16 April, 2024


Arpico Owner Dr. Sena Yaddehige Named In Panama Papers

Controversial businessman Dr. Sena Yaddehige who bought over Richard Peiris Company with the help of Rajapaksa front man Asanga Seneviratne has been named in the Panama papers released by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ).

Dr. Sena Yaddehige

Dr. Sena Yaddehige

Senevirate who held over 24.7 % shares of Richard Peiris and Company through Asia Capital a company he owned then, sold his shares to Yaddehige to take control of the family owned business enterprise. Asia Capital also named in the Panama Papers.

Dr. Yaddehige also started a newspaper group which publishes the Nation and the Rivira, sold it to Rajapaksa front men Nilanka Rajapaksa and Prasanna Wickramasuriya the nephew of former President Rajapaksa.

Asanga Seneviratne subsequently also bought the Sunday Leader Group with the help of former President Rajapaksa after the editor Lasantha Wickramatunge was killed on the 8th of January 2009.

In the Panama Papers, Yaddehige is connected to three entities by the names of BALANTINE GROUP LIMITED, YORKTOWN DEVELOPMENT INC.ALANTINE GROUP and TRANSFIELD ENTERPRISES S.A.

Sena Yaddehige – BALANTINE GROUP LIMITED  – 30; 111 PARK RD; ST JOHNS WOOD; NW8 7JL | Jurisdiction – British Virgin Islands



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Latest comments

  • 37

    Follow the money. Front men, fake companies, and millions transferred to off shore accounts, will show you who hides behind some of these dealings.

    • 34

      All our state money had been stolen and locked up in Fake companies that belonged to srilanka and Srilankans only.

      . Swindling took place in a big way for over 30 years which prevented Srilanka from Prospering but made it into a PARAYA STATE.

      ANEH. !!! APEH. BODHI LANKA !! The yellow robed Monks too are Responsible for this sorry state .

      • 5

        Here’s how to rip off your country and do Money Laundering.

        Anything and everything you need to know and how you can hide your Loot. Follow the Link. Plenty of advice!!! For experts and Novices!! Good Luck!!


        • 6

          No one points finger @Dr Sena ! Of course he’s a big Business man in SL and have given employment for thousands. But ! But ! The honest way to do business is PAYING TAX TO THE TREASURY NOT AVOIDING!
          This is called Ripping off the Poor.
          He should pay the rightful Tax to the state.

          Same with any other Businesses. That’s the honesty and the integrity of a Business man.

          Pilfering foreign Aids and stealing state money is called Plundering/ Thieving / MONEY LAUNDERING LIKE THAT OF MASTER THIEF AND FAMILY ‘s. Hobby!!

          These Thieves need to be put in Jail ASAP.

          • 6

            Is there any clue that Dr Sena didn’t pay rightful Tax to the state? Or are we just doing a guessing game here which is not fair on Dr Yaddehige?

  • 17

    What a height for a ’71 JVPer.

  • 17

    When will mokku sinhala wake up….

  • 13


    Although Rajapakasa didn’t get a guernsey , at least one dude from the South has made it.

    It made my day.

    All the names so far have been Chettiyars , Muslims and Bahahais and Christians who never vote or vote for the SLFP..

    Rajapaksas have done something for the Southerners..

    • 19

      KASmaalam KA Sumanasekera

      “Rajapaksas have done something for the Southerners..”

      You are right, Rajabaksas have done something for the Southerners, robbing their dignity, rationality, human decency, …….. their share of wealth, ….

      Isn’t a great achievement?

      • 4

        Dear Native,

        What are you on about.

        At least our Dalits can sit in Air conditioned comfort all the way from Matara to Maharagama, when they have to bring their sick kids, parents, and grand parents to see Specialists in Colombo.

        And it costs only LKR 350 . Just imagine hiring a Van like before which costs USD 100,

        And they even can watch the Elite, Yahapalana suckers trying to over take them even on a Free way.

        Is that losing dignity, and humanity?..

