3 July, 2022


At Last Diaspora Eelam Tamils Recognised To Vote On ‘Separate Eelam’

 By Usha S Sri-Skanda-Rajah –

Usha S Sri-Skanda-Rajah

The Tamil Nadu resolution is a cause for celebrations. It’s a reason to thank the students, the people, the State Assembly and Chief Minister Jayalalithaa for taking the Eelam freedom struggle to the next level – Kusal Perera would have to one day eat his own words.

At last the Diaspora Eelam Tamils have been recognized as a people deserving to be counted. That Eelam is our land and that we have a stake in restoring our land, the land of our birth, our homeland, the land we love and cherish, the land we had to flee and can’t go back to; the land that needs to be resurrected, that land that holds the ashes and remains of tens of thousands of our slaughtered dear ones, whose souls have to be appeased so that they may rest in peace.

We the Diaspora Eelam Tamils (not just Eelam Tamils in the island of Sri Lanka) have been recognized as a people deserving the right to vote in an UN Security Council sponsored referendum for a “separate Eelam”! The Diaspora Eelam Tamils have been looked at by our detractors, as people distant from Eelam who whilst residing in and enjoying the comforts of their adopted land, pontificate on the necessity for Eelam. The TGTE has always maintained that Diaspora Eelam Tamils are part of the Tamil nation constituting a nation of people, as Prime Minister Visuvanathan Rudrakumaran would say: they are “two sides of the same coin”.

Today Tamil Nadu has re-affirmed that truth in a history making resolution. Even the Vaddukoddai resolution passed in 1976 that received an overwhelming mandate in the general election of 1977 included Tamils residing abroad.

Yes Tamil Nadu has spoken, ladies and gentleman. What couldn’t be achieved in a muzzled Sri Lankan parliament has been achieved in the Tamil Nadu State Assembly that represents more than 75 Million people. The Sri Lankan parliament’s 6th amendment prevents Tamil MPs from ever talking about a separate Eelam. In the land of the pioneers of parliamentary democracy in Great Britain,Scotland is able to discuss separation but not inSri Lanka where democracy is merely a high sounding concept of little value.

I have said it and say it again, let the world be put on notice that Eelam is not a fallacy or a pipe dream but real.

Kusal Perera is a hypocrite when he says the “the call for Thamil Eezham outside Sri Lanka is a total disconnect with its irrelevance to Tamil Politics,” citing TNA leader Sambanthan’s statement about “building on the 13th amendment,” with Kusal attempting to create the impression that democracy is flourishing in Sri Lanka: “Genocide” can only be bandied about in the Diaspora and in TN, but will not be proved under a State, how ever undemocratic and racist the State is, when Tamil people participate in open electoral campaigns and elect their own representation for different tiers of governance. When they can invest and indulge in trade and business and have representations in business chambers as well. That is reason why democratic political parties of Tamil people in SL do not take up the call for a “referendum” and do not talk about “genocide” like those in the Diaspora and in Tamil Nadu,” he concludes in his patronizing style.

For all those people like Kusal who think parliamentary democracy works in Sri Lanka and Tamil representatives enjoy parliamentary privilege and have the freedom to express their deepest aspirations and concerns, I say to him and the rest to go back and examine their conscience without blurting out misleading notions and making hollow claims on Sri Lankan democracy. I ask him what happened to the proposals made by the Tamil representatives at the talks after the talks held at the APRC that the TNA wasn’t called to attend and the UNP refused to attend. How many more talks does Kusal want before he can be convinced that these talks are not going to go anywhere?

Again for all those people who stupidly raise the fact that a huge chunk of the Tamil population lives in Colombo like Kusal does, I say why not, that’s the capital ever since for heavens sake and yes many of them have been living there for generations like my own family, when the country was called Ceylon and not Sri Lanka, others who may belong to the recently displaced people who have moved to safer ground; all of them are still Eelam Tamils, they may remain in Colombo or decide to live in Eelam, that should be their choice. This is not unusual in countries that have separated.

The Tamil Nadu Assembly’s resolution moved by Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa calling for a “referendum on a separate Eelam among Tamils in Sri Lanka and those who have migrated abroad,” have made Diaspora Eelam Tamils ecstatic.

It’s a cause to celebrate and to thank the Tamil Nadu students, people, the State Assembly and CM Jayalalithaa. Nobody not even the likes of Kusal can deny the tide in Tamil Nadu is going to destroy his own notions about the students and reiterate the importance of the Tamil Nadu factor.

