3 December, 2022


As A Politician, Coming After Me Is OK

By Namal Rajapaksa

Namal Rajapaksa MP

Namal Rajapaksa MP

Dear supporters and friends,

As you may have already heard, certain individuals are coming after me with a vengeance, trying to implicate me in a number of alleged wrongdoings. We expected this. Those who are older than I am will remember well that this is the usual fate that members of the SLFP must suffer whenever we lose elections. It has happened in the past, and the same is happening this time also.

I want to tell all my supporters that these allegations have no basis. More than being angered, I am saddened. While we never claimed to be perfect, we always had the best interest of the country and the Sri Lankan people in mind. This is true not only of Mahinda Rajapaksa but of us as his children as well. We were brought up to take responsibility for our actions. As such, if I have done any wrong, I am fully prepared to face the consequences. However, I am certain of my innocence with regard to the outrageous allegations that have been put forth against me.

As a politician, coming after me is OK because I have the strength and support system to face it. But unfortunately, I’m not the only one. Many of our strong supporters – ordinary citizens – from around the country have also undergone various types of harassment. Most of these individuals didn’t break the law – they only supported Mahinda Rajapaksa, and they are being punished for that choice.

I appeal to the new President to take measures to safeguard our supporters around the country and to take action against those who are carrying out this harassment. I hope he will remember that these supporters of Mahinda Rajapaksa were once strong supporters of his as well, so please ensure their safety.

We welcome the new government’s initiatives of “good governance,” but we make a strong appeal not to allow certain individuals misuse this initiative to fulfill personal vendettas under the guise of “good governance.”

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  • 44

    The photos with girls your sitting are all fabricated,is it? You cannot sit and pass an ordinary law college exam,and then do you want to be a politician?please leave politics altogether and do some thing in which you are good.

    • 5

      Dear Namal,

      We know the truth. Do not take any notice of loosers like Das here who seems to have been jealous seeing you with girls. That is his inferiority complex.

      The chasers behind you ar eled by Mangala Samaraweera who is used to chasing young boys anyway. Do not fear him, but keep your distance, always stand against a wall when he is near!.

      All the best.

      • 1

        Hey Grateful,

        I thought he was the receiver….

        • 2

          K.A Sumanasekera

          Can you find a proper job for this boy, machine operator in a garment factory, tea plucker in estate, rubber tapper, fishing, carpentry …………… rice field, …..

          Its too late for you to find a job leave alone job that requires hard work.
          How is Vellala Catholic Ranil doing these days?

      • 1

        You are no Politician !

        You are an uneducated, corrupt at a very young age – thanks to the excellent role models in your family and upbringing, uncultured and uncivilised rascal !!!

        I cannot wait to see Karma catch up with you !

      • 1

        Namal Rajapaksa: you and your father Mahinda Jarapassa, and the mad dictator Gota the Goon, need to be locked up for SEDITION and attempting to DESTROY the STATE and DEMOCRACY in Sri Lanka.

        You greedy Jarapassa family are NOT PATRIOTS as you PRETEND to be. You are the SCUM of the EARTH and Terrorists who tried to destroy democracy in Sri lanka.

        You used Sinhala Nationalism and the Sinhala Buddhist flag and the national anthem to cover up you crimes and deceive the Sinhala Modayas into thinking you were Sinhala Patriots and Kings, but the Sinhala Modayas woke up from you pipe dream and got rid of you.
        Namal Jarapassa you and your corrupt family belong in Prison and that is where you will end up.

      • 1

        Namal darling, Tho-the Baba,

        we want the accounts of the Carleton Sports Club and the Lambughinis and Electric Peacock accounts.

        Tharunayanta Hetak was actually called Namal ta Hetack.

        Namal Thothe baba, your ccounts please – Night races and Youth shows and Commonwealth Games circus bid – funds need to be repaid to the people of Lanka who you stole from..

        Namal baba, You cannot play podi baba now and wash you hand off your crimes..All the funds that you stole from us the Tax Payers of Lanka must be returned – OR you will be thrown in Jail for your massive CORRUPTION for the rest of your life.

    • 26

      Namal Rajapaksa –

      “As you may have already heard, certain individuals are coming after me with a vengeance, trying to implicate me in a number of alleged wrongdoings. We expected this. Those who are older than I am will remember well that this is the usual fate that members of the SLFP must suffer whenever we lose elections. It has happened in the past, and the same is happening this time also.”

