24 July, 2024


Buddhist Monk Allegedly Assaulted By Muslims In Aluthgama

An alleged assault on a Buddhist monk and his driver by a group of Muslims, in Aluthgama on the Galle–Colombo Road yesterday (12th June) evening, near the Aluthgama-Welipenna road near Dharga town, forced the Police to fire tear-gas on a group of people, who were protesting over the incident. Traffic jams were also reported in the area after the protesters blocked the road.

AluthgamaThe incident took place on Poson Poya Day, sacred to Buddhists in Sri Lanka.

Ministers Kumara Welgama and Rohitha Abeyagunawardene visited the scene in an attempt to sort out matters. Welagama’s vehicle was reportedly stoned by the angry crowd and damaged.

According to a resident of Aluthgama who wishes to remain anonymous, “right now, on what was to be a peaceful Poson Poya day, my town Aluthgama is a war zone because of religious fanaticism. Mobs rule the streets, smashing Muslim shops, and Police just fired tear-gas to disperse the mob surrounding the Police station. There are rumours floating that Muslims are assaulting the Sinhalese in Dharga Town”. He adds that this is a blatant lie, “I spoke to a friend there and he said there was no such thing happening”.

He says that this is a repeat of events, “the last times it was kept out of the press and over a thousand military personnel were brought in. This is one area where Muslims and Buddhists live eyeball to eyeball.”

He goes on to say that there are ‘agent provocateurs’ who have been working to bring about this situation for the last few weeks. “I see shades of July 83’ in what is happening. Even normally peaceful people have taken to the streets. I’m right in the middle of the town and can see how the provocateurs are working”, he adds.

He further states, that there is an anti-Muslim rhetoric and the most ridiculous stories being floated around, “some of the temples are involved, I live right next to one”, he adds.

This morning (Friday 13th) the town of Aluthgama is reportedly in lock-down, with a very heavy Police presence; virtual saturation with the Riot Police, two water cannon vehicles and the STF.

A volatile situation is anticipated today, after Friday prayers at the Mosque.

May 10, 2014, a shopping complex belonging to a Muslim businessman in Dharga town Aluthgama was torched by a mob of around 200 people which includes Buddhist monks. According to reports the mob had torched the shopping complex of the brother of a suspect who had allegedly molested a boy at the complex. But the court released him on bail after watching the CCTV footage of the alleged incident.

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      Sinhalese also could breed like rabbits if you advise them to stop consuming Kasippu/Arakku, Stop smoking ganja, Refrain from sending their mothers sisters wives to wash toilet in the Middle east/Cyprus/Israel/HK et al, Do some work and feed your wife and children properly.

      I don’t go to Pansal to showoff or I don’t wear pirith nool.
      My faith is in my heart. I don’t respect IRC fake monks or criminal politicians. Hatred will kill you slowly.

      Jeewithan aniyathang maranang niyathang!

      It looks like you and your gang are here to stay.

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      If the muslims are the worst terrorist in the world . So tell all the BBS racist to be careful.Becareful don’t put petrol into fire.

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      [Edited out]….u cant breed because ur polla must have gone numb and lack of [Edited out]

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    Returning from Galle late last evening, Aluthgama appeared to be peaceful again, despite a heavy police and military presence around the police station.

    It was disturbingly interesting to note the highly exaggerated Poson ‘