Tamilnet reported the passage of the resolution as a “historic move:

“In a historic move, the Tamil Nadu State Assembly on Wednesday unanimously passed a resolution for bringing in arrangements at the level of the UN Security Council to conduct a referendum among Eezham Tamils in the island as well as in the diaspora on the question of Separate Eelam. In addition, the resolution passed at the Tamil Nadu Assembly demanded the Government of India to stop calling Sri Lanka a friendly country. The resolution also included the earlier demands ie., Independent International Investigations on Genocide and War Crimes as well as imposition of economic sanctions on Sri Lanka. The resolution, unanimously passed, was moved by Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Ms Jayalalithaa. Passing the resolution, Chief Minister Ms Jayalalithaa also urged the students of Tamil Nadu to end their current agitation and to return to studies, with the hope of winning their aspirations in the near future.”

All those detractors and non-believers of the Eelam Freedom cause are not going to be pleased including Kusal who represents the educated Sinhalese, some of whom have been my friends but have left me because for what I believe. They are going to call this a meaningless exercise that would not impact Sri Lanka. I disagree. I think that it’s going to have a huge impact among the people that matter in the corridors of power not to mention in the Indian centre of power.

The student protest is not merely a “solidarity campaign” as Kusal squabbles; it’s creating uproar in Tamil Nadu political circles and has the propensity to shake the Indian government from under its feet, like never before.Indiathe arbiter of theTamil National question cannot ignore the ground swell of support for a referendum call from Tamil Nadu.

Prime Minister Visuvanathan Rudrakumaran’s words ring true when he says in his article ‘Geneva Resolution: Not A Victory  For Tamils, But A Defeat For Sri Lanka’, that “the Tamil Nadu students’ uprising, launched with the support of the people, has the power to change the stance of the political leaders of Tamil Nadu and India.” Achieving Tamil Eelam he says rests on “Tamil Nadu (successfully) engaging the Indian government”: “The political reality is, whether we like it or not, the victory of the Tamil Eelam liberation struggle depends largely on the success of Tamil Nadu in engaging the Indian government. International diplomatic calculations are made on the premise that India is the dominant regional power in the Indian Ocean and South Asia. It is also a growing global power. International relations are determined on these bases of power. Thus,India’s role is important in the creation of a new state of Tamil Eelam in South Asia.”

Cynics like Kusal deny everything, except that they have a bad regime in power in Sri Lanka and want to “use” us to effect a regime change in Sri Lanka; that’s all they want, their love for us ends there; they deny that the tens of thousands of Eelam Tamils who were mercilessly wiped out was genocide and genocidal acts have been systematically and structurally perpetrated against Tamils in Sri Lanka ever since independence; I have in my opinion  piece, ‘Sri Lanka’s Genocide: Major Cover-up must be Exposed’, made the case for genocide, citing authorities including providing proof of intention that would have to be decided in international courts; in addition I have backed my arguments from quotes from Prof Boyle “who represented two associations of citizens within Bosnia and was involved in developing the indictment against Slobodan Milosevic for committing genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes in Bosnia and Herzegovina.”

Kusal also denies our right to a referendum on Eelam, and raises examples like South Sudan without any arguments to support his conjecture, where there is no denying that the case of South Sudan has many similarities to Tamil Eelam (including an Al Basher in Sudan and a Rajapaksa in Sri Lanka). In fact in my article INDEPENDENT TAMIL EELAM – THE FINAL DESTINATION I speak of the arrangements for the South Sudanese Diaspora to vote: “Special arrangements were made for centres to be opened in the Diaspora countries including Canada for Southern Sudanese people living abroad to cast their vote.” I said, hoping one day it would be our turn.

Kusal goes even further and denies Tamils the right to self determination and calls it a “Marxist formulation”, and shamelessly promotes and gives a link to a pdf document that was published by two members of the APRC who decided that the APRC deliberations must come out in the open; whereas the final report that the Chairman of the APRC presented to President Rajapaksa recommending a new constitution that still preached a “unitary” system including the “preservation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Sri Lanka,” has become a worthless document, gathering dust somewhere waiting to be shredded.