      Q!. Just Curious. Hoe were you able, an ordinary guy, to to get or get into so many girls? What is your secret?

      Q2. How did your net worth and assets go up so dramatically? Just curious. What is the secret? Namal Baba?

      Hirunika Premachandra Talks about Namal Rajapaksha


      Q3. What kind of help did you get from your Daddy?

      Q4, You say about revenge. We are talking about Law and Order. If you talk to your Uncle Gotabaya Rajapaksa? He wanted to hang Sarath Fonseka.

      Sri Lanka’s defence secretary, Gotabaya Rajapaksa, says General Sarath Fonseka will be executed


      From whom did you learn to lie?

      Medamulkana Mahinda Rajapaksa and the Family?

      Is that a Family Tradition?

      Any thoughts of banning Colombo Telegraph and other websites? Facebook? Twitter? Newspapers/ TV Stations?

      What Goes around, comes around…

      Kala Kala De, Pala Pala De…


      • 2

        “Q!. Just Curious. Hoe were you able, an ordinary guy, to to get or get into so many girls? What is your secret?”

        These pondan shits are clearly jealous of this young man because he “got in to so many girls”.

        How pathetic is that.

        get some penis enlargement medication Amarasiri, you rotten pondan. And try some Viagra with it.

        Then your jealousy of namal might be cured too.

        • 2


          “get some penis enlargement medication Amarasiri, you rotten pondan. And try some Viagra with it.”

          The Subject Title of the Write Up is : Namal Rajapaksa, not Amarasiri

          Namal Rajapaksa -As A Politician, Coming After Me Is OK.

          So, if you want to talk abut penis enlargement medication from Namal, ask him.

          Hirunika Premachandra Talks about Namal Rajapaksha


    • 3

      Namal Rajapaksa MP

      Many Questions for you. Sujeewa says

      I’m ready to expose Namal; Sujeewa, Hope he is not talking about bringing your pants down, ( May be some girls may have done it to you, only you know)


      This is what some say: You may rebut them, if not true. After All Some say the the Sun goes around the Earth, while others say it is the that goes around the sun.

      Mahinda Rajapakka and his family have robbed the poor of Sri Lanka of $15 Billion, a conservative estimate. Let’s start with the former Australian Embassy $6 Million, procured for his son the ugly one. A $7 Million residence in Los Angeles. Luxury vehicles at $ 400K a pop. private jet planes. $100 Million stolen for the election, and it goes on and on. As an American that was born in Ceylon I felt so ashamed of the state of affairs in my birth country by the parasitical Rajapakka family. These bastards should avoid L.A. USA. for we are waiting to receive them with all the disdain we can muster. It’s just a matter of time before we get them. Now for that vay-se-gay-puttha, goatta, when we locate him, putting chilies in his ass and dispatching him to our beloved Sri Lanka in a gunny bag would be the order of the day, when we locate this karriya.. We Sri Lankan/Americans do not like assholes that have raped, murdered and stolen from our place of birth and take refuge in our adopted country. Mahinda Rajapakka a wannabe Dutugamunu was loaded on cocaine most of the time he was President. It was that son of a bitch, Goatta that ran the country from behind the scene. These bastards have fled Sri Lanka like rats leaving a burn ship. They must answer for their crimes whether in USA, ICC or Lanka. kala kala dha pala pala dha. What goes around comes around…There is no free meal in this world. Specially when it’s stolen from the poor undernourished children of our beloved Sri Lanka.

  • 47

    Namal its not fun when it happens to you does it? When your family was in power you guys treated this country and its people as your own assets. What goes around comes around my friend. Now man up and deal with it. Always remember ultimately people have the power and when you cheat them for so long when the time comes they will come after you. It’s happening to you right now. If you ever manage to win something in the future always remember you are not a GOD. Strong Irony is this post appearing in CT when your father and uncles worked hard to block CT from SL readers.

  • 29

    Your Dad robbed and pillaged this country and murdered whoever stood against him. How do you live with yourself? Where are all your luxury sports cars, have you shipped them all to China. Where are you hiding now you little mongrel? How many people did your uncle murder? Today after being reduced to nothing where all you fools started from, you are trying to act like a gentleman? Disgusting bugger, go and [Edited out] SOB. They should catch you and skin you [Edited out].

