7 October, 2022


Avant Garde: No Fireworks At Special Cabinet Meeting

The threatened revolt by several powerful ministers at the special cabinet meeting today over the Avant Garde controversy, fizzled out with the news of Law and Order Minister Tilak Marapana tendering his resignation.

MaithripalaAs a result the speculated fireworks did not take place and the hour long meeting ended with President Maithripala Sirisena promising to fast track the probe on possible corruption related to the maritime security firm.

The President had told the cabinet that he would inform them within 7 days on how the government expects to proceed on the Avant Garde case in future.

At the outset the President had told the cabinet that he had received Marapana’s resignation letter.

The President had advised the ministers to sort things out within the government group without making the issue a free for all in the open.

Rajitha Senaratne, one of the ministers who has been calling for stringent action had gone on to say that some ministers were attempting to stall the probe into Avant Garde with the help of some officials from the Attorney General’s department.

Meanwhile Minister Champika Ranawaka, too had voiced similar concerns.

He had noted that the maritime security firm was dealing with some terrorist outfits in African countries.

Ranwaka had stressed that these allegations should be probed in a comprehensive manner.

Meanwhile Minister Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe, who too has been criticised for defending the Avant Garde had told his cabinet colleagues that he was only endorsing the assertions of the Attorney General.

Rajapakshe had gone on to say that he was not defending the firm but only requesting to take any action based on solid evidence.

He had gone on to criticise the utterances made by some of his colleagues noting that these irresponsible statements have only gone on to make matters worse.

Several other ministers too had gone on to urge the President on the need to accelerate investigations and bring to a speedy conclusion the issue related to the maritime security firm.

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Latest comments

  • 25

    Donkey Namal Dubai bank account?
    Little Gota MIG fraud?
    Yositha killing of rugby rival and Shiranthis land rover?
    Ranil protecting the filth.

    • 18

      Agreed, RW is the protector of the evil! He is too concerned about hsi own back if and when they come back to power. Plus of course paying back with interest the favors that MR did to him when in opposition

  • 16

    The powerful Cabinet Ministers behind the agitation were also in the Cabinet of Mahinda Rajapaksa, that approved the handing over of this venture to Avant Garde. Perhaps they did not get a piece of cake after approving this lucrative venture. They should also resign!

    This coup within the Cabinet might well signal the beginning of the end of this type of ‘YAHAPALANAYA’ based on the media coverage by an organisation who is capable of making Sri Lanka another Syria!

  • 22

    Expect the Circus to be continued..

    If reports are correct, Tilak resigned & Sagala will be appointed.

    Sagala has no track record in law and order related issues as far as I know. His only outstanding skill is his solid relationship with RW, the PM of SL.

    In other words. nothing will change. Sagala is a younger Tilak Marapana.

    RW will continue to micro-manage all criminal investigations, where required via Sagala. In full confidence.

    We are a long way from a independent, impartial & transparent law, order or Justice in Sri Lanka.

    At this rate rejected Dubious Brothers from Hambantota might even stage a comeback.

    Enjoy the show!

    • 3

      Oh Ben mahataya, do u still believe sinhala Buddhist mind set will change….Come on support our freedom struggle from u r thugs, drug lords & thieves…

  • 19

    Why focus only only on Avant Garde?

    What happened to Lasantha, Thajudeen, Prageeths’ murders. Is it that everything has to be reminded to MY3/Ranil Yahapalanaya.

    For heaven sake see that all the murders and corrupt deals investigations are fast tracked and all the murderers and perpetrators are brought to justice, without vacillating on your election pledges.

    We voted you in not to dilly dally with your party supporters and coerce them to support you to stay in power.We demand both of you to be mindful of that.

    Also ensure that Sobitha Hamuduruwo did not die in vain as a result of tremendous pressure he endured to bring you both to power. Let him rest in peace with the consolation that you both will do justice for the cause, he sacrificed his life.

    • 2

      Over the thirty years war, more than 100,000 Sri Lankans were killed.

