18 May, 2022


A Heartbreaking Story: ‘Agape Orphanage’ Ripped Apart

By Eva Kodithuwakku

Eva Kodithuwakku

I am a Sri Lankan lady 72 years of age and was residing overseas for 12 years. Upon returning to Sri Lanka in 2007, I visited the Agape Children’s Home in Tissamaharama – an orphanage run by Rev. Dayaratne (Parish Priest of the Assembly of God Church) and his wife Sister Mala.

I offered to work at the Home as a volunteer, handling the administration and also to teach English to the children. During this period I was touched to see the way the children were brought up as one family. They called Sister Mala and Rev. Dayaratne ‘Amma’ (Mum) and ‘Thatha’ (Dad) who in turn showered the children with parental love they so deserved. I realized that this was not run like a normal orphanage but a loving home; they were ‘one big happy family.’

With no intention of opening an orphanage, Rev. Dayaratne and his wife Mala opened their home to receive an abused child way back in year 2001. With the increase in numbers, it was registered as an orphanage under ‘Agape Children’s Home’ in 2006. Presently it houses over a 100 children at any given time.

Agape Children pleading not to be taken away

To date it has sheltered around 200 children up to the age of 18 years which include some who are now employed and even given in marriage. These children include abused, abandoned, orphaned and destitute children sent by the Department of Child Care and Probation and the Magistrate Courts in Hambantota, Tissamaharama, Balapitiya and Angunakolapelessa of Buddhist, Hindu, Christian and Muslim backgrounds.

At Agape Home, all girls and boys only under the age of 13 are housed in 8 cottages equipped with beds, linen, toilets and other basic facilities. Each cottage accommodates 10 – 12 children along with a full-time House-Mother who works on a voluntary basis. This section has a kid’s play area, playground, auditorium, large dining hall, library, computer room, common toilets and showers. Rev. Dayaratne, Sister Mala and their 20-year old daughter live in a separate house within the premises, while their second daughter aged 14 years lives in one of the cottages with the other children.

On the opposite side of the road is a 2500 sq ft two storied building used as a dormitory to house only boys of ages 13 – 18 years. This too is equipped with toilets, kitchen and a pantry.  Rev. Dayaratne’s only son aged 15 also lives in this building along with the other boys.

The home is also blessed with a mini bus and a 3-wheeler, to meet the transportation needs of the children. The bus also picks up other children in the village on its way to school and back.

Agape has its own pre-school situated within its premises and is also attended by some of the children from the surrounding villages. The rest of the children of school going age attend two Government Schools in Tissamaharama.  All these children despite their own religion learn Buddhism as a subject up to GCE O/L.

Amongst these are 03 children aged 12, 13 and 14 who attend ‘Apey Pattaw’, a school for children with special needs located in Hambantota. It is an emotional sight to watch all these children kiss their Amma and Thatha before they leave to school in the mornings. Another 08 year old boy who obtained a full scholarship attends an International School in Colombo.

Agape Home was placed first in the Hambantota District and third in the Southern Province for quality standards awarded by the Department of Probation and Childcare Services in 2010.

The home is registered under the Child Care Probation Department and does not receive any financial assistance from the state.  However, there are many who have heard and visited the home, and they voluntarily support it in many ways. The main costs of running the home include electricity, water, food, medical, transport and education.

Due to the constraints of meeting these operational expenses and in order to become self-sufficient, a vegetable plot was started about 04 years ago behind the boys’ dormitory. Subsequently a poultry farm was set up with the intention to provide an egg a day for a child.

The farm then expanded to include a piggery, mainly to sell the animals when mature, which brought in a reasonable amount of income to run the home. Both the poultry and the piggery were handled by two men aged 54 and 21 years and not by any of the children. The home ran a small farm shop by the roadside to sell some of the produce from the farm.

On Saturday 23rd of March 2013, one of the men in charge of the piggery was preparing to slaughter one animal. During this time some of the older boys from the Home were engaged in clearing branches and undergrowth in the area where they had their vegetable plots. An interested party from the neighborhood known to the children had prompted the boys to leave the vegetable plot and run towards the piggery. These events had been discreetly filmed and was aired on a local TV Channel on 24th night, alleging that the boys from the home are used to slaughter pigs. Pastor Dayaratne was arrested the following day, based on this TV report and later released on bail.

The propaganda against the Agape Home continued with the distribution of handbills, posters and organized rallies in and around Tissamaharama. The same TV Channel on the 4th of April also showed a child whose face was disguised, purported to be from the Agape Home, accusing the Rev. Dayaratne of sexual abuse of girls in the Home. This child was never at Agape Home and is not connected to the Home in any way.

The same evening officials of the National Child Protection Authority (NCPA) arrived with a court order at the home to remove all the children. Despite screams and cries asking their ‘Amma’ and ‘Thatha’ to save them all 76 of children were reluctantly bundled into a single 42-seat bus amidst their protests and were taken away at around 9.00 pm. This painful incident will remain in the memmory these children for many years to come.

Photos of the incident taken at the time were confiscated and destroyed by some persons who came along with the NCPA officials. The children had been taken first to Tissamaharama and then to the Lunugamvehera Police Stations. The villagers living nearby told us how they heard the screams of the children up to their homes and had come running to see what was happening. The bus had then left and eventually arrived at the NCPA Head Office at Madiwela, Kotte the following morning around 7.30. All the children had been put into an empty hall in the building with only a few bed sheets on the ground to sleep on.

Up to now we have not had any contact with these children although we learnt that all of them have been scattered in various orphanages throughout the country. No Media Organization has interviewed these children. Among them are 3 girls and 3 boys sitting for the GCE (O/L) examination and 2 girls sitting for the GCE (A/L) examination this year. They plead that they be released to come back to Agape Home and continue their studies. Their school books, clothes and toys still remain in their little cottages with their House-Mothers still waiting anxiously for their return.

These children, who have never known what it is to have a home, love of a mother or father, never had peace in their lives, abused, never gone to school have got a new lease of life at the Agape Home. These scared and broken children found love, peace, joy and finally a FAMILY that each child calls his own. I know for a fact that they don’t have all the luxuries of life but they had the greatest treasure of a Mother, Father, brothers and sisters.

Sadly their lives have been ripped apart and their hearts broken by a handful of heartless selfish people with ulterior motives. My only request is that those responsible for the removal of these children which resulted in the breakup of this family will heed the voices of these broken children and allow them to return to Agape and unite once again with the only family that most of them have ever known.

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    The purpose of these orphanages is to convert children of other faiths in to Christianity.

    It is clear that they have used the children to slaughter pigs. The video footage shown on TV was clear evidence of this.

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      TV was owned by BBS and it is BBSWAHINI!

