22 January, 2022


Any Alliance Formed In Collaboration With Sirisena Would Be Led By MR: JO Decides

Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa would lead any alliance or government formed in collaboration with the SLFP faction led by President Maithripala Sirisena, the Joint Opposition (JO) has decided.

The meeting of the JO was held at the personal residence of Sri Lanka Freedom Party Chairman G.L. Peiris, in Colombo, last night (09).

Addressing the meeting attended by a large number of JO seniors and party leaders, former President Mahinda Rajapaksa spoke about widespread speculations on forming a coalition government with President Maithripala Sirisena.

The former President said he had made no decision to enter into an alliance with Sirisena and assured JO leaders would be consulted before making any such commitment.

UPFA Parliamentarian Janaka Tennakoon, a senior member of SLFP, said there could not be two leaders in any government.

“Our leader is Mahinda Rajapaksa. Any future government – be it coalition or caretaker – should be led by Mahinda Rajapaksa,” Tennakoon said.

The leaders of the JO then decided to empower former President Mahinda Rajapaksa to make a final decision on the matter, on behalf of the group.

There are conflicting views within the JO group on the possibility of forming a new government or alliance with President Sirisena. While a section of the group is pushing for an alliance with Sirisena, a sizable proportion of its members have opined that the SLPP should work towards the dissolution of the current Parliament and form a new government with a fresh mandate.

The group led by Basi Rajapaksa, the chief ideologue of the Rajapaksa group, believes that entering into an alliance with Sirisena will put the party at a disadvantage at the Presidential election.

Basil Rajapaksa had stressed that a new government should be formed with a fresh mandate.

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    Old King backing off from forging a partnership with New Royals is not surprising. He is haunted by the Temple Tree House Memories. In Tamil they “the cat got burned it never return to kitchen to sleep in the stove”. This backing off may indicate that he may not take the Slap Party leadership in November as indicated in media.
    Nevertheless there is some meaning in Younger Old Brother Prince’s stand that a fresh mandate needed. In fresh Mandate, the current regime’s bad debts and delinquent accounts would be written off and they will be able to have a clean slate. If they purchase the Yahapalanaya saying the price is cheap, then from Hangbangtota sales through economy down fall to rupee depreciation like many matters of they accused on Yahapalanaya, they will be held responsible to answer. They will be better off on coming back on the next term. But the hitch there is if they want this term, Old King’s negotiating ability can get them that. But if they want a fresh term with clean slate they will have to win the election. When the talk of winning the election starts, it is the Sole proprietorship of Sumanadasa Abeygunawardena; we could not say anything meaningful.

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    Who will stand in behalf of Slap Party and bring it the EP Chair is a question like a linear line spreading from negative infinity to positive infinity. The current situation of Lankawe is EP should be acceptable to Sinhalese and IC. Before this, if Tamils doesn’t accept, then that EP will have problem to win election. Now the Tamil’s part is transferred to IC. So IC and Sinhalese these days decide who the candidate should be standing. Old King is slackening from coming forward even after Nihal Jayawickrema like senior consultants has opined he could stand for EP election. The main reason for his slacking is he feels IC is against him so if he wins the election they may drag the country & him to UN Electric Chair. 2nd in Command has citizenship problem. Third in Command has age problem. So the question has temporally stopped at the door of Younger Old Brother Prince. If he too has problems, 5th in command, the Elder Old Brother Prince may step in. But nothing would beyond that. Especially media is still staying out of doing any forecasting on Old Beauty Queen. So that is why Younger Old Brother Prince’s word has a weight in this meeting. If the Joint Comedy Club proposes to put up with the current SLFP(Yahapalanaya), then he does not have an MP Post now; that will bring in some technical hurdles for him to quit the Slap party and obtain a membership in SLFP and become a MP. None of the International players have objected him on any ground so far. So, he prefers for a fresh mandate. So the expected deal did not take place.
    Yet we don’t know about any pre-meeting secret deal with Old King and New King.

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    Despite all political and civilization factors in modern democracy is control by TNA of Separatist movement , Muslim for regional autonomy of Islamism and Indian origin Tamil works forcefully brought by British colonial rules are making new line of that anti- establishment classes forces against foundation of that order democracy in Sri lanka?
    These three forces are working at anti -Civilization of standing point of an enemy 2600 years Buddhist -Sinhalese order. By order of political alliance maneuvering by UNP+ SLFP of RW & CBK leadership of since 2015 January 8th. The symbol of alliance is that MS allies Gamalrage Sirisena is figure -head of state . It was installed by domestic reactionarieries of (RW+ CBK) and foreign forces of USA, UK and India….looking after anti- National interest by MS.
    Ongoing center of state power in Colombo that governance under the almost commander by UNP political hatcheries and foreign intelligence’s services.
    We lost decision of majority mode of democracy and nation sovereignty has taken over by Indian, US and UK diplomats operations.
    The republic Constitution is only name shake! All so-called constitutional councils, Police & Judiciary commissions are that behind operations all key an appointments are decided by foreign Embassies and UNP+SLFP political agents.
    Parliament function are no more there. All elections are indefinite been postpone that including PC councils. The foundation of right vote of Democracy of people power-sovereignty no more.
    Planning assassination of opposition political leadership in agenda of that ruling enforcement authority in security organization. These are not only that political removers !

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    100% of Those who comment against this helpless girl and her family are Muslims from all sects and Evangelical Christians .of AOG.

    From a foreigner

    Shame on you Sri Lankans ,shame on you International School ,shame .

    Who is The Minister minister ? Do o have one ?
    Shame ,shame .

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