      SO why this demand for inquiry over one Thajudeen? What is special about his murder. From all we know, he was gallavanting around Colombo with the Rajapakse brat, enjoying many sexcapades and finally met with an accident.

      Should the nation be led to a dance over his death?

      Think laterllay people.

    • 2

      Yes – please investigate CB Governor for giving in to Political pressure and causing huge losses to the country also

  • 12

    Hurray , One down how many more crooks needed to be wiped out from the so called Yahapalanaya.
    The 3 Musketeers (. The Prez, the PM , and CBK ) jolly well knew the crooks and murderers have been installed in the Yahapalanaya. Unable to fathom how were they able to employ the crooks in plum positions in the government.

    Any decent political leaders would steer clear from tarnished politicians . Did they think the public had no say like in the past??
    Why now the instructions to the Ministers to “Sort Differences between themselves ” why why why .? is he sorting to A dictatorial anarchist govt?? , LIKE CLOAK AND DAGGER?? OFCOURSE THE PUBLIC NEED TO KNOW EVERY SCANDAL BY THESE POLITICIANS AND , THE PUBLIC HAS THE RIGHT TO SHOW THEIR DISPLEASURES IN URGING THE DUMB POLITICIANS TO PUT THINGS RIGHT.
    He has not answered yet to the public why he took his offspring to NY. It’s a grave mistake to use public money by so called Yahapalanaya.
    Be truthful to your citizens Follow the Democratic style of Parliament. IN THAT THE PUBLIC AND THE MEDIA HAS A BIG PART TO PLAY IN OUR COUNTRY SL.
    The last ” DECADE OF ANNO HORRIBILIS ” style ruling is the thing of the past.
    We the public have a say in every ” wrongs the Politicians involved.”

    Expose , Expose, Expose.

    By the way where’s Amarasinghe ? Hope he’s OK?? His contributions are MISSED HERE.

  • 4

    I am glad that Thilak Marapana’s decision resign as a gentleman with paving the way to resolve the issue with peaceful manner. T hats how democracy works. There are allegations, pros and cons between the cabinet members and among the members od parliament and public. All those has to be address in responsible manner . T hats what we haven’t seen in last decade or so. This is only a single issue. There are more to address. But by the time goes the members of the cabinet and the leaders forgot how they came to power and who helped them. T hats why they have many speculations. Do your Job properly. Then there is no need to wary for anything. If you don’t do means there is something to Wary. Don’t forget that everyone watching you all.

    • 5

      “That’s how democracy works”? Well, if that were true, it proves H. L. Mencken’s contention that “Democracy is the art and science of running the circus from the monkey cage”.

      Making a mistake is one thing. But a blatant attempt to disregard one’s duties as a Minister for personal gain is quite another. That is not democracy. It is just appearing to be democratic when there is no other escape route.

      The government should not take us as monkeys, especially when it is no better than a circus, complete with a PM who doubles as a clown. It may provide great entertainment for the rich. But the janathawa, burdened with so many problems are not amused.

      Now it is the turn of Wijedasa also to follow the same example together with the other guy. If that happens, then we can say there is a semblance of democracy in this country.

      Democracy does not progress in fits and starts but as a continuous and smooth process.

      • 2

        Well said, Edwin!

        Wijedasa must also go. Then, hopefully the cleanup should begin by removing all those with criminal charges hanging over them until (and if) they are exonerated.

        The next step would be for one of those Commissions to analyze the appointments of relatives and cronies and recommend those who have no qualifications to handle the position (like Ranatunge, for example) to be dismissed and replaced by proven to be competent personnel.

        What qualities does Sagala Ratnayake have to be appointed in place of Marapana?

  • 9

    Lets see if the president will fast-track the inquiry against Mahendran also in the central bank bond issue. Hope Anura Kumara Dissanayake will push this issue also with the same enthusiasm. We cannot expect the leader of the opposition to do this as he has a different agenda which is not in the national interest.