    • 17

      KAS: Looks like you can’t help yourself being the bigoted racist you are, but there’s no need to reinforce this characteristic of yours as it is well known.

      And its not just “one dude from the south” that has “made it”, the others will be named shortly, so you can look forward to more “made my day” days!

      Also, it’s not only the southerners that the Rajapaksas have done “something” for, they have done plenty for themselves and their near and dear by ripping off the country (among innumerable other crimes).

      Hope your day continues to be “made” with the other reports coming soon.

      • 3

        Brian mate..

        I don’t think he even spent USD 100 for a suit including the Satake..

        You Yahapalana suckers(I don’t think you pay tax any way) paid USD 11.000 for a suit for Btalanda PM’s right hand man, who was imported from Singapore.

        just imagine how much Batalanda PM must be docking the Tax Payers for his suits and Mangalan’s too?.

        And I didn’t even touch on , on the 2.65% Commission you suckers have to pay Aloysious for the next 30 years.

        The rip off you are on about must be peanuts, unless you can produce the deeds for Apollo, Old Intercontinental( New Kinsbury where the Sea Food is fabulous ) and even the CSX .

        • 7

          KAS – “I don’t think he even spent USD 100 for a suit including the Satake..”

          I guess “thinking” was never your strength, as is evident from your mostly idiotic and racist comments. So maybe he doesn’t have a suit, but have you looked at the bling we wears all over (including that gold dorge he clings to for fear of retribution? Listing the other ‘assets’ he possesses would be meaningless to a sicko-phant of your ilk, so I’ll not waste my time.

          By the way, don’t you find it odd that Namal has been able to accumulate so much wealth, cars, companies and other material possessions with his salary over such a short period of time? This is not to mention the other members of the family from Medamulune.

          But then I guess your tunnel vision won’t allow you to see anything other than shite you can use to ensure that your meal-ticket will keep on coming!

    • 3

      Dear Sumane

      You are a smart fellow. Please classify the following names in terms of Chettiyars , Muslims, Bahahais or Christians.

      1. Yapa Hetti Pathiranalage Nissanka Yapa Senadhipathi
      2. Senarath Bandara Dissanayake
      3. Palavinnege Sumith Cumaranatunga
      4. Kithsiri Manjula Kumara Yapa
      5. Duminda Mahali Weerasekare
      6. Vidya Dilruk Amarapala
      7. Surendra Ediriweera
      8. Shyamali Chapika Ediriweera
      9. Sanjay Vijith Anthony Perera
      10.Niranjan Sunil Oswald Mendis
      11.Udu Wathuwage Jagath Priya Anura Sumathipala
      12. Jaywardane Welathanthrige Shilanth Boteju
      13. Tushan Harsha Mendis Wicramasinghe

      • 0

        Dear Liyanage,

        Are any of them from the South.

        Even if some are, they certainly wouldn’t be even SLFP supporters let alone Rajapakasa’s people

        • 2

          KASmaalam KA Sumanasekera

          “Even if some are, they certainly wouldn’t be even SLFP supporters let alone Rajapakasa’s people”

          Businessmen/women never had any loyalty to any particular party. Their only loyalty is towards themselves and their family.

          The moral of the story is don’t depend on rich men/women. That is one reason as to why clan swindled enough to keep their politics going and their future generation, the clan became very rich itself so that it does not have to depend on the support of rats in the business community.

  • 19

    We must admit, The Rajapaksa Mafia are cunning to the core. So all that we see are front men buying up businesses and investing money offshore and the Rajapaksa’s are well screened from public exposures.

    What a country of rogues. No wonder the gamarala’s lot has not improved since the colonial days.

  • 12

    Behind every great fortune there is a crime. — Balzac

    Le secret des grandes fortunes sans cause apparente est un crime oublié, parce qu’il a été proprement fait.

    The secret of a great success for which you are at a loss to account is a crime that has never been found out, because it was properly executed.


    The secret of a great fortune made without apparent cause is soon forgotten, if the crime is committed in a respectable way.

