen President Maithripala Sirisena yesterday held a meeting at the President’s Office with the parliamentarians of Tamil National Alliance (TNA) and other Tamil political leaders of North to discuss the northern fishermen’s issues. President Sirisena met with TNA leader R. Sampanthan, MPs Suresh Premachandran and Selvam Adaikalanathan, and members of the fishermen’s delegation who attended the third round of talks in Chennai recently. At the meeting Northern Province Minister of Fisheries B. Deniswaran has presented a memorandum to the President seeking the deployment of the Lankan Coast Guard in the Palk Strait and Palk Bay to protect Lankan Tamil fishermen from Indian poachers and drug smugglers, Express News Service reported. The memorandum describing the Indian intrusions as a clear violation of the boundary agreement of 1974, sought effective steps against poaching and also smuggling of drugs from India through the North Lankan coast. The President is expected to convene a larger meeting with the stakeholders of the issue later this month, to discuss the Tamil Nadu fishermen’s 7-point charter of demands. At the third round of talks between the representatives of Sri Lankan and Tamil Nadu fishermen associations held in Chennai on March 24, the Sri Lankan fishermen agreed to consider the proposals put forward by their Indian counterparts. The Sri Lankan representatives are expected to place the assurances made by the Tamil Nadu side before their community in the North and East provinces and to communicate the decision to the Tamil Nadu government by May. The fishermen’s associations of the two countries will meet for the fourth time in mid-May at Colombo.

    The navy also is now welcome and MS calls NPC to do more to solve the problems of the fishermen. Apparently some TNA politicians now accept the security forces.


    Govt., TNA see eye to eye on need to halt Indian poaching
    April 3, 2015, 8:00 pm

    By Maheesha Mudugamuwa

    President Maithripala Sirisena and Tamil National Alliance (TNA) on Thursday (02) agreed on the need to prevent Tamil Nadu fishermen from depriving the northern fishers of their livelihood.

    The President was addressing a meeting at the President’s Office with the parliamentarians of TNA and other Tamil political leaders on the issue of illegal fishing.

    Fisheries Minister Mahinda Amaraweera yesterday told The Island that the President had asked the Navy to seize Indian craft that entered Sri Lanka’s territorial waters.

    The President had categorically stated that the government had not allowed Indians to fish in Sri Lankan waters and he had given clear instructions to the Navy to seize boats or trawlers engaged in illegal fishing, he said.

    Minister Amaraweera said the President had urged the Northern Provincial Council to step in to resolve the issue.

    At the meeting the Navy pointed out the damage Indian fishers caused to Sri Lankan sea bed in the North due to banned methods such as bottom trawling, the minister noted, adding that unlike on previous occasions the TNA had agreed not to allow Indian fishermen to fish in Sri Lankan waters.

    He said that the TNA had kept silent on the poaching issue previously.

    Jaffna fishermen were unable to go to sea for fear of clashes, Minister Amaraweera said.

  • 1

    TNA politicians got what they wanted. I am happy to see that some of our politicians and fishermen manage to communicate with MS and others in the South.

    37 Indian fishers, five trawlers caught poaching
    April 4, 2015, 10:25 am

    by Ifham Nizam

    The navy yesterday took into custody 37 Indian fishermen and five trawlers for fishing in Lankan waters.

    Navy Spokesman, Commander Indika Silva told The Island last night that the Indian fishermen had been arrested while they were engaged in illegal fishing north of Point Pedro around 6.00 p.m.

    He said that the Indian fishermen were being taken to the Kankesanturai Harbour to be handed over to the police.


  • 2

    Dayan below given information is FYI,

    “Did Tamara Kunanayakam Destroy Records On Sri Lanka In The UN?”


    Knishka Senivaratne must be the happiest person in this earth today!

    Even if she invites Kiruba for a meal or dance, nothing will surprise us.

    No doubts that Tamara and Kiruba are your pals.

    Can you ask your friend like Prof Rajieve Sand Tamara to respond this very serious accusation by Kiruba in Paris?

    If Kiruba says anything about the UN, it will work among the public whether it is Singhalese or Tamils.

    Yes, Upali news paper Ltd writes nonsense about him. But UN has proved that those are all fictions.

    Dayan it is your turn now. No bluff.

  • 4

    Dayan, it’s difficult to be patient and may become blind if one angry and arrogant, that is the case I see in you. As I told you deletion, distortion and generalisation become the driving force to win the augment without any interests in solving the problem for the satisfaction of all parties.

    As your colleagues wrote about how your actions in UN how it damaged Srilanka to face the consequences for years to come and gave additional significant contribution for Mahinda to loss presidency is something your cognitive dissonance will refuse to accept many more years.

