15 August, 2022


BBS Gnanasara Hobnobs With Sirisena In Japan

The presence of Buddhist monk Galagoda Atte Gnanasara, the General Secretary of the Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) at an event in Japan has given more credence to the suspicion that the Government was using the BBS as a catspaw in the violence against Muslims, possibly to divert attention from multiple crises it is currently facing.


Earlier, the President’s Secretary Austin Fernando assured Colombo Telegraph that Gnanasara was not part of the President’s official delegation. However, Colombo Telegraph reported, as confirmed by Fernando, that a close associate of the BBS monk, Ulapane Sumangala Thero, was part of the delegation.

Now it is reported that Gnanasara was indeed in Japan and had attended a function where Sirisena had to speak.

The President’s Media Division, however, insists that Gnanasara had arrived in Japan on a private visit before the commencement of the President’s tour but concedes that the monk had been present at a meeting organized by the Sri Lankan Embassy to enable the President to meet the Sri Lankan community in Japan.

However, the same communique by the President’s Media Division acknowledges that invitations were sent out by Ambassador Prof Dhammika Ganganath Dissanayake as far back as February 24, 2018.

Strangely, the Chief Executive Officer of BBS Dilanthe Withanage has told Daily Mirror that the Gnanasara’s visit ‘was not pre-planned’ nor aimed at the official visit of President Maithripala Sirisena.

The sequence of events has raised questions regarding the complicity of the Government in the recent violence against Muslims.

Gnanasara was present at the funeral of the Sinhalese man attacked by Muslim youth and has been caught on film discussing possible attacks on Muslims. Colombo Telegraph has also reported how STF personnel did not take any action when a Muslim man was being abused after being attacked, the attacker clearly claiming responsibility for the violence.

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    PRESIDENT Sirisena is playing “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” or “Rey Daniel; Dawal Michelle!” Poor soul he cannot play it well because his slit is showing!!!

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    Murderer, womaniser, Gota’s goon, thug, toilet mouth who conveniently disguised under the safron bodykit evade the justice without the knowledge the God’s mills grinds slow but sure!!!!!

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    I don’t quite fancy Buddhist militancy, but I do feel for Ven Gnanasara who is single handedly battling. Anti Buddhist forces nurtured and encouraged by Yahalapana. The tables have turned and YAHAPALANAYA purely for political expediency has taken the sides of the goons and goondas. It is well known that like his infamous uncle JR who unleashed the dogs against the innocent Tamil community in Colombo.,RW together with Sirisena decided to give Teldeniya a wide berth when it was on fire.Disgraceful, unpardonable behaviour from elected leaders whose sacred duty is to protect every citizen from harm.
    Anti Buddhist forces have also to take a good look at the self inflicted harm by rousing a sleeping Lion. It is easy to call Buddhist monks “saffron robed thugs” while forgetting collared cassock wearing communal thugs like Rajappu, and Emmanuel whose vile action in promoting Prabakaran has even got the blessings of the effing Roman Catholic Church. The church was blind to all the forced child proscriptions, the assasination of popular elected Tamil leaders, the planned killing of Rajiv Gandhi, the raping of Tiger female cadres by their senior ‘comrades’ etc etc.In the face of all this we have goody goody thosai eating bastards trying to teach us about good governance.! Effing hell!!

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    At every blow there was a curse on Gnanasara, he is therefore the most accursed demon in Sri Lanka. He cannot escape, it may be slow but for sure it is coming towards him.

    God says beware the curse of the oppressed.

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