27 May, 2022


Are We Exercising Our New-Found Freedom Responsibly?

By Gamini Jayaweera

Gamini Jayaweera

Gamini Jayaweera

Dream of a new era was realized in Sri Lanka on the 8 January 2015. We have placed our trust and pinned our hopes that the newly elected President and the Prime Minister would work tirelessly towards re-building a Democratic, Peaceful, Law abiding and Sovereign nation in the coming years in accordance with the rules of good governance. In this article I will briefly discuss some issues about the new-found freedom which is one of the main benefits we have reestablished under the new regime.

The State We Were In

It is important that we cast our minds back to the state we were in prior to 8 January 2015 to highlight the ways in which the previous regime abused the power and violated the mandate given by the people of Sri Lanka for winning the war. The independent media personnel such as Lasantha Wickrematunge, Ekneligoda, and many others were either murdered or disappeared, White vans were in operation inflicting fear in people who voiced their opposition to the previous regime, Bribery and corruption were at an unprecedented level, Family rule was visible almost at every level destroying the independence of public institutions to non-existence, Allegations about assault on some Trade Union leaders, Killing and wounding protestors in public demonstrations, Freedom of speech was suppressed, Democracy was in peril, and the signs of a dictatorship were visible. The so called economic “Boom” was built on huge amount of borrowed money with a very weak industrial base. The rulers of the previous regime and their relatives & friends were having a “jolly good time” with the borrowed money. They have created huge debts which cannot be paid back in the foreseeable future. The country was virtually bankrupt. That was the state we were in.

New-Found Freedom

Although after twenty months in power the new government has not performed to the expectations of the nation, we have to admit that the new regime has allowed us to enjoy the freedom of speech without intimidation, exercise the workers’ right to take industrial actions for their rightful demands, stage peaceful and legitimate protests without fear, and publicly expose the fraudsters irrespective of their status or the political affiliation.

It appears that some of the Free Press, Trade Unions, Independent Citizen Groups, and “Rabble Rousers” from the North and the South are exhibiting their destructive behaviors to destabilize the democratically elected government for personal and political gains. Similarly, we have to admit that some of the activities that have been carried out by the “Yahapalanaya” government during this period are also not in line with the promises given by the President and the Prime Minister during their election campaigns. It is time for us to ask these various forces whether they are exercising their new-found freedom in a rational and responsible manner to rebuild our nation?

Free Press

It is universally accepted that the press which is free from outside influence and control, is the centerpiece in any democracy. The daily newspaper in Sri Lanka is still a powerful tool of disseminating important information to the nation. But it appears that some of the Sri Lankan national newspapers are mis-using their new-found freedom to distort the facts and publish reports to mis-lead the nation. Recently the President, the Prime Minister, some politicians and public figures have complained about the false reporting by these newspapers. The irresponsible way in which they report on sensitive national issues to create nationalism or division in the society is deplorable. The nation wants to know about the dishonest and unlawful activities of the government and the opposition. The nation welcomes positive criticisms rather than advocating negativity at all times. It appears that these irresponsible newspapers are tarnishing the image of the noble profession of journalism which is practiced by many other professional journalists in the country to a higher standard

As a schoolboy in 1964, I listened to a speech given by the late Ven. Dr. Kotagama Vachissara thero. in a meeting held at the Ananda College auditorium in support of the proposed Press Council Bill to regulate the press to maintain the impartiality of reporting. The late Ven. Thero said “ජාතියක මුර බල්ලා පුවත් පතයි. එම මුර බල්ලා පිස්සු බල්ලෙකු වී හපා කනවානම් ඵම බල්ලා බැඳ තැබීම වරදක්ද?” (“The newspaper is the Guide Dog of the Nation. If that dog becomes a Mad Dog and starts to bite everyone, is it wrong to tie it down?”).

Though the late learned Thero’s analogy is correct, I do not support the present government to bring legislation to curb the freedom of the press. But the behavior of these newspapers may force the government to regulate the press to ensure that they all maintain the integrity and the responsibility that goes with the new-found freedom. If so, I hope that this action is neither to shackle the press freedom nor to control the press by the ruling party by any means.

Wild Cat Strikes

It is clearly visible that following the establishment of the new government, some trade unionists are staging walk outs and organizing wild cat strikes for any small dispute without getting the support of their majority membership. In civilized societies, responsible trade unions discuss their grievances with the responsible ministers to find out solutions to their problems. Failure to resolve the issues in question, the trade unions ballot their members to get their consent to take industrial action or not. Once the vote is in favor of a strike to win their rightful demands they give sufficient notice to the government about their forthcoming industrial action. That is how the responsible trade unions should operate to fight for their reasonable demands.

Normally, the wildcat strikes are spontaneous i.e. not planned, for critical issues such as breech of safety resulting in injury or death to fellow workers, assault by the management, and sacking of employees without disciplinary enquiries, etc. But we have witnessed that some of these wildcat strikes which have been taking place since 8 January 2015, had the support of the leadership of some trade unions without investigating the root causes of these disputes. We have hardly witnessed either these kinds of wildcat strikes, or the legitimate strikes during the previous regime because of the fear of intimidation and torture against the union leadership and the workforce.