  • 2

    If, as Rajapakse says he “.. was only endorsing the assertions of the Attorney General”, then he should also resign!

  • 8

    I noticed no one has mentioned ‘free press’ or ‘press freedom’ recently. Until Sri Lanka has a vibrant free press with reporters armed with University degrees in their chosen subjects, the political class will continue to bull shit the press and the public at large.

    Marapana did not resign because he suddenly was overcome with remorse or public spirit. He was thrown out to avoid further controversy. Expect him and Palitha Pelpola to turn up in a couple of boards of directors shortly.

    How many editors have a degree in anything? The online media has successfully filled the vacuum and hunger for immediate news dissermination but all they do is repeat what is already reported or allow for unsubstanciated innuendo to masquerade as news.

    This is a resources, money and manpower issue. It is not something that can solved by a policy announcement as the government loves to do. Arundika Fernando, the deputy minister of Tourism, announced just the other day that he has ‘asked’ Tour operators do sell Sri Lanka more. In another country he would have been laughed at. In Sri Lanka the media carried this as a news item. Does anyone believe a Tour operator will sell a destination because the government wants more tourists? They sell it because there is a demand for it, created by sophisticated marketing and placement. We are drowning in Chinese and Eastern Europeans looking for a cheap holiday and some are even staying in rented apartments. Who wanted this as tourism?

    1 Million jobs do not turn up just because Ranil Wicremesinghe says so. We have to have 1 Million trained employees to take them up. Otherwise all we will have are garment employees and labourers digging trenches. We do not have a higher education system; just degree-mills churning out worthless pieces of fancy paper. That is not discouraging most because they see these as a road to a visa out of Sri Lanka.

    Today we have a bloated cabinet with ill-equipped and uneducated politicians pretending to be experts of nothing! If the USA can run with a cabinet of 10 and the UK the same, what is our difficulty?

    Politics has become the path to riches and no matter the public pronouncements to the contrary, each and everyone in politics today are there to protect their turf. Even President Sirisena has fallen victim to it.

    It would be a revealing moment if some site can review all the election speeches by the President and his ministers as a reminder of how badly they have failed in just a few months. Hopefully there will be at least an ounce of self respect left in them to see how they lied and change their ways. I know that is asking for too much….just hoping..

  • 7

    Tilak Marapona Esq resigned like a gentleman. Haali Katas like Rajitha and Patali who benefitted immensely from Rajpakse are shooting their mouths off without discipline. Cabinet means collective responsibility and a single voice when speaking to the outside world. Rajitha is a liar and a foul mouth. Patali wants to become PM and is doing frequent trips to China. Why? War Hero Fonseka’s former son in law had 800 MILLION in his Hi-Corp account. HOW?

    If Avante Garde was secret operation to protect international shipping by supplying mercenaries and guns bringing in revenue why is this being exposed like how UNP destroyed LRRP in 2000? Remember that? That is what Marapone was referring to.

    This bunch of comedians are fast becoming a fast.

    • 4


      Marapana did not “resign like a gentleman”, he was forced out. “Gentlemen” do not revel and get rich off ‘conflict of interest’ cases to the detriment of the country.

      Time for a Reality Check!

  • 2

    Venerable Sobitha, the Buddhist spiritual leader of the UNP Ranil faction passed away with a broken heart , mostly because his lay disciple Ranil let him dowm.

    The deal was UNP make Sira win . Sira then abdicates after handing over all powers to Ranil..

    It didn’t happen …

    As the supposed to be the all powerful Prime Minister who was elected with a handsome majority, what has Batalanada Ranil done so far for his electors, the whole inhabitant population of the Elite , Anglicans, Vellalas and the Wahabis?

    Score card shows only two things..

    One, to give his Singapore mate a life time income stream through the Son in Law’s “Commission cut” , sorry extra 2.95 % on the Yahapalana inaugural Bonds.

    And the other, the Economic statement which the Elite Oldie Mr Poorten called “all Piffle”.

