17 January, 2022


Bar Delivers Confidential Letter To CJ, Demands Action Against Magistrate Wijeratne Over Special Treatment To ‘Baby Elephant Judge’

The Bar Association of Sri Lanka (BASL) has written to the Chief Justice requesting him to carry out an investigation into the conduct of Gangodawila Magistrate Kanishka Wijeratne, amidst allegations that he had meted out special treatment to Additional Magistrate Thilina Gamage who is currently out on bail for allegedly owning an elephant without a license.

Kanishka Wijeratne

Kanishka Wijeratne

BASL sources said that several allegations have been leveled against Wijeratne, who is a close associate of Gamage. “On June 2, Gamage appeared before the Gangodawila Magistrate Court presided by Wijeratne over the elephant issue, however even though he was the offender he had received special treatment where he was allowed to sit in the judge’s chambers, as well as use the lift reserved for the judge,” sources told Colombo Telegraph.

The BASL’s letter has called on the Chief Justice to inquire into the matter and take action if necessary. “Such incidents, if true, can lead to an erosion of public confidence, and the BASL is concerned about meting out special treatment to offenders, no matter what position they hold,” the sources said.

They noted that in the event the offender was a normal citizen then such treatment would never have been given out, and hence if the allegations were true, then it was wrong for Wijeratne to treat Gamage in such a manner, when he was the offender in the case.

Gamage was granted bail on June 2, for allegedly possessing a baby elephant without a valid license.

Gamage has also been suspended by the Judicial Service Commission due to the ongoing investigation. According to sources Gamage should have been remanded for his offence, but was instead granted bail by Wijeratne who was the judge in the case.

In a similar case in March this year, Uduwe Dhammaloka was remanded for allegedly possessing a baby elephant without a license, when he was produced before court. ( By Munza Mushtaq © Colombo Telegraph) 

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  • 7

    Bar Delivers Confidential Letter To CJ, Demands Action Against Magistrate Wijeratne Over Special Treatment To ‘Baby Elephant Judge’

    Every department is out of control and mayhem everywhere. Yahapalanaya is very weak and conditions dont apply to higher ups in former and present regimes. The Wanapalanaya is at work only for the executives,

    Cheers and we have to have to wait another 4 years to kick yahapalanaya out.

  • 11

    How did these errant nobodys ever get to become magistrates? Were they agents planted by MR’s family to get the judgments that they wanted?

    • 3

      “Were they agents planted by MR’s family to get the judgments that they wanted?”
      **** ABSOLUTELY **** . Another few from the same pond that Namal Jarapassa bloomed.

  • 10

    Wild baby elephants would do a far better job. If trained to run the disfunctional Judiciary in Sri Lanka. Rather than these corrupt monkeys in-charge..

    Everyone can now see the depth of total breakdown of law and order in Sri Lanka.

    It is all a total farce.

    We are a fundamentally unjust society.

    Nearly 70 years after independnence. Let us blame the Brits. Shall we?


  • 9

    I do not know in what world BASL is living. Helllooooooooo, this is Sri Lanka. This is how justice is meted out in Sri Lanka ever since I could remember. It was the same during the white man’s rule and it is the same during the black mans rule(or misrule as most would say). Justice works differently when the offender is powerful, well connected or popular or if dressed in a robe. When the offender is just an ordinary citizen they are made to suffer the full force of the law, starting with the customary torture by police and confessions and the heavy handed sentences by the judges. This is Sri Lanka.

  • 6

    Goes an ole saying…..LAWYERS ARE PROFESSIONAL LIARS….these morons who have NO ethics n are a bane to the profession that they practice should be taught the FINAL lesson……REVOKE. their license to practice law in ANY form…Re open the cases these goons gave judgements to….for they MAY have been bribed to make decisions favoring the wrong doers….

  • 1

    Stop this nonsense on petty issues. So many million dollar frauds are taking place in this country. Do not try to hang on elephant tail. Try and bring CB governor to books for million dollar fraud.

    just turn back and see how the law is applied on the strngth of the person involved. for the CB scam people are paying through their nose and culprits are still batting on .

  • 8

    Yes this Judge did FOUR wrong things:

    1) Allowing Thilina to go home before deposit of money.
    2) By knowing very well licence is a fake one acted it as original legal one.
    3) Gave special treatment to Thilina.
    4) Work as a Judge to settle friend’s case.

    Any fool know this Judge must be sent home and inform to all countries and cancel his law certificate.

    Zero tolerance must work in this bad behaviour.

  • 0

    We can catch jumbos, but not jumbo thieves.

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