2 June, 2023


An Open Letter To Dr Asela Gunewardene, Director General Of Health Services 

Dear Dr. Gunewardene –

We are writing to you to express our grave concern in regard to the ad hoc and discriminatory manner in which some aspects of the Covid vaccination programme have been carried out.  We also seek clarification and explanation from you, either in a public statement or media briefing, on the specific matters that we raise as issues of public concern.

Dr Asela Gunewardene, Director General Of Health Services

The first phase of the Covid vaccination programme  of the Ministry of Health commenced in February 2021. Ad hoc decisions of the Ministry on vaccine distribution at the initial phase, created chaos and confusion in service delivery in administering the first AstraZeneca vaccine in the Colombo area identified for vaccine distribution. Subsequently the programme was extended to the suburbs of Colombo but many people who could have obtained the vaccine in these areas, did not in fact have access to it. Some people obtained the vaccine from specific areas identified by the Ministry.

 Frequent media briefings by the Army Commander as Head of the Covid Task Force, your Deputies, and various politicians including the three Ministers responsible, assure the public that the Sinopharm and Sputnik vaccines are now available, and are being distributed in a systematic manner, according to a plan with identified priorities. Both the first and second jabs, are being given to citizens who want these vaccines, from the authorised areas in the country.  The President stated yesterday that he appreciated that this  NEW vaccination programme is proceeding well, and  that he is satisfied with it. He instructed officials present  to improve the NEW programme and ensure that it proceeds smoothly.

Not even a passing comment is made by the President, the Army Commander, Head of the Task Force, or you as Director General, in regard to the situation of those  who got the first AstraZeneca vaccine, and cannot get the second jab, because “the government has no AstraZeneca vaccines to distribute.”

Some from the municipalities of Colombo and its close suburbs received the first AstraZeneca vaccine.  They did not seek the vaccine as a privilege. It was understood that the Ministry of Health was acting according to the accepted norms on public health followed so far by the Ministry, on vaccine distribution, and offered the vaccine in an initial phase of the Governments, Covid vaccination programme. They were assured that the second vaccine would be administered within the medically recommended time frame. Some vaccination cards carried a date stamp on the date for the second jab.

Medical authorities have advised that the immunity obtained by the first AstraZeneca vaccine diminishes according to delays in obtaining the second jab. This, in a context where there has been an exponential increase in the number of daily infections and deaths in the community, due to Covid.

Information sought from the Medical Officers of Health, in these Municipalities at every level, as well as  media briefings, carry the same response: “The government has no more AstraZeneca vaccines and we are not administering any vaccines. We are awaiting Ministry decisions. Please wait till you receive an intimation on this matter.” When asked “who can we as citizens  contact in the Ministry of Health ,we are told that “it is the Epidemiology Unit of the Ministry of Health that is responsible for the distribution, and will facilitate the administration of the vaccine.”

All citizens, we think, are entitled to receive answers from YOU as the Director General of Health, on how over 3 lakhs of persons have already received the second AstraZeneca vaccine, if as  your senior staff and politicians say,  there are no more AstraZeneca vaccines for distribution.

We demand that you as Director General of the Ministry clarify  for us the following matters:

1. Dr Hemantha Herath one of your senior officials made a statement on TV that the Ministry had NOT authorised the GMOA to have the second AstraZeneca vaccine administered to their members, and upto 5 people in their families, at the Government Lady Ridgeway Hospital. About this time or later, the spokesman for the GMOA, participating in panel discussion on TV 1, stated that the GMOA had “negotiated” with the Ministry in March 2021, and obtained Ministry permission to obtain the  number of vaccines they wanted. The implication was that other unions could have done this, and it was their responsibility for not doing so. Thirteen thousand vaccines are said to have been given to the GMOA, by the Epidemiology Unit of your Ministry.

We call upon you to explain to the public HOW the GMOA was able to get these vaccines from your Epidemiology unit and have it administered at a government hospital.

2. Please also clarify the following:

(a) The University Grants Commission authorised Universities to join in the NEW programme of distribution of the Sinopharm vaccine. The University of Colombo has obtained the AstraZeneca vaccine from your Ministry and ensured that it was administered to all their staff who received the first vaccine. These staff (except from the Medical Faculty, who may be front line workers) work from home. Were they considered “front line workers” entitled to priority, and how were vaccines in such short supply made available to them?

(b) Lawyers who are members of the Bar Association of Sri Lanka have received the second AstraZeneca jab. How did they get the vaccine from your Ministry and the Epidemiology Unit, and at what locations were these vaccines administered to these lawyers?

