2 March, 2024


Sajin Vass Granted Bail In Mihin Lanka Case

The Colombo Magistrate Court today released former Parliamentarian Sajin Vass Gunawardena on bail in connection to a charge that he, during his tenure as CEO of Mihin Lanka had entered into an illegal contract worth Rs. 880 million with a Singaporean Company. Gunawardena had signed the contract with the foreign company to obtain equipment for the airline’s ground handling related operations.



Gunawardena was released on a cash bail of Rs. 250, 0000 and four sureties of Rs. 10 million.

The case which will be taken up again in November was filed by the Commission to Investigation Allegations of Bribery or Corruption.

In another case in July, Gunawardena was arrested and subsequently released on bail in relation to a complaint by a businessman, who accused Gunawardena of defrauding his company Rs. 600 million.

In May, the Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery or Corruption filed a case against Gunawardena over his failure to declare his assets during several years including in 2011 and 2012, even though he told a press conference in the same month that he had submitted all his asset details to the relevant authorities.

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  • 3

    Sajin will also be granted in High commissioner assualt case

    Sajin will also be granted in any other high profile abuses carried out under Mahadanamutta at that time. No matter the people have to be milked by today for all the abuses they exagerated….

    What kind of law the srilankens have now bee practising is my simple question ?

    This ballige putha should long have been jailed for all the mess created in the previous regime particularly in external affairs.

  • 4

    Srilankens pave the way high criminal to breed easily. Rigorous law enforcement can take all these men. If not today when ?

  • 6

    So Sajin gets away like many other crooks and murderers in the Rajapaksa junta that destroyed our country from 2005 to January 2015.This murderer is one one of the worst of them.There are so many cases against the scumbag ,where there is obvious evidence to send him to jail.Yet in all of them he is out on bail.

    What is the Attorney General under our Yahapalanaya government doing.4 suereties running into millions have been provided by Sajin but this is no big deal since he has made billions of rupees.His non declaration of Assets case and the way he went and deposited 170 million in cash demanded by the Ceylon Petroleum is evidence enough to send this crook and murderer behind bars. But nothing is happening.So the man is now enjoying his billions either in Singapore where he has a 7 roomed luxury apartment, or in the Maldives where he has invested heavily in the tourism sector, where his dear friend the notorious Mohamed Zuraish Hashim of Malship Ltd in Colombo with a bad record is his agent.Sajins passport too has been released to him and the crook is as free as you and me.Good Yahapalanaya.
    Ohoma yang Sri Lanka .

  • 1

    As Mahinda Rajapakse said, this will be the drama for the next five years go. Every thing Yahapalana govt does will be because Mahinda Rajapakse govt did it wrong.

    So, people have to wait for another govt to catch the thieves of this govt.

    • 1

      Because he is the buruwa here. Had he been that pragamatic, he woudl not have been defeated that way.. now try to make your mind up boy. He cant realiize it that is why farting man spends most of his time in temples… making sangaya his human shields, Prabakaran did it with innocient notherners, MR does it with you the dimwits- from southern- until he will be caught by horns. You may work on his flowing toilet pits, please ask him to control his mouth pieces.

    • 1

      I would rather listen andtalk to my barber. MR is too stupid to my me and 6.3 vote eligible folks.

      The manner your Guru MR has been behaving today is his mirror image.
      Much more about the person is still to be revealed.

      All by chance only he came to power, now we have been facing the consequneces. Those wonders, alles oder nichts – all or not could have been made by any leader with the sitaution. But that damaged entire srilanka.

      War is over, but the manner they harmed the civilians will never been forgivable. Also inthe post war sessions – Rajapakshes abused northerns, sourtherners and everyone making so called victory a licence to fart on public stage…. abusing the very same vulnerable targets.

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