2 March, 2024


Exposé: Gota Is A Liar, He Owns Luxury Bungalows Around The Country

Although Gotabaya Rajapaksa claims he had no property in Sri Lanka except his wife’s house in Udahamulla, Colombo Telegraph can reveal that he had build a luxury house in his name in Kataragama.

The luxury bungalow built at Wanaraja Pedesa, Depot Road, Kataragama was constructed by using Army soldiers as forced labour.

The architecturally built bungalow is designed in such a way where the occupants of the house could wade into the the famous Menik Ganga river.

It appears that all Rajapaksa brothers of the former regime have now built bungalows around the country during their family rule. This is although Gotabaya’s younger brother Basil claims that the bungalows built around the country by himself does not belong to him.

Speaking to the media earlier Gotabaya once challenged anyone to prove he has any property in his name besides his wife’s property in Udahamulla

We publish below the photos of the property and a water bill dated 15th September 2015 belonging to Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

Correction: Earlier version of this story contained the word “exclusively” but journalists of the Lanka newspaper pointed out that they have exposed this particular story on the 2nd February 2011.

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  • 26

    still want to lead this country into one more war and one more destruction. .. not all are kidding but all are cheating the public

  • 34

    Dayan J Alzheimer ought to occupy this bungalow. As an advanced perk for relentless services rendered to white-wash Gota Raja.

    • 13

      Ben Hurling, I may not agree with some of your comments, but I respect your opinions bud. You state it as you see it without any malice. Thanks

  • 19

    Gota is a liar? OK, so don’t vote for him! Simple.

    Army soldiers as forced labour. – my boy the same forced labour that won the war? Of were they following orders?

  • 27

    sinhala people may think that he will save the country and them from non existent enemy but that is totally an illusion. they are warned about his ambition to become an autocrat using their votes like any other former dictators. his reemergence is due to the weakness of the yahapalanaya leaders who are worried about their own destiny from gotha.

  • 10

    Try to find good photos and bills with current dates.Then we believe and will not vote………HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE

  • 13

    If it is true he is a liar . He has also denied about a Mansion in USA, So who is Right, GOTA MR , ? They belong to the same parents

  • 7

    Take action against Water Board if the Invoice is not true , moreover he has not paid a number of bills as the the total accumulated amount is over 10,000/-, Average consumption is about 25 unite

  • 17

    1.) If this is under Gota’s name and it is indeed a “luxury” house what is the difficulty in filing a bribery case? That should be easier than trying to abolish the presidency hastily isn’t it?

    2.) If this is a “luxury” bangalow my house should be called a Palace.

    3.) So you, me, Ranil, CBK, Mangala have a right to live in a house but Gotabaya Rajapakshe has to live under a tree? Have we all become JVP cadres now?

  • 12

    Sarath Fonseka has two houses in Colombo but I have never seen anyone write about them. Ranil, Mangala, Ravi, Anura, Malik, Sajith, Navin all have houses in an around Colombo. Never have seen anyone question about them. Right right this is not politically motivated at all.

  • 15

    Is this the biggest problem the country is facing today ?? counting the number of houses each and every politicians having in this country and letting bunch of brickbats to comment – Please CT open your eyes wide and see the grave problems the countries is facing today– corruption at every level is rampant — indiscipline had become the discipline — robbing and misusing public funds at will — inconsistent policy of government — hoodwinking public at will — paving way for fascism — gov. sponsored thuggery — drug menence — total indifference towards public opinion

    By giving priority to these twopence issues and allowing big mouth key board worriers to comment – you are diverting the public attention on key issues

    Please start a different blog for these ” wattiamma gossipers ” and name it ” CT gossip”

  • 15

    Gota Basil, MR and Namal have proved themselves as liars by their ow utterances, Gota said he has only his wife’s house in Udahamulla, That is a lie

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