    • 0

      [Edited out]

  • 17

    Please people you guys really are pathetic with your comments without a fact check. Dr Sena never his money in SL. He inventions and patterns of his discoveries have gone in to the best automobiles in the world and many in
    Sri Lanka is also benefiting. He made his money by studying hard and make his brain work hard in Switzerland and Europe. He made his monies not dirty but absolutely genuine and all made in Europe and invested in buying into Sri lanka in later years. So please check facts before if not you all look like F…ing idiots!!!!!!

    • 9

      Roger, you are attempting to defend a guy who has been implicated in illegal off-shore banking activities.

      Have you done a ‘fact check’ on his associations with the Rajapakse family with regard to their mutual ‘investment’ activities? OPr with regard to his payment of taxes?

      It may be a good idea to do this before YOU “look like a [Edited out]

      • 1


        Why have you edited my quote from ‘Roger’ when you allowed him to use the same language and I was merely quoting him?

        Is this a mistake or is it the inconsistency in your ‘editorial’ policies.

        It looks like this is a common occurrence where you allow the most vile language, personal insults and racist garbage in some instances and censor less offensive statements in others.

        Hopefully you guys will make efforts to be more consistent in future.

  • 14

    There are MARA’S Loot hidden in some of the Temples where he had been frequenting. They are hidden in the form of Gold, Cash, and deeds of Lands with the help of Chief Yellow Robed Monks.

    That’s the reason some of them are still singing the Swan song for the Hambantota Rogue.

    Stolen money from the Poor people of Srilanka are lying in the hands of Corrupt Monks Banks as well.

  • 19

    Yaddehige made his money long before he bought Arpico. CT should show some maturity when posting articles instead playing to the Rajapaksa hate gallery. [Edited out] Poor journalism.

  • 15

    All Yaddehige’s money is from his companies outside Sri Lanka. He was a millionaire by the western standards long before he ventured into Sri Lanka. There is no proof that he took money from Sri Lanka and deposited them in Panama. He turned a lacklustre company Arpico into a highly profitable one and provided job opportunities to thousands of people. People should be aware of these facts before casting adverse remarks on him.

  • 4

    Our Yahapalana CB Governor issues a rebuttal to the Editor of FT .

    But no threats of legal action, unlike the other Yahapalana heavies like the Fat Boy Minister.

    The Singaporean says he paid the USD . eleven grand out of his own pocket.

    I don’t think even President Obama pays that sort of Dosh .

    May be the Singaporean’s suit was hand stitched by Mr Georgio Armani himself.

    But the Singaporean is not in Panama .. right.

    Did anyone check Singapore besides Seachelles?

    Ahhh.. One more thing , the Singaporean never mentioned Aloysious, although he touched on the Yahapalan Inaugural Bond issue as well.

  • 7

    Once more the “ENVY FACTOR” rampant among small-minded Sri Lankans seems to cause their gloating over the effort to bring down the success of Dr. Yaddehige who has contributed much to the retail economy. His money was earned legitimately through Patents, from what I understand, and the country should be proud of

    The effort that this government puts into destroying all Sinhala, Bhora and Parsee industrialists and others in the economic development scene who have contributed to the economic advancement of the island by providing employment and opportunities for all ethnic groups seems to be a clear self-defeating exercise. Besides, whether or not these industrialists did so within ‘legal’ international loopholes for offshore banking is not discussed or evidenced at all.

    That the chase seems to be against all ethnicities in Sri Lanka EXCEPT the LTTE/Tamil Diaspora who no doubt also had billions/millions stashed away in foreign and offshore accounts becomes quite clear. Or is it that they got away in time, shifting money elsewhere into the stock markets where some countries want this money invested rather than in Banks?

    What the current GOSL hopes to achieve from this exercise especially when they themselves are not innocents in the financial games being played, e.g.,the Central Bank fiasco, makes one wonder as to who is running the show in this country.