Kusal has to be reminded that as recently as a few weeks back Great Britain held a referendum among the people of Falklands to decide if they wished to remain with Great Britain. Everyone from David Cameron was calling on Argentina to respect the wishes of the people of Falkland to stay with Britain on the basis of their right to “self determination.” May I also remind Kusal that Argentina refers to Falklands as Malvinas, so his refusal to accept the 1987 merged NorthEast provinces as Eelam would not deter Eelam Tamils from pursuing Eelam and invoking the right to self determination that is “recognized in international law and is mentioned as a key component in many United Nations Treaties and Declarations.” I suggest Kusal reads my article, ‘Why Tamils of Tamil Eelam Deserve Self Determination:

Pakiasothy Saravanamuthu of ‘The Centre for Policy Alternatives’ has also commented on concepts such as ‘self determination’, as not relevant, which I strongly contest. He was also the man who came and preached in Canada that “the Tamil Diaspora’s contribution to the Tamils in the NorthEast should solely be directed to “development”.

The cynics of “Eelam” are of different hues and persuasions both local and foreign. Some show sheer ignorance and some are constantly in denial mode.

I am talking of people who all want to push some sort of a political solution down our throats.

And these ideas that they fancy are thrust upon us Eelam Tamils whilst our aspirations, most specifically our inalienable right to our homeland are ignored, denigrated and even sneered at.

There are the Sinhala apologists who have this patronizing attitude that they can dictate to Tamils what they should accept as a form of political solution. Then there are some governments, should I say neighbouring or neighbourly governments, who have special and vested interests: geo-political, strategic and or commercial; and even some well intentioned rights groups pursuing their own causes; all of whom want to give their mostly unsolicited views on what is our due.

The same old archaic 13th Amendment (plus, minus or plus plus, heaven knows what they mean), the APRC that never saw the light of day (as I explained earlier), that most insincere, “devolution to the provinces” mantra and yet other forms of delaying tactics are repeated by these folks that’s nauseating to hear and pathetic to say the least.

Worst still there are some extremist forces, I would say a significant lot and mind you from the government who think Tamils deserve absolutely nothing that the whole island belongs to them and Tamils have to pay obeisance to Sinhala Buddhist Supremacy and accept Sinhala Buddhist hegemony and resign themselves to second class status.

Words such as “peace” “reconciliation” and “accountability” are bandied about by some although fully recognizing in their own minds that it is has no meaning in the Sri Lankan context. These words are especially down right disingenuous coming from a Sinhala government that keeps claiming that it has to be given the time and space to come up with “homegrown solutions”, yes time and space to come up with nothing, I would say.

The US sponsored resolution itself still harps on these very words. But soon “governments of this world” as Prime Minister Visuvanathan Rudrakumaran envisages in the same article mentioned above, “will have  to accept  the establishment of an independent state of Tamil Eelam on the basis of remedial justice,” for genocide. Surmising that “while knowing the truth, these governments want to confine the problem within the boundaries of their own preference,” he sets out the strategy that Tamils must center on:

“….today our strategy should center on how we are going to widen the distance between powerful global players and our enemy the Sinhala government, and how we are going to develop our relationship with these global powers. However, we should not sacrifice our own self-interests to these global powers. At the same time, we cannot expect the global powers to give up their interests fully and support us on the basis of justice. Thus, in order to deal with powerful governments, I believe we must employ twin tactics that will produce results. First, we have to determine how to align our interests and the interests of the powerful global powers and design necessary plans. This should happen at the diplomatic level. Second, we as people should engage ourselves with global powers through democratic and diplomatic means.”

The Tamils and the TGTE would continue to engage the governments of the world together with their brethren in Tamil Nadu towards achieving their aspirations of an independent Eelam.

To those who say the Sinhalese have endured more than 30 years of terrorism, I say Tamils have endured Sri Lankan state terrorism, anti-Tamil state policies and systematic and structural genocide ever since independence. I have always maintained we need a rare breed of Sinhala statesmen who don’t play the racist card to emerge with a new narrative. It is for the Sinhala government to think what their next positive forward looking step should be as a response not only to the US resolution that expects certain obligations to be discharged by Sri Lanka but also the Tamil Nadu resolution that calls for a referendum on a separate Eelam.

*Usha S Sri-Skanda-Rajah- Chair, TGTE Senate

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    What a stupid writer at least she does not understand the simple arithmetic that 60 million Indian Tamils alone do not tally with the whole Sri Lankan population of 21. How can we make these people understand when they do not understand the basic principles. This shows the standard of the Tamil Nadu education and how they would impose democracy if given a chance.

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    This is pure Tamils all over the world are in the process of establishing an Eelam Empire in TN. They are using Sri Lanka as a test case to divert attention of India. If centre does not take right decission, few parts of India will be different countries by another 20-30 years. Centre is doing a blunder by allowing NGO money and speies to create problems against Sri Lanka. It will create unreversable problems to us in India.

