22 May, 2024


A Case Of Blatant Abuse In Recruitment At Jaffna University

By Rajan Hoole

Dr. Rajan Hoole

Dear Reader,

We give below a case of blatant abuse in recruitment to the Department of Financial Management, Jaffna. The case given here is that of Mithila Gowthaman, who is outstanding by any objective measure. Those in authority seem determined to go to extraordinary lengths to keep her out.

Reconstruction and renewal of institutions in the war-torn North was a major theme that was on the lips of those who wanted it to regain some of its old glory in education. The University of Jaffna was isolated during the war and a few individuals had a free hand in awarding academic positions to their favourites, irrespective of merit. It was a major threat to the integrity of the University. Without a functioning university worth its name, the North was condemned to remain an intellectual desert.

In a bid to check this, the Jaffna University Science Teachers’ Association compiled cases of many abuses with evidence drawn largely from Council Minutes. As mentioned in the Appeal, the compiled volume was given to the Council, to the present and former UGC Chairmen and at least two ministers in charge of Higher Education. This effort was snubbed.

One of the faculties where abuse abounded was the Faculty of Management, which presently has the case of Ravivathani dragging on in the Supreme Court.

The fact that these abuses are allowed to continue with impunity is a measure of the step-motherly treatment the University of Jaffna receives from the authorities in Colombo as well as from our own Parliamentary representatives. It shows that they are comfortable with the rot that has been allowed to set in, which acts as a foolproof precedent to those determined to abuse authority.

Please take up this matter with any of your contacts who could have a benign impact on the state of the University.

Attached also is the letter (click here to read the letter) from the Head of Department, whose courage in her decision to stand up speaks for itself.

Please click here to read the CV of the candidate. The candidate’s photograph and contact details have been removed from the CV. 

Yours sincerely,

Rajan Hoole

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Latest comments

  • 2

    Hi Father Kumar R and Son Meipporul…

    Sir.Ponnambalam Arunachalam, when promoting his idea of setting up University Education in the Island….

    He said,

    “I have ever since felt that the greatest advantage of a University is not the book knowledge you acquire there, but the breathing of the atmosphere of high culture and high ideals, the contact of mind with mind, the clash of opinions by associating with teachers and fellow students and the stimulus thus given to intellectual and spiritual growth”


  • 3

    Hi all,

    I am very sad end of the day as when I analysed all the responses my father and myself have been targeted. It is ok if they fight back on principle but they are touching my personal aspects and income areas. I am ready to apologize on behalf of my father, if my father has done some blunder to some well renowned academics or intellectuals when selecting the University council. He assured me that he has told everything inside the closed room. My father said that there was one Tamil guy when I was telling about the false things about these intellectuals. I am suspecting him as the culprit who has divulged.

    Anyhow father will also apologize soon. Don’t attack us. I am getting mad.


  • 2

    Hot News….

    There is a move to block Dr. Ahilan Kadirgamar, who has applied to Sociology. Though the Head has short listed some people who have been probably backed by Mr.Guruparan wanted to cancel the short listed name of Dr. Ahilan Kadirgamar.

    Similar thing happened earlier also and University of Jaffna rejected DR MAUNAGURU SIDHARTHAN who has done undergraduate studies in Sociology in Sri Lanka, and he joined Johns Hopkins University to pursue his postgraduate studies in Cultural Anthropology and now he is in the National University of Singapore.

    Are we going to lose people of Good Caliber like Dr. Ahilan Kadirgamar again. Some people are thinking that if Dr. Ahilan Kadirgamar if get selected they cannot be continuously prominent in the Jaffna University. one of his U tube talk (link below….)


    These people have to be broad minded. Why cannot they allow Dr. Ahilan Kadirgamar to face the selection board?

    Terrible people for sabotaging

    Professor in Sociology Cum Anthropology

    • 2

      Dr Baheerathy Rasanen is a courageous woman. I am sure she will withstand the pressure exerted on her by people close to Mr Guruparan. Dr Ahilan Kadirgamar should file a fundamental rights case if he is not shortlisted by the University of Jaffna.

      On what basis are they trying to block Dr Kadirgamar’s application?

  • 1

    With this level of English, I think Meipporul’s supervisor has to rewrite his London doctoral thesis even if it contains any meippporul. I wonder how his master’s dissertation got through Oxford.

    It looks like most theses are written by advisers today since they need them for their own promotions!


  • 0

    Lone Wolf.
    Somewhere above you have described Prof. Kumaravadivel as Acting VC. This is incorrect

    I have the instrument of his appointment in my hands. He was merely asked to cover my duties — which is very different from being appointed as Acting VC.

    When he got this request from the UGC to cover my duties, he seems to have had a rubber stamp ready that said
    Prof. R. Kumaravadivel
    Acting Vice Chancellor.
    He replied immediately accepting and stamping his reply with this rubber stamp.

    He has carried off this lie ever since. Even the Board in the Board Room listed him as Acting VC. It is for this reason that I was not listed as VC for over a year after the USAB ordered that I be listed as VC.
    It took Prof. Vigneswaran’s tenure as VC for me to be listed as VC.

    However, no one has had the guts to remove Kumaravadivel’s listing as Acting VC

    • 2

      “It took Prof. Vigneswaran’s tenure as VC for me to be listed as VC.”
      What makes him so sure?

    • 0

      Dr Jeevan Hoole,.
      “Somewhere above you have described Prof. Kumaravadivel as Acting VC. This is incorrect.”
      I apologize and believe you. Thank you for the details.

    • 2


      You have no problem with Rajan idiotically accusing a whole society, screaming “blatant discrimination by the State to intellectually dessertize the North,” where the incident Rajan referred to turned out to be no more than a simple, yet perhaps regrettable, case of internal favouritism from a Dean to his lowly clerk.

      But LW misstating the title of an academic, inadvertently or not, is what worries you to heaven? Really?!

      When you state “I have the instrument of his appointment in my hands.” I shudder to think what you may be actually holding! Let go of whatever you are holding – that might help you think clearly.


  • 2

    OMG. LW doesn’t know the difference between “being asked to cover the work of a headmaster” and “being appointed as acting headmaster”! Plucking hair from an egg shell [ or should we say from the heads of two equally bald headed men ]?

    • 2

      The question is whether Prof. K. signed papers as Acting Vice Chancellor during that period, and the UGC accepted that in correspondence with him.

    • 1

      People with administrative experience know that there is a big difference between covering duties and acting.
      Just to mention one, the compensation is very different.
      There is also the requirement that to Act in a post, one must have the qualifications for that post.

    • 1

      “LW doesn’t know the difference between “being asked to cover the work of a headmaster” and “being appointed as acting headmaster”! “
      You are correct.

  • 1

    It is the duty of the community to decide whether it is going to continue permitting the atrocity of Prof.Velnamby in association with Vice Chancellors time to time, in giving PhD degrees randomly to his colleagues in all the disciplines for money and internal favoritism or doing something to stop this immediately. Since most of the academics of the management faculty are said to be very weak in English language, subject knowledge and outside exposure, this attitude of the dean and the University authorities will definitely going to have a devastating impact on the community and our future. Who has the courage and guts to initiate a move?

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