These kinds of wildcat strikes are technically illegal and counterproductive. They create a massive inconvenience to business and the general public. Are they exercising their new-found freedom in a constructive and responsible manner? As late Pundit Nehru once pointed out “I am the last man to say that labour should be denied the right to strike…..Nevertheless, there are times when strikes are dangerous, when strikes not only injure the cause of the nation, but also ultimately the cause of the worker himself.”

Unauthorized Demonstrations

Independent public demonstrations against government actions or inactions on moral and ethical issues that have an adverse impact on citizen groups are crucial for freedom of speech. In a democracy, the protests should be carried out in an organized peaceful manner without causing obstructions to public safety and transport systems. But unfortunately, it has become the norm of some political elements to agitate the people to carry out unauthorized demonstrations for every little incident by blocking public roads without giving any consideration for the rest of the society’s daily activities, and health & safety issues of the demonstrators as well as the general public.

It is the elected government’s responsibility to provide protection for the demonstrators as well as the general public against the political elements who try to turn these demonstrations into public disorders resulting in a real threat to the society. In these circumstances the police have no options but to use force to disperse the demonstrators to maintain the public order. The government should strike the balance between the unauthorized demonstrations and the public order to allow everyone to enjoy nation’s new-found freedom in a responsible and disciplined manner. As late Pundit Nehru once said “Democracy without self-control and restraint turns into anarchy. Discipline is the very essence of democracy.”


In my opinion, the current government has done a tremendous amount of work during the last twenty months towards reconciliation between the Tamils and the Sinhalese after the 30-year-old bloody war. The issues are complex and it takes time to find lasting solutions to the problems. There is lot more to be done and the current regime’s efforts in the direction of reconciliation must be applauded by all parties. It is the responsibility of the political leaders of the North and the South to work very close consultation with the national government to negotiate a lasting solution acceptable to all parties.

It is sad to learn that on a number of occasions, some influential “Rabble-Rousers” from the North and the South have made unhelpful remarks, organized “hartals” and demonstrations to divide the nation on racial and religious backgrounds. No political leader has the right to demand that certain parts of the country should be allocated exclusively for certain racial or religious groups. Each and every Srilankan should be able to live and work in any part of the country irrespective of their racial and religious backgrounds. There should not be any “no-go” areas in the country for Srilankans. Making statements to stir up racial and religious hatred must be condemned by all civilized people. There should not be any place for such activities in our society.

These “Rabble-Rousers” may be expecting clear cut solutions to these complicated problems exactly the same way they used to deal with legal cases in their previous capacities as “clever” judges and lawyers. But being clever, one cannot solve all the problems. It appears that some of these “clever” judges and lawyers in the North and the South, lack political maturity and wisdom to deal with such complex issues.

There are no black and white answers to these issues. “Hartals”, demonstrations, and attempts to alienating the communities on racial and religious grounds are not the solutions. Patience and compromises are the order of the day. The representatives of the negotiating parties should recognize that their irresponsible behaviors may allow the extreme elements in the North and the South who are waiting in the wings for any opportunity to destroy the nation’s new-found freedom. The irresponsible “Rabble-Rousers” in the North and the South must grow up. It is time to move on.

Role of the “Yahapalanaya”

I do not expect the President and the Prime Minister to perform miracles to eradicate all the social, economic, and political problems that have been created by the previous regime in a very short period of time. But It appears that the freedom which the President and the Prime Minister have reestablished during the last twenty months is in real danger if both of them continue to run the country without giving their urgent attention and consideration to the real issues which matter to the general public. The new regime should recognize that the “lip service” is not acceptable.

I appeal to the President, the Prime Minister, and the Ministers to think wisely and take appropriate action to maintain the discipline, openness, honesty, and integrity of the “Yahapalanaya” government. They must take the lead to curb the unnecessary spending by implementing strict processes and procedures for the government to live within its means. They must also recognize that just because one can speak in English, comes from a privileged family background, and educated in an elite school in Colombo or Kandy are not the required relevant qualifications to run our state institutions efficiently and economically unless they are suitably qualified and experienced enough to do so. The government has a huge responsibility to play their part in preserving our new-found freedom in the long run. Otherwise the President and the Prime Minister may destroy the very freedom that they have reestablished on 8 January 2015.
I still keep my hopes alive that the “Yahapalanaya” government will make a real change in our society as promised by the President and the Prime Minister. But the government is gradually running out of time, unless the rulers can make a significant shift in their behaviors to eradicate the deep rooted mal practices and unethical behaviors exhibited by some of the ministers and the top government officials.

I have adapted the following poem written by the late Ven. S. Mahinda Thero, to suit the present situation. Please do excuse me for my very poor poetic language in compiling part of the poem, but I hope the message is loud and clear.

