18 October, 2021


Anti-Muslim Violence: Buddhist Monk Chases Out Sinhala Customers In Muslim-Owned Shop – Video

Just a day after the violent mob attacks on mosques and ordinary Muslim citizens  in the North Western Province, a forage has emerged showing a Buddhist monk entering a Muslim-owned shop in Padiyathalawa and chasing out Sinhala customers. The monk has also threatened the shop owner.

“This is what happened in my shop today. There were two customers in my shop looking to buy things and I was showing them what they wanted. Suddenly one monk and another person came into the shop. The other guy looked decent and stood behind the monk,” the victimised shop owner said.

He said:”The monk asked ‘mudalali ko, mudalali ko’ (where is the owner?). My cousin stood behind them.

“The monk saw the two customers in the shop and asked them ‘ogollo monatada aawey? Ai oyala methana inney?’ (Why have your’ll come here?).

“They replied they have come to buy skirts and other things. The monk said ‘You should not buy things in the shops of these people. Go, go home. Don’t you have any shame even after telling so much? Here see, in their Quran it says, Allah created all lives and will give everyone their food & provisions, so then why these people have come to our country and eating from our Sinhala people. Their Allah will give them food, you should not buy anything from their shops. you go home’.

“And he chased away the customers and went behind them to the entrance. It’s recorded in my CCTV camera.

“Then he came back to me and asked who’s shop this is. I said it’s mine. He told me from now onwards I should not be in Padiyathalawa. ‘You are good people, I don’t have any anger on you, but if you stay in this Padiyathalawa running your business here from now onward, there will be big problems. In your Quran it says that, that means you are believing a lie. Why are you believing a false religion?’

“I did not reply to him. I was just silently listening. He tapped on my shoulder and told me to pack all my things, close my business and go to my hometown. Then he said something in filth and left.

“This was not only to my shop. He has gone to many other muslim owned shops in the area. This is the situation in Padiyathalawa now.”

Watch the videos below:

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    I don’t know what the monk’s exact motivation was, but there is another side to this. Ask yourself why Muslims are so successful at trading and at business in general. Is it intelligence? Luck? No, it is something called “networking.” To give a simple example, Muslims will shop exclusively at Muslim shops to increase the shop’s revenue. Similarly, if a Muslim wants a loan for a business, he will go to a Muslim banker and receive the loan with extremely generous terms. Muslims even have their own banking system that forbids interest. This is the Muslim “way” of doing business. It certainly “works” in terms of maximizing the owner’s profits. As far as I know, the other two ethnic communities don’t do this.

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      Correct! Muslims are very cunning in this manner and their actions are always to benefit their expansion and take over the host nation.They do this all across the world. In Sri Lanka they pretend to be highly patriotic. But in reality they have played both Sinhalese and Tamils while they have benefitted immensely.

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        Siva, don’t the Tamils claim that Muslims are simply Tamils who have converted to Islam to escape the caste system?

    • 15

      @lester the jester .
      Poor chap what else does he know than to make jokes .
      He is back on stage with his expertise

      • 10

        In terms of business success, the rankings are as follows:
        1 Sindhis
        2 Parsees / Gujaratis
        3 Muslims
        4 Tamils
        10 Sinhalese
        Why do you think this is, even after using FB and Whatsapp?
        Stupidity? Surely the members of a 2500 year old culture know how to build networks as well as they built piles of bricks called dagobas. Or is it that they were not the ones who built the dagobas?

    • 6

      For your information Lester the reason why muslims go to Islamic banking system is to avoid paying interest and use other lending methods that share profits. Trust me it is not on extremely generous terms and more expensive than conventional banking. Also note that there are only 2 banks that are owned by muslims where as so many other banks have started Islamic banking to cash in on the business. HNB, NDB, BOC, LOLC, SEYLAN, PEOPLES BANK all have Islamic finance.

      Muslims do go to other shops like Cargills, Keels, Arpico, House of fashion to name a few. If at all the reason why muslims go to muslim shops is that they cater to the muslims needs for example ethnic clothing, halal food etc.

      The muslims way of doing business is that they have been traders for generations and understand how to sell. Its not just about looking after themselves

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    Muslim terrorism is as old as Islam
    It first started on 26/Jan/662
    When Imam Ali(As/Ru) was assassinated by kharajite Ibn Mujalam(Whom we Call Muslim terorists today ,actually it means those who.have left ,the main streams of Islam which are Sunni and Shia and few others like Ahmedya etc)

    We muslim need to study more about them and understand to protect our children from becoming vulnerable to the terororist .
    No one created the Muslim terororist , they existed a mislead lot.
    They were manupilated and used without their knowledge by those who did not accept the Prophet or his message even after Majority converted willingly they pretended to be Muslims like Saloon and others .

    What we see today is tue same ,history repeating and these mislead lot are rebels and won’t give up their ideology.