    • 4

      The ‘disgusting’ Sri Lankan here is spreading the never ending rumours without any basis that “MR obbed and pillaged this country and murdered whoever stood against him”.

      Stop the bullshit you low life. THere was never suh an atmosphere in Sri Lanka. Get a bloody life you scum.

      • 5

        Hey Jagath, what are you still moaning about? Are you blind or simply ignorant and stupid? Which part of Sri Lanka were you living in all these days? Were you hiding in a cave? or is this Namal the wonder kid who is writing all this stuff? Hey Namal, return all the money you stole now. Get a bloody life you scum? Hahaha, I do have a life unlike you toilet trash collector.

      • 2

        Your eyes must be behind your head that you did not see the daylight robberies and murders the JaRa Pakses committed or are you one of their low life cronies who is in denial.

      • 3

        Oh Yes ,
        Aney Yako,

        Your Brahamchari,
        Extreme Buddhist, Aadambarakara thathta,
        Just spend His dowry money on people’s projects and His Maniac clans, goon’s up lifting.
        He did not get his salary from Government as service to the Nation.
        Their clan bring money from America [Their Mother country] to Build Infrastructures and Give employments to Sri lankans.

        He is the No 1 cheat in ASIA and Asiawe Aadambarkaara CHEATER.
        You can Fly a Kite with Him. and his Brats.

        • 1

          Why These People Always remember this
          Ma Ra yaa Jarapassa’s poor Mother and

          Namal Brat’s psychologist Mother.

          I feel Very Shy and shame to hear that,

          They always Say “Rajapassa ge Ammaxx xxxxxx”.

          And Namal Rajapassage Ammaxx xxxxxxxx”.

          Do they Deserve to hear that type of praise??????????//.

  • 16

    It is time young Namal R begins to change the image the public has of him. To start with, as one educated at the respected St. Thomas’s Mt. Lavinia, where the lingua france is mostly English, the young man must
    agree to address a Colombo think-tank impromptu in English on a subject of current interest. After all, he is a lawyer, isn’t he? There can be no tongue-tied lawyer, surely.
    If he does, he will remove a lot of doubt about his suspect passing out. If not in English, even in Sinhala will do. If he accomplishes this, he would have surpassed his otherwise reticent father.


    • 1

      Thomians are the worst crooks that we have ever seen in this country starting from this Rajapaksa boys to their uncle the O/L failed Chairman of our National carrier who used to declare a 4.5 Million Rupees Rolex watch and some millions of Foreign currency was a gift.

      Then, one of the notorious insider dealing financial criminal was one Raj Rajaratnam another alumna from St. Thomas.

      No matter its RAJA-paksa or RAJA-Ratnam Thomians are rogues.

  • 24

    NR must have asked someone to write it for him since very likely he is not capable of coherently putting together few sentences. Anyways NR, you are so disconnected from reality, treat people like trash thinking them as your servants. We so plenty clips of you acting like a prince. If you really want to serve people you need to change completely and I don’t think you are capable of that. You grew up in an environment that you thought you were entitled to abuse what belongs to the people. I wish the people of Sri Lanka never see the day that these Rajapaksa brothers in power. Good riddance!

  • 12

    He says he is a young politician. But did things that like a kid. Playing with human lives like his father owned assets. You have done nothing wrong baba. Your still a baby. But what you have done when your papa was in power is what you are facing now.
    if one of our citizens would have done what you have done. We would have been treated like dogs and put behind bars. Welcome to the reality of life baba. Enjoy it. What goes around comes around.

  • 9

    Your father made few mistakes:
    – after 2010 election, he should have sent your uncle GoRa back to US
    – then he should have prepared you to contest in 2016

    Hope you understand.


    • 7

      Can he phone a friend to explain this to him?

  • 14

    Well done CT publishing this is the best thing you did to your readers, and more so for the writer to show the real meaning of democracy and free speech.Both which the writer and his family violated by intimidation, media blocks and murder.

  • 7

    Boohoohoo, poor innocent little crybaby did nothing wrong, just like his old man, uncles and other parasites.

    Like you said “…ordinary citizens – from around the country have also undergone various types of harassment. Most of these individuals didn’t break the law ..”

