15 August, 2022


Anura Pledges Fight Against ‘Ring Of Thieves’ Even He Is ‘Killed On The Streets’

Sri Lanka is run by a ‘Ring of Thieves’ that is bleeding the country’s coffers dry and embezzling billions of rupees in kickbacks while thousands of rural schools around the island lack basic toilet facilities and citizens are killing themselves unable to repay predatory loans, opposition lawmaker Anura Kumara Dissanayake charged on Friday (23).

JVP Leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake’s 45-minute speech that rocked Parliament was splattered with references to large-scale corruption in the decade that Mahinda Rajapaksa ruled the country and the five years of Yahapalanaya rule.

The ring of thieves has made a profession and a livelihood out of fraud, corruption and misuse of state funds, Dissanayake charged, recalling the Greek bonds scandal, the Kapila Chandrasena airbus procurement kickbacks affair and the Central Bank’s 6.5 million dollar payment to a CIA agent using public funds. None of those responsible had been brought to justice for robbing the country, because they were all part of the ring of thieves, Dissanayake claimed.

“People in this country are starving. There are invalids unable to afford their medication, farmers losing their livelihoods and homes because of the human elephant conflict, people are paying with their lives because of predatory loan schemes. Meanwhile the people’s wealth is being embezzled and hoarded by this “ring of thieves,” said the JVP leader.

The JVP Leader was speaking during a debate on the Report of the Presidential Commission on Political Victimization. The Commission, led by disgraced Supreme Court Judge Upali Abeyratne, alias “Pissu Poosa” has recommended that Dissanayake and several leading opposition MPs be stripped of their civic rights for their role in an ‘anti-corruption committee’ established by former Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe to supervise action on high profile corruption cases in the 2005-2014 period.

Mocking the recommendation by the Abeyratne Commission that his civic rights should be stripped for his participation and “leadership” in the Anti-Corruption committee, Dissanayake said President Gotabaya Rajapaksa could “roll up the threat and shove it.”

“Me? If I had real power in that committee, I can guarantee you that most of these MPs sitting in the front rows of Parliament today would have been behind bars,” the firebrand JVP Leader charged. “If I had any power, I would have found out how they lived, how they obtained their property and their wealth,” he said.

Dissanayake said it was his responsibility and right to go to battle against these criminals and fraudsters and thieves. “

“Whether they appoint 8 or 9 commissions, throw me in any number of prisons or even kill me on the streets, I pledge before this House that I will never end my battle against this corruption,” he charged.

Dissanayake explained that he had been invited by Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe to provide information before the Anti-Corruption Committee on three separate occasions. His admission raised a furore in the government benches. But Dissanayake persisted.

“Yes I did attend the meetings three times. Tomorrow if Gotabaya Rajapaksa asks me to come in, to explain to him how the sugar scam happened, what information we have on the MiG-deal I will certainly go and explain the facts to him, Honourable Speaker,” retorted Dissanayake. “I will fight this ring of thieves wherever, whenever and however I can,” the JVP Leader declared.

He explained that based on its mandate, the Commission to investigate political victimisation could only entertain complaints from public officials, armed forces and police personnel and personnel at state institutions.

“Who did they eventually entertain complaints from? The Avant Garde Mudalali, Udyanga Weeratunga, Jaliya Wickremasuriya, Rohitha Bogollagama – how are these people public officials?” Dissanayake charged.

Dissanayake said he took the Commission to court for investigating a complaint about a case that was an ongoing trial before the High Court. The JVP leader filed action in the Court of Appeal against the Commission for summoning him to testify in a complaint lodged by Avant Garde Chairman Nissanka Senadhipathi, a man the Attorney General of Sri Lanka has indicted for gun-running and corruption. Senadhipathi’s trial is ongoing before the High Court.

“I went to the Court of Appeal against the Commission to complain about its decision to entertain the complaint by Avant Garde Chairman. The Commission sent an official to the Court who provided an undertaking to the Court of Appeal that until the Avant Garde trial was concluded the Commission would not summon me for an inquiry based on the Avant Garde Mudalali’s complaint,” Dissanayake revealed.

But when the Commission issued its report, Dissanayake said his name had been listed as an accused in the Avant Garde complaint. Upholding Senadhipathi’s complaint, the Commission recommended that Dissanayake and a host of others, including Navy officers that the Avant Garde chairman has accused of victimizing him, be prosecuted and punished under the Penal Code of Sri Lanka.

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See full speech here

(By Janakie Mediwake)

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  • 4

    First, AKD must explain their association and “the deal” with multimillionaire Ibrahim Naana!