    I am curious….
    Is the invitation to President Sirisena to the meeting in the UK to which the heads of the MOST CORRUPT COUNTIRES IN THE WORLD are being invited, considered a compliment by this Government?

    • 3

      Countryfirst..Good on you mate…

      Most of the staff at ARPICO in Wellala Gardens are non Vellala Tamils.Some of whom are just skin and bone.

      Merits from providing jobs for these poor alone, will help Mr Yaddehige to achieve better things and a longer life.

      Mr Yaddehige would have been an Honorary Yahapalana deshapremi too, had he given a few Million USD to the TRO, and the rest to the UNP Christian Faction for safe keeping.

    • 4

      Country Farce

      “That the chase seems to be against all ethnicities in Sri Lanka EXCEPT the LTTE/Tamil Diaspora who no doubt also had billions/millions stashed away in foreign and offshore accounts becomes quite clear.”

      If you knew it for sure, you should have informed the Financial crime section of the Interpol.

      It seems you would only be happy if they shared their wealth with you and Rajapaksa clan.

      “I am curious….

      Is the invitation to President Sirisena to the meeting in the UK to which the heads of the MOST CORRUPT COUNTIRES IN THE WORLD are being invited, considered a compliment by this Government?”

      Do you think MR is the best person to attend the meeting?

      When did you last sing Sinhala National Anthem with gusto?

      • 2

        The envious “Native Veddah” (NV) is once more on the wrong side of a clearly unjust chase of a worthy citizen.

        As for the Tamil Diaspora and their stashed away wealth in the form of legit enterprises, convertible to ready money for purchase of military hardware, it has been well known and written about for years during and after the end of the Eelam war in 2009.
        The lure of a CB Chairman who could/would give cover when money was brought in, or the new Finance/Min regulations re “no questions asked” when foreign exchange is brought in does not seem to have worked. So now, will they try other ruses?

        As for NV’s other loaded question: It is up to the UK to invite any head of state they wish to include in seeking solutions to the current corrupt state of the world’s financial systems.
        But to consider it a compliment for Sri Lanka to be so invited is quite another issue. Cameron has admitted that the UK is THE most corrupt of the world’s states. The Sri Lankan financial sector has obviously learnt well under the tutelage of its colonial rulers…and it is interesting to study who the SL leaders have been in the profession that helped dodge the financial regulations.

  • 9

    I think Dr Sena made most of his money through automobile patent rights in Europe. He later made some investment in Sri Lanka using part of this money. I understand he has given employment to over 20,000 Sri Lanka through his investments in SL. Obviously he has the right to invest his earnings abroad where ever he wishes. He has done more to Sri Lanka than most of us. Are we becoming a thankless nation slinging mud at anyone who is successful in life?

  • 6

    Dr.Yakdehige is a millionaire living in UK for many decades who earned his capital while living in UK. It is with that money he bought Richard Pieris & Co. during Chandrika’s time, long before Rajapakse came to power. So there is no point in trying to drag Rajapakse to the seen, to sling mud at him. Only the naive green blooded fools will believe this cock & bull story.

  • 2

    Nilanka Rajapkse bought the Former wild life dept premises at Gregorys rd clombo7 Rs40/ through Mahinda Rajapkse And sold to HNB for Rs One billion Now this is the property of John Keels and Apartments at this 7th resdencies going at $2to 3 million This land deal should be investigated and to fill the budget deficit,.