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    Well said Agnos.

    You said:

    “Public demands for Eelam after the surrender in Mullivaikal, and a Hiroshima-like outcome, are simply delusional, and will in no way help the Tamil people within Sri Lanka.”

    This is what a few people like myself and Dr. Narendran had been saying over and over again in these columns.

    Taking Mahinda, Gotha or Fonseka or any other SL military leaders to Hague will not solve the Tamil problem or give relief to the Tamils.

    Like the demand for Tamil Eelam, Federal solution too will not be acceptable to the Sinhala leaders. The best solution that is achievable at the moment is the full implementation of the 13th amendment in the spirit of the Indo-Sri Lankan Accord with necessary amendments to devolve more powers to a merged North East Provincial Council.

    Chandrika was one Sinhala leader who genuinely came forward to devolve more powers to Tamils through her package she presented with input from Neelan Tiruchelvam. The other day I was speaking to a former TNA MP who revealed that Sampanthan debated with his Parliamentary colleagues for a whole day on the need to support Chandrika’s proposals. He was outgunned by other MPs who were too afraid to confront LTTE over this issue. He told me that the worst culprit was Joseph Pararajasingham who vehemently opposed Sampanthan and compelled Sampanthan to drop his demand to support Chandrika’s package. He said that for some reasons Joseph became the unofficial spokesman of the LTTE in the TNA Parliamentary Group.

    Now Sampanthan is facing a similar situation. He is being forced by TGTE and other such Tamil diaspora groups to work according to their agenda.

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      Narendran and you often become apologists for the Rajapaksa regime, which I detest. And on the war crimes issues, I am more in agreement with the positions articulated by Sampanthan and Sumanthiran, or even Kumar David, than the two of you.

      If the regime is genuine in giving a political solution to the Tamil people, what is preventing them from unilaterally implementing it, without blaming the TNA and enacting another PSC farce a la the impeachment of the Chief Justice?

      I am for limited cooperation with the government for the sake of solving everyday problems of the people, but no one should forget that the regime is full of war criminals who have to face justice sooner or later.

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      “Taking Mahinda, Gotha or Fonseka or any other SL military leaders to Hague will not solve the Tamil problem or give relief to the Tamils.”


      It is not a Tamil problem but a Sinhala/Buddhist problem imposed on Tamil people.

      “Federal solution too will not be acceptable to the Sinhala leaders.”


      If Federal solution is not acceptable to Sinhala/Buddhust that is their Sinhala/Buddhist problem and not a problem of rest of the people.

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    Keep on dreaming that India is going to help you to get Eelam. Not even one politician in New Delhi believes that Tamil Eelam is the only solution. Those days Tamils were doing very well in India, Sri Lanka, Singapore and Malaysia. But India screwed the Tamils and made them as terrorists. New Delhi screwed you more than Sinhalese, but you are not smart to understand it. You are fooling yourselves. Even if India helps you get Eelam “hypothetically speaking”, it will never let you to move forward. India is not prepared to let you move forward and let Tamil Nadu go separate. India and the Westerners know how to keep you busy in fighting among yourselves. You are not smart enough to understand why New Delhi created number of Tamil Armed Groups, instead of one group. I bet the battle for the leadership among the TGTE, TNA and GTF will be very intense. you will never move forward even if you have a country for yourselves. India knows this very well. You kill each other well before you have a country. Are you telling me that you are going to be united once you have a country? Bullshit, tell this to a fool. I am a smart Tamil, I won’t buy your bullshit.
    Sri Lankan’s foreign policy is on right track, but the Westerners are extremely good in fooling others, because they have been doing it for centuries. The Westerners invade other countries and kill millions, yet they lead others in democracy and human rights, this is absolutely mind boggling. India’s policies are not a threat to the Western Power, therefore they love India. India can’t challenge the West for another 300-500 years. The real threat is China and the countries lean towards China. I believe Sri Lanka needs more intellectuals who have the ability expose the Indians who created the ruthless LTTE, and also have the ability to expose the Westerners who made the LTTE as the most dangerous terrorist organisation in the world. I have been telling the Sri Lankan leaders to add more intellectuals in their team, especially Tamil intellectuals, but the government is too scared to add Tamils. Do you know why Singapore has developed? Because it is not next to India; and Indians are not the majority in Singapore.
    The Defence Secretary said to the Island Newspaper that India would never have voted against Sri Lanka at the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) for two consecutive years if not for heavy Tamil Nadu pressure over this particular issue. I agree to disagree with the Defence Secretary, because New Delhi created the ruthless LTTE not the Tamil Nadu, but the Tamil Nadu politicians supported it. The Tamil Nadu politicians must support New Delhi’s approach and ideas, otherwise New Delhi will expose the Tamil Nadu politicians’ dirty deals. Recently, CBI carried out raids at the residence of DMK chief M Karunanidhi’s son M K Stalin, two days after the party pulled out of UPA, triggering a political controversy over its timing. Searches were carried out at 19 places across Tamil Nadu, including at Stalin’s home in Chennai, in a case of alleged tax evasion of imported cars.

