29 February, 2024


Bihar Bombing: India’s Age-Old Caste Battle

Bihar Bombing Fans Fears Of New Bloodshed In India’s Age-Old Caste Battle

Acquittals over 90s massacres of lower-caste Dalits seen as spark for revenge killings sending shockwaves through impoverished Bihar state and across India, writes Jason Burke.

There are also some who argue that caste has now become a useful identity for effectively mobilising deprived groups, bringing a new edge to their claims for a fairer share of India’s growing wealth, he writes.

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Indian police commandos patrol outside Pisai in Aurangabad district, Bihar state, after the killing of Sunil Pandey and six others. Photograph: Jason Burke / Guardian

Indian police commandos patrol outside Pisai in Aurangabad district, Bihar state, after the killing of Sunil Pandey and six others. Photograph: Jason Burke / Guardian

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    Don’t these soldiers in the Photo look like Sinhala soldiers? Where is channel 4? You can use this photo in your next film….

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      They must have already…. Navin

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      Ha ha you are seeing the mirror of yourself at last from your heart BIHARI BADITO thats where you fuckshits came from- Iranian(aryan) Sina (we).

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    Landed proprietors of the North are now in Scarborough, not so posh outer suburbs of London, New Jersey or leafy suburbs in Colombo.

    The landless inhabitants are the non Vellalas, who were kept under Prabakaran , with Vellala funds remitted by these landed proprietors.

    Now they or their agents in the TNA are cashing in on the land which they abandoned,or taken over by the Liberators.

    Thanks to the Srilankan Army these lands have become valuable again and will continue to appreciate rapidly with the current development and boom in the Economy.

    Is it a surprise to hear from Dr RN that that a minister in the Vellala CM’s cabinet is behind this latest Land Sales and TNA’s LTTE proxy Prema is the enforcer?.

    Are there any non Vellalas in his cabinet who have a genuine empathy and want to help these poor people to get on with their lives and built a decent shelter to house their families?.

    Or the Vellala CM and his LTTE proxy handlers have more pressing issues like sending the Army back to the South, and collect freehold titles to the whole of North.

    Will a TNA Police investigate their own crooks?…

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      Sumana amanayo,
      You must be judging the TNA Police, comparing with the MR Police who never investigate MR Crooks.

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    This is not terrorism? what will you define this? if same-thing had happened among Pakistan tribes ,the attack would have been on Islam ,even for age old traditional, cast and custom revenges.

    Prejudice dies hard.. Crimes done by criminals of other faiths are just crimes they do not terrorize the victim,the family of the victims,community or the humanity in general.

    In India Child marriage is older as man kind on earth, their religious texts encourage child marriage even among babies no one condemns it which keeps happening to date, but just because some one assumed Muhammad married a child bride all based on hear ,recorded and narrated by people who can not even be proved they exited or even actually narrated it and collected hundreds of years after the demise of Muhammad it still is turned and twisted as a tool of prejudiced bigots to attack someone who is not hear to defend himself -Very brave and very concerned protectors of humans..

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