    In contrast, Mr Sirisena whom we affectionately call Sira has gone from strength to strength and has become the main event and runs the country as if he has been elected on his own and unoppsed.

    Batalanda Ranil didn’t show up to meet and greet his Western backers at the UN.
    Bodhi Sira and Daham Sira had to sign off on the Hybrid Justice which is going to come early next year.

    Batalanada Ranil’s F****** CID was stopped in its tracks.

    Chinese Port City which Ranil stopped to show and tell the mates in the West that he means business was restarted after Sira went all the way to see Mr Jing in Beijing..

    Now this.

    Was Ranil at this important meet which the major stakeholder Hakeem declared as the beginning of the end of Yahapalanaya.

    Isn’t Ranil the boss of his Cabinet?.

    Will Ranil see the New Year from his bedroom at Temple Trees?.

    After reading Hakeem’s spiel at his re election as the Leader of the Wahabis, I would have my doubts..

    Specially after seeing the news item in the other CT today.

    It says Batalanada will be replaced by a another UNP member as a the PM.

    How many broken hearts will that lead to, among the Elite Anglicans and the Vellalas?.

    How long can Ranil cop this ridicule and look like an impotent not being able to deliver his promises to his loyal supporters who backed him for over 20 years ?.

    Ranil ‘s UNP faction scored 106 seats. Add 16 TNA and 8 or 9 Wahabis he has an absolute majority.

    Why cant he launch a preemptive strike and form a UNP, Vellala abd a Wahabi Government ?

    I mean 19 A was rused d in to clip Sira’s clout .. Right?.

    Pity William Hill doesn’t run a Bucket Shop in Colombo for us to have a punt. like in the West..

    • 5

      KASmaalam K.A Sumanasekera

      “The deal was UNP make Sira win . Sira then abdicates after handing over all powers to Ranil.. It didn’t happen …”

      In other words you are happy for Sirisena to continue as the president forever.

      You know Sirisena was under the tutelage of a notorious crook for 10 years. Old habits die hard.

      • 0

        Dear Native,

        Looks like Sira is going to continue for at least 10 years to give Yahapalanaya to you lot.

        Sira is already planning to abdicate the Presidency and move in to Temple Trees taking all the powers he currently has.

        And then contest in 2020, as the PM candidate from the Chandrika Faction of the SLFP.

        This is all in the Social Media on the Web.

        This has to come from the Colombo Elite because our Dalits wouldn’t know Media Web from a Cob Web..

        Elite and Anglicans will have a good choice then.

        Is it Sira and Baby Sira with Chandrika babies or Champaka Ranawaka as the UNP PM candidate .Because Batalanada has no babies . So is Mangie.

        Vellalalas and Wahabis will be watching with glee sitting comfortably in in their own Homelands.

        • 4

          KASmaalam K.A Sumanasekera

          You have made abundantly clear that you have a penchant malt whisky and a twisted mind but you never mentioned you too suffer paranoia.

          This is a serious problem. I suggest you look after your body and mind.

          “We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.”


          “Life is one big road with lots of signs. So when you riding through the ruts, don’t complicate your mind. Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy. Don’t bury your thoughts, put your vision to reality. Wake Up and Live!”

          -Bob Marley

          Make sure you smoke ganja (cannabis) before reading Bob’s words of wisdom.

        • 1

          KAS What good advice will you give to all the crooks , the plunderers and murderers?? You have nothing to say do you?? All what you do is STIRRING HATE , Haven’t you seen and heard that SLankan people are in favour of Peace and Harmony. [Edited out[]can only think and mourn about the same old Mourn.
          Grow up you Old man.
          [Edited out]

  • 1

    If Rajapakse “told his cabinet colleagues that he was only endorsing the assertions of the Attorney General”, then shouldn’t he also resign???

    If he doesn’t, he should be forced to – otherwise the sham will continue!

  • 4

    Lot of talks by politicians but no results to show.

    Only thing they do is blame the previous govt.