(c) There are members of large and influential private  corporations whose directors and senior staff have been administered the vaccine at State hospitals. On what basis did they obtain a vaccine in short supply?  Did your Epidemiology unit distribute vaccines to them, as on a high priority list, and or as “front line workers”?

(d) It is alleged on social media that identified Ministers of the government were given large amounts of the AstraZeneca vaccine to distribute to their friends relatives and supporters as a second jab. Did the Epidemiology Unit distribute these vaccines to Ministers for distribution to this wide range of people in their personal and political circles? Please clarify in a public statement whether this report is true or false, since the information on this matter must be available in your Epidemiology Unit.

(e) Some organisations representing the private sector have requested that they be given priority in the vaccination programme, arguing that their staff are an important human resource for the economy.  They have also asked that assistance should be sought from the agents of the vaccine manufacturers in helping with the procurement of the Covid vaccines. This is a country which in recent years has permitted the private sector to engage in the areas of education and health. Please clarify the policy of the Health Ministry in regard to vaccine management and the private sector. 

As you are aware citizens have a right to information in regard to the administration of public institutions, both under the Constitution and the Right to Information Act.  We must know, therefore, how the Covid vaccination programme in your Ministry is planned, managed and administered in the public interest. 

The public has a right to be concerned with the manner in which the administrative units in your Ministry function in regard to  Covid response planning and management.  There are several Deputy Directors of Health who function as heads of administrative units. The Epidemiology Unit is just ONE of them. We expect that you coordinate their work, in a team. We have a right to think that  as the head of the team, you  know and are informed on how the vaccine distribution is managed. The Epidemiology Unit’s management must surely be monitored by all of you as a team, in  this critically important area of Covid  vaccine distribution and public health.

In conclusion we reiterate our request for a public clarification on all these matters by you in regard to the vaccination programme undertaken by your Ministry. We ask that this be done in an open and transparent manner so that the public can know whether the Ministry has formulated a policy plan, including a system of vaccine registration with clear priorities in the administration of the vaccine.    This is essential to ensure that this country keeps to the practices of the past that have always ensured that citizens have equitable access  to vaccination programmes.  Today, over 600,000 persons, who have received the first AstraZeneca vaccine have no assurance that they will receive the second.    Please inform the public without further delay whether the AstraZeneca vaccine has been ordered and will be administered to those who received the first vaccine.  

  1. Prof. Savitri Goonesekere, Emeritus Professor of Law and Former Vice Chancellor, University of Colombo
  1. Dr. G. Usvatte-aratchi, Retired from UN/DESA, New York
  1. Dr. Radhika Coomaraswamy, Former Special Representative of the UN Secretary General for Children and Armed Conflict
  1. Prof. Arjuna Aluvihare, Emeritus Professor of Surgery and former Vice Chancellor, University of Peradeniya, former Chairman, University Grants Commission
  2. Bishop Duleep de Chickera, retired Anglican Bishop of Colombo.
  3. Mr. Tissa Jayatilaka, Former Executive Director of the United States-Sri Lanka Fulbright Commission
  4. Ms. Mano Alles, Retired Senior Deputy General Manager, Bank of Ceylon
  5. Mr. Chandra Jayaratne, Former Chairman, Ceylon Chamber of Commerce
  6. Prof. Deepika Udagama, Professor of Law, University of Peradeniya, former Chairperson, Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka
  1. Prof. Camena Guneratne, Professor, Open University of Sri Lanka
  1. Dr A. C. Visvalingam – Past President, Society of Structural Engineers, Sri Lanka
  1. Rev. Dr. Jayasiri Peiris, Former General Secretary of the National Christian Council, former Principal of the Theological College of  Sri Lanka
  2. Dr. Ranjini Obeyesekere, Retired Professor, Dept. of Anthropology, Princeton University, USA.
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Latest comments

  • 22

    Thank you, all signatories, for the above letter. Yes it is on behalf of all Sri Lankans – the less privileged, with no clout – political or by association to jump the queue. Of course this letter will end up in the WPB of the DG whose media spokesman, Dr Herath felt that it is justifiable for”third class journalists” to be …….. .
    The backbone of a society is held up on morality and a social conscience. Where are they in Sri Lanka.?

  • 11

    Transparency is daunting for a corrupt administration. Nonetheless, this is a necessary call for answers. Much appreciation to those signatories.