    … they just didn’t agree with Mahinda Rajapaksa, “and they were punished for that choice”. So what goes around comes around. Now either face the consequences or piss off from this country like your cowardly uncles and other thieves and stop moaning like a sissy.

    • 0

      According to media reports, quoting the Police, most people arrested for election and post election violence are Rajapakse PA supporters.
      Perhaps this truth cannot be absorbed by a “Meti molay”?

  • 8

    Namal wonder if you remember your thathi asking those who want protection to go to the no fire zone ?

    What a fantastic job thathi did protecting them.

  • 11

    Let the facts speak for themselves. You reap what you sow, and time will prove if you are as innocent as you are now making out. There will be enough of proof showing if you are guilty of what you have been accused of. The signs do not look good for you. Your family has a proven record of nepotism, corruption, doing nothing and saying nothing when minorities were attacked and killed, and protecting murderers. It is also obvious that no one was held responsible for the journalists and media personnel who were threatened, attacked, kidnapped, or murdered. Either you guys were complicit in these crimes, or totally inept.
    Strange, how your criminal uncle was able to get troops to shoot unarmed people in Weliweriya, when all they asked was clean water. Again, it showed you were protecting a favored business, over the people.
    There is no point acting like a baby now, Be open and honest, or is that now hard to do?

  • 11

    How ironic that he chose CT to publish his article. Wasn’t it the same newspaper that he put behind bars because it was threatening the government with untrue accusations?

    It would have been nicer if he had written something about how he always liked to read CT anyways, just to keep informed about some other views other than his father’s.

    Something tells me he is too arrogant to read the comments, so I will stop now – wasting no more time on this man apart from one more thing: thank the Gods that we managed to stop his father before it was too late. His son – like a growing chicklet – already showed signs of a rooster!

    Enjoy your life in exile!

  • 11

    You shameless, corrupt thug! Get yourself some education you piece of shit! You brought shame to our country, and you will soon pay for it! [Edited out]

    • 3

      Learn to be decent you uncivilised animal.

      Protecting and respecting the people who loose elections is a vital part of democracy that shit like you don’t seem to understand.

      Hope lightening will strike your smelly ass.

      • 1

        Return Serve ,

        “Learn to be decent you uncivilised animal. “

        Wow , you preached some thing and then doing the exact opposite , way to go my friend !

  • 0

    While we never claimed to be perfect, // this is the big margin to be perfect and abuse the system.

  • 6

    Namal – Don’t cry fowl now. When in power you all had lost your heads and so much misused by your clan. Due to the fear ofbeing harmed many journalists were not reporting the real facts but now with free media lot more of your dirt would be exposed. You will have to do a lot of penance to erase off the minds of many people of our country.

  • 6

    Well, you are just starting and you have enough time to re-horn your skills. You are still incredibly fortunate to have MR as your father. This experience will help you in the future.

    Your father is a practical man. His notion of practicality was fine until the main Tamil problem was tackled in 2009. Soon afterwards he needed to realign his practicality on a new theoretical foundation.

    In a nutshell, 3 things your father wasn’t good at delivering – transparency, accountability and law-and-order.

    Transparency and Open govt is crucial. Public has a right to know how their wealth is managed.

    Accountability is crucial for our external affairs. Ceylon is part of UN. We are duty bound to produce information needed by our international peers to account for our actions. I don’t know why, but your father did not seem to have any interest at all even with his own LRRC. The problem got bigger as time went by.

    Finally, law-and-order. Your father was notorious for the impunity he displayed with certain unsavory characters. Duminda Silva, BBS, Sajin Vaas and Mervin Silva got away Scott free even from murder.

    Learn from your father and get it right next time.

  • 9

    “As a politician, coming after me is OK because I have the strength and support system to face it. But unfortunately, I’m not the only one. Many of our strong supporters – ordinary citizens – from around the country have also undergone various types of harassment”

    Well, well, spoilt brat! Read this: As a journalist, coming after me is not OK, because I am just doing my job. I do not have the strength and support system to face it. But unfortunately, I’m not the only one. Many of my normal colleagues – ordinary journalists – from around the country have also undergone various types of harassment.

    Are you a baby, mate?