    Nilanka and Mahinda should be in the jail not living ing in LOndon,

  • 11

    There are many ignorant and foolish statements being made against Dr. Sena Yaddehige by people who don’t know him or his story. He was not from wealth but he was intelligent and showed leadership qualities while in university at the Kelaniya campus where he completed a Bachelor’s degree in Bio Science. He was not only educated but tremendously capable and a risk taker. He switched his field of study to electronics and received a PhD. His invention is sensors that at the push of a button works on automobiles that are manufactured around the world. He held the patent and followed with many other patents. So it was his brains and hard work that made him a millionaire. Not bribes or commissions by selling airlines like some people did in privatization, or some people did by controlling the paddy market with thuggery, or taking money from dubious sources. This man worked hard and he built companies overseas to manufacture his inventions. He came to Sri Lanka to invest because he said in his own words that he wanted to do something for the soil that he was born to walk on before he became rich and famous overseas. He was so successful that international banks were falling over each other to lend to him for investment. He will tell you that from being a graduate student and his PhD he made his first 5 million pounds on his own effort and not by pulling strings with any government. The Sri Lankan politicians on either side should worship him for the development he has brought to Sri Lanka. His investment in Sri Lanka was not borrowed– he invested personal funds to buy Richard Peiris and get it going. For those who think he is not entitled to his success, what they fail to know is that this man earned from his brains and not from political connections. He didn’t need to be anyone’s front man or stomach any insinuations. He brought his own funds and invested in Sri Lanka. He came to buy the Hotel Oberoi that was for sale but was advised to salvage Richard Peiris which he did as the company was not going anywhere. Approximately 13 years later, it stands at the level of offering employment to 40,000 people and a chain of stores that match international standards. If we need to improve the country the way to go is DO NOT TRY TO BACKSTAB SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE BECAUSE OF THEIR RACE, RELIGION, POLITICAL FRIENDS WHO ARE NOT ONE SIDED OR TRY TO DESTROY THEM IN ANY OTHER WAY. Dr. Yaddehige is a Swiss citizen with investments in many countries including the USA. He doesn’t have to take anyone’s rubbish. If he pulls out, the country will collapse overnight because he can take away the billions of revenue the government gets from taxes he generates from his businesses. His personal wealth also includes 4 special edition Feraris that pales any Panama account. THEREFORE ALL THE FOOLS WHO ARE CUTTING HIM DOWN BETTER SHUT UP AND GET TO KNOW THE PERSON AND HOW HIS INVENTIONS MADE HIM WHO HE IS. HE DIDN’T HAVE TO BRING IT BACK HOME BUT HE DID BECAUSE HE IS PATRIOTIC. IS THIS SOME KIND OF A BEGINNING TO CATALYZE HIS DEPARTURE TO FURTHER RUIN SRI LANKA. NOT ENOUGH WHAT SOME PEOPLE DID DRAGGING THE WAR. WHY DON’T THEY BARK UP THE GALLEON AND CENTRAL BANK CROOKS? WHY DON’T THEY LOOK INTO ALL THE HIDDEN LTTE BLOOD MONEY ACCOUNTS HIDDEN IN PLACES AND GROWING WITH LEGITIMIZED BUSINESS UNDER COVER USING BLOOD MONEY FROM EXTORTION, HUMAN SMUGGLING ETC., DOESN’T THE COUNTRY HAVE A STOMACH FOR GOING AFTER REAL CRIMINALS. WHEN INTERLLIGENT PEOPLE DO WELL, THIS IS THE TREATMENT THEY GET. DISGUSTING!!

    • 6

      Re the story of Dr. Yaddehige by “Peace”….

      Thanks !!, for setting straight the story of this self-made Sri Lankan who made the gesture of gratitude to Sri Lanka by investing in its economy in return for the initial opportunities offered him via educational and other govt. policies that enabled him to achieve what he has done. Dr. Yaddehige has made his name internationally, and he should receive adulation, not this kind of investigation which the public now recognizes to be nothing but targeted harassment.

      Is this indeed an attempt to catalyze his abandoning Sri Lanka so some other unnamed covert investor could buy him up? This may be the name of the game to entice stashed away monies to be brought in, no questions asked?

  • 1

    The Challenge is on Editor-CT, not to be impulsive in publishing what ever trash so called investigative junos submit. Be professional.
    THX Peace for your input; see more authenticity in your info. Seems to be a work of a Juno, hired to DILUTE ‘corruption basket’ of SL politicians/ families/ friends.
    We as readers, can’t even ‘connect the dots’ validate CT’s hypothesis.

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