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      You can dream. But Elam is going to be there befor Palastine may be after South Sudan! Because, US and its allies are behind Elam. With the blessing of BBS/ KELA URUMAYA/SINGHALA RAVAYA it may be possible soon. Do not get exited, it is going to happen. I am sure, in thet Elam Sinhalese and muslim minorities will enjoy better freedom.

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      Antany Peter: You say you are a Tamil and speak Anti-Tamil words.If you like sinhalese,at least learn from them how united they are when it comes to speak against Tamils.Whether New Delhi likes or not ,they have to fulfill TamilNadu’s wishes as it is part of India not the wishes of Sri Lanka.Again it is Goddess Durga who has come down as Hon.Jeyalalitha to save the Tamils and save India from China.An independent Tamil Ealam will balance the power struggle of India nad China and East and West.Sinhalese will always support China because of religion.

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    Since, some people commented about history of the island of Eelam or now called Sri Lanka, this is a good research paper to find out who the real indigenous people. A must read: historical evidences #Tamil are the indigenous people of Sri Lanka . http://t.co/NwKS4epHXa
    I give some excerpt from that thesis below.

    //King Solomon (970 BC – 931 BC) traded with the islanders now called SriLanka. Solomon’s kingdom on the coast of the Hebrew hill country (Isreal)as a means to reach and build shipping-lanes through the Red Sea.

    Now, it is appropriate to point out that the word “Ovar” was corrupted by foreign sailors due to the proclivity of their tongues, and came to be called Ophir — the country of the Oviyar. This Oviyar land was mainly populated with the tribe of the Nagas, who lived in and around Mantai (Mathottam, the greatest emporium), a port city in the northwestern part of Lanka, as will be seen in the Cirupanarrupadai, one of the ten idylls of the old Tamil Academy (Sangam) period.

    The Oviyar were a tribe of Nagas, inhabiting the sea coast of Lanka. According to the Cirupanarrupadai Aghil (incense) and sandalwood, being used to wash the bodies of damsels, shows that the place was a port and that those articles had dropped out of the ships (Cirupan, 11:161. 221).
    Early Mesopotamians used Tamil words to name places during ancient times, such as “Ur” means settlement, town or community and there are many words with Ur in the root, such as “Uruk”, “Nimrud”, etc.

    Furthermore, in the Hebrew Bible (1 Kings 10:22) ivory, apes, ahalim and peacocks arrived at the Israeli port. In the original Hebrew they are referred to as: Ivory — shen; apes — kapi; ahalim — aghil, peacocks — tuki. These four are Tamil words.

    However, according to the historical evidences and judging from the southward movement of the Aryans (generally dated around 1100 B.C. to 900 B.C.), one has to conclude that the original Iramayanam must have been composed at least fifty or hundred years later. Therefore, it is historically correct to assume that the Irama-Iravanan war occurred in ancient Ilanka — around the period of the Aryans’ southward movement.

    The Iramayanam depicts the southward movement of the Aryans in detail. However, the Iramayanam relates the story of the abduction of Sita — the spouse of Irama — by the South Ilanka king, Iravanan. When Iravanan was the ruler of southern Ilanka, the Naga tribe (who were “Ovar” or artisans of the highest order) ruled the northwestern portion of Ilanka. The “artisans” tribe originated from their chief Viswakarma, the divine architect. The five classes of artisans, namely Manu — blacksmiths, Maya — carpenters, Tuvashta Kannar — brass founders, Silpa Sirpi — masons, stone-cutters, sculptors, architects, image makers and painters, Visvanna — goldsmiths, are said to have been born out of the five faces of Viswakarma.