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      Listen to your conscience AND try to make an own picture. Else, there is no sense. In a conutry the majority of the leaders are proved to be corrupt politicians, majority of people stay indifferent, majority of people support thugs to lead them without thinking twice, majority of people stay blind as the state media reveal them the truth, majority of people see no other alternative to MR regime..

      what can go right ? Recenlty, most reliable sources revealed – larger majorty in the parliaments are uneducated candidates. That is the reality of current day SRILANKA- SHAME SHAME

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      My dear Lalith,

      We don’t have to convert any child. You guys just did…by taking them from their loving homely environment. Thank you BBS for making the job easier. Please do continue to do so. Cause we only get stronger. Thank you. Bless you

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      That,s all your little brain can grasp Lalith.

      You are part of the BBS and the swarnavahini no?

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      Lalith, conversion or no conversion, these homeless kids were given a home, food , an education and love at this place.
      Would you have done the same? If you are so concerned about children been converted, why don’t you support a buddist organization to set up a quality orphanage like the the agape house?
      Some buddist priests live in luxury, having cars and all the other luxuries supplied to them, while the poor villagers have to sacrifice in order to cater to the needs of the priests. Sacrificial love towards the destitute and the poor of the society is unknown to these buddist priests and people like you.
      When someone else from a another faith steps into care for the poor and the destitute, then you have the audacity to cry “conversion”! What an ignorant, and uncaring hypocrite you are!
      SL will never prosper or have peace with people like you, BBS, and the selfish politicians like the Rajapaksa’s are ruling the land. President MR and Gota were good for the war, but not for the peace and prosperity of SL. I weep for my country!

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      Lalith do not parrot allegations. Can you prove the number of children who were converted to Christianity. These are children left destitute by pig headed persons like you and they were only happy to have received sanctuary at this loving home.

      Anyone can make-up TV footage to suit their cunning motives. Channel 4 TV footage was their to discredit our motherland Sri Lanka. It is time that Mr Gothabaya Rajapakse who is a staunch supporter in eradicating false TV documentaries to look into the matter personally and do justice to Rev. Dayaratne, his family and the children of this home. It is time to clear the name of President Rajapakse and GoSL from the sordid actions of corrupt goons who are making tarnishing the image of the country.

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      To Lalith
      Have you ever been there or seen how happy these kids were? long before they were snatched out of the place they called of their own?
      By the way did you know that the school that kids attended teach them Buddhism? and the big kids take up Buddhism as a subject for their O/L examination???

      As for me if i was on the streets and brought to a place where i was protected, and offered me real love, or i was brought from a home where i am subjected to abuse…i would worship whichever God that rescued me from my cruel environment i came from. I would consider any religion that offers me “Agape” (i.e. unconditional love in everything)

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        The sad fact Manorie is that none of these people not even Anoma from the Authority has visited the Home. They if they were to make right decisions, should have first visited the home and checked facts before coming out with comments. They could have without making a big ‘ha ho’ gone and met the kids and interviewed them and found out the truth from them. After all, they had the power to do so. But no… they just listen to a fabricated story and who are still suffering the worst of this? THE KIDS who have already gone through enough and more before being sent to Agape through the courts or probation.

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    It is sad that leading TV channel and a business group like Swaranawahini does not show the other side of the story.

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      Tehy don’t want to. They want to discredit and slander Christian pastors and nuns.

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    First comment – well done Eva
    We have known Pastor Dayaratne and Sister Mala for over six years and visited their home many times, having been introduced to them by a mutual friend. From the first meeting we were impressed by the love and care shown to these children by them both and continue to be amazed by their capacity to love so many. The children are well fed receiving the same food as the couple’s own 3 children and all are given education in some form. On occasions children unable to attend school have been given tuition by Sister Mala herself or one of the house mothers. Many children even receive extra tuition classes. Pastor Dayaratne and Sister Mala put high emphasis on the educational needs of the children in their care, even providing a preschool for the younger ones and some from the rural community and providing education for 4 children with special needs at a unit in Hambantota. My profession is a children’s counsellor and I was therefore interested in the emotional well-being of the children at Agape. Although I was aware many had suffered emotional, physical and sexual abuse before being sent to Agape I was amazed that they appeared to be such happy and healthy contented children. As I am trained to work with abused and traumatised children I would certainly have been aware if any were suffering at the hand of Rev Dayaratne. We felt disgusted that anyone could make such accusations against such a loving kind and generous man.
    Our main horror though is the plight of these children. How can anyone consider that what has happened is for the good of them. Have they not already suffered enough abuse and trauma? Are they receiving the emotional support they will need after this traumatic experience? We hope and pray that someone somewhere sees sense and returns the children as quickly as possible to the only adults who have probably ever shown them love and care.
    Regarding the accusation of forcing the children to become Christian – this is totalling untrue. Anyone knowing the TRUTH of the Christian faith will realise that Christianity is a religion which requires “Choice” . We choose to follow Jesus and hopefully act as he did especially with regard to little children. This is certainly what we experienced in Rev Dayaratne and Sister Mala. Someone out there please intervene and right this terrible wrong to the children and Rev Dayaratne and Sister Mala.

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      Well said!

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      Pam & Keith…thank you for speaking the truth. Yes it is a loving environment that these children were brought up in.

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    After meeting Pastor Dayaratne and Sister Mala in 2011 and visiting Agape I was overwhelmed by the kindness and love they showed towards all of the children. Over the week I spent there, I saw the children being well cared for and educated, many able to communicate in English. I am a primary school teacher and witnessed amazing pastoral care and the inclusion and education of the children with special educational needs. My over- riding memory of the children at the orphanage is one of smiles, laughter and joy- all this overcoming the horrific backgrounds that most of the children had experienced before coming to the orphanage. I have lots of photos as evidence of the loving environment Pastor Dayaratne and Sister Mala have made- laughing children with huge smiles- a horrific contrast to the footage of the children being taken away from the orphanage. For children who need stability in their lives more than most children, what has happened to them is heartbreaking. The way in which they were taken from the orphanage completely disregarded their emotions and what was in their best interests. I am appauled by the treatment of the children and also Pastor Dayaratne who is one of the kindest and most caring people I have ever met.
    Action has to be taken against this injustice.

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    Please Swarnawahini…..please answer the following questions.

    Why don’t why swarnawahini go to the shanty towns in Colombo suburbs, and villeges and show how still 50% of pelple live like “adivasi” primitive veddas in cadjan houses….similar to Rizana nafique’s house 65 years after Independence.

    Swarnawahini could show how 70% (seventy percent) malnutrition children look and 30% sick children live in sub human conditions.

    Swarnawahini could show how 80% (eighty percent of adult population are under nourished…mostly having only a cup of tea as the main meal.

    Swarnawahini could show how 7 year old poor Buddhist children are recruited as Samaneras only due to their parents having economic difficulties, while depriving them from their parental love and keep them in isolation from society and siblings.

    Swatnawahini could show how little Samaneras (7 year old children recruited to become Buddhist Monks)been abused by Temple high priests.

    Swarnawahini also could show how the poor children walking 20 miles a day walking to go to school in many villages.

    Swarnawahini also could show what the 70% poor children eat in their homes and what is their health conditions and living standarde.

    Swarnawahini could also show how still 90% of plantation workers still live in the same old Line houses that British built 65 years after independence.