    Also, how about your cock and bull stories about ‘toy helicopters’, and ‘there are no horses’? You also said you would run away from the country through Matala Airport.

  • 0

    Be a man and defend yourself any accusations that have been made against you.
    By the way who penned this article? Was it your mentor GL Pieris?

  • 0


    May be you have forgotten what you did to Thushara, a fellow student at law college. Please watch the clip in the following URL and put yourself in his shoes and reflect. You will go nowhere simply denying facts. (Probably this is only one such case.)


  • 1

    WASIM THAJUDEEN…Any idea what happened to him in that ‘Accident”?

    • 3

      YEAH ! in that botched up accident in a Hybrid…. after U learned that ur EX gf was friendly with Thajudeen and U had an altecation with Thajudeen at a party? His parents could NOT see his charred face before the Burial (What would happen IF your dad wouldnt be able to see YOUR charred face in the future) and then how his national ID was picked up at Balapokuna Road, where Uncle Gota had an elite Army unit to be used at his beck and call? answers welcome…. u may use the Phone a friend option or even ask the computer to take away 2 of the 4 options..

  • 2

    Namal, this is what Kryptonite feels like.
    I hope you like the feeling of being on the other side of the fence because you are the one that created this atmosphere. You and your Blue Brigade.

    I’m glad to see you gone.

  • 0

    namal has a nice chokka baba face.Is it a recent photo?Only the choopi is missing.Where is the mum with the milk bottle?

    aney,they are accusing a small baby like this of rape?cheee,what types.

  • 3

    Dear Namal
    As a former Law College student, I am more interested in finding FACTS about your time there.

    1.How did you get in ?
    To many you did not even qualify to take the entrance exams.

    2.How did you pass the exams ?
    One ex-law college student risked his own life revealing some very disturbing facts and you have never properly answered them.

  • 0

    People affected by your actions must follow the example of Mangala Samaraweera and make formal complaints to the police, rather than take the law in to their own hands. Yet, some people believe in an eye for an eye.Fortunately, now you can go to the police station and make your complaint and expect the police to act impartially.

    Let the law take its course in an impartial manner.

  • 1

    Namal, I will be kind to you.

    You folks are the future of our Motherland, the younger people.
    You now feel, how it is to be at the receiving end, when you are not in power. This is your fathers generation in action, where political opponents are jailed ( remember SF ) or eliminated ( there is a long list ).
    You are still alive and kicking.

    Please change the status quo, when you come to power.

    Your father had the best of intention in sorting the Tamil Question ( other Presidents too ), alas, the soft under belly of Ultra Sinhala Nationalism got the better of him. In a no-win situation, he went rogue. He might have thought, to hell with these buggers, I will protect my self.

    So, we can’t sort historical issues with our eternal enemies, our Tamil Brothers and sisters, yet one can ” nudge ” people to get together.

    Good luck in your future endeavors.

  • 2

    What a shame!
    This crook has committed many crimes during last nine years.
    He thought he was the second or vice president of Sri Lanka.
    By forming Nil Balakaya and with the help of many henchmen this crook has destroyed our society.

    Fortunately majority of our voters have decided to get rid of Rajapaksa regime and now people are free and happy.
    People of Sri lanka profoundly enjoy there true freedom now.

    Now Rajapaksa family and their henchmen are not able to weekly fly and visit overseas by using public money and property.

    People of Sri lanka are not foolish like Rajapaksas. They tolerated much and time had come for them to decide and they made a very remarkable decision to send Rajapaksa family home.

    I kindly ask Namal crook to start his study from the beginning and try to qualify himself as other professionals rather mucking around as a synthetic lawyer.

    Now time has arrived for him to walk on his foot with ordinary people and under the reality of peoples power is powerful than Executive Power.

    Now time has arrived him to pay the price back what he unlawfully committed during last nine years by blindly using his father’s royal power.

    Namal you must be brought to justice and thoroughly enjoy the prison life.

    Your father Mahinda rajapaksa, Your Uncle Gotabaya and you have punished our War Hero People’s General Sarath Fonseka.

    Now time has arrived to taste that bitter.
    Three of you are utterly suitable to taste it.

    Namal…Remember this ” WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND”.

    You used your father’s power to escape from the reality but REMEMBER you can not escape from KARMA.