    The government needs to set up a special task force to check if any new Islamic groups promote such extremist ideologies akin to The Kharajites aka muslim Terororists (it is wrong and insulting to refer to them.as Jihadis and its a misinterpretation of the word )

    • 9

      The topic here is Sangha terrorism by many aasaamis within, totally abusing the authority given to the Sangha by Budhda saami:

      Reminder: The sangha is a community of monks and hermits who lead life of self purity,detachment and unresponsiveness towards temptation of senses.

      The three ideals of a monastic life are poverty,celibacy and ability to remain peaceful in all situations.

      Monks live a simple life-no sex,no possession apart from begging bowl and prayer beads. Compassion is the corner stone of Budhism so no one should be harmed.

      “First take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye”, says the Bible

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    In stressful times like now, it is remarkable to see the calmness in the Buddhist Monk. Almost as though he is doing what he is doing because he was instructed to.
    Lankan Muslims have accepted blame for the ‘tragedy’ that was the 2019 Lankan Easter Sunday.
    Should we collectively share?
    It is clear the anti-Muslim actions of Bodu Bala Sena (BBS), formed in 2012 by Gnanasara Thero were aimed at forcing off Muslim businesses. Instead of curbing BBS, they are projected as ‘Defenders of Buddhism’.
    The hard earned brand name of the country is getting tarnished.
    International opinion is that BBS is an organisation of carpet-baggers.

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    I hope the shop owner has filed a complaint at police, Human rights commission. So we can get to the bottom of this and find out.

    • 2

      Correct…..and send the CCTV footage to all over the world see.

  • 8

    @Un Fahim (what ever)

    I rather worry about clearing the snow on my roof .

  • 13

    A must read

    If you come accross any Islamic group who brand Muslims at random Non Muslims and for only reason that they refuse to agree with their extremist Ideology ,you can be 100% sure they the modern Khajajarites.(Terororists)
    Don’t let them fool you by them immitating the tradtional Muslims dresses and beards , its only to divert the people of other religions to hate the innocent Muslims who’s only crime is the love to dress ty
    The Arab Attire (an innocent intention that makes them feel they are fullfing religous obligation perfectly but in their hearts there is not an atom of violence ).
    It is those who randomly brand every Muslim a non believer who does not follow their ideology are the modern kharajites non other than a kharajite will call a Muslim a non Muslim who have believed in God & his Mesenger and they also promote hate and murder of innocent people of all other communities too.

  • 4

    There’s nothing wrong with what monk did. What’s anti Muslim about this ? Monk politely asked customers to leave the shop. No words were exchanged. No harm done. There is nothing to see there. And we don’t know the back story yet. There might be a good reason for the monk to do this. Now Here is a real question to CT. Most Muslim shops only employ non Muslim women but never men. Is that a problem to CT ? If not CT is nothing but a hypocritical news site with only one intention that is to bash Sinhala Buddhists.

    • 3


      True to your name you have produced a real howler!

  • 8

    Sad. We are descending rapidly into a theocratic dictatorship. The Sinhala politicians have no power. If they exercise legal powers they risk a coup. Every of such action will lead to economic decline and chaos.

  • 11

    Important :
    The kharajites were originally from Ali’s Camp(Present day Shias) , they first became rebels and kharijites ,when Ali agreed to a peace treaty with his opponent Muawiah &
    His supporters (Present day Sunnis) thus claiming we are the ones moving out of Ali’s Camp and against him for making peace with the enemies and later assassinated Ali .
    There is a modern day powerful group of rulers installed by some past political powers as their stooges who are struggling to stay in power, who are the backbone of the modern Khajarites , this is why you see the hate towards the shias by such rulers and their camps who believe in the ideology & spreading somuch of lies ,hate and killing them indiscriminately. The Tradtional Sunnis who are well informed , know this plan and dont support it and that is why those Sunnis are too targeted ,especially those who still hold on to the past orignal Shafi , Maliki,Hanafi and the original Hanabali school.(The true salafists)

  • 12

    Big question …
    All.these non Islamic extremists groups , some with zero knowledge of Arabic and purely depending on google search are publicly coming on reputed TV channels and not just misinterpreting the word kafir (meaning one who covers the truth with lies) he is also going as far as adding his own lies to it and further he was accusing the Catholics that they forced converted the north &east hindus and after converting they were recruited as LTTE cadres ,so he is directly&openly stating that Catholics are responsible for the 30 year war ?
    He also claimed that he has many Hindu organizations under him and he is training his cadres ,may I ask for what ???
    There is a great possibilty that such non Islamic organizations are funded by ISIS , because these organizations have openly admitted they knew every detail about the ISIS in Sri Lanka ,but they really never targeted the real terororist nor exposed them which they could have easily by making an entry with the CID and getting a court order to arrest and investigate, instead they covered them until they completed the attacks and these groups who 2day say we told you so ,were actually fulfilling the ISIS agenda , killing 2 birds with 1 stone.by attacking the innocent Muslim houses ,businesses,creating hate towards
    muslims& Muslims against others, by this their part for which they are funded by ISIS for, was to force Muslims to turn towards ISIS and increase the membership
    You wont find anything in Tradtional madarasas or mosques anymore .
    Its time you start investigating the non Islamic organizations who’s agenda is akin to ISIS , you need to check their funding it may be channelled through various means , ISIS is more complex than anyone can imagine , because they are extremely rich and have well paid proxies like this Hindu Extremist from east and other organizations.
    Even So called Terror experts have got their wires mixed up .