    Swarnawahini could show how many children been abandoned by their parents, who are looking for adoption homes.

    Swarnawahini could show how many people, teenagers and children commit suicide per day.

    Swarnawahini, I can write many more…..but please look at the log in your own eye before looking at the speck at your neighbour’s eye.

    Hope you will broadcast the truth on this Agape incidednt, as we still looking for answers while respect Lord Buddha and his preachings…. at least upto now.

    Hope you celebrated Sinhala New Year at the auspicious time and ate Kiribath at suba nekatha.


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      They will never do it! Their POLIYA MADAM with the BBS and the HAMBANTOTA brothers are the true guardians of this land! shame! Shame!

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      Yes adding to that in connection with this story, I ask why Swarnavahini does not interview the children (without subjecting them to any pressure) and getting their views on how they are treated at Agape. It is alleged that some of these kids have parents drawing an income of 15,000/-. But has Swarnavahini checked the home back grounds? True they may be earning this amount, but they have many kids, and they still live on the pavements of Hambantota/Kataragama and even Tissamaharama. This is why they were sent to Agape by either the courts/or the Dept of Child care and Probation. Show the world both sides of the story is what we request, and do show compassion to these kids.

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    First of all thanks to Aunty EVA for publishing this.

    I know pastor Daya for more than 20 years ( even before he started AGAPE), currently I am living in Australia. It was heart breaking story to my family since we are walking side by side with pastor Daya and Sister Mala in their faithful journey.

    We have seen all media reports ( Swarnawahini , Divaina , Lankadepa) they are really good at making stories up for their benefits. I do relay appreciate all the comments and concerns posted in this page.
    We do have a community in AUS helping agape. Everyone who visited Agape were surprised, the question they ask “how come these kids were so happy even they are in an Orphanage”. It is clear that Pastor and Sister doing their Job and make them happy that’s why God giving provisions to Pastor Daya and Sister Mala to look after them.

    Day before this media report goes on air, meter reader has given the Electricity bill, next day power was disconnected while 100 kids were still in the home. So it is very clear that, what was going on , BBS don’t love this kids, they don’t care about them. If they are, they will not disconnect the power due to any circumstances with 100 orphans.

    Whoever who ever has done this will be answered to God, he is above all, no one can defeat him.

    Jesus said, “Leave the children alone, and don’t try to keep them from coming to Me, because the kingdom of heaven is made up of people like this.” ( Matthew 19:14)

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    So much of injustice in this country. People and politicians are killing human being and getting away, but just for some jealousy of the community around, these poor fatherless, motherless children are made victims. Isn’t there any justice in this country our President!

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    If this woman is so concerned she can go to courts with a lawyer and can give her side of story;I wonder how she knew exactly what happened as she was there, she was living abroad and helped there when she visited SL once or twice. She is singing in her master’s voice, but cannot deny as an eyewitness what happened.

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    When the LTTE cadres performed cesarean surgery with knives at Dollar Farm to rip open unborn children from the bellies of preganant mothers, dashed children against trees to save bullets,kept infants on hot pans on the fire(Rotti – Thati) , filled bellies of pregnant women with straw etc., no internantional organizations, volunteers or NGOs cried or protestedor wrote.Now nobody cares about these villagers!!!
    I leave it to readers to decide!!!

    • 0

      Both VP, his wife and his children along with over 100,000 LTTE members and innocent Tamil people who were deceived by VP paid the ultimate price at Nanthikandal lagoon.

      This is the only lesson karma shows for others to learn……..as if they do same ….next it could fall upon them.

    • 0

      LTTE were terrorists!
      Who did this to innocent, homeless kids? I guess they are terrorists too!
      When terrorists did terrorists acts there was a govt to deal with it. If successive govts until the Rajapaksa govt was reluctant to defeat the terrorists that is their weakness.
      However now when it seems that govt sponsored terrorists of the “safforn robed” kind is out to destroy democratic rights of citizens of of SL, we have to speak up.
      Just as the LTTE and the JVP violence came crashing down on their own heads, won’t be long before these new terrorist will also have the “sow the wind reap the whirlwind ” law applying to them.
      Hate filled, jealous, uneducated thugs, hiding behind safforn robes!
      Can anyone tell me whether the Budda would have ever approved of this kind of violence and bigotry in his so called “followers”.
      Can’t the leading Buddhist monks and other lay Buddhists who oppose the horror acts of the bbs stand up and speak against them?
      Ever more the reason that religion and the state should be separate entities.
      Singapore did that and look where it is now, at least in terms of development and peace.
      As long as this kind of intolerance and unlawful behavior is allowed, SL will never prosper, nor have lasting peace.
      We might in all probability end up like North Korea.

  • 0

    This is indeed a sad story where overnight the lives of 76 young children including the young girl kept in the police station are ruined, all due to the Thuggery and violence attitude of BBS, Sinhala Ravaya and to an extent by JHU.

    How much they say and show how can some drunkards and thugs involved in illegal activities, preach violence and are supported by arms and drug dealers (namely BBS and SR) understand the caring and well being of a child.

    This news article by Eva need to be sent to the UN children care section to get the correct attention, where our administration has failed to protect.

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    this is just the work of the christians to promote christians in Sri Lanka.
    rule number one”” Christians never do someting (so called good) with out their own agenda.

    • 0


      Please look at the world and see how Christian countries flourish and doing so well in the world.

      See how they have opened their doors to all communities, races and religions in the world to come and seek shelter and life there.

      See how many immigrants go there to live every day.

      See how many political prisners, religious prosecutore, human right deprived people are looking for shelter in those Christian countries.

      See who send most donations to Sri Lanka when Tsunami hit, where most of the donations were sent by children opening their Piggy Banks, Christian churches, various christian charities, Lions club, Leos club, Rotary clubs…..but ultimately somebody in Sri Lanka stole them.

      See how much aid and donations been sent by them whenever there is a natural disaster.

      See where most of our exports go to and how we get our needed foreign exchange.

      See the hundreds of people are lining up in front of Christian countries embasies to get Visa to go to those countries every day.

      Please check with your president…….who is expecting double from them when he does a favour………With over 600 top jobs given to his Family, close relatives and party goons without adequate qualifications……..what do you think he expects from them.

      Please learn to think Positive and learn to appreciate for the things you get free from Christian West who will help more in future provided they are been appreciated and you to be honest.

      God only gives more to people who are grateful and thankful to him and who appreciate for the things they get from free of charge………..and his blessings and gifts will flow endlessly upon the believers.

      • 0

        This comment about Christian countries giving the greatest donations is factually unsound. It is also unfortunate that a falsehood is use to make a religious point.
        The biggest donor by far to tsunami relief in was Hong Kong. Donations from HK exceeded all other countries and even surpassed multilateral organisations including the UN. One of the biggest single donations to the red cross was also made by a HK buddhist billionaire.

    • 0

      You seem rather bitter and upset with Christianity. Dont trust anyone who has an Agenda and call them selves Christians. I hope and pray you meet genuine people so you have a change of heart/opinion.

    • 0

      Janaka, are u blind ?

