24 May, 2022


All New Appointments, Decisions Illegal, State Officials Responsible For Financial Damage: Ranjith Madduma Bandara

Ranjith Madduma Bandara, in his capacity as Public Administration and Law and Order Minister, has written to heads of all state institutions and the Police chief informing them that the new appointments by President Maithripala Sirisena are illegal, and adding that officials would be held responsible for their decisions under an “unlawful” government.

Madduma Bandara’s letter is based on the statement by Speaker Karu Jayasuriya yesterday recognizing Ranil Wickremesinghe and his government as the “lawful and constitutional” administration of the country unless proven otherwise by a Parliamentary majority.

The letter also says that the directives issued by President Sirisena’s new Cabinet appointees are illegal and the state officials are not bound to follow them.

Madduma Bandara also says the lawful government will take legal action against anyone executing unlawful orders and will also take measures to recover any financial damage caused by their decisions.

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    It is the right way in a democratic country.

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      If 03 deaths happens by chance, as according to the assassination lie of Sirisena, of the said fake RAW conspiracy, this country will heave a sigh of relief and the country will prosper without the 3 criminals as listed in the said plot.

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      Tamil and English Translations of Bandara’s letters please! Sri lanka is a multi-lingual country!

      Bondscam Ranil is in a pickle because he did not read the Sinhala version of the Constitution which is the official version which specifies that the Prez is empowered to sack the PM and prorogue parliament…

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    Looks like our criminal IGP is in a bit of a pickle. Despite scrambling to salute that PM Wannabe from Hambantota.

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    The important question that all leagle appointees in parliament must worry about is will they be allowed
    to go into the parliament to cast their votes. The Rajapaksa Sirisena combine will prevent the chosen MP s
    From entering the parliamentary complex in undemocratic and violent ways. The Speaker must ensure the
    MP S safety.

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    “Madduma Bandara also says the lawful government will take legal action against anyone executing unlawful orders and will also take measures to recover any financial damage caused by their decisions”
    Had you practiced and shown how serious and powerful “the lawful government legal action” had been in the past 3+ years, this statement could have been an effective tool at this time – you guys made it a taken for granted stuff.

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    The precoup Minister of Law and Order, Ranjith Madduma Bandara reminds State Officials will be held responsible for financial damage resulting from all new appointments and illegal decisions.
    The day after the coup, a photo of the IGP very smartly saluting MR and family appeared.
    Of course the IGP was never considered a ‘responsible official’.

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    Madduma Bandara, when we were kids we used to play this game, pretending to be ministers. Now grown ups also are playing to pass the time. Lost your job? Go home and take a rest. And stop making threats that you cannot implement.

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      Go and hamf yourself

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      Thrisu has no basis whenever he speaks out.

      This man would do any low work not thinking twice.

      Just swollen not knowing how he could surivive in UK if there was no democracy in that part.

      The very same should be valid in the country of his origin is obviously greek to the bugger.

      Saying that he is very strong buddhist, but to behave servile to Rajapakshes is beyond my understanding.
      Who on earth would give a single vote as an academic to Rajakashes underestimating the high profile crimes during his days and also in the days of sirisena even if that was not known to many ?

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    The moment prime minister rejects his dismissal , president has a challenge
    to his authority ! Just ignoring the challenge and trying to move on as if
    everything goes on smooth is misleading and will contribute to ABUSE OF
    POWER ! The world now stands witness ! The president can not force his Govt
    FROM MPs of other parties and and trying to strike deals with smaller parties !
    All taking place in front of the whole world watching it ! IT IS A SHAMEFUL ACT
    parliament . The corruption drive that Ranil started didn’t deal with this issue !
    sale !

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    If the new Ministerial appointments are not legal, I presume they will not be paid their salaries & perks as Ministers now, in which case, I suppose these shameless opportunists will be hanging round in the side lines for scraps. I wonder if MR will want his money back if his coup fails on the 16th (or when ever the parliament convenes).

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    IT IS A VERY BAD THING TO put ordinary government servants in trouble. there are so many government SERVANTS may be 40% does not support any political party. THERE ARE GOVERNMENT DEPT LIKE CUSTOMS,PORT,RMV OFFICE,IMMIGRATION,PASSPORT OFFICE.,POLICE,AIRPORT ,90%IF STAFF collect bribe more than 100% of their salary.AND THEY DO NOT CARE WHO RULES THE COUNTRY.but the poor government servants from other dept suffer in silence.ISSUING THIS TYPE OF STATEMENTS UNWANTED WITH OUT SORTING POLITICAL PROBLEM IN THE COUNTRY.

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      PARAGON ,

      Yes , but blame those who created this situation that’s chaotic !
      Madduma Bandara has a right to warn the people not to listen to
      anyone else ! Sira was chest beating recently about 40 yrs
      experience in politics . People must ask him if this is what he
      learnt for 40 years ? People are now confused , who did it to
      them ? He wanted to backtrack from his announcement that he
      won’t seek a second term and that is the heart of this turmoil . It
      is very personal that he is doing everything to make look political.
      So , people must blame him for this chaos that can soon lead to
      anarchy and bloodshed . If MARA is an intelligent man who respect
      country’s law , he can take a step back and avoid escalation of this
      ugly situation . Once defeated man and a man from the sky are
      trying to hoodwink the general public . You don’t allow it . Stand up
      and say “no.” A big NO .

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    I don’t know the IGP and I don’t know why he saluted a scoundrel. maybe he had no other choice. But going by the non standards of the most recent occupiers of this post this IGP has been able to act with reasonable impartiality. In fact his post was made untouchable by the 19th and it seems to have worked. Of course the stooge media does not like this and have tried time and time again to make mountains out of mole hills and cause the maximum damage to the IGPs reputation. Para Sirisena is extremely frustrated by this IGP who wont do his bidding. Thank god for small graces.

    Now to take Mr Madduma Bandara’s letter. He is right no government official should act on orders given illegally by a cabal of thugs and crooks. The least they can do to protect them selves is to not report to work. Go on strike for heaven sake. If any official has been found to not have an excuse for doing so and so then he should be fired on the spot by the legal GOV once it is able to re-assert itself. This has to be conveyed to these people. The letter is a first step. Now is the time to strike where are all the sahodarayas. have they eaten pittu? They can strike for stupid reasons to inconvenience the public not when it is essential and a national duty. What a bunch of idiots.

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    I do not think it is right for the unofficial PM and his cabinet to run the GoSL TILL 5TH NOV 2019. Let the speaker of the House run the GoSL with the reduced official Cabinet Ministers. On Monday THE SUPREME COURT should decide on whether it is Ranil W. is the PM of SL and the security forces should take orders from him till 5/1/2019.

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