  • 1

    Even this article is written by some else may D J for NR as its very eloquent. NR does not have the Knowledge or Brains to write such an article

  • 2

    You, N Jarapassa.

    You Mongol Jarapassa Brat is an Leach from Dhja JaraPassa Clan.

    You the Jarapassa Brat is talking about responsibilities and Values For Us.
    Aney Yako;
    You Are Talking about Good governance????.
    First Of All
    So HOW YOU GOT, and amassed, So Much Money within Few Years.
    ; Hey Moron, There is Big Harbour Constructed At Hambanthota,

    What is the name of that???

    “Ma Ra ya Jarapassa Harbour”.

    Is that your Family Owned Harbour or government owned????.

    Why Your Rough neck papa Put his Name?,
    Is that your Mother’s Dowry Money????.
    WHO ARE GOING TO PAY THAT 13 % interest with LOANed MONEY??????.

    Yako; Who Got that commission money and enjoyed With Chinese Whores.

    Bandarnayekas and Senanayeakas put their names on Some Places,
    because they tried and got them as “AIDS TO SRI LANAKA NOT AS LOANS”.

    [2] Who paid money Salman Khan and Jackiee to performed in Sri lanka.

    [3] Who’s Money You Used for Car races in Sri Lanka.

    [4] What is your Connection to Seylan bank and How maney SHEARS you and Your Family OWN form Seylan bank and Tower????.
    [5 ] If you and Your Clan Have, THE HOW YOU GOT THAT MONEY?????.
    [6] What Happened to the GOLD AND MONEY ROBBED From LTTE COPPERS.
    [7] What happened to the Artefacts and Treasures Taken from many places in Sri Lanka with the Help of STF GOONS.
    [8] Did you show Any Mercy to that Two people Who Got hit and run by you and your marauding STF security Detail at Kotadeniyawa.
    You manipulated all the witnesses and Put those injured in Jail also.
    [9] DID OBAMA send White vans to Sri lanka for abduction of Citizens who oppose your’s FAMILY CLAN’s BRAHAMACHARI lifestyle.
    [10] Yako Mongol, What happened to your family’s SAATATAKAYa?????.
    Are they going to sell that for LOIN CLOTH { AMude]??.
    [11] Your Uncle, Hothambaya had a mini Zoo in his Official Residence.
    Who approved Money for those extravagances
    [12] How much money your family and Your mother’s [That So called Children psychologist] Family looted from MIHIN AIR AND SRI LANKAN AIR.
    [13] How much Profit the Mihin Air, [ your Family air line] got from SEASHELLS Route and what was there in the Cargo manifest, from Start to finished to January 7 th.

    You mongol NOW Talking About SHIT of responsibilities.
    Your Father, The Biggest Cheat we Had in ASIA.
    Now Become like a Dog with scabies,
    liking and biting Fleas.
    Tell Us Why Your Family clan Running away from Sri Lanka????
    By the way, What Time you bring that Car Race to Kandy again, We Want to see those girl’s Short Skirt Flying.
    and Do not Foget to Bring Your Cheat Dad and MAHINDAPAALA Seeya, Rajpaal, Bandula J, Keheligediya Wella like all the sexmaniacs Who goes behind you.

    Every time Every Day, 24 hr/ 7 days,
    People are Remember you all with YOur MOTHER.[ S-x-x].

  • 1

    Dea Mr. Namal,

    Your lack of integrity in choosing to become a lawyer through manipulation, your arrogance as evident from videos you have released into the public domain, your irresponsible mischief through the ‘Nil Balakaya’ are sufficient for us to conclude you do not possess credibility to be what you have been trying so far.

    Enough damage has been done to yourself, your alma mater and your country. You do not possess the credibility or command public respect Mr. Sajith Premadasa did upon his entry into politics after the demise of our late president. At least follow your father’s exit from politics so damage is halted, although muck raking is inevtable considering the proportions your lot has amassed!

    My humble request at last is please consider this so S. Thomas’ College can move on from the dark patches you and your pal Malaka have brought forth to it. It is a shame a character like you is a Thomian :(

  • 1

    Isnt it ironic that you have to post this on Colombotelegraph which your father himself blocked? Thanks to the new president we srilankans can at least read your article now. And what took you so long to reply to the allegations on you? Cos these aren’t new? These allegation were there since you became a MP

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