      How bias you are that u do not see the hidden agenda of the suwarnavahini and NCPA.

      He who respect his own religion will respect others too. he who disrespect other religions disrespect his own.

      people with small minds are suspicious of other’s beliefs.

      buddhists accuse missionaries for converting the native to Christianity. But only 6% are Christians.

      how foolish u people are to believe in false propaganda.

  • 0

    Janaka,its sad that you are looking at the religion and not from a human angle. These are children we are talking about, not ordinary but traumatized ones who have finally in a little tiny way found what they lost in life. Its not a time to fight about religion but to gather together to find out what is best for these kids. I wonder if you have any?? wouldn’t you want the best for them??
    If some organization is doing it why jeopardize it and say nasty things about the ones who are trying to brighten up another’s life?

  • 0

    Child sexual abuse cannot and should not be condoned. The pastor should be arrested and face charges for his crimes. This is not the first time that a pastor has committed such acts.

    • 0

      Guilty before proven…..Rajapakse, BBS, Ravana, Rawaya and Swarnawahini style.

      It say Pride comes before fall.

      Watch out.

      • 0


        Nicely done. But you forgot to mention the main culprit – the NCPA.

  • 0

    If everyone thought like you Janaka what a sad place the world would be. its people with petty attitudes like yours that create all this unnecessary drama. And these are children, no matter what religion if something good is happening why stop it? All these Bodu Bala bullshitters really need to get a life.

  • 0

    They have no clear evidence that the pastor abused any of the children. They would have obviously asked the children if they were and im sure if they had brains they would have checked the children-medically. If even one child had been abused im sure the media would have brought it up and played pandu! but clearly no such thing has happened. please use your brains a liitle – if u have any – before making such accusations.

    • 0

      Thank you Dush for clear thinking and having an open attitude. Actually about 60 kids were medically examined and they are silent because they did not find any evidence of sexual/physical abuse. If not Swarnavahini and certain news papers would have ‘gone to town’ with that.

      The court hearing was held today. They have postponed it for the 29th. Once again its the kids who will be deprived of a basic right. Their right to going to school. All govt schools re opened for the second term today but these kids now have no school. They have stated that they need to check with psychiatrists that the kids are ok. Honestly I have no words to express what I feel. First get these kids who are traumatized to go through medical examinations, and now this? Isn’t there anyone out there who will come out and take action against the Child Care Authority… who are bungling the issue.. now for want of reasons… just penalizing the kids to take revenge on a couple who has already given over 10 years of their lives to make a home for these kids who were unwanted up to now. Sad state of affairs for my motherland.

      • 0


        Why don’t you write to the First Lady Shranthi Rajapaksa about this matter? After all she too is a mother and runs several Montessori schools around the country. She is also said to be qualified in Child Psychology.

        Something positive may or may not come out of it but nothing lost in trying, is there?

        Peace Dove

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    It is a truly heartrendering story but one should not jump to conclusion and apportion blame on any one prty with having full facts.
    One needs to ask the folowing question taking into account the following.

    1) These children by the very nature are vulnerable and open to abuse by those with a sick mind for a vaiety of reasons.
    2) There have been a lot of stories of abuse some by Clergy and I am sure readers are aware of this.

    The following piece of information is disturbing but from the Location of this Orphanage it would appear that most of the Children are Sinhalese and I dont distiguish Tamil Children from Sihalese Children as they are all Gods Childen. But the word boys from the home are used to slaughter pigs throws a different light and we need an inqury to establish who filmed the Slaugter and why.

    These events had been discreetly filmed and was aired on a local TV Channel on 24th night, alleging that the boys from the home are used to slaughter pigs

    So in my view what needs to be done is to bring this to the attention of the authorities and have an inquiry to uncover the truth leading up to the removal of the children to establish the facts.
    But sadly in Lawless Sri Lanka setting up an inquiry is an alien language to the authorities and this one I am afraid will be added to the list of unresolved cases and it is the children who are the loosers. But let us hope the children are in safe hands with the grace of God.

  • 0

    this silly politics will affect the children.

    • 0

      Actually, there are enough authorities in the country that work on children of this kind – why dont they react to the due ?

      I wonder why only one single grown up child is screaming out in the film ? while all others behave far from hers ?

      If the allegations are there, they should prove properly while making a plan for the children to continue their lives. This kind of situtions are reported in other countries too, but the manner the authorities have acted here seem to be no big difference to the manner they handled the last phase of the war – killing the masses to eleminate LTTE millitarily. They seem no any other strategies than harming human beings in every manner.

      One would not feel, this kind of incidents are reported from a predominant buddhist country like ours. If authortiies accuses the reverand couple in that manner, allegations should be investigated fairly.

      • 0

        The latest update on the Agape Children……. (29th April 2013)

        For the Dayaratne Family it was a day of happiness & in anticipation of seeing some of the children handed over to their families in courts this morning. Sis. Mala with the rest of the House Mums had prepared fried rice, chicken, dhal curry and papadam for lunch to have with these kids and their families.

        Outside the Tissamaharama Court House premises were 2 vans parked with a bunch of 20 adorable kids. Suddenly they saw a familiar vehicle approach the court house and they recognized it to be their loving ‘Amma’ and ‘Thatha’ coming to rescue them. They all were excited !!! With smiles from ear to ear, they were waving their hands at the approaching vehicle. As for them, the 26 days in “HELL” has come to an end.

        The case was called around 12 noon, but was to be taken up again, during the day. It was hot, humid & tiring. During the break the NCPA officials took the children for lunch, which consisted of a vegetable roti & a piece of cake. The girls were fortunate to remain in their van with the air conditioner on, while the boys remained in their van with no similar comforts.

        Some of those present outside the court premises took the opportunity to speak to the children who continued to sit and wait in the 2 vans. They were made to understand that the children had been separated in to groups and are placed in different homes in Panadura, Kalutara, Hikkaduwa & Hokandara. They had complained about the food, lack of beds (in certain places which resulted them to sleep on the floors) and had begged; ‘PLEASE RESCUE THEM FROM HELL.’

        At the hearing, the NCPA officials said they were willing to handover 20 kids to their family members subject to a series of lengthy conditions. They said they completed the medical check ups on the children but are now sending them through physiological tests.

        One of the lawyers present in courts stated that the NCPA ARE SUPPOSE TO PROTECT THE CHILDREN & then questioned them, as to what good they have done up to now, other than sending just 01 child to school (out of the total of 89 children removed from the Agape Home) while the others have missed school for the past week, out of which, some them are seating for their A/L’s & O/L’s. The judge having listen to the arguments & counter arguments decided to postpone the handing of the children to the parents until all inquiries were completed. He stated that THESE ARE CHILDREN AND THAT THE NCPA SHOULD STOP PLAYING WITH THEIR LIVES!!!!