  • 9

    Apoi pls dont talk of Sri Lanka HRC .
    They so fake ….

  • 11

    The present day Sri Lanka Sunni Muslims do not follow any of the Fiqh (Jurisprudence ) of the past Sri Lankan Sunni Schools of thought, which were Shafi a very mild School of thought more liberal (Majority) and Hannafi (Bit more strict)
    Today the main Sunni Schools are as follows .
    The majority are The Tablique Jamath
    (A break away from.Deobandi but non violent) They have their own version of Fiqh (jurisprudence) and own version of Tradtion based on a new Book named Thaleem also it is permissible to believe in indulging in sorcery for healing purpose .
    Then you get the hub uwliyahs (the saint lovers) break away and a complete new transformation from the traditional Sufi Tariqats ( MEANING Islamic Mystic paths or Schools ) they come under a new umbrella called ahel.Sunnah .
    No particular jurisprudence , each group have some base of Shafi or Hanafi and the rest is decided by The Sheik.or head of the group , certain amount of superstition and indulgence and belief in Soothsaying and socery is permitted for healing purpose under the supervision of a spiritual leader appointed by the Sheik
    Jamat E Islam a more political conservative Islam that aspires
    For the return of the Islamic rule via Democratic non violent struggle , a very insignificant group in.Sri Lanka , extremely conservative.

    The Thoweed jamath a break away of the hanbali School with extreme strict interpretation of the Quran but not known.to.be associated in any form of Violence , they have their own interpretation of the Islamic Fiqh (rules) and separate mosques , they do not pray in mosques that have Tombs of Saints or built within islamic Grave yards , they consider that to grave worship.
    They consider PA of Tamil.Nadu as their Spiritual leader.

  • 16

    What this Monk did is the height of hypocrisy!
    If he felt so strongly that the Sinhala community should not serve the Muslims, the first thing he should be doing is recall all our citizens working in the Middle East, specially Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, from where, we are told the funding had come for all the fundamentalist factions of Islamists in Srilanka.
    Let me see the Buddhist hierarchy do that?

  • 0

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  • 9

    Sorry Correction
    Not PA —
    its ,PJ Jainualabdeen(Tamil.Nadu Thoweed Jamath India) the spiritual.head of Ceylon Thoweed Jamath Sri Lanka .

  • 12

    Not a single Sri lankan Citizen sleep in comfort untill We really know that ISIS is completely wiped out in Sri Lanka.

    Muslims as a Community have to work harder not be divided ,ISIS is the most sophisticated, Wealthiest and ruthless Teroror group ,with proxies that may never be suspected or be traced because the proxies may not even be Muslims , remember money talks, when it comes to money today , nothing will stop , not race,religion and sometimes not even blood link.

  • 4

    I am a bit confused, how come India with multiple teroror groups active in their Country , with large land area , large population , lot of crimes , yet have now for decades given full freedom of the niqab and abayas ,Halal foods and are better in controlling Terororism and for sure excellent in intelligence especially when it comes to Terororism .

    Are we being diverted by demonizing of a attire and Halal.food by possible groups with some kind of vested interests ???

    You never know ,there is a saying in tamil even the dead will.wakeup when money is mentioned.

    Are we getting into a trap by pressuring the folks who wear these attires and keep halal food to drive them into the camps of our common enemy The 20th Centruary KHAWAJIRITES aka ISIS ?

    Sri lanka urgently needs to seek India’s advice before making haste decisions, India has the best expertise on counter terrorism next to Singapore,Malaysia and Indonesia in Asia .
    Please try not to drive the muslim community to the camp of the enemy over attires and food and denying higher education.
    Sri.lanka need to set up a.think.tank.force asap to study the mind of the khajarites and their history and not their attires

  • 2

    This learned buddhist monk (with a PHD in the dead language of pali) should not have have spoken to the Mohommedan shop keeper. It is well known that the Mohommedan cult is incapable of introspection or of listening to criticism, however it is well within the right of the apey hamuduruwo to advise the sinhalese customers not to buy from the Mohommedan shop. Since Mohommedans dont respect other religions, the monks can advise their congregation to avoid Mohommedan shops. Based on this advise people can decide.
    If the so called moderate Mohommedans are unable to control the crazy Mohommedans within the cult the people of Sri Lanka have no choice but to take proactive actions 1) Bring in Gota to clean the cult 2) Avoid racist Mohommedan businesses 3) Ridicule the pagan rituals and beliefs of Mohommedanism

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