    • 18

      Has been explained many times over if you cared to check. Just for the record this same person had been awarded recognition and merit for his contributions towards public welfare during the said regime as well.
      If one reads through the writings on extremist organizations, ’tis a known fact that those who join such groups are sworn to secrecy and not in any position to divulge their intent nor plans. Family members/spouses would observe behaviour differences but not causes per se.
      Also rather than splitting hairs on the so called “deal” with Mr. Ibrahim how about looking at all the major scams that were operating under our very eyes from Before Yahapalanaya Govt onwards which no civic minded person had had the courage and strength to do so far and won’t in the future as well other than someone like AKD…or maybe that is not important any more…

    • 6

      Has been explained several times over if one cared to check on it instead of just merely casting blight. If one also reads about extremist organizations and how they function ’tis a known fact that members are not allowed, nay banned to divulge their intent nor plans to either spouse nor family, who will surely observe changed behavior but not really be aware of cause/s. Also most importantly, WHO so far has had the courage, strength, detail and conviction to raise all the scams and frauds which have occured from the two previous reigns of government up until now…? Has been a case one one set of thieves supporting the other so far with minor differences within themselves…

    • 16

      Why ?? Everyone now knows your slave master gota and co are the master mind behind the attacks.
      Who did the attackers refer to as “the boss” in their conversation. Clearly it was your slave master. We all know extremist buddhists like you will happily continue supporting these rabid extremist buddhist politicians even if they affirm with their own mouths their direct involvement in the attacks. Hundreds of innocent people will not get justice in the coming years because extremist sinhala buddhists want to keep playing politics with this and try their best to hide the truth.

    • 6

      Tony: You seemed to have lost in the woods. How many times at various TV discussions and in Parliament AKD was questioned on his (Party) association with “Ibrahim Naana”? That “Association” was explained well and AKD said to take action against Ibrahim, on any of his involvement in the Easter attack. Do you know that this “Ibrahim Nana” was “Honored” with a number of “Honors” by Mahinda Rajapakse much before JVP included him in the National List? So why not MRA be “Questioned” before AKD? Please don’t be “hoodwinked” by “Gossip Mongers” and listened to “Linda Langa” BS.

      • 2

        Simon ,

        ” Please don’t be ‘hoodwinked’ by ‘gossip mongers’ and listen to
        ‘Linda Langa ‘ BS.” I reckon poor Tony won’t be able to digest
        your suggestion mainly because it is their choice ! People like
        Tony are in the list of misguided lot with life time membership !
        Gossip Mongering is the most loved staple food in the country
        and any attempt to getting rid of it might sound a Threat to
        National Security and be alert someone might be watching you !

        And this Ibrahim Nana , is there anyone who knows why he is
        inside , other than being the father of the Bombers and being
        the owner of some establishments where materials to make
        bombs were found ? Was he directly involved in the attack ?
        How else he helped it ? Why do people expect saints from J V P
        and an Ugliest lot from their Most Preferred ones ? How do they
        want to explain this anyway ? J V P is a local product too , they
        should manifestly belong to the same Genes but with least
        defects ! My question is , what else one wants ? Perfect ones ?
        For an Obvious Imperfect Lot ? Asking for too much without
        having a Cent in the Pocket !

    • 1

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    • 1

      This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our Comment policy.

      For more detail see our Comment policy https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/comments-policy-2

    • 4

      Thank you, Tony.
      So, this is what you mean, is it?
      O.K. I’ll give it some thought. I was unaware.
      However, I’ve already taken a quick look at what “rmsf” has said in two comments.
      Tony, I’d like you to know that I’m not given to “Islamophobia”. About May 2019, there was a guy on our OBA who was sending us messages asking us to boycott Muslim shops, etc. Our OBA? I’d better clarify:
      I asked him to desist, and reported it to the Head of the school, an Anglican priest, Rev. Christopher Balraj. I spoke to Balraj on the phone, after emailing him. Nothing was done.
      Then came a horrendous ISIS execution video – blood spouting after the head was struck off with a sword.
      I complained to the Police. The HQI, Bandarawela, (young enough to be my son!) gave me fatherly advice . He had received the same video. Delete it, was his advice. No , I insisted that my complaint be recorded: first plaintiff, the sender; second plaintiff, Balraj.
      So, an Inspector (in charge of Crimes), the sender, and I sat at a table, and I said that, although all three of us were Sinhalese, the sender had to be sent to jail for a month or two so that he would learn how serious the misdemeanour was.

      • 6

        Sinhala Man, I salute you .

    • 2

      This JVP man just barking for nothing. There rally millions of people gathering. In the election, their deposits also loosing

      • 5


        What AKD revealing is somewhat advanced for you. Go back to Kindergarten. But please dont hurt them.
        Get well.

  • 29

    Crooks are voting for them selves in the Parliament to get pardoned by the court! I am sure, at the next UNCHR another clause to this action will be included. What a shameful situation is this!

    • 16

      It’s an accepted fact that Sinhala Buddhists voted in droves to elect this bunch of crooks
      You should always watch what you ask for. You just might get it..

  • 22

    If Rajapaksas eliminate all credible opposition figures they will stay in power forever no matter how bad they are.

