2 April, 2023


A Sri Lankan Buddhist Monk Speaks Out – Let Sri Lanka Have Thousands Of Buddha Putras Like Him

By Colombo Telegraph

In this video a Buddhist monk,  Ven  Galkande Dhammananda speaks on Sri Lanka’s war and the Buddhists way of conflict resolution.

“It is indeed heartening to see an erudite Buddhist priest speaking out, guided by the teaching of the Master, when many have chosen to remain silent. Ven Dhammananda, Lecturer at the University of Kelaniya, speaks through his experience, but has not been angered or being revengeful despite the personal loss to him. Let Sri Lanka have thousands of Buddha Putras like him to guide this nation, which is now stranded and moving aimlessly, to its future glory!” says a former Deputy Governor – Central Bank of Sri Lanka, Dr. W.A. Wijewardena.

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    I think all these BBS, Rawaya and Rawana are the victims of Rajapakse Brothers Political power play.

    These blind, uneducated, with no direction in life and aimless yellow robe cheevarayas could be easily misguided by anybody and Rajapakses knowing this is usingt them to stay in power.

    This is similar to how VP used and mis guided tamil youth and JVP mis guided and used Sinhala youth bringing distruction on their lives.

    It is Rajapakses who created, nourished and used these brainless yellow robe youth, while using them for their benefit to stay in power by while destabilising the minority communities, similar to what JVP and VP did to Sinhala and Tamil youth.

    Very soon either they will find their own distruction or will realise the Rajapakses cunning game and could start to take revenge from Rajapakses similar to what happened to SWRD Bandaranaike.

    Crook Rajapakse family dynasty days are numbered.

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    If Sri Lanka was never a part of India and a complete seperate state, then Bidhi Sathwa should have re-born atleast once in Sri Lanka out of the 555 times he was re-born.

    Why he did not re-born in Sri Lanka at least once. Can we expect him to come to Sri Lanka one day……..Will he agree to come if called.

    I think there should be pious people to live if he chooses to come.

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    The Ven. monk is conveying a very candid peace message to all of us: to prevent the mistakes of the past. He has not belittled the war strategy of defeating the LTTE. He has not visited that part….All what he says is quite simple: The Buddha Message: Peace , Tolerance,Compassion to prevent Sri Lanka again becoming the tear drop of the Indian Ocean!

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    A need of the hour. If all buddhist monks can speak so calmly and wisely like him i wish we buddhists will be in a much higher level. If ‘maithree, karuna’are the moto of buddhism why spread hatred? we expect buddhist monks to speak calm words, behave well &respect other beings. Otherwise how can we trust them to be the ones who follow lord buddha’s dharma.

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