15 April, 2024


National Exec Council Decides To Arrest Gota: NFF Claims It’s A Foreign Conspiracy

National Executive Council has made a unanimous decision to arrest former Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa in order to initiate the probe into the Avant Garde floating armoury.

 Gotabaya Rajapaksa

Gotabaya Rajapaksa

The decision has been made last evening when the Executive Council convened and it has been pointed out that he needs to be arrested in order to probe the floating armoury that was raided at the Galle Habour. A decision is to be made once President Sirisena who is currently in UK returns to Sri Lanka.

However, the National Freedom Front Spokesman Mohammed Muzammil holding a press conference this morning objected to the decision made by the Council to arrest Gotabaya, claiming that they have no authority to make such a decision. He said that whether or not Gotabhaya should be arrested lies with the law enforcement authorities and added that it is the result of a foreign conspiracy.

It has been a few days since former Pivithuru Hela Urumaya Leader, Udaya Gammanpila spoke of a ‘conspiracy’ to arrest Gotabhaya and former President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Meanwhile the Executive Council had also discussed the investigations intoinformation provided by Wele Suda and it had been decided that all those who maintained links with him should be arrested and the probes should be expedited.

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  • 9

    What is the objective and role of Advisory or Executive Council setup by present ruling parties alliances?

    How is the that parameter base on Political believes and their ideology of many anti- national and anti-democracy political element’s in the government and non-governed parties in the are operating National council of the country.

    Is this alliances having authority set up semi-state power to be detain any person without proper law and order and rule of democracy norms our soil?

    Is this organization having any – EC enforcement power has been derived from any act of Parliamentary or its majority consent?
    To be detain any person beyond Rule of Law of land?

    Needless to say these are semi-Fascist tools against curtail of democracy rights and individual freedom of country that guaranteed by Republic Constitution of Sri lanka.

    We should not give powers to anti-establishment outfits an operated against ongoing accepted values that undermine democratic practices .

    This not an individual issues or problem of detain ,is matter of whole range principle of democrat values and Right of individual freedom? Leaders who promised that ‘rule of law and good governances’ to the public must keep their mind not diverted path of democracy?

    This trend will lead to anti-establishment elements to encouraging anarchism into politics which we had long negative impact our society in South and North over 50 years since 1965.

    • 7

      exactly! and about the government, this is the most anti democratic government ever, a minority rule over a majority.

      a party that has 46 seats in parliament is the government, a person rejected 29 times is the PM, a party that has 100+ MPS is in the opposition. The SLFP opposition is ruled by a person appointed by UNP votes.

      As Maithree was rejected by SLFP voters and appointed by UNP voters, he should be the leader of UNP, and not SLFP.

      There is no opposition to criticise government actions. Media that criticize RW government is regarded as racist.

      Everyone is blind to gover action.

      There is no democracy in this country today..

      • 8

        CT is wearing scratchy muslim bloomers it needs a pergative Auto douchbag.

  • 8

    Whatever happened to the courts and the police? Are they so independent now that they don’t arrest anybody even if there is enough evidence or is this so called Ex-council beyond the law of the country?
    It looks more like the government has got a contract from the British Tamil Forum to arrest Gota, keep him under control and hand over to the international courts when the UNHCR report is out in September.

  • 6

    The courts and the police are still reeling from the devastation wrought upon them by the Mr regime. Anyone who pretends that now suddenly these institutions are above suspicion are being deliberately disingenuous. The Exco was set up to coordinate and direct policy because it was anticipated that there will be total confusion in the running of the country with the old parliament still in office and most of the Rajapakshe stooges still in the judiciary, police, and just about every other government institution waiting for a chance to undermine and sabotage the new government. Even key media organizations are still under Rajapakshe control. Therefore ensuring media freedom is a risky policy that can back fire on its supporters. It is evident that some of the commenters in this forum are trying to do their level best to criticize and confuse readers on these issues again to undermine and try to bring back the biggest crook ever to run this country. If Gotabaya is to be arrested and he has to be arrested for the mind boggling list of crimes he singed off on it has to be done with care to ensure that evidence is not flimsy and the charges are minor ones. If he is arrested on frivolous charges then the accusation will be made of a political witch hunt and the very same trouble makers will begin another campaign to undermine this government. So by all means get the man but on the right charges. For this the Exco has every right in inquire and to ensure that care is taken to gather enough evidence and make whatever charges stick for a very long time.

  • 6

    In the past all high profile arrests were authorised by MR and/or GR. Obviously high profile arrests need such approval in order to avoid unintended consequences to the concerned Police officers.

    In this instance the NEC comprises of several parties and is broadbased. It is therefore salutary that such critical decisions are taken at the highest level.

    In the normal course of events I don’t see a problem with arresting GR in this case.

  • 4

    Little Gota from nobody to somebody and back again?

    • 5

      just like it.

      another nick name for CT then which was spawned by Gooo`ta Boo`ts.

      [Edited out]

  • 5

    Now that President Sirisena is back, when will they arrest Baya-Gota ? After PM Modi leaves ?

    I am sure we don’t need a nakatha – anytime is a good time to arrest him !