    Although, their country was known as Mathottam, and the capital called Mantai — the port city — the whole country was popularly known as “Ovar” or “Oviyar Nadu”, meaning the land of the divine craftsmen. Ravana’s spouse Mandotari was the daughter of the Mayan the king of this country. Several thousands of years ago a great Shiva devotee constructed a temple for Shiva in this region at Tirukethiswaram (Tashis) . The lord of the temple, was called, “Obanna.”

    Available historical information reveals that only once did King Solomon and King Hiram’s sailors jointly sail successfully to Ophir. This voyage for gold must have happened during or just after lifetime of Iravanan. According to the historical information, a great part of Ilanka was submerged under the sea following Iravanan’s failures in the war with Irama. Rajavaliya describes the aftermath of the war as follows:

    “Be it known that, by his (Iravanan’s) wickedness, his fortress, 25 palaces and 400,000 streets were overwhelmed by sea.”

    This deluge took place in the southern and northwestern part of Ilanka.

    Subsequently during the Second Century B.C., and again according to Rajavaliya, 100,000 seaport towns, 970 fishers’ villages, 470 villages of pearl-fishers, making altogether a large portion of Ilanka, was submerged by the sea when Kelanitissa was the King of south Ilanka. According to Eratosthenes the dimension of the island was 804 miles in length and 575 miles in breadth in the 2nd century B.C. Llanka today, however, is only one-twelfth the size of the Ilanka of ancient days — minus the gold prospecting region of Ophir. The actual measurements of the present island of Sri Lanka are 271 X 137 miles.//

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    Apologies for the late response – I just saw the responses to my intervention. Quite frankly, the responses to my remarks about the diaspora’s role in response to a question about it, reflect a lack of comprehension and understanding of those remarks. This is quite shocking to the extent that it suggests to me deliberate misunderstanding and distortion. The record speaks for itself and particularly too with regard to the comments made about my perspective on development in the north. The record speaks volumes on that.

    Donald Gnanakone makes reference to my political ambitions and work etc… Perhaps he could elaborate and in doing so enlighten me too, were that at all possible, from someone to put it at its most polite – talking tosh!

    • 0

      I reiterate what I have stated. Mr. Saravanamuttu can discuss it with the UNP leader and a few others in the UNP about his previous political ambition and aspirations. lol.

      That will never happen. Period.

      So it is not talking Tosh but a fact…

      As for the comments made by many Tamils as well as Senguttavan who supported Mr. Saravanamuttu’s position of the diaspora Tamils role, I do not need to add any more. Unless, he himself elaborates more and clear the so called allegations that there is a lack of comprehension and understanding. The role of Cinnamon Garden Tamils also might come into a subject of contention and discussion in the future.

      Being a victim of “Cougar attacks” and not Tiger bites Mr. Saravanamuttu might lack comprehension of the diverse Tamil diaspora and may be relying on a few Tamils he is dealing with outside the country.

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    Here goes Donald Ganakone again – opening his bowels in public. As usual he attacks,insults,curses and even calls the name of another readers mother. He cannot debate decently.He has to show his uncontrollable anger. He insults Packy and others mercilessly for holding a different view. The man has gone nuts long ago when he
    lost a cheap job in LA. The bankrupt had to leave Sri Lanka leaving
    a trail of bank debts, including Supper Club bills at the former Oberoi. He claims he is from Horton place. The truth is he from the
    slums of Wellawatta, in the Vihara, Pamankada Lane area.

    He was flying for Airlanka long ago and there too lost his job due to his quarrelling tongue. He bogusly says he knows the top in the UNP,
    the LTTE and the TNA. All bunkum. Tamilchelvam thought both brothers were crooks trying to use the LTTE name to get the bigger shipping and other business if Eelam came in. His brother Charles is in the bad books of the Aussie Govt. His Tamils for Justice is a one-man show
    which the diaspora leadership has not even heard of.

    He may know Ranil, as he told the S.Leader.But Ranil is known to everyone in sri lanka. Ranil was close to Duminda Silva too.

    Unless Donald behaves and treats others with respect there are many,
    including his wife’s people, who will expose this semi-lunatic crooked
    dealings. He says DN Thurairaj is his uncle.But DNT is a Keralite married to a Burgher. “N” stands for Nair. He also says Lakshman K
    is his cousin. Has he claimed kinship with Gotabya.

    Readers please be aware of this washed out loose-mouthed rascal.


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    The Gnanakone Brothers ran a shipping Co (Crossworld) in the 80s that appeared to be doing well at that time. I was told they incurred the displeasure of a powerful anti-Tamil minister at that time. I don’t know how far it is true he ran away with unpaid hotel bills. His brother Charles, as far as I know, did not fall out of favour with the Australia Govt. I know he died in Melbourne a few months ago.