        It was a sad moment when we had to walk up to the vans and tell the children that they won’t be going to their homes that day, but may be on the 6th of May when all of them would have to be present in courts once again. The kids who were smiling & looking forward to getting away from the clutches of NCPA started to cry & asked why they had to undergo such pain & heartache…

        The children were taken to Kataragama by NCPA officials. On their way, they passed Agape Home. Recognizing it, the children started screaming out from the vehicles pleading, “PLEASE SAVE US!!!!”
        My questions are, ‘Will the children be able to get out from the clutches of the NCPA on the 6th? ……..What about the rest of the kids?’

        Some of the kids stated that don’t want to go to school anymore, because they are ashamed to face the outside world after the medical check ups and harassment they went through during the past few weeks. We believe if the NCPA had such proof, by now thry would have 1/brought it up in courts 2/would have broadcasted through their ‘Pet Channel’ Swarnavahini, who made false statements such as “the children have been saved from Apaya” (Hell) & Mrs. Anoma Dissanayake thanked them for doing so,

        MRS. DISSANAYAKE…FOR YOUR INFORMATION..THE CHILDREN CLAIM THEY ARE IN HELL WHILE THEY ARE IN YOUR HANDS & KEEP PLEADING WITH THE REST OF THE WORLD TO RESCUE THEM FROM YOUR CLUTCHES. (These are THEIR WORDS…..& not ours!!!!) is it because they keep asking for AGAPE HOME that you have put them for “Psychiatric Evaluations ????”

        Being the Head, don’t you hear their cries??? What answers did you give to the girls who managed to somehow talk to you & challenge you to come just for ONE DAY, STAY WITH THEM AT AGAPE HOME & EXPERIENCE FOR YOURSELF THE LOVING ENVIRONMENT THEY LIVE IN & GET TO KNOW THEIR AMMA (Mum) & THATHA (Dad)??? Do you ever know the meaning of the word ‘AGAPE???’ It means ‘UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.’ Wonder how you would pay for these crimes you have committed?

        The NCPA accused the Child Probation (CP) saying they have not taken care of the kids, where as the lady from CP has nothing but SAVED THE LIVES OF MANY CHILDREN. They were taken from a sexual or physical abused environments, some even taken off the streets and sent to Agape. CP found these children a HOME of their own where there was PROTECTION for them FROM THE OUTSIDE WORLD & theCHILDREN FOUND SELF-ESTEEM (check Pam & Keith’s comments) UNTIL NCPA TOOK THEM AWAY.

        To the HEAD of CHILD PROBATION, I know that NCPA has requested you to make an inquiry on Ms. Pushpamali, you should be truly PROUD to have OFFICERS as DEDICATED AS HER IN YOUR ORGANIZATION. She has SAVED MANY LIVES & GIVEN THEM A NEW LIFE…(I’VE SEEN THE PROOF OF MANY these past few days, some of which who are happily married with kids of their own, some working who came to see their mum & dad, to support & encourage them through this ordeal.) Ms. Pushpamali, no matter what happens in the future, REMEMBER, you have done a “GREAT JOB” during the past few years in identifying children and giving them a new life. MAY GOD BLESS YOU ABUNDANTLY !!!

        Finally, I also want to thank all of you readers and specially those who contributed with your valuable thoughts on Agape Children’s Home, Rev. Dayaratne & Sis Mala have been encouraged by your words. God bless you all !!!

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    This is par for the course for the NCPA. They behave like bulls in a China shop when following up on allegations, not bothering to have an initial investigation before taking action. Their actions could only serve to severely traumatize the children, as well as the staff. Some protocol should be established with regard to following up on allegations that should include basic courtesy, decency and, above all, manners.

    The Agape Home should contact a good legal consultant and take these goons to court.

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    From a HELPLESS EYEWITNESS who observed the cruel acts that took place on the 04th of April 2013 at Tissamaharama

    The Child Probation (who genuinely care for children) after an inquiry gave Rev. Dayaratne orders to continue with the home, on conditions that the piggery be stopped (which is in a completely different area) & the older boys taken for further investigations, this didnt please the trouble makers & so on 04th April, a court order was obtained to remove the children from the home & rehoused them in other orphanages. 

    However the NCPA came only after it fell dark around 7.00 pm, so that the wicked things they did to the kids cannot be recorded. We took pictures but the policemen confiscated the cameras, deleted the pictures & videos. It’s nothing short of a ‘miracle’ that there are just a couple of pictures & a video taken that had not got deleted. Amidst the crying, begging & pleading of the kids not to be removed from the only place they found, happiness, love & peace in..these heartless people took the kids two by two, some forcefully dragged to the awaiting bus & as I observed on one occasion, an older girl was beaten..because she refused to get into the bus. All this we watched with tears streaming down our cheeks. This was heartbreaking but the worst was yet to come..when all the kids were in the bus, still crying & begging us to help them & not knowing where they were being taken, these already fearful & traumatized kids, were further traumatized when the bus, ready to leave the gates of Agape Home, switch off the lights inside the bus & drove away. The kids who were crying began to scream for fear of being kept in the dark. 

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE..SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME…(I am crying while I write this) HOW CAN PEOPLE DO THIS TO INNOCENT CHILDREN WHO HAVE GONE THROUGH SO MUCH IN THEIR LIVES. IS THIS CHILD PROTECTION ????? If  I find it difficult to get this scene out of my head, ……how would they be able to do so??? These kids would need loads of counseling just to overcome the bus ordeal alone. I’m sorry if the words I use here are plain & not eloquent..but I need the whole world to understand what happen to these kids. Isn’t this a violation of human rights ???? 

    Sharmini & Raisa (Sunday Leader) “THANK YOU” for giving the innocent a voice, despite the consequences you would have to face in giving us a chance to reveal “THE TRUTH.” You two are “Amazing Ladies !!!!”

    Unfortunately there are others out there who are an embarrassment to us females. They themselves are mothers, but are “HEARTLESS”…I wonder how these females would have reacted if one of their own kids were taken by force from them…??? They didn’t think twice about removing these children from the only “HOME” they have ever known. I say “HOME” & not orphanage…because both Mala & Rev.  Dayaratne would correct us if we ever called it an orphanage, saying these kids are not destitute, they have a home with us…these are, “OUR KIDS.” Let me not get side tracked from what I am trying to say here…there are a FEW “HEARTLESS WOMEN” out there; for example the head of the “HEARTLESS WOMEN’S CLUB” spoke to Sunday Leader regarding the ” Agape Home.” She should be called “SPIDER WOMAN” (my apologies to Spiderman) because the web of lies she keeps to be spinning seems to get bigger & bigger each day. Careful, my lady..because one of these days you would get entangled in it & in the process hurt yourself.  My first question to you is…have you ever stepped in to Agape Home ??? If you had…then you wouldn’t have done or said the things you did. With reference to  (22nd April 2013 article of the Sunday Leader) you state that the children didn’t attend school on a regular basis. Mrs. Dissanayake, I’d like to ask you if you have questioned the school teachers & checked with the school register before making such statements. I guess you have to resort to lies because you cannot prove to date the accusations you have brought against Rev. Dayaratne & His wife Mala. You should be soooooo blessed, that your dealing with “Christian” because Jesus said “Love & forgive your enemies” that is exactly what Rev. Dayaratne & his wife Mala would do when it comes to you all. However….it is so scarrrrrrry to fall in to the Hands of God. (Matthew 18:6  “If anyone causes one of these little ones to stumble, it would be BETTER FOR THEM to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.) “it says better for them” to do it rather than to fall into the Hands of God.

