21 July, 2024


Avant Garde Chairman Refused Permission To Travel To Nigeria

Controversial security firm – Avant Garde Chairman Nissanka Senadhipathi (HN Yapa Senadhipathi) was today refused permission to travel to Nigeria by the Colombo Chief Magistrate.

 Gota and Nissanka

Gota and Nissanka

Senadhipathi – a close associate of former Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa, had requested permission to travel to Nigeria for business. But the CID had objected to the request noting that it would delay the ongoing investigation into Avant Garde’s dealings with the Defence Ministry and on the various armories it maintained.

The Counsel who appeared for Senadhipathi had stated that it would incur a loss of Rs. 3500 million to his client and to Sri lanka is the Court imposed a travel restriction on his client. However, the CID had stated that have already obtained reports from the Secretaries to the Ministries of Defence and Foreign Affairs, on their opinion on the issue.

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  • 13

    These men thought they could abuse all powers as no other on this beautiful island. People were made hallozinated by being alert to underground businesses about which those folks were never informed. So that was the reason Rajapaskehs to get 5.8mio across the nation.

    • 3

      Please grant both Gota & Nissanka permission to visit Remand Prison at Welikada.

      Gota has been projecting an image of a true “Buddhist”.

      While earning millions of USD via blood money. By exporting mercenaries and weapons from Sri Lanka.

      What crooks!


      PS: Another “Buddhist” Justice minister Wijedasa was caught red handed trying help these two exporters of “blood business”. Thank you JVP!

  • 14

    Does anybody know , who pocketed the profit of this company ? did the SL government (Treasury) benefit from this lucrative maritime arm trade ? if so how much ? this hot shot kept on bragging about number of job opportunities his company had created , but whose weapons were they ? there were numerous allegations against the company for underpaying (Martiya) their employees , but overpaying for their ex navy commanders !

    • 14

      They may have paid a fraction of the profit as taxes and the big Goat may have got half and this Senadhipathi got the other half.

      A very lucrative business, state owned arms became redundant aftet the end of the war and with state patronage sold to non state actors for millions of Dollars and this is a bigger crime than anyting that can be imagined.

      These weapons are in the hands of Boko Haram and other african islamist jihadis and Sri Lanka willbe treated as a pariah state.

      • 11


        You have hit the nail on the head!
        What is this big contract the Avant Garde boss is gloating about for which he wants to travel to Nigeria? Probably he has a deal with Boko Haram. May have been doing a weapon business with them and funding terrorism in the region.

        The Government should do an audit of all weapons released to Rakana Lanka and Avant Garde. They are bound to find a whole lot missing!

        This whole operation of a Floating Armory is not according to the code issued by the UN, though they claim it is so. The Government has swallowed hook, line and sinker the lies doled out by Avant Garde. I bet Gota must be having a hearty laugh!!

      • 0

        Mati lda,
        What little knowledge you narrow minded vermins possess on ‘Avant Guard’ and venom you carry and spread around. It seems you jealous nuts want our Sri Lanka women carry-on house maid jobs in the Middle East and wash Arab arse for summa (peanuts). And that’s why you don’t like our boys earning good money from foreign assignments like Avant Guard has initiated and brought to Sri Lanka.

        Read the full story of how ‘Avant Guard’ Chairman has developed his business and how he has been helping retired soldiers (our heroes) earn good money from the horse’s mouth itself in today’s Sunday Divaina.

        According to that write-up, Avant Guard carry-on a business that European companies briskly doing in the Middle East and Africa – providing military expertise to combat piracy in countries like Nigeria. Avent Guard chairman says, he has arranged Sri Lanka Navy and Army commanders to visit Nigeria and in return the vice President of Nigeria had visited Sri Lanka and agreed to buy boats our Navy manufactured and used in Eelam war 1V for its combat forces. It says Avant Guard has organised to send 2000 anti-piracy or military trainers to Nigeria and the first batch of 400 is ready to go there within the next three months. These trainers are to earn from $2,500 to $25,000 per month. It also says so far Avant Guard has paid Rs 3,200 million to the government as taxes. I think Avant Guard chairman is a God send man to Sri Lanka for he says he is promoting Sri Lanka military trainers to be send to many countries just like America Britain and Israel etc. Imagine the foreign exchange and the jobs that would have come to Sri Lanka through this company.

