18 May, 2022


Anti-Halal Campaign More Important Than Casinos – BBS

The Bodu Bala Sena believes its anti-Halal agitation is far more important than taking up the Government’s move to create casino zones in the capital Colombo, the group’s Chief Executive Officer Dilanthe Withanage told Colombo Telegraph.

“The Bodu Bala Sena is against casinos. But we believe that compared with the Halal issue in the country, the casino issue is a minor one,” Withanage in an interview with Colombo Telegraph.

The BBS recommenced its Anti-Halal agitation campaign today,  saying the authorities had cheated them out of a solution to the controversial Islamic labelling in March this year.

Withanage said it believed the bigger issue was that the President’s Provincial Governor of the Western Province Alawi Moulana was requesting all mayors in the province to cooperate and assist with the annual Haj Cattle Sacrifice on a letterhead that features the Dharma Chakra, a Buddhist symbol.

“We are against casinos and we have already had a press conference regarding this. But this Halal issue is much bigger,” Withanage said, adding that the BBS did not want to mix agitation campaigns.

Asked if the anti-Halal resurgence campaign was aimed at distracting from the Government’s controversial casino legitimising legislation, Withanage said the BBS had no idea the Government would move to present the bill the same week the group had organised its campaign.

“Right now, it is the Halal issue that is important,” Withanage said.

The Government last night decided to refrain from tabling the controversial gazette to legalise casinos in Parliament after the opposition led by its Spokesman on Economic Affairs Harsha de Silva kept up a relentless campaign against James Packer’s tax-free casino project and exposed Government moves to surreptitiously introduce the legislation in Parliament. Key Government allies the Jathika Hela Urumaya and the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress also informed President Mahinda Rajapaksa they would not be voting for the controversial legislation, prompting the Government to withdraw the bill for amendment.

We publish below the Governor Alawi Moulana’s letter form Dilanthe’s Faceebok;


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    Is it fair to deny these people their right for their choice of dietary? when the whole world sucks?
    The day you start hitting people on their stomachs -That is the day your destruction will commence , you will be cursed forever..

    Halal Meat Authenticity Testing Reassures Consumers of No Pig or Horse Contamination

    New LC/MS/MS-based meat specification method allows food testing laboratories to detect pig and horse contamination in diverse food products, with higher accuracy than existing methods
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    Muslims in China fed pork
    Muslims in the Shaanxi province of China are furious after discovering that what they believed were halal beef products were actually pork.

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    Police in Xi’an, the capital of China’s Shaanxi province, have seized more than 20 thousand kilograms of pork being sold off as halal beef products. The pork had been treated with chemicals such as paraffin wax and industrial salts to make it look like beef.

    Taiwan’s Want China Times reported that the factory sold between up to 2,000 kg to local markets. A police statement revealed that the factory processed the pork at night and sold it as beef the next day.

    This news has infuriated many Muslims in the region who bought the meat believing it was halal. Islam forbids Muslims from eating pork and other non-halal food.

    Scandals like this are not at all uncommon in China. Earlier this year the Medical Daily said that 904 people were arrested for “meat-related offences”.

    According to China’s public security ministry. more than 22 meat products were found to have E. coli levels that “seriously exceeded standards”.

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    Halal Meat Authenticity Testing Reassures Consumers of No Pig or Horse Contamination
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    Video: CB promoting religious banking: BBS ::: Dailymirror.lk …
    16 hours ago – The Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) organization today alleged that the Central Bank and some other commercial banks were promoting religious .

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