    Aunty Eva, thank you for writing this article, you are a “Amazing Lady” too, for giving up the luxuries of life & spending your time at the Agape Home. We know for sure what an amazing place it is, where the kids are “ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY.” If as stated, Rev. Dayaratne was such a horrible man..we would have been the ones to expose him first. But he is such a gentle, humble, humorous gentleman. He has loved these kids as his very own. However in this wicked world, we have warped minded people who think otherwise. How sad !!!!  Aunty I believe you will agree with me when I say, that the “GREATEST & MOST AMAZING LADY” is SISTER MALA. 24/7 Mum to all the kids, who would not leave the premises. She had a passion for all these kids & loved them so much. Kissed each child every morning just before they left to school, checked each child’s homework each day after 6pm, during study time, attended to all their needs. What an amazing mum !!!! (it might sound unbelievable but it’s true…I’m sure Aunty Eva would confirm it cause she lived with them.) I know as a mum…the task is hard…but she was at it. No one paid her for doing her job, but she did it lovingly & not grudgingly. Her heart has been ripped apart & is not the same ever since the kids were taken away…all she does is keep thinking of the kids & keeps praying that they will be taken care of..no matter where they are & hopes someday they will be reunited again.

    For those who don’t know Rev. Dayaratne & wife Mala and how they started Agape; In the village, there was a child who was abused in his home & a known party of the abused child came to Rev. requesting him to take the abused child under his wings. He couldn’t, because they had the bare minimum & they already had 3 children of their own, youngest being 3 1/2 yrs old then. A few days later this child could not take the abuse anymore & therefore consumed poison in order to take his life. Another villager brought him to Rev & requested for help. Rev took him to hospital and there they tried to save his life but the child died before his very eyes in Hospital. He then learned that it was the same child he was asked to take care of. He felt so sad & he cried asking God asking to forgive him for not saving a life. He asked God for another opportunity to to be given to him to save the lives of children who are abused. As always God takes us at our word & so one by one these children started to add up in Rev. & Sis Malas’s home. Hence the term “Amma (mum) & Thatha (dad) were used to be referred to these amazing parents. 

    I recall how Sis. Mala told me that her youngest daughter who was then 4 yrs old, was crying for milk one day and it broke her heart that she couldn’t give her own child milk, since they didn’t have the finances to feed all kids with milk, since the rule of the house is..that everyone is treated equally, whether biological or adopted..they were one family now. The environment they created for the children were “a happy, loving home.” This is evident in the uploaded video. If they were ill treated or sexually abused they wouldn’t have cried the way they did. I could write many more real life stories of children’s lives that have been touched by the ministry of Rev. Dayaratne & Sis. Mala ..but will stop for now.

    As for “Adambara Thatha” (Proud Dad) I believe he knows…but “CHOOSES” to ignore the matter.

    Once again, Sharmini & Raisa, “THANK YOU !!!!” For giving voice to the innocent & may God bless you abundantly !!!! To all readers thank you for your encouraging words. You all don’t realize what a huge impact you have made in the lives of Rev. Dayaratne, Mala his wife, there kids & all those who have been hurt. You brought a smile & took away their pain for just a few minutes…which means a whole lot. May God bless you all!

    Keep watching this space, I will update you on the latest happenings…there is so much more that I need to write but time restricts me…..

    Dear Readers….

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      Please do understand that Buddhism (BBS) never teaches to show mercy on others specially on children!

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      I thank you for bringing us HELPLESS EYEWITNESS incident which took place at Agape.

      It is only the people who really do care for these homeless children know the difficulty and sacrifices they make to bring up these children.

      To tell you my own story……when we were small….three of us children, my mother brought a homeless girl, around 7 years to adopt in our home.

      We were so fond of her and gave her all the love we had since we were also around the same age as hers.

      The time she came there were rashes all over her body including her sculp, legs,back and all over, and my mother had to bathe her almost every day and give her medicine, taking her to doctor and taking care of her hygine including toilet training.

      Preparing seperate food for her was a different task as she was not used to eat regular food at the beginning, and had to fed her personally by my mother.

      My mother was an asthma patient and due to touching water more often, she started getting sick more often and had to go and get the dose of shot from her doctor and many times doubled taking prednizone .

      But it was only after my mother started treating this poor girl along with us, she and all of us found the difficulty of raising a single additional child………..leave alone taking care of 76 children at Agape.

      Finally my father was worried of my mother’s health condition….and after about six months taking care of this little child my mother gave this child back to her previous guardian, when we felt so sorry and don’t know what happened to her thereafter.

      I don’t think this NCPA, BBS, Swarnawahini or Rajapakses have taken care of a single homeless child in their homes for one single month…..leave alone taking care of over 76 children for 10 years.

      Rajapakse Government should be held responsible for all the homeless children, sick, poor and economically deprived children, children who are mentally and physically been abused and children who are unfed and under nourished and also children who are been raped, abused murdered and who commit suicide.

      All what “ADAMBARA THATHA” Proud dad Rajapakses does is taking endless photos and TV video footage carrying children on his arms, on his lap, hugging and kissing them and taking group photos and publish them in mass media. Nothing been done to bring their lives up while restricting others who come to help them.

      The Adambara Thatha……if he is so concern about children…should make sure that they are at least given sufficientfood and nutrition, callories, vitamins and minerals and nutrition to sustain. Is it happening with ADAMBARA THATHA IS ANYBODY’S GUESS…….

      Today there are 70% Malnutrition and under nourished children and 30% sick children in Sri Lanka.

      All the time what fake “Adambara tatha” did was to send mothers with infant babies, who have two, three, four, five and six year old children to Middle east to work as slaves to bring him needed foreign exchange to get down Lamborginis, Rolls Royce and 1000CC motorbikes for his children to play with.


      “ADAMBARA THATHA”…….Please reply.

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        Thank you Mahela for sharing your experience with us. Your mum was great & your family too for trying to make a difference in someone else’s life. Like you said…it was just one person…but Rev & Wife Mala have sacrificed their own lives to serve over 300 children at least for the past 12 yrs of their lives. The next few days I spent with them I realised how many people loved them. Among them were older children who had either finished their education & now working or some others who had been given in marriage by Ptr. Dayaratne, (just married & some others had kids of their own)..came from far off places just to spend time with them & encourage them…THIS IS FAMILY !!!! If these kids had been ill treated & abused…none of them would have bothered…but it is the love of parents that they received that made them come back & spend time with their parents. (It was so soothing to my broken heart to watch these children encourage their mum & dad.)

        The VILLAGERS too came to visit Rev Dayaratne & his wife Mala. They were BUDDISTS. I was amazed to hear them curse the Buddhist priest & the temple & wished for all of them to be destroyed due to the injustice that took place to the children. This is why I keep saying that we don’t have to convert anyone. They did it for us by their actions.