නව මැති ඇමැති ජනවරමක් ජය ගන් නේ
පහුගිය රජයෙ දූෂිත වැඩ හින්දා නේ
හිස් මොළ තිබෙද්දිත් මේ වග නොතකන් නේ
ඇස් ගෙඩි දෙකට හෙණ ගැහිල ද ඇමැතින් නේ
(Adapted from a poem by late Ven. S. Mahinda Thero.)

Time to Move On

It is time for the free press, the trade union leaders, independent citizen groups, and the “rabble-rousers” to move on from the legacy of the previous regime and make a positive contribution in the process of rebuilding our nation. The time is right for the President and the Prime Minister to investigate the reasons why they have garnered a poor reputation for good governance so far and take decisive, visible actions to rectify the situation as quickly as possible.

It is the duty of the government to listen and respond to the responsible free press, the trade unions, and the independent citizen groups in a positive, innovative, and progressive manner by inclusion of greater representation from them in discussions and working together to resolve the issues amicably. Hence the new-found freedom could be enjoyed by us all in the long run. As the founder of the Ford Motor Company, late Henry Ford once said; “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”

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Latest comments

  • 5

    I agree with writer about responsibility of People writing in press, in colombo telegraph or other public space.

    Political systems is such that majority decides, even the decition is wrong. So it is essential majority People gets the correct information such that the People Can support the politicians.

    • 10

      “Political systems is such that majority decides,””
      the ballot has no vale even in the west where 50% generally vote and
      Lanka the vote is Baath Parcel and Addiyai or Job akak pauleta.

      You are short sighted keep counting elephants to go to sleep.

      Even at Jazz Symhony of 500 one man decides. Here its the Executive Pres. who is a stupid commoner.
      Unlike in the west when all is lost Its the King/Queen who decide- eg Belgium solved the problem caused by Cock S**t head-up-ass immigrants from Africa and Middle east etc.
      Its a lesson in Psycho that one person takes decision like it or not.

    • 1

      Gamini Jayaweera

      “So it is essential majority People gets the correct information such that the People Can support the politicians.”

      There is the political class and the people.. The politicians are scrwing the people and busting their balls. So, the media is needed to tell the story.

  • 7

    Gamini, you articulated many things that I wish I could have done.

    “In my opinion, the current government has done a tremendous amount of work during the last twenty months towards reconciliation between the Tamils and the Sinhalese after the 30-year-old bloody war.” Agreed.

    However, “The issues are complex and it takes time to find lasting solutions to the problems.” I only somewhat agree. For example, those so called LTTE cadres still held in custody without charge (Some for over 15 years) could have been released. There is no rhyme or reason to continue to incarcerate them. The military occupied lands could be released at a faster pace. No real reason to hold on to them. The overbearing military presence in the North and East can be scaled down. The war is over and the LTTE crushed. No tangible threats in the short or long term with regards to separatist activity. Real rabblerousers such as BBS are allowed to spread their unadulterated racial hatred messages without let or hinder.

    At times the Ranil and My3 duo’s action or inaction is nothing short of comical with their deal making activities. Either they exercise their mandate without fear or fervour or butt out and let some younger blood in their parties do the job.

  • 8

    “But it appears that some of the Sri Lankan national newspapers are mis-using their new-found freedom to distort the facts and publish reports to mis-lead the nation”. – Gamini Jayaweera

    No truer word was ever said!

    The PRESS (both print and electronic) will finally destroy, the very Press Freedom they fought so hard for, during tyrannical times.

    • 13

      “”The PRESS (both print and electronic) will finally destroy, the very Press Freedom they fought so hard for, during tyrannical times. “”

      Hey you,
      When Nani Palkhivala Refused to Defend Indira Gandhi in Court!! see below.

      It’s part and parcel of your Compassionate and Dharmistha Society.
      Do you fully understand what is Dharama??
      Where was Dharma when 43rd CJ was evicted?? what did Basil and Choksy, PC, MP Do, (he was just accepting positions at Lanka that Nani held at India- Aryan/ sickness of malwatte /murdering mice??

      A simple man started as refugee and rose to heights that non could match:
      Not only did Nani Palkhivala interpret the constitution as a message of intent, he also saw it as a social mandate with a moral dimension. As he later stated in the Privy Purse case Madhav Rao Jivaji Rao Scindia vs Union of India, (1971) 1 SCC 85]:

      “The survival of our democracy and the unity and integrity of the nation depend upon the realisation that constitutional morality is no less essential than constitutional legality. Dharma (righteousness; sense of public duty or virtue) lives in the hearts of public men; when it dies there, no Constitution, no law, no amendment, can save it.”

      In a landmark case [Ahmedabad St. Xavier’s College Society vs. State of Gujarat, (1974) 1 SCC 717], Palkhivala argued that the extant right of a state government to administer an academic institution did not extend to a right to mal-administer. The majority of the nine-judge bench upheld his contention, significantly strengthening the rights of the minorities.

      That wasn’t the end. Later that year, for some strange reason known only to him, the CJI A N Ray constituted a 13-judge bench to revisit the Kesavananda Bharati case (1973) in which the Supreme Court had concluded that the Constitution’s basic structure was inviolable by any amendment by Parliament.