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    Was Akira Kurosawa around when the discussion took place at Osgoode?

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    Very Interesting debate. I think as a Ind-ceylon Tamil I should give you some history of Tamils and Sinhalese.
    The following is a research by E.Logeswaran, Researcher

    Ensure Sinhalese know the true history of the Eelam:

    Sangam Age and Kumari Kandam Land of the Tamils. Submerged Kumari Kandam (Tamil Land) has been substantiated by:Silapathikaram, Manimegalai, Tholkappiyam, Purananuru, Kalithokai, Kurunthokai, Kamba
    Ramayanam, Iraiyanar Akapporul, Thiruvachagam, Mahavamsa, Mahabharatha; Roman and Greek maps of – Ptolemy, Pliny, Periplus; other geological proofs of Al‐Biruni observations, Sea level rise; geographical, geological, oceanography proofs.

    Coastline configuration of Indian Peninsula and Sri Lanka (15000 years back)
    Refer: http://www.indianfolklore.org/journals/index.php/IFRJ/article/view/178/183

    Rameswaram and Mannar were joined by land and the land extended in the present day Gulf of Mannar was
    a 2500 sq.km stretch of land marked by sedimentary formations Land of the Tamils and coral reefs. As the
    research of Ragiv Nigam indicates, sea levels , continued to rise and reached the present level around 6000 years ago. This is about the time when Sri Lanka evolved as an island. please click on the website above to see the map. India and Sri Lanka remained as one piece without Original position separation during ice age 7000 Original of Eelam, possibility 2 g Years ago position of Eelam, possibility 1 Water flowing over the Tamil land after the last ice age & land Sri Lanka (Truncated g separation Direction the land part of Tamil Nadu) Original of Eelam moved.

    7 Sivan Temples and a Murugan temple have been worshipped by the
    Tamils long before 600 BC to‐date in Sivapumi (Ceylon) and the God
    Eeswaran being a guardian protecting the Eelam on all four sides.
    Rameswaram N l Koneswaram built Rameswaram means Rama’s Iswara, Rama’s Lord, that is Tamil Nadu
    1589 BC, Trincomalee Naguleswaram Keerimalai Siva recognised and worshipped by Rama. The shrine in
    Rameswaram is today one of the most frequented of Sivanoli Pada Malai (Ratnapura district) Thiruketheswaram Mannar As these shrines have the sacred places in all of India been situated in widely separated parts of the island, God Murukan in Muneswaram Kathirkamam Thondeswaram , they are an index to the widespread distribution of the (oldest) Chilaw (Monoragala district) Tamils from very early Galle times. They testify to a very strong Tamil population in and around the seaport in illankai.

    Wealth and the influence of the Tamils help to develop religion, language, art, culture, sculptures architecture irrigation paddy cultivation minor tanks canals dams technology Development of Tamils
    sculptures, architecture, irrigation, cultivation, tanks, canals, dams, and endowed them with a solid social foundation which enabled their further development . This trend strengthened and paved the way for a powerful Tamil Kingdom to emerge in the following centuries.

    Kingdoms within /from Thammenna to Kaluthurai were ruled largely by Sinhala Buddhists of Tamil Origin most of the time and also by Tamil Vanni chiefdom (1200 AD – 1500 AD) Mullaithivu 542BC? Vannimais ?
    Hindus. Area of Sinhalese kingdom Silapa Thurai 1220 AD ~ 9000 Sq. miles (8 Districts) Kalu Thurai 1815 AD. Remaining areas were largely under the control of Tamil Hindus before and after Christ most of the time and also Sinhala Buddhists of Tamil Origin on and off. Over varying periods Sinhalese & Tamil kingdoms were ruled by Portugal, Netherland & Britain Ruhuna Cultural Traits have been identical in Sri Lanka and South India.