    This seems to be their plan. In 2015 Sirisena’s name was kept a secret until presidential election date of announced. That saved him. A complete outsider from parliament cannot win a presidential election. He will not have the protection of parliamentary privilege and most voters will be reluctant to vote.

    However Rajapaksas will keep Tamil racist politicians unharmed. They need them to arouse Tamil racism and in reaction Sinhala racism. You need bacteria to turn milk to yogurt.

    This is a nasty Rajapaksa plan.

    • 10


      You have defined the Rajapakse plan with just one brilliant line;
      You need bacteria to turn milk to yogurt!

  • 13

    In Lanka if you are a victim do not go to courts/police, just go to commission (and pay the commission ) and they in turn will direct the courts regarding action.

    • 9

      ……. or go to D.C. Rajapakse (Don Corleone), he will fix it for you, and make you an offer you cannot refuse.

  • 16

    In Sri Lanka, Sinhala people are afraid to talk about their political and religious leaders because they are very powerful financially and politically. They always constantly keep Sinhala masses in the dark and fear. It is also applicable to Tamils and Muslims. They rely on the religion but they do not tell what is in the religion. If a Buddhist Priest tell that there is a danger to Buddhism they don’t ask questions from where, how, by who? Buddhism is about Buddha’s teaching, not about temples or statues. It is about those who follow that faith. If you fail to follow Buddha’s teaching it you who responsible and you are the danger to Buddhism, not a Muslim or not a Hindu. So, the danger for Buddhism only can come from Buddhists, not from any other. Almost all the Sri Lankan leaders in the past voluntarily converted to Christianity and still follow western culture but they pretend during election times in front of Buddhist Monk or Temple and pretend praying Lord Buddha?

  • 8

    Agree with you!

  • 12

    Why is the Leader of the opposition quiet on these matters?

    Is there an understanding between the Govt: and Sajith P?
    Is he also following the footsteps of Ranil.W?

    • 1

      Plato ,

      Sajith P is the son of RP ! Grew up in Ranil camp and Lived in and
      worked for Hambantota ! I think you have enough material here to
      judge him . And a remarkable distinction he’s trying to maintain
      over his Father R P is , in my view , his speech style . He is trying
      his best to display that he’s Soft ‘Spoken’ something way out of his
      father who was called Kanu Kata ! I believe , in their time they
      heavily missed to Act fast regarding their opponents ! And now
      they do the same to React ! I think I made it short and simple .

  • 6

    In reference to that “US$ 6.5 million” paid to CIA agent in the USA, a Buddhist Priest from Nugegoda has filed a case in SC and one of the Respondents named is Ajith Navad Cabral. It is now up to all the Civil Societies to support it and fight it to a conclusion. The “CIA Operative” who “Accepted” receipt of the money has been jailed for 12 years in prison, while the “Man” who paid the money “Illegally” has been “Installed” as the “State Minister of Finance”. The other “Go-Between” (who brokered) the “Deal” was the then “Monitoring Minister of Foreign Affairs” in the Mahinda Rajapakse’s Government. Do we have to gorget these? No. Punishments will come but take a little time.

  • 6

    Motherland is trying to build up her oligarchy like how the US built up its. Russia came next. Then China. Now our bantam fowl of a Motherland wants to crow and flap wings and feel important.

    But all the afore mentioned countries did it with the expertise of their own countrymen….even if they invaded other countries. Motherland is doing it by helping China overturn established global monetary order, such that no country else will even dare consider.

    Other countries are doing the honorable socialist thing for their Masses.

    All will end in a short-term glory for Motherland. Alas!

  • 3

    But don’t forget that Gotabaya Rajapaksa also used immunity to get himself out of another trial. Hon. Speaker, in this country, people work hard to earn money to build tombstones and monuments to their dead parents. But for the first time in the history of this country, a monument to a politician’s dead parents was built using state funds. Are these statesmen?
Anura Dissanayake
    A brilliant speech. How fortunate we are that Anura Dissanayake, the leader of the JVP, is in parliament. No other opposition members had the guts to stand up expose the corruption committed by the Rajapaksa family.
Let me throw more light on the museum and memorial built-in memory of DA Rajapaksa at Medamulana, Weerapitiya. The land 10 acres in extent was leased by the Mahaweli Development Board.
Gotabaya along with six others were charged for alleged misappropriation of Rs.47.9 million being amount due to the Treasury in respect of the construction of the D.A Rajapaksa Memorial at Medamulana, Weerapitiya. This was the balance amount due out of the total expenditure of Rs. 81.3 million. The original estimate was Rs.33.9 million, but the cost estimates escalated when Gotabaya wanted costly materials to be used instead of the estimate.
    For example, the walkway was paved with granite stones compared to the original plan to use ordinary stones.

  • 0

    I used to listen to soviet communists and Chinese communists in the past and never thought I would be able to listen to a Yankee communist. Well I was wrong Anura Kumara is an American communist.

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