  • 4

    After arrest will the police take him to the place to show hidden weapons?111 Then Gota gets shot trying to kill the cop. That was the trend with the last government.

    • 5

      WoW! the smell of cafe Arabic- no we love our cortado!!

      • 0


        “WoW! the smell of cafe Arabic- no we love our cortado!!”

        Spanish didn’t rule our island.

        • 0

          You are growing old- a spanish woman is the lioness of the house even today.
          It seems you don’t know what your wife rules and what connections that rule brings. Love her but dont try to understand her- marathi and men dont love a man but try to understand- golden rule.
          Roman Emperor Grandson of Isabela Catholica Carlos 1 was not Dutch but VOC was his mistress through the Portuguese Bishop of Goa ¬secretary-{{Jan Huyghen van Linschoten left for Spain during December 1576 to be with his brother in Seville, staying in Spain until 1580 when he got a job working with another merchant in Lisbon. A downturn in trade led him to seek alternatives. With the help of his brother, Willem, who was acquainted with the newly appointed Archbishop of the Portuguese colony of Goa, Dominican Vicente da Fonseca, he was appointed Secretary to the Archbishop. So Jan Huyghens sailed for Goa on 8 April 1583, arriving five months later via Madeira, Guinea, the Cape, Madagascar and Mozambique.}} Dutch the man behind the path for English East India Company 1600 and Voc Dutch east india company 1603.
          In addition to the original Dutch editions of the Itinerario, there was an English translation in 1598, a German translation in 1598, a Latin translation (in Frankfurt, 1599), another Latin translation (in Amsterdam, 1599) and a French translation (1610).[4]
          1598 English translation, John Huighen van Linschoten, His discours of voyages into ye Easte and West Indies: deuided into foure bookes London: John Wolfe. online. In Wolfe’s ordering, the First Book is the 1596 Itinerario, Second Book is 1597 Beschryvinghe, Third Book is the 1595 Reys-gheschrift and the Fourth Book is Linschoten’s translation of the revenues of the Spanish crown. In other editions, the 2nd and 3rd books are often switched around.
          1598 John Huighen van Linschoten his Discours of Voyages into ye Easte & West Indies From the Collections at the Library of Congress
          1874-85 English edition, The Voyage of John Huyghen van Linschoten to the East Indies, 1874-85 edition, London: Hakluyt. Reprint of only the First Book of 1598 translation ( vol.1, vol.2).

          The portugese with the mixed blood of Arab and African were the fighters in the pits and the scabies WDM even for Brazil and far east) Christopher Columbus was basque born in the south like Franco of Galicia born Tennerif. Spanish was clean- suffered 700 years of sex slavery by Islamist and the nuns of the north(the north still profduces the best of professionals and priest- they are strict and clean the south is a lot of smuggling.) were instrumental.
          The marriage was of convenience like – handing over of the Rock Gibraltar to UK for it’s security because it cannot stand the islamic onslaught alone- Henry 8 helped 3 times) Diego Garcia presumably was given because of Pan_Arab fears (Pan_Islam is royalty- that which heads the UNHCR)

          • 0

            There was spice trade and accounting systems in the north of europe long before remember they had to live and lived well as of today- Very few traces of human activity in Bruges date from the Pre-Roman Gaul era. from Roman era
            A bit of hoe gaat het met u? how are you?
            Bruges had a strategic location at the crossroads of the northern Hanseatic League trade and the southern trade routes. Bruges was already included in the circuit of the Flemish and French cloth fairs at the beginning of the 13th century, but when the old system of fairs broke down the entrepreneurs of Bruges innovated. They developed, or borrowed from Italy, new forms of merchant capitalism, whereby several merchants would share the risks and profits and pool their knowledge of markets. They employed new forms of economic exchange, including bills of exchange (i.e. promissory notes) and letters of credit.[15] The city eagerly welcomed foreign traders, most notably the Portuguese pepper and spice traders.[16]
            Diamonds are for ever and how the Gujuratis (diamond cutters Jains came to be known at

            In the 4th century, Antwerp was first named, having been settled by the Germanic Franks.[10] The name was reputed to have been derived from “anda” (at) and “werpum” (wharf).[9]
            The Merovingian Antwerp, was evangelized by Saint Amand in the 7th century. At the end of the 10th century, the Scheldt became the boundary of the Holy Roman Empire. Antwerp became a margraviate in 980, by the German emperor Otto I, a border province facing the County of Flanders.