    • 2

      My Dear Sugandh,

      Plesae check the sinhala articles too.

      • 0

        Dear LM!
        Superb article. Thank you for leading me over to it. (Google translator did a good enough job.)

        Corruption has become inherent in every aspect of this country. Every opportunity for corruption is seized for personal gains at the sacrifice of truth, fairness, and the rule of law.

        The world over, we look to journalists for absolute truth on all types of news worthy occurrences. We expect media not to ignore and omit coverage of news worthy events. Editorial interpretations and options can be expected to have biases but the what, the where, the how, the who and the why we need to have accurate and truthful account.

        When SriLanka is overwhelmed and drowning in a sea of corrupt and biased media, the challenge of turning the tide on our corrupt government is so much more difficult.

  • 7

    It would be futile to write any letters to state officials complaining about malpractice or injustice. They are vassals of the people in power and draw sustenance from the power elite for their conduct and functions. Accordingly they will merely ignore such overtures. Lack of justice, fairness or equitability are hallmarks of Sri Lankan society and have been so, for decades. Only the powerful or well-connected, have access to any Christmas candies that Santa might bring. Get used to it, until a major revolution turns tables on the parasitic political class that is comprised of both major parties and their satellites. Mass deaths or starvation could bring about such a revolution like in many other failed states.

  • 11

    A tribute to the authors. Few other issues to add.

    Is there a vaccination plan, by district, by risk category, age, etc. Do not think there is one. What a failed state. If there is such a document we urge Dr. Gunewardene to release it to the media.

    Last week the Galle- Unawatuna vaccination fiasco, few of my relatives rom Mount Lavinia using a family medical contact drove to Unawatuna hoping to get their second Astra Zeneca. They stayed in a long queue and when their turn came- to their horror they realised the vaccine bottle showed it is past the expiry date, and they refused to take the vaccine. What a crime? the entire 900,000 who got the AZ first shot running round the country to get the second, there are now Expired vaccines. They should have been used a couple of months ago. In this sense Dr. Gunewardene should also release the information on batches of vaccines imported, doses used and their expiry dates.

    Another teaser for Dr. Gunewardene, even a school kid will know when 900,000 are given the first AZ vaccine, in maximum 2 months they need to be given the second vaccine. Why the second dose was not ordered? If the majority of the 900,000 as it seem now are not getting the second vaccine, even the expenditure on the first vaccine is wasted.

    • 0

      Dear Dr Sam Panditha,
      Thanks for exposing the cynical indifference to their responsibilities that some of these qualified doctors have displayed.
      You are a medical doctor yourself, and yourself wrote a pretty hard-hitting article, which didn’t get quite the responses that it deserved.


      Let somebody write an article about who first inhabited Lanka, and see the comedy that follows:
      Don’t bother with that article; it is crap. Just look at the comments; much of it most entertaining. Actually, I set them off by supplying the two opening comments to that article by an “unknown” writer who suddenly embarked on a series of articles although none was reading them. Result: 80 comments and counting.
      Panini Edirisinhe (NIC 48 3111 444V)

    • 0

      Dear Sam:
      Your Mt Lavaniya relatives’ experience is a clear evidence of mismanagement of the vaccine rollout! Sheer recklessness and incompetence mismanaging the precious stock of vaccine on hand.

  • 8

    The reality is that the officials and ministers can only listen to the executive and military commander and China.

    • 7

      Dear Ajith, (and Lasantha),
      I will get back here and say a little more, perhaps tomorrow. I got the first dose of my vaccine yesterday (Friday 11th). Full details of that later.
      What I’d like to point out here is that the “Open Letter” above does serve a purpose. The protest will register in the mind of Dr Asela Gunewardene. Even more, it shames the government. And others also read:
      Our “Banana Republic” is being collectively punished. Each of us will suffer. I’m a relatively poor man, I will suffer more than most other CT readers, owing to the sanctions.
      However, I know that we will survive, but there is real suffering , even starvation, among really poor people, who are indeed “innocent”.
      We don’t like to have our country treated as “a pariah state“; but the ball is now in the Court of the “Double-Paksas”. This is their doing. Disgraceful! They are corrupt, they stay in power by rousing communal hatred, etc.
      Let us not feel guilty about reluctantly approving this shaming, these sanctions. These are not the results of our actions. Our protests are peaceful, and protest we must!

  • 4

    Do you have an idea how the people of Sri Lanka can stop sanctions?

    • 0

      By toppling the Double-Paksas, I guess.

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