3 July, 2022


Avant Garde Case: Bribery Commission Wants High Court To Revise Bail Order Given To Senadhipathi And Maj. Gen. Fernando

The Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery or Corruption today filed an application at the Colombo High Court seeking an order to revise the bail order granted to Avant Garde Chairman Nissanka Senadhipathi and Major General Palitha Fernando.

Avant Garde’s boss -Nissanka Senadhipathi

Avant Garde’s boss -Nissanka Senadhipathi

On September 6, the Commissioner arrested both Senadhipathi and Fernando and produced them before the Colombo Chief Magistrate Gihan Pilapitiya, who released them on bail on the same day.

As per the charges by the Bribery Commission, eight suspects including Senadhipathi, Fernando and former Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa have been charged with allowing Avante Garde to maintain a floating armoury, which has resulted in them making an unlawful profit of Rs. 11. 4 billion.

The case will be taken up on October 17, 2016.

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  • 4

    Since there is no article related to celebrate JR JAYAWARDANAS death I needed to express my self after reading daily mirror, in this section though it is not related.

    Celebrate the idiot who destroyed the country by releasing the two worse terrorist in history rohana and praba to kill thousand of sri lankans and to instill fear in the society for more than 30 years for his own greed of power. mutta fckr.

    • 6

      roha polwatte (hora polwatte),

      You are entitled to your opinion. There are others who think differently. I concede he had his faults. But thanks to him and his Open Economic policy, allowed all Sri Lankans irrespective of party hue, to become literate and benefit from IT knowledge to move with the rest of the world. The transformation in education and schools, travel and transport , health and hospitals, Business and Commerce not forgetting employment opportunity for millions of Sri Lankans to have improved their living standards is beyond measure. So give the devil his due.

      • 1

        With or without JR all these development would have come to Sri Lanka, may be with slight delay but in a better form.

        Damage he has done to the democracy and law and order of the country is horrendous. Although I did not vote him 1977 I thought he would do a good job at least maintaining a discipline in the country. But he destroyed all the institutions related to it and promoted the a political culture which culminated during MR period.

        • 3

          This bail circus for corrupt politicians is a joke!

          Now Yo-shita wants to go overseas – presumably Singapore a money laundering tax have, in order to move his looted funds from one off shore tax haven to another!

          All of them, Snadihpathi, Vass, Yo-shit should be locked up at their bank accounts frozen!

          But Ranil-Sira Avapalanaya has an agreement to turn a blind eye to financial crime with the help of IMF which is taxing the poor to pay for the loans of the rich!

        • 0

          Damage he has done to the democracy and law and order of the country is horrendous
          Very well said!

      • 1

        Gamini I agree with you. But he did not have the backbone to stop the violence against the innocent tamils in 1983 when we were kids. He is the main person responsible for the war. Greedy power hungry maniac released the criminals to instigate violence which continued until 2009.
        Free open market ecnomoy is also not suited for a country like us.IT should be open market policy based on giving more priority to the locally produced goods.
        THANK Q!
        Have nice day!

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    Oh don’t worry folks, this Senadhipathy guy is an excellent wheeler dealer and slick conman.He will be out on bail again in a trice! The Bribery Commission is no match at all for this devious crook.Just watch some of the recordings of interviews by him on the web and you will be convinced of what I am saying.

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    I am no fan of the former regime and its cohorts. But even the worst enemy deserves justice and fairplay in the name of Good Governance. It is not reported why the magistrate released them on bail and why the Bribery Commission is going the extra mile to reverse the order. For instance if the magistrate was told by the Bribery Commission say for instance, investigations not yet complete or they are likely to tamper witnesses etc and inspite of the same the accused were released on bail, then there is reason for the bribery commission to seek a revision on the bail oreder. All what I have to say is that the report lacks the vital information the public would like to know. Otherwise, it gives the impression that either something wrong with the magistrate in letting these fellows out (say for instance oiling the greasy palm) or the Bribery Commission is out for their blood because say for instance their greasy palm was not oiled.

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