        It saddens me to think that there are people like Lalith, Janaka & Sam who speak without knowing the truth.. All I can say to them is….”I PITY YOU !!!!” It is people like these…that make this world a cruel place to live in.

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          Thank you shehani/Shezo. Yes there are only few people who understand the suffering and the pain of these children.

          Unless they are been taken care with love and affection there’s a greater risk of them ending in street corners and become prey to sex addicts and many times could bare fatherless children.

          I have noticed that our children, specially girls are very much vulnerable to sex perverts than many other countries, and I think it’s mostly due to them been brougtht up on a suppressive environment and culture and due to it the sex starved perverts exploit their innocence and their lives.

          Sending young girls and young mothers to Middle East is the worst thing any government could do to ruin our society. By that they destroy the whole family.

          Now even poorer countries like Bangladesh, Indonesia or Philipines have restricted a lot sending their women to ME. Also I know many of our women were not been paid for months and years and sent back home with empty hand after been tortured and I have met and spoken to some of them at ME airports and on return flights.

          I also know many of them go just to have a square meal for themselves as they cannot afford three meals at home.

          I have travelled to many parts of the world, but I have not seen a country like Sri Lanka 3where anything could be grown at any part of the country. But due to our corrupt mostly Sinhala Buddhist Politicians our country was Ruined ever since we got Independence.

          My father used to say how the British treated them when he was working under them and how happy my father and his collegues were.When my father was young he did all sorts of sports both at school and at work with the British and was travelling around the country with them and he still has those photographs.

          But now everything is History for him and us. I still travel upcountry to visit Tea estates (We stayed at a tea estate on our honeymoon in Nuwara Eliya) and now when I visit I feel sad to see how they are gone that bad……and at some tea estates, they have started to growing vegetables, cardmom, and other crops just to survive without closing. No creeping or re-plant or even fertilizer been done due to not enough funds. Many factories are turned into left over scrap yards.

          Therefore do you think our children will have any hope for a better tomorrow in Sri Lanka….

          These complete uneducated and cunning Sinhala Idiots do not know how to run a country except to rob, rob and to rob more while deceiving 75% uneducated villages to get their vote. Nothing else.

          There will be no future in Sri Lanka with these thugs who show and act like patriots……..

          Unless some Westener who has love and sympathy towards our people and our country comes and help,….i don’t see any other alternative but will go down the drain.

          How can you expect a country to develop when the rulers are robbing even poor peoples Tsunami money that were sent by children of western world to put up houses, and taking mega commission on all unwanted projects while importing contaminated fuel.

          You know what…. During 2004 Tsunami my own cousin together with his friends from a Western country pooled money together and sent a container full of clothes, canned food, childrens toys, bicycles, books and many household items and a lot of canned foods and drapery to be given to tsunami effected people.

          He sent this container to his Brother to clear and to distribute among the poor.

          But you know what the Govt. did…… They wanted him to pay 20,000 US Dollars as duty to clear this container and my cousin got so mad at it.
          after spending all that money to send a container full of stuff to give away free to Tsunami affected people, we were wondering why the Govt. ask for US 20,000 dollasr as duty. It’s crazy. They have said it was their law.

          My cousin did not want to pay 20,000 US dollars as duty to give away free food and clothes to the tsunami affected people.

          My cousin never bothered to contacted the Govt thereafter and left the container at the GOSL container yard somewhere in wattala.


          You know what…….My cousin told then that in future he will never contribute or donate anything to Sri Lanka Govt.in future if another Tsunami or a natural disaster happens.

          Like wise during the last two major floods occured in 2010 and either 2011 or 2012 they never sent and contributions to the Govt, and the Govt. did not receive any donations from outside.
          Not anymore for cheeters.

          Please take my word……All I could say is have faith in Almighty God and not on the fake tooth jokers.

          God Bless.

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      In west there are animal sanctuaries called “petting farms”.

      What it does is…..it has many types of domestic and other animals like dogs, cats, chicken, lamb, goats, cows, pigs, rabbits,ducks, horses etc where it allows people and children to come and pet animals and feed them.

      Please watch the following videos.

      Now even in west they have animal petting restaurants where customers could pet cats and dogs while having their meals.

      The latest findings found Petting and feeding animals make children feel loved, affection and relieve their stress.

      My mother had a small chicken farm, including one pig and dogs and cats when we were small and I still remember how I played with them.

      Killing pigs by small boys is a different story which could be warned not to happen in future……..but feeding animals makes children feel loved to animals and the world and also relieve their stress.

      Ever US President has pets at his home.

      What do you have in you home sir…..’OUR ADAMBARA THATHA’

      Please go to a villege and see who are taking care of their domestic animals.

      Please don’t be a Hypocrite.

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    I am not a great fan od Assembly og God. having said that I must appreciate the good work done by the people concerned in setting up this home.
    Further more as per the facts available I personally feel that who ever who is responsible in closing down this home for the poor children will have to answer to our GOD for sure.

    so lets swait that judgement date……
    tc & God Bless to all who are involved in this great venture

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    the ncpa too is fullof poltical stooges who wants to show that they have power etc. look at the staff at this place.

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      We are intelligent enough to now realize who the main person behind all this. We know that the authorities cannot break all the laws in this country and do what ever they want unless they have the backing they need.

      Dear readers, dont be stupid to think that a slaughter of a pig was the main reason behind all this. If you watch carefully and follow, you will be able to figure out in the coming days what their main intentions are.

      While those responsible for the breakup of this loving family go before their gods and pleed for blessings, prosperity and longer ruling powers, my wish is that they be born as ‘Pigs’ in their next birth.

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    When Sri Lanka gained independence and the British left our island, they did not bother to replace the administration system that we had before their invasions. The people who gained independence were the politicians who governed the country the way the British did under the Roman Dutch Law, and not the normal civilian.

    Under the Roman Dutch Law, if a person other than the judge in courtroom, takes the judges seat to pass judgement and a verdict in a case, would be punished for contempt of court, although he may be 100% correct and right in his judgment.

    Why this rule does not apply th the members of the BBS baffles me.

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    Dear All,
    This is the time to open all the media peoples eye regarding AGAPE Children Home. Because every one can see what is the truth regarding AGAPE Children Home. Please Tell the TRUTH to the WORLD regarding AGAPE Children Home.
    Now we all can see what is the trouth and what is da wrong film make by One TV Chanel. “http://varunamultimedia.com/videos/btv/youtube/swarnavahini-news.html” .
    see above link and Check 24,25,26,27 and 28 th of March 2013 and 04,05 and 8th of April 2013 Live @ 8 News… videos and compare how nicely they make film and above truth Story….
    Remember ” Every 1 can make any wrong Stories ,Films .. News But…. Remember All of Your Heart Know what is the Truth …….

    • 0

      Thanks Anthony for the link to the news archive. I had wanted to see how they covey their message but did not know where to find the news footage.