    Buddhism was widespread in south India in ancient times and some Tamils living in Sri Lanka Tamil Buddhists were Buddhists too. Kantharodai was a monastery for Tamil Tamil monks. Stupas at Kantharodai are different from those found in other parts of Sri Lanka. Statues of Buddha Chunnakam
    were found in:
    Apart from this the Urn burial customs found in Kantharodai are related to the Tamils lived Kantharodai, Vallipuram, Ponnalai, Makiyapitti, Nilavarai, Uduvil, Nainathivu, Pinguduthivu and Nedunthivu. there before 600 B.C. Coins unearthed in Kantharodai was found to be with the figure of Lakshmi, the hindu goddess. A piece of earthware was found inscribed with Brahmi letters. Kings (except Maha Senan) of Anuratha Putam who embraced Buddhism practised Saivaism

    None can dispute the fact that Tamil speaking Muslims (Marakkala Minissu or Sonahars) of
    C l d d t fT ilHi d h b dI l i th l tt t f th 14th
    Tamil Muslims
    Ceylon are descendants of Tamil Hindus who embraced Islam in the latter part of the century when South India was under Muslim rule. It is only religion that divides the Tamils and
    Muslims. By ethnicity Tamils andMuslims are one.
    1. Tamil speakingMuslims do not have the slightest resemblance to an Arab in stature or complexion.
    2. Mother tongue Tamil.
    3. Bear Tamil names e.g. Periya Marikkar, Sinna Lebbe and Pitchai Thamby
    4. Bore their noses and put studs, use anklets and gold jewellery.
    5.Wear sarees while teenagers wear Paa Vadai and Thaavani.
    6. Brothers’ and sisters’ children marry as first choice.
    7. Give dowry to bride
    8. The bride‐groom puts a Thali round the neck of the bride.
    9. Gingelly oil is included in the diet of girls who have attained maidenhood.
    4‐Nov‐10 Version 2 by E.Logeswaran, Researcher 13
    10. Muslim physicians of Ceylon brought their medical literature from Kayal Pattanam in Tamil Nadu.
    11. Tamil Nadu‐type houses can still be seen in Muslim colonies of Mannar, Puttalam and Jaffna.

    Tamil ChristiansTamils, Muslims and Sinhalese D idi 1. Similar Identity
    1995, Dr. R.Jayasekara , Human Genetics unit, Faculty Medicine, University of Colombo, Sri
    are Dravidians Lanka and his team collected blood samples in Colombo and surrounding areas from 102
    Sinhalese, 100 Tamils, 103 Burghers, 100 Muslims and 103 Malays who were healthy, normal
    and unrelated individuals. Altogether 608 blood samples g p were collected and transported by air
    to the department of Human Genetics. University of New Castle Upon Tyne. In the final
    analysis, the Sinhalese and the Tamil Population of Sri Lanka appear to be the descendants of
    a single genetic group who had occupied this country from prehistoric times. DNA of Tamil
    Nadu Tamils is matching the Eelam Tamils,Muslims and Sinhalese.
    2. Signed treaties in Tamil
    a. The king of Kotte, Bhuvanehabahu VII, signed the treaty with the Portuguese in Tamil.
    b. One of the Kandiyan Chieftains, Ratwatta Disawa, the ancestor of Srimao Bandaranayake,
    signed the treaty in Tamil.

    The Sinhalised Tamils of the South whose ancestors were brought to Sri Lanka by the
    Portuguese/Dutch from South India (Coramandel coast) as menial labourers (for
    growing/peeling cinnamon fishing/pearl diving coconut planting/plucking and toddy tapping)

    cinnamon, diving, who later adopted Portuguese surnames to hide their original identity.

    Indigenous people of Tamil origin are the main owners of Ceylon
    1. Tamil literary work, music dance have already been well developed since 16,000 BC
    2. 7000 years ago Ceylon was the land mass of Tamil Land in India
    3. Long before 600 BC, six Eeswaram Tamil Temples have been worshiped in Ceylon
    4. DNA of Tamil Nadu Tamils is matching the Eelam Tamils, Muslims and Sinhalese.

    So folks, don’t fight give freedom to every citizen of Ceylon:-

    Same origin, separate identities & divided rule
    2 nations 1 country or 2 nations 2 countries or an alternative

    By realising the above facts, Sri Lankan government should respect the identity of the

    Tamil Nation and agree to set up a self‐rule or an alternative for the Eelam Tamils in
    the North‐East to maintain their identity and grow continuously.

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    The war was the Devil and Peace is the Angel,How long you guy plans to live why are we fighting for separate lands??The new flowers are blooming in north of srilanka .Please let it be!!!!!!! all the law abiding citizens are enjoying it ! india ,tamil eaalam ,or dead TIGERS,OR any other organization is not going to resolve any political stability in NORTH of sri lanka .please do not poke, mind your own business, those people who live there very happy and well settled.thank you all for leave it as it is!!!AFTER ALL THIS!!IT IS WHAT IT IS !!!

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