      Palkhivala rose to the occasion to counter the gravest threat the Constitution had faced. Heading a team of constitutional lawyers, Palkhivala argued continuously – morning to evening – for 2 days on November 10 and 11, 1975 and prevailed upon their lordships not to review the majority view in Kesavananda Bharati case. Sensing that most judges on the bench had been swayed by the brilliance of Palkhivala’s submissions, on November 12, CJI Ray dissolved the bench, without any explanation.

      Justice Khanna, who was on the bench, remarked later: “The height of eloquence to which Palkhivala rose on that day had seldom been equaled and never surpassed in the history of the Supreme Court of India”.

      If you remember Indira Gandhi today – sure, she gave us our most decisive victory against Pakistan – do spare a thought for Nani Palkhivala – who made sure our Constitution survived her intact.

      • 4

        “Not only did Nani Palkiwalla interpret the constitution as a message of intent, he also saw it as a social mandate with a moral dimension”.
        In SL on the contrary the constitution is regarded by politicians in power as something of a obstacle to exploit and plunder freely.So that many of it’s effective clauses to protect the sovereignty of the people is emasculated and rendered impotent through many a series of several repeals and amendments.
        The people are cheated and led into the dark wildness of race and religious differences and the print and electronic media is used to cause fear and hate between the different ethnic communities that populate the island.
        The judiciary is subject to political interference.The best example is the recent impeachment motion that was carried out by the country’s government parliamentarians of the former MaRa regime on the basis of unfounded allegations against the CJ of the country’s SC.She hardly was given a chance to put forward her case in defense against the trumped up charges.

        PM Indira Gandhi was sent to jail by the SC in India on a charge of election malpractices. But in SL defeated politicians are nominated as Parliamentary MP’s and the CJ of the island’s SC dismisses the PIL by a dedicated Lawyer saying “this is not a National issue”. That is the difference between the two countries.

  • 0

    Yahapalanaya at work: a leading national newspaper reports today (Quoted)
    “Chairman and Managing Director of SL Ayurvedic Drugs Corporation yesterday admitted before the COPE that 12 henchmen of Minister Dr. Rajitha Senaratne had been recruited on the recommendations of the minister’s wife. Two top officials of the corporation admitted before the COPE that out of 61 workers they had hired after assuming duties in the corporation, 43 had been recruited without following stipulated procedure.”
    Mr. Jayaweera! are you surprised?

  • 3

    I fully endorse the views of the writer that new found freedom is misused. It appears that in most instances disruptive activities in the form of legitimate protests are deliberate attempts under a master plan to destabilize the Government. Even the unusual number of wild fires that had taken place during the past few months should be viewed seriously to ascertain whether saboteurs are behind same.
    During the past 68 years after independence we never witnessed a situation where peoples right to use public roads were disrupted in this manner except on the occasions LTTE destroyed Northern railway line and captured section of A9 road.
    In a way, those who supported Jan 8th change, should feel ashamed that no leading politician of the Yahapalana Govt. including the President and/or the PM failed to come forward to impress upon people to act responsibly and desist from abusing freedom of expression causing inconvenience to ordinary citizens.
    The anti govt. elements appears to be achieving their objective as the people are getting frustrated due to lukewarm attitude of the Govt. Priyantha

  • 10

    “”Patience and compromises are the order of the day. “

    Thannava: When the majority want’s to control the life of minority the smallest is individual it is not democracy- foolish soothsayer!! Benchmark.

    Henry Ford once said; “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”

    His quote was for corporate sector, unlike China with One people One Nation
    pushijng the plan through.(WW2- Mao killed millions of Chinese with American money while Roosevelt did not know until his death,)

    Today its a CC or C2 going towards C3.
    “There are only two kinds of languages: the ones people complain about and the ones nobody uses.” Language prevents accidents but not Fraud.- B.S.

    Today’s cooperate sector thinks in terms of : “Creative Capitalism”
    Microsoft’s Bill Gates calls on firms to engage in creative capitalism that creates a profit while helping the poor.

    Wholefoods, John Mackey,”Conscious Capitalism”: Conscious business enterprises and people are those that choose to follow a business strategy, in which they seek to benefit both human beings and the environment.

    Crony capitalism is a term describing an economy in which success in business depends on close relationships between business people and government officials. It may be exhibited by favoritism in the distribution of legal permits, government grants, special tax breaks, or other forms of state interventionism.

    Time to take a break than ask the emotionally charged minorities
    —Time to Move On. (by lizards within the majority of Murdering Mice)
    The black cloak of Dracula is over the head of the nation from 1948- Puddhu_watte religion It rains when folk fart.

    No wonder Negroids have no respect in the world.

  • 8

    President and Prime Minister should have a serious discussion to sort out the mess. CBK should also be invited for the discussion on a advisory role.

    First and foremost Hiru and Derana should be investigated as they are the main Rabble Rousers.

    The country is in a terrible mess caused by the previous regime and all assets belonging to the former regime family should be confiscated immediately again i repeat immediately and court action against former family taken vigorously without dilly dallying immediately.