    I am used to hear that my whole life.

  • 4

    useless… MY3 will hand over the Avant Garde files to AG office again for inquiry. Attorney General will sleep with it for 3 months and say there is nothing irregular in it. Then Marapone will start jumping up and down hooting at others. Wijedasa Raja crook with play the drums for Marapone’s dance. Chapter closed.

    • 1

      Gamaya! Who’s going to dance the lovely ” Lambada”?? You or me?? Hilarious!!’ Jokers!!!

  • 2

    Avant Garde shows that we have:

    1- A Govt that is a circus

    2- A PM, who is a Clown

    3- A Minister who seems to think that ‘higher education’ means beating the students on the ‘highways’.

    4- Other Ministers, a set of performing monkeys who only know how to pick pockets of the Janathawa

    5- A police who assume everyone is guilty until proven innocent.

    4- But most tragically, spectators who are Jahamanaya (rice eating cattle who can be driven by just shouting: Jaha! Jaha!)

  • 0

    The much hyped present fiascoes into Kondaya, gallows, save-children, beach cleaning, tree planting, president attended ceremonies and now this one and not the last Avant Garde big bang and suppression of real cases like Thajudeen Prageeth, Lasantha, Raviraj etc. murders, colossal robberies by Rajapakshas and their acolytes and the ministers and cabinet members etc. is a clear indication of the extremely low IQ of the public and the activists of this country. Behind all this exists a synchronized attempt to continue what MR perpetuated under his rule: corruption, nepotism, possession of profitable mega business and deals and gaining political mileage, strength and advantage. And behind all this the cat’s paws of My3, JVP, MR, Sirasa and to be and became business tycoons exist. My3 is the biggest crook aiming to plunder the most profitable businesses and the political clout and hope to deal heaviest but subtle political blows to UNP. By appointing his brother to SLT, letting his brothers to monopolize the rice and sand business and yet another brother doing land business big time MY3 wants to venture into maritime business too-he wants to taste the creamiest of cream!

    Avant Garde is an international scale legally incorporated business involving state parties like SL Navy, MOD and Rakna Lanka. In fact this was established as part of an international action descending down from as high as the UN Security Council against Somalian pirates. Anant Garde does the marketing and canvassing, Rakna Lanka provides trained manpower and weapons related services and Navy an ancillary and supervisory role with the whole project under the MOD. This whole project has totally been established duly under the law of SL. It is entirely a different matter that only Avant Garde was the sole private party in this business and also they had close connections and may be financial dealings with Rajapakshas. That is why Marapana and Wijedasa have said this is a lawful business that cannot be litigated under fire arms ordinance but could be investigated under money laundering act. This statement stands foolproof and absolves TM and WR from any blame.

    For the past few days stupid buggers like Dharmasiri Bandaranayake, Gamini Viyangoda and many many lunatics who call themselves social activists expressed all sorts of comical ideas about this issue. I feel sorry for their poor outlook flawed thinking pattern. If people of this country follow these people as the icons of righteousness, wise attitudes and thoughts, exemplary personalities and idols and beckons of good governance I am afraid we are headed for doom, conflict, stupidity and self-destruction. These half-educated people try to poke their nose in every asshole and try to convert it to a cunt hole so that they can fuck in their self-proclaimed righteous genes. But the ground realities, operational modes and methods, descended practices, investor attitudes, political realities etc. are quite different from the arm chair intelligence.