    Unfortunately your writings now contribute in similar way to strengthen Tamil hard liners to take control from moderates. It is the only way, of course practically implemented at present by BSS sponsors with the help of ex-LTTE to justify your preaching, to give the crown back to the king to rule its citizens. Well done man. Keep up your good work. There are people to make vision come true.

    You must be really feeling pain of losing your UN Job. I know it’s the ideal place for endless enjoyable intellectual masturbation.

    The way forward is to introduce 19th amendment soon to be implemented after next election, bring criminals of big corruption to justice as deterrent to smiler attitude of politicians in future, find an agreeable solution with all Tamil moderate political parties even as a 5year programme and winning their trust by implementing immediate measures through provincial councils to relieve peolpes needs and holding general election in 6 months.

    Wigneswaren new to political culture to practice, he will learn, we don’t suspect his honesty. If you can’t negotiate with him, rethink about your skills. He also have to survive in very difficult environment which precipitated by previous president. New governors appointment if that had happened immediately after CMs request we may have different level of relationship with centre and province. MR may be still in power.

    For the benifit of the country arm forces number should be reduced, we have to reduce the defence expenditure to uplift ordinary people. Most of this armed forces are stationed in NE. Nothing wrong in requesting to reduce them as it will help the whole country. That may need more negotiation and finding alternative jobs for them. As a token of good will measure could move few camps to south to release more people’s land for their resettlement and livelihood .I hope Srilankan psychological association will recommend this as essential measure to relief the children and parents from post traumatic disorders due to war and memories of armed forces presence and their effects in their daily life.

    Dont try fear mongering people. Think, even to change a secretary CM have to wait for central government to change. How good is that kind of devolution.

    Even Federal word is not big deal if you have vision.Read what Marx wrote when he advocated single country for Germany without sinning the federal concept of Union of free and equal people.Now even Tamil hard liners with their two nations one country policy now wanted to keep Srilanka as single country. Your predicaments and prejudices are unwarranted and abusive in nature with misjudged sense of duty.

    Is it Tamils fault for their reluctance to accept the clearly disfunctional devolution as solution from a nation which oppresses and ill-treat them and dont seem to have any acceptable solutions for their immediate needs such as impunity, disappeared people, prisoners, Etc.

    You are still remain brain washed by JVP fear mongering about South Indian Tamils, don’t you feel shame. Even in this alheida -IS era, how many Tamils from South India join LTTE. The way they treat Srilankan Tamil refugees how many you think will join in the future.If you like to insult Srilankan Tamils go ahead. Make yourself happy.

    People talk about giving police powers to Tamils means they they will use it against the interst of srilanka. People who suspect Tamils will abuse devolve police powers don’t realise what great insult that to the history of Srilankan police force. All along for the most part of Srilankan history Tamils were the back bone of Srilankan police. They never let down srilanka. They,I would like to say that with respect, always standup for the inergrity and welfare of Srilankan people when their duty call them to demonstrate their commitment to this country. I feel very sad and angry when people like respectable honourable Champika Ranavaka says giving police powers to Tamils will threaten this country. They had police powers all along never misused it. I hope one day Srilankan government acknowledge their contribution to the Srilankan police force.

    Marx said whilst the professors made the theory of history, history itself went on its own stormy way worried very little about the history of the professors.

    Life is not in books. It’s in peoples heart. It you let the heart wounds heal and find honest politicians we will find our ways to live together with dignity.


  • 5


    Thank you. You have said what has to be said very well. Dayan, is becoming increasingly paranoid and blind to truth, facts and reality. It is in fact perverse.It is a shame that he is publishing utter nonsense and finding the media to do so.
    What he is playing is a dangerous and devious( or is it a mad) game. No sane man with his background and hopefully intellect will do so. I have admired him in the past and have read what he wrote avidly. However, I have noticed the downward drift set in since he lost his diplomatic post, which has reached murky depths presently. I hope my words too would serve as shock therapy. I also wonder how MR could have affected one man so much and pulled him down to such low depths.


  • 0

    “Logic teaches us that if the same phenomenon arises in the presence of two drastically distinct stimuli, then the cause has to be sought in that which is unchanged rather than that which changes.”

    BS. Bull Shit.
    No more, No less. Total BS.

    Logic teaches no such nonsense.

    Bite me, burn me – both hurt. Is my skin the cause?
    Or do u now want to play defence with “drastically different stimuli” ?

    DJ, you are on safer grounds if you stick to “Lenin teaches…, Mao said …., Castro said …. etc. No one checks.
    Some may even think you are very educated.

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    Jayatilake is fast becoming an Angoda case.What happened to the LEGGY girl he used to run around with.She got tired of his vile ways and stinking mouth?

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    The executive presidential system (post 18A) is broke – and needs fixing.

    IMHO, the provincial councils can work, provided that their responsibility is not duplicated elsewhere – e.g. in municipal councils, and district ministries.

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