    I think the civil society namely Sarath wijesooriya, Gamini Veyangoda, Janaranjana, are fed up with the yahapalanaya actions.

    • 4

      Derana is doing a servile role. Servileness of them is lot to do with their start through the support of Jarapakshes.

      They have no basis JUST only spreading the views of former man.

      Former man s untold stories to be revealed soon, particularly in terms of the young sportlers murder.

      Believe, me if your son, brother, or anyone within the family would have been murdered that way, and doing all the harm in terms of also missing the body parts in the consecutive post mortem sessions, should be beyond all cruelties.

      Have we ever had the kind of brutal murderers in the country ?

    • 2

      Please listen to the following link


      the levelled have reached to the levels no second to those of any brutal societies.

      See, how they they plan contract killings.

      Why cant the authorities go raid on collecting any illegal weapons being roaming among the civil communties ? Thi sis s acountry where army deserters or any kind of high crime doers make every effort to do what they think is right in terms of taking on revenge: But in the same time saying ” Budusarnai”. ….. to pretend they are so buddhistic than anything else. This nature is captured and established by people, since those IRC men are in power. Those IRC men should be jailed forever not dealing with them. Basta.

    • 5

      I also beleive that media men make it worst in the country.

      They just spread anything and everything not thinking and respecting the ethical and morals of the society.
      Derana is one of them, not forgetting HIRU did it from the day 1.

      Even ITN and SLTV did it that public abusing their authoriteis.
      All these were under the helm of Meeharaka Rajakashes.
      Today the shameless bugger still let run around kissing the babies and touching the youth showing the same masked face to the very same grass eaters. It is all because of his power greediness is beyond all other desires. Not just he loves the nation, but he just wants to stay in power. This man belongs to keep with high criminals since he deserves it.

    • 6

      CBK should also be invited for the discussion on a advisory role.are fed up with the yahapalanaya actions.”

      chi-keeeee.,chi-keeeee. bottles of wine beela verry!!

      You shit your pants from fright! Vete y lavate el toto.(pussy cat)

      mussels are cheap.

  • 6

    )Are We Exercising Our New-Found Freedom Responsibly?

    The below mentioned facts COULD HAPPEN ONLY IN SRILANKA a land like no other.

    (1) Colombo Chief Magistrate has granted bail to former Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa, Nissanka Senadhipathi and 6 others on the Avant Garde case.
    (2) Colombo Fort Magistrate today refused to grant approval for an international warrant through the Interpol to arrest Sri Lanka’s former ambassador to Russia, Udayanga Weeratunga, who is currently in hiding overseas.”
    (3) Yoshitha Rajapaksa and three others, excepting Nishantha Ranatunga, all of whom are accused under the money laundering act over financial irregularities at CSN, have been bailed out.
    (4) Namal Rajapaksa arrested and remanded for allegedly misappropriating Rs. 70 million provided by Indian Real Estate Company Krish Lanka Pvt. Ltd, for the development of rugby in Sri Lanka, was yesterday ordered to be released on bail by Colombo Fort Magistrate Lanka Jayaratne.
    (5) Basil Rajapaksa arrested on charges of an illicit land transaction has been released on strict conditions of Rs. 50,000 cash bail and three Rs.1 million personal bails by Matara Magistrate Miss Yuresha de Silva. Mr. Basil Rajapaksa was ordered to surrender his passport to Court.
    (6)Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapaksa’s counsels requested Court to lift the ban on Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapaksa’s foreign travel imposed on him by the Colombo magistrate’s court.

    Allowing the request for foreign travel Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapaka’s passport was released

    Continuously Ranil and Sira are helping the Rajapaksa regime covertly directly or indirectly and the country is heading for disaster.

  • 8

    “Do not fear to be eccentric in opinion, for every opinion now accepted was once eccentric.” ― Bertrand Russell

    When Enrique Iglesias – Bailando came to Lanka everyone became jealous of stinking rich Jangi_Bra, while exporting state of art Victoria’s Secret.
    Small minded self-conceited panditayas. 80% villagers talking big shit.

    [Edited out]

    where has Dharma gone?? Dharma has gone wild in the dupatha.

  • 4

    “As the founder of the Ford Motor Company, late Henry Ford once said; “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.””

    The author is on the whole broadly right but he lacks understanding of the ethnic complexity of the Tamil question. This is not something that can be obscured within the noble concepts of good governance and nation building. The Tamil question should be addressed starting with immediate and pressing issues that the CM Viggie highlights. He is not rabble-rousing but taking a democratic action as a direct result of not being listened to. The Tamils are not seeking exclusive existence but empowerment and free movement of people. They object to state organised Sinhala only colonisations that is exacerbate their existential insecurity and fear. In effect, you cannot mask the rightful Tamil political rights through your ostensible stand on good governance! Tamil protests does not equate to ethnic divide or detrimental to the Sinhalese.

    • 4

      Start asking smart questions about how they’re doing at work:
      It always boils down to this: talent is 90% made, not born.