        Obviously, those of you with venomous one track mind cannot see any of that. Down with your bloody yahapalanaya.

    • 11

      These idiots thought they could live on blant lies forever.. that is where they went wrong. Now with all the bit becoming clear day to another – these bunch will not escape from law prevailing in the country.

  • 17

    Big business with Nigeria in arms??? Goodluck Jonathan’s Govt must look into if these guys from Sri Lanka are responsible for illegally arming Boko Haram. If this is proved Gota’s journey to the Hague Courts is assured.


  • 8

    Big business in Arms with Nigeria? dont tell me that these chaps are selling arms to rogoue states and to outfits like ISIS and Boko Haram?

    perhaps the way of life that K A Sumanasekera wanted to preserve huh

    • 1

      P.L Mate,

      Still better than selling AK 47s to Tiger Cubs …

      Anyway, they should have got into more leading edge Businesses like Bond Trading and Investment Banking in Ranil’s new Good Governance Lanka…..

      Make a quick exit with few hundred Million bucks, after just one deal and piss off to their motherland in SIA’s Folding Bed class, drinking Chandon all the way..

      Wonder whether our Gamralas pay Income Tax nowadays.because servicing our National Debt at 12.5 % on USD 1.5 Billion is serious stuff,especially when these Funds come from Singaporeans.

      I am glad our Dalits know nothing about Bond Markets, Debt Servicing and Interest rates in Dollars and Pounds..

      • 1

        you say

        “still better than selling AK 47s to Tiger Cubs”

        can you care to explain that sentence are you saying its better to arm terror outfits like BOKO HARAM or ISIS? please clarify or are you going to keep silent as usual and make a mockery of ur self?

  • 10

    Suppose If any head of state will be killed using one of these arms then this SL also will became a terrorist state…and should take responsible for such killing…so so Dogabayas days are numberd for his visits to ICC at The Hague

  • 13

    Loss of 3500 Million in one travel deal. This must be a deal for selling arms, where the purchase cost is zero. or is it a backyard oil well deal?. The court should ask to produce evidence substantiating how he will lose 3500 Million. Then the court can make a decision.

    No wonder they made so much money during the hay days of former regime, all at the cost of every Srilankan. Wake up Srilankans. I hope this statement of the loss of 3500 Million itself turns back as evidence against them

    If it is a flamboyant lie, It is a contempt of court or a threat. If it is true it is a back room criminal deal. Lets wait and see

  • 8

    Big business with Nigerrians and that speaks by itself. The CID must carry out the investigation very meticulously and frame charges against all involved without fear or favour, whoever may be. Some will shed crocodile tears but not to worry about these guys.

  • 9

    I am just wondering whether this story has anything to do with, the number of embassies opened in many African countries and offer to help the international community to protect the ships from pirates, during the previous governments. It would be interesting to explore the activities of these embassies during the previous regime.

  • 1

    Like to know, between the two, how did you divide the profit? The famous 50:50, I don’t think 50:50 would work well in SL, not then and even now. Gotta wouldn’t care to send white van if he insisted in 50:50, then what was it? 75:25?.

  • 1

    The secret of the Nigerian deal has
    already been exposed by the Colombo

    Senadipathi gave the impression to
    the Nigerian government that he
    represented the official Sri Lanka
    Government. They believed him.

    Why not when his delegation included
    Chief of Defence Staff Lt General
    Jagath Jayasuriya, former Chief of
    National Intelligence Major General
    retied Kapila Hendavitharana and
    Mrs Damayanthi Jayaratne, Additional
    Secretary in the Ministry of Defence.

    They all went on an all expenses paid
    trip to Nigeria in June last year. The
    money was paid by Nissanka Senadipathy.
    Permission was granted for the visit
    by Gothabaya Rajapaksa, the powerful
    killer Defence Secretary at that time.

    The entire conspiracy is being kept
    under the carpet by the Ranil Wickremesinghe
    government. It is only because of Champika
    Ranawaka, Rajitha Senaratne and Anura Kumara
    Dissanayake that the truth is now coming out.

    Ranil wants a dissolution of Parliament on
    April 23 so the rogues can go scot free.

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