            Francesco Guicciardini, the Venetian envoy, stated that hundreds of ships would pass in a day, and 2,000 carts entered the city each week. Portuguese ships laden with pepper and cinnamon would unload their cargo. According to Luc-Normand Tellier “It is estimated that the port of Antwerp was earning the Spanish crown seven times more revenues than the Americas.”
            After the silting up of the Zwin and the consequent decline of Bruges, the city of Antwerp, then part of the Duchy of Brabant, gained in importance. At the end of the 15th century the foreign trading houses were transferred from Bruges to Antwerp, and the building assigned to the English nation is specifically mentioned in 1510. Antwerp became the sugar capital of Europe, importing product from Portuguese and Spanish plantations. The city attracted Italian and German sugar refiners by 1550, and shipped their refined product to Germany, especially Cologne.[11] Moneylenders and financiers did a large business loaning money to the English government in the 1544–1574 period. London bankers were too small to operate on that scale, and Antwerp had a highly efficient bourse that itself attracted rich bankers from around Europe. After the 1570s the city’s banking business declined; England ended its borrowing in Antwerp in 1574.
            This is what makes Belgium the Capital of Europe but placed in the french sector catholic- compromise.
            Its good to know who the ultimate ruler of the islands were – because even now islands are indirectly ruled by VOC type multinationals it’s a club with a grapewine of its own like lankas 5 star grapevine the most- where you can bump into a minister without his undies trying to squat behind the door- don’t know whether to laugh at the persons shyness when seen nude; at swimming pool!!

  • 2

    Ruling governed party alliances led by Mathripala Sirisena ( commoner and uneducated member become President of society) and their of all members relevant political parties lost principle rights of individual cannot detain by decision of EC majority. This is bluntly violated Act of Habeas Corpus 1679.

    This is a political and undemocratic related decision; due to the lost of important guaranties of personal liberty that members of Executive Council has discarded principle rights of justice.
    The freedom of values, that Democratic and Human Rights had been violated by EC members.

    I wish know that creamed of leaders of political parties who are advocating rule of law by acting arbitrary decision to arrest GR? Wither they know supposed to be detain Gotabaya Rajapaksese is not that according the to law of land?

    Act of Habeas Corpus 1679 must study by political leaders of EC members which their decision of illegal detention is arbitrary one. Buy the way highest political council of Executive has forget that of so-called ‘good governed’ of politics leaders lost their sight of individual freedom?

    • 1

      Oh yeah, we had an unelected, uneducated street thug as the President for 10 years and you have a problem with President Sirisena ?

      Commoner ??? When did we have royal families in Sri Lanka ? Who are you Milton ? One who cleans Charles’s toilet seat ?

  • 1

    Point of view..by..misguided and misinterpreted ….having no knowledge at all of History of English Law of enlarge by Individual freedom is pillar of democracy laid foundation 1679 by The Habeas Corpus Act.
    I am not for royal family dynasties like Senanakyes, Banadarkers, Jayawrgaeda and Wickramasibghes of family nepotism, who had been Rule and Ruin our country 60 years.

    Yes, Well we are having major political democratic issues and problems with of M.Sirisena?

    He violated principle of Democratic Republic Constitution. This is- I never context that issues of MS is not that belongs to political elitism, is matter of principle of prosperity of democracy’s of 21st century in Sri lanka.

    1 An appoint of minority leader as PM- UNP-Ranil.W…..

    2 President of MS removed CJ by misused Executive power.
    MS has raped sovereignty of Supreme power of Parliament.

    3 MS is accountable and responsible of an Appoint of Central Bank
    Governor of Singapore citizen chief of most important position by
    misguided policy recommend by PM that -unelected.

    4 MS as President having major share of CB Governor the way and
    means of issuers of Bonds on 27 February 2015. This matter of
    issues need to address by President himself. This is unpardoned
    Finical crime by CB Governor that burden passed into of Poor
    Tax payers of Sri lanka citizens.
    This issues is bluntly and naked corrupting by ruling party
    headed by President of MS, that is against so-called
    ‘Good governances.’ and ‘Rule of Law’.

    Indeed the grave finical crime has been committed CB governor by ongoing ruling party governances.. Head of state want to be addressed and treat as urgent matter, the people involved must bring before court of law, on criminal defamation by immediate effect.

    Such crime must be punished ,not given any room for escape by PM and UNP influences.

    MS could bring said crime an act-in- law is similar to an act of criminal legislation in national court and international court that CB Governor is citizen of Singapore .

  • 0

    Will the Hon. D S Mr. Goatbaya be given a taste of the”Fourth Floor”
    after arrest.??

    Will he be given the honour of travelling in a White Van lying on the
    floor with hands & legs tied up and a head mask?

    This sinister monkey should enjoy all these privileges before being
    locked up for life.

    No death penalty please he must suffer every minute of the rest of his life
    in a dungeon without seeing day light again.

  • 0

    Sri Lankan Politics really a joke according to my knowledge.These Leaders are not even elected to our parliament.Most of them are just a Political party leaders rejected by the majority of our country. We have to analyse Last general election results then we can get a correct picture of this so call leaders political power in our country.They are rejected by the majority of people in this country but some of them are only elected as a Provincial council by very few votes. But RW and MS wanted their advice to rule this country. Similar to Kangaroo courts his operated by JVP /LTTE during period of 1971 JVP captured area and LTTE ruling areas. I don’t think they are not suitable for to obtain as a adviser for local Provincial councils. Because they are rejected by our majority of people in our country. They are good at oratorical debates, also use as a critics of ruling government.JVP now already decided to remain in this National Council why? This is a golden opportunity to implement their agenda.”Annuge pannin Eliya balanna Honda velavak” this is a good time to see some one else light.

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