      You can’t truly fake charisma unless your brain accepts it, but this is one instance in which it’s nice that your brain is easy to fool.
      A trick to feel and exude more confidence before:
      Imagine yourself puffed up like a powerful animal –
      Try a gorilla or a lion, a tiger, or skull head for a flag and be it-

      Chief of Chief Executive- born to blunder under his skin
      Wise King Solomon met with his son.But this was a
      Micky Spillane, Double Dutch one on Porawe(piyak,piyak) and the other on promotion-
      Big Brother is Watching Telecom 5-hit.

      Our brains have a faster response to images because they hit the limbic brain faster than the reasoning cortex: they can make a quick change to your body language and make you feel and appear more charismatic.

    • 1

      Dear Sir,

      Thank you very much for your valuable comments.

      I am aware of the ethnic complexity of the Tamil question. But I did not want to discuss about this delicate issue because a slight mis-understanding would have caused uproar in the North and the South. CT would have got about 100 abusive comments from the extreme elements. I am sure that even for this little explanation I will get abusive comments. But for your benefit, my comments are as follows:

      I think the negotiations between the parties should be done in a very careful manner not to give any opportunity to the extremists in the North and the South to take undue advantage of the situation.

      I am of the opinion that the learned Judge has made an “error of judgement” by participating in the “Rise Tamils” demonstration. When one demonstrates using slogans like “Rise Tamils”, “Rise Sinhalese”, or “Rise Muslims” it makes a division in the society. We need to create unity among all races / religions. It is also important that influential people must not raise the expectations of their followers because in negotiations you need to apply the basic principle of “give and take” to achieve a successful agreement.

      I understand that when one negotiates, one has to start from a position of strength but it does not mean one would get everything one demands.
      Both parties have to engage in a balancing act to get the best deal for all communities to live in peace and harmony.

      Hope you understand my position.

      • 4

        Dear Garmini,

        I do wholeheartedly agree that CM Wiggie must not allow his position to be used to promote such slogans. I am very uneasy with that slogan; it certainly resonates with Pongu Thamil that the LTTE was promoting. To me CM Wiggie is not a seasoned politician with sagacity; he appears to be impressionable to the grassroots Tamil sentiments that are still fresh with the finality of the war. By contrast, TNA has been exemplary and statesmen like. Let’s hope that the discussions between the government and TNA will lead to an amicable solution.

        One other thing that people of your caliber should understand is that, the Tamil people are wounded and heavily imbued in deep suspicion that the Sinhala regardless of their political affiliations will not give anything to the Tamils. This incredulity is completely understandable and thus their endeavour to keep this festering issue at fore. They believe that this is the only way to maintain the existential international attention!

        It is indeed a travesty that Sri Lanka cannot resolve this issue genuinely and honestly and it has taken 60 years and many deaths and destruction and still no consensus among the Sinhala!

      • 5

        Gamini ,
        “”I am of the opinion that the learned Judge has made an “error of judgement” by participating in the “Rise Tamils” demonstration. When one demonstrates using slogans like “Rise Tamils”, “Rise Sinhalese”, or “Rise Muslims” it makes a division in the society. We need to create unity among all races / religions. It is also important that influential people must not raise the expectations of their followers because in negotiations you need to apply the basic principle of “give and take” to achieve a successful agreement. “”

        City boys call yours Coo-coo for Co-Co Puffs??

        Thomas Jefferson says it first.
        Once you attempt legislation upon religious grounds, you open the way for every kind of intolerance and religious persecution.- William Butler Yeats Irish Poet of our times.

        Rise Tamils is different from Rise O Tamils.
        Rise like a Rudyard Kipling –
        On the road to Mandalay.
        An’ the sunshine an’ the palm-trees an’ the tinkly temple-bells;
        Where the silence ‘ung that ‘eavy you was ‘arf afraid to speak!
        On the road to Mandalay …

        In the civilized world.
        Vote or majority status does not permit owning even your child’s life.
        You can’t barge into anyone’s love life just because you let your little girls get mauled buy your culture of sinhala buddhist civilization can you??

        Has the Green win eaten into your V4P??

      • 4

        Dear Sir,

        Have you read https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/tamils-in-the-north-east-protest-at-last/ ?

        Tamils started negotiating before independence. 1/3 of tamils had to leave the island.
        Sinhalisation of N&E continues. Armed forces are building viharas all over N&E .

        Sampanthan urges parliament to accept Wigneswaran’s word http://www.seithy.com/breifNews.php?newsID=166899&category=EnglishNews&language=English
        Northern Province Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran had complained that media had attributed some statements to him that he did not utter with regard to the situation in the North, TNA parliamentary group leader R Sampanthan said in Parliament yesterday. Samapanthan said so participating in the debate that ensued after MEP leader Dinesh Gunawardena, who made a special statement demanding to know the government’s position on Northern Chief Minister Wigneswaran’s recent statement which Gunawardena said was detrimental to national security.
        Leader of the House Minister Lakshman Kiriella said the Chief Minister had denied the media reports. Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe would give a detailed response to the query raised by MP Gunawardena. Since the Chief Minister had already denied the reports it was wrong to discuss them. The Joint Opposition tried to instigate people against the Northern CM and create communal disharmony.
        TNA Leader Sampanthan said the people of the North and East lived amidst many hardships. “We are not against peace. We are not against reconciliation. We would like to sort out whatever problem through the means of peaceful negotiations. The Northern Chief Minister is a former Supreme Court judge. When he says that media has attributed to him some statements that he did not make, we should listen to him. He is not a man who will lie. I, too, do not think he made statements that the media attributed to him.”