    During all these political cyclones in the recent history there is one entity who has displayed remarkable maturity, wisdom, balance and example in talk and action modes. Mr. RW is that exceptional statesman. Thilak Marapana had to resign speaking the truth! And now they agitate WR must go too! And the irony of fate is that all the riffraff in the country have united and make a raucous noise that the two most senior, thoroughly professional and top rung legal luminaries in the country should go home leaving a pack of uneducated, gullible, strings attached, perverted, opportunistic, manipulated, unbalanced, biased, farcical and shameless eunuchs victorious on a set up media hype. This situation is no less hilarious than the incident where the so called Kondaya was hauled near the gallows to be hung for Seya’s murder! Arrest after arrest, raid after raid the most pathetic and bumbling media shops in the country carried out a ball by ball commentary on Seya’s incident with Police Media Spokesman giving a voicecut rivalling his childhood habit of urination on every bush. Another pious Upasika was so concerned about the safety of children that she offered to be the hangman if nobody could be found to hand the Kondaya! It is with this type of tribal and uneducated people that this country has to find her way forward. So RW knows what and when to speak and not to speak. This country is fortunate that we still have someone like RW to act and guide the country along the path of sanity otherwise this will become a battlefield of lunatics, all the lunatics in the hospital calling the doctor a lunatic and demanding them to be released to society.

    The JVPers are the biggest group of species falling into the lunatic category even though they have only a marginal vote base! Throughout their violent history they have done immense damage to the lives and wealth of this country. Their leader Wijeweera took a group of university mobs to a building site and showing the granites, sand, cement and long trenches said, “Look, do you know what they are building here? This is an Imperialist American Military Camp! They are going to come here and invade us, they are coming here to stay! So take up arms to protect the country!” Years later after the lives of more than 50 thousand were lost and moaned what RW claimed American Military Camp happened to be the Benthota Hotel! This was and is how JVP do their perverted politics. The mentally imbalanced university students are their reservoir of mischief creation. The common consciousness of the people of this country is very negatively prone, ‘salaka’ oriented, superstitions, irresponsible, illogical, greedy and selfish. They want everything free, free education, free health services etc. But to get free welfare facilities, they do not understand they must work and produce products and services of use to the society. They do not believe in negotiations, law of the country, efficiency, hard work etc. and take to streets, carry out strikes, agitations and walkouts thereby disrupting the activities of the services and products producing people and systems of the country and then they demand that everything be given to them free of charge! It is very hilarious witnessing a person like Nirmal Ranjth Dewasiri appearing on behalf of Kumar Gunarathna who really is a proxy of Rajapakshas. The police that day taught the runaway students the ideal lesson with water, tear gas and baton charge with enhancements from 2 by 2 clubs! I really liked it though it is against yahapalana concept! These buggers like NRD and blood stupid students must realize that before you talk and demand yahapalana compatible treatment you must first ponder over as to how reasonable your demands are, whether they are realistic, pragmatic and practical, whether it coincide with the overall plan and systems of the country and lastly whether you are being used by covert and ulterior forces. How realistic is their demand for free education, abolition of Malabe Medical Faculty-and that demand is made by Commerce stream students!? Throughout the post history of SL these welfare oriented traitorous citizens of the country have prevented the progress of the country. After 2001 when RW came up with the Regaining Sri Lanka Plan these bloody JVP [Edited out] together with that bitch CB deprived the country of that golden opportunity. Now when RW reappears with the development plan for the country a dwarf like JVP lawyer who is used to get his [Edited out]-venture interpreted mega-police concept as “megalupolice” in an apparent game kopikade styled hate-filled, hate-driven, pessimistic, negative and despising manner. These motherfuckers do not speak of any real issues facing the country like importation of adulterated manure, inefficiency, waste of resources, over-sized and over-staffed state institutions, permanent solutions to ethnic, economic, agricultural , education and other problems, deforestation, farmers issues, water pollution, sand problem etc. etc.

    • 1


      Favouritism OR Nepotism?? Be FAIR TO ALL COMMENTATORS HERE PLEASE.

      • 0


        Too many words? I have seen you sucker wiggling and wanking here and there in these forums and that too result in premature ejaculation all the time giving no pleasure to no bitch. Learn to spread your legs at least for half an hour so that it feels good for you and your customers.

        • 0

          [Edited out]

  • 3

    Why is the Govt protecting the AG when everything points to the fact that he should be fired.?.
    Why isn’t the Ambassador in Geneva not recalled?
    What is the latest on the brutal murder of the rugger player?,

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