      While we are sitting in front of our computers, we have connections to the world and have the means to see things from various perspectives. However, at this stage of development in Sri Lanka, most Sri Lankans still rely on certain media for their knowledge of such things or from someone who represents traditional authoritative figure. All it takes is for those media to be controlled by someone with ulterior motives who seek to manipulate, and most of them can easily fall into their trap. All it takes is for those traditional authoritative figures to give the wrong message and the ones following them will go astray with them.

      Public Media has the responsibility to convey reliable truths that are beneficial to the masses. It is not enough for them to simply broadcast whatever events they can lay their hands on. They also have the responsibility to be neutral about whatever news or events and not add their own opinion or flavor.

      Sad to say, as I studied the news broadcasts about this children’s home incident, it becomes very obvious that they were distorted.
      I notice the choice of words and pay attention also to the background music which were added for some parts of the news for Agape…yes, the background music. I do works on video editing and this is a common knowledge for me but many don’t realize it. By having different music softly in the background, the message is brought out very differently and the viewers do not realize it.

      Isn’t this manipulation of the news? Why is the footage made to look like Agape is a house of the devil?

      I love Sri Lanka too much to let it be wasted away by a handful of selfish, ignorant and greedy people who manipulate the great majority who are a loving people and have good heart.

      We need to let the truth be known to everyone in whatever way we can. Let the truth be known so that the loving people of Sri Lanka can be freed from the chains of deceptions set on by those who have ulterior motives.

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    As a tourist I love your country and have admired the “apparent” acceptance of other religions among people in an 80% Buddhist country. I cannot believe that anyone could even consider treating any innocent children in this way let alone children who have already suffered. this would appear to be persecution of a devoted Christian couple because of their religion. Can this continue? Your tourist trade is important to you but how will it be affected if persecution like this is allowed to continue? The country is beautiful, the people warm and friendly but this behaviour is barbaric! Please someone intervene and bring justice in this situation to Rev Dayaratne and his wife but mostly please rescue the children and send them back to this loving home. Are any lawyers reading this? Can you allow this to continue without helping? Christians in Sri Lanka arise and pray. Our God is a God of justice and love. He loves the children but he needs us to be his hands, feet and VOICE in this situation. Please do all you can to help these suffering children. The longer this goes on the more they suffer and they NEED love.

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    Looks just like the incident of the ‘Sisters of the Poor’ where the nun was arrested without any justifiable cause and later they had to apologise for their rash treatment. I really cannot understand why justice and honesty cannot be recognised by the relevant authorities. If this place was run in a notorious manner, everyone would have kept their eyes closed. This is so unfair. But then the world is so wicked now that only injustice prevails. All I can do is pray and hope that the children will be safe, because at the end of the day, it is they that suffer.

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    I really hope that something good is coming out of this!!! That the children will go back to Agape and get united with the ‘family’ they know. I have been to the place and I know it very well. It is a good place where children can grow up peacefully without any disturbances, where they can get education etc. Everything is provided for them.
    I cannot understand that this case is still going on. That it is still not investigated what was shown on tv. Is that justice?
    Children are now scattered, with fear because they do not know what is going to happen. Can you imagine yourself being one of these children?
    I would be hopeless without my other ‘family’members, without school etc.
    I pray for a BIG VICTORY for this home!!!!!!

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    The NCPA should be disbanded immediately and brought under strict regulations. Like most NGOs, they are manned by corrupt official with questionable intentions. To justify their existence and monthly salary and also to cling to their free perks, the officials on the pretext of protecting women and chilren,fabricate false stories against their so-called victims. A recent incident was a Tamil friend of mine in his late eightys who was framed by his servant woman because he fell out with her for not allowing her to entertain her menfriends in the house. She then complained to the NCPA that her employer tried to molest her when she was washing clothes.This too, after nearly 3 years of continued service in the same household. Without a hint of evidence, the NCPA men and women rushed to the house in their official vehicle and without even a police warrant barged into the elderly residents house, intimidated him and threatened to frame abuse charges against him. They also took unauthorised photographs of the washing area and interior of the house which they said they were going to produce as evidence in court. Even the driver and cleaner of the NCPA official vehicle behaved and acted like authorities wielding official power, asking rude and impertinent questions of my hapless friend and putting incriminating words in his mouth. With nobody to take his side, and difficulty speaking sinhala, my friend had to call his neighbour and relate what happened to him.. He is still battling a false case brought against him by the NCPA fellows which seems to be perenially postponed for the next hearing, perhaps at the utter glee of his own lawyer Also, the NCPA is visibly hand-in-glove with the hulftsdorph legal fraternity and the labour department crowd who also seems to take pleasure in harassing their accused victims to no length. This corruption must be stopped immediately and the NCPA officials made responsible for their foul actions.The manner in which they spend their funds and the source of funding must be investigated thoroughly . A commission should be appointed to look into their activiiiiities and report on them regularly with stiff penalties brought against officials incriminating hapless victims in bogus cases..Till then, the NCPA will in treat each victim as guilty until proven otherwise. This is sad indeed and only adds to sri lankas growing list of human rights abuses..

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    Swarnavahini will publish anything to harm the Christians. They are the main brothel house runners and tavern keepers in Colombo, although they try show as very good Buddhist they only do show work. They do not even pay their workers properly. They just hate any one doing good. Bope

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    I read all the posts on this matter and simply want to say if everyone who still loves this motherland and anticipate the setting up of a society that upholds a value system nurtured in Peace, equality, and Justice it is time to do more than talk. Children’s rights are so dangerously abused when such a terrible regime and a moronic media laud proudly and arrogantly.

    We Sri Lankans and Sinhalease can only be recognized as worthy of being truly “Sri Lankan” or “Sinhalease” when we demonstrate by our word and action our real spirit of kindness, respect for others, and self sacrificing love which has been so powerfully demonstrated by Rev Dayaratne and Sister Mala. They would have not been able to accomplish what they have if the ambitions were on making a living, and storing wealth in store houses. They will be confiscated of everything but not the love and warmth of their hearts. That is the legacy they have impressed in the heart of every child under their care.

    We should not stoop down to the mud of the pig when it challenges us to fight in the mud, rather we will show them that “agape” – self sacrificing love is greater and more powerful than the most cruel atrocities caused against these innocent children. We are willing to give our life for that cause so that this motherland will know that hate does not beget peace but love does. We will do whatever it takes, but you can be very sure that it will not be a cowardly act but a powerful resolve cradled in the love of the Almighty God.

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    The NCPA is like a Fire Station, always on the alert, eagerly waiting for the next call to rush out and ….. instead of putting out the fire, fanning the flames higher in order to “get involved” in the next charade that brings them more “work”to keep them busy for the next few months. It is a corrupt organisation with ulterior motives and run by stooges of certain powerful politicians. They work in close coordination with the equally corrupt labour department officials, fabricate false charges against their victims and are ably supported in court by black-suited vultures of the legal kind whose only aim is to fleece their innocent victims. A high level investigation into the activities of this organisation needs to be done and the NCPA regulated by a strict code of conduct with stiff penalties imposed for default. The sooner the better.

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