      • 0

        “Kaanchu Pona poomiyellam vatrratha nathiyaikkaNdu aaruthal adiyum”

        There was no freedom war in Lankawe from Britain. Only one there were some protests by LSSP based on the British Tea Companies treatment of the Tamils. These poor souls looked at the demonstrators and hoped if these angel wins and one day the land freed, our life would re-bud with fresh sooths. The land got freedom. The poor souls were deported out of the land completely. The Child look at its mother and cried for milk. The mother turned out to be Bhoothaki. The Sinhala intellectuals and LLSP demonstrators became monsters. Don Stephen who led the other Tamils to this “secret solution” became the patriot father of the nation. The man questioned about this injustice and let his original party which supported Don Stephen, leader SJV became the separatist traitor. The poor souls who gave the blood and sweet to this for the Sinhala Buddhists eat free rice from China, left the land they toiled not empty handed but with only the work-wounds in their hands.
        Didn’t GG stayed with Don Stephen and worked to the Sinhalese get the freedom and consolidate the power? What did SJV got from those rogues by bargaining or rallying Satyagraha?

        CV participated in the rally. Sampanthar is working for a secret solution so the Yahapalanaya government can consolidate the war victory.

        What is this guy talking about balancing? What the heck anybody ever got anything bargaining with the racist Sinhala Government? If he thinks the Sinhala government can muscle flex with the war victory in the bargain table, why could not he see the Tamils appeals to IC by these rallies? That is the power they built on their side by the war loss and sacrificing 145,000 in five months.

  • 3

    Mr. Gamini Jayaweera and all participants,
    Your concerns are real and appreciated. Sri Lanka has been a Country ruled by authoritarian Majority Governments now for almost 70 years. All decisions in all matters of the Country, be it racial, Judiciary, Education, Admissions to college, Appointments, Security, Foreign service, have all been made by top politicians and no other Authority. Authority for everything has been given to the wrong people. Administration, and appointments of all Departments, Corporations, Financial institutions, Forces, Police are all made by Politicians. This mismanagement gave the top politicians great power that resulted in the Country going down the abyss in which it is pushed today.
    A responsible Administrator failed to do his duty because he was a stooge of the politician who gave him the position!
    Do you understand who are the top politicians in the new Yahapalanaya Government. Are they used to any different style of Administration?
    Whither Sri Lanka! Please don’t expect anything more unless some miracle happens to the Country.

  • 1

    Obviously January 8th was a mistake, but a step in the right direction?

    • 3


      “Obviously January 8th was a mistake”

      Were you born on January 8th?

  • 1

    Certainly January 8th was a mistake.

    Gamini Jayaweera is either a naïve person living in another world or a very cunning majarapalana acolyte. The latter could be the most likely scenario.

    However he seems to see writings on the wall for his beloved majarapalana which is one of the most corrupt, dishonest, and ineffective regimes with no skills in statecraft. Forbes magazine doesn’t need to tell that fact to Sri Lankans. They have realised the dishonesty and cowardice behind the beautiful yahapalana curtain just like dharmishta samajaya of the olden days and will throw this lot out in the very near future.

    • 5

      “”Certainly January 8th was a mistake.””

      Your analogy is fake like kuddu Hela Wellae.

      Pimbura-පිඹුරා is your lover??

      Because Eight (Ba in Chinese) has the similar pronunciation with 发 (Fa, meaning wealth or fortune), this number is very welcome among Chinese people.
      Weak points: Their abundant ambitions sometimes make them careerists and a little dictatorial and extreme. Being self-centered can be their most intolerable personality trait that may make them selfish. They tend to seek for an inflated reputation, and gradually become very arrogant. Besides, they cannot help to waste money and time. Probably because of this characteristic, they try their best to make money by any means.

      Baa baa black sheep (negroid) have you any wool.

      Baa, baa, black sheep,
      Have you any wool?
      Yes sir, yes sir,
      Three bags full.

      One for the master,
      One for the dame,
      And one for the little boy
      Who lives down the lane*.

      Baa, baa, black sheep,
      Have you any wool?
      Yes sir, yes sir,
      Three bags full.
      My thuna- mituhana Coguar (do some viper behind scenes)

  • 1

    There is a president questing if a student attacked by teacher then that one’s right to seek legal remedy. He is the man advocated those who are conducting musical concert against his Sinhala Buddhist concepts will has to be whipped with “Thirukkaivaal”.

    A learned professor who awarded Doctorate in Murders to his leader is questioning protesting against a government in nonviolent way. He defined “violence” as something coming out of nonviolence protests. Let me ask one question, as my commonsense is confused reading this Sinhala Intellectuals’s propaganda material, if a group of people-irrelevant of the number in that, accusing the government that it is function not responsibly is a murders crime? Is that why the SLFP and UNP, to eliminate a opposition voice, formed the Sanctimonious Yahapalanaya Goverment? Is that talking against this Sanctimonious Yahapalanaya government is blasphemy of Sinhala Buddhist Intellectualism? (That is the name for the crooks who justify the Notorious Sinhala Royal Governments against their consciences.)

    “Grandma your voice is changed- the girl said to the wolf. The wolf replied I am having a cold my childs that’s it”. That is how the Wolf and the Red Hood fairy tales goes. There is fear and cautiousness is built in all by evolution to save the spiece from dangers. The small girl expressed this nature of the children. Wolf did know that has to be overcome if it has to trap the girl. It ate butter and replied. The Sinhala Sanctimonious Buddhist government has a cold. That is the Sinhala Mass is a racist population. They will oppose any form of Tamils talk. As per the Sanctimonious government’s advocates the Sinhala Racist Mass is sleeping; so it is better the Tamils keep quiet not to wake up the sleeping lion. These are the shameless idiot to call their own people as ultra racist that they will go on rampage if the Tamils talk. They had not heard about the history of man named Lincoln. He is a man went against his own people with violence to stop racism.

    Yes the voice is now changed, but it is the same old, clumsy but cunning wolf. The Royal government name is changed from Mahinda Chitanta to Yahapalanaya by buttering on the eyes of the IC.

    They sang the Sinhala Song in Tamil. But 150,000 men strong army is put in North insisting that they will not believe Tamils. But after cheating for 70 years they want Tamils to believe them. They have not released the lands as army is rebuilding its might in the North and East. The arrested innocents are not released because they are not believing those poor people are innocents. There is no solution being prepared to Tamils. The ousted criminal is waiting to board the ship as soon the Secretary Kerry leave the post. But they want us to belive them, but not they will believe us.

    These trained marketing managers are claiming that using the media is sin. Why they are not coming forward to use the mass media to educate Sinhala Mass if the government offer a solution and they thinks that would be opposed? Their sole purpose is to fool the Sinhala Mahajan Modayas and Sampanthar at the same time. They have stuck Puddukaddi in the throat of Sampanthar by saying to him that they cooking a secret solution only for him, not the country. Sampanthar stopped talking now. At this matured stage of his life, after fully ripen political punditry, he is ignoring the little Red Hood cautiousness as unwanted. He is trying to pull the Tamils to the wolf’s house. He is failing to justify CV’s right to talk for Tamils. That is what these crocodile are shedding tears that they are not able to give the due rights to Tamils because CV is trying to protest democratically against the Yahapalana Chitanta rogue government. There is every evident that they are not in any process of solving the country’s problems but they are just relabeling CV as the Pirapaharan the terrorist No II.

    They cheated the IC that they are investigating the common crime committed by the Old Royal government and going to punish them, so the Old Royals will be punished without the Sinhala Mass opposing them investigating and punishing for war crime. Now, this government’s, simple Central Bank looting truth are not coming out. The Media is on Choke hold.

    Unanimously, the Sinhala Intellectual are preaching not to pray the Sanctimonious Yahapalanaya government is blasphemy.

    First they came for Indian Coolies,
    I did not speak out, Because I am not a coolie.
    Then they came for North-east Kallaththonies,
    I did not speak out, Because I am not a Kallaththony.
    Then they came for the Kaaththankudy Kalu thambiya,
    I did not speak out, Because I am not a Kalu Thambiya.
    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

    -a song by a Sinhala Buddhist, double crossed by Sinhala intellectuals.

  • 1

    Our society has been corrupted by the previous regime so badly that it will take another two generations before people’s behaviour and attitudes can be changed to achieve some level of goodness and decency.As the saying goes “even if the dogs tails is encased in a bamboo cylinder,it can be straightened” the current generation has been corrupted beyond repair.They have no use for decency or good governance as these concepts are alien to them having been made to survive through a period of absolute corruption and moral decay under the filthy Rajapakse family regime.We need not go very far to find examples of these corrupt people but look in our own parliament.Fellows who are accused of stealing,murder,rape,drug peddling and every other conceivable crime under the penal code are paraded in and out of Police stations and remand jails and are greeted as heroes by the people.It seems that being handcuffed and put in remand custody has now become a virtue that is cheered and admired as a qualification to lead the people.
    The only hope lies in our youth and children if only we invest in educating them to nurturing ,instilling and promoting human values in them.This is the only way forward for our Motherland.Those few who still trust in human values and common decency need to pray harder and work harder to guard these values from the evil men and women who unfortunately still roam around free as ever to peddle their filthy philosophy as what is good for our nation.The sooner they are put behind bars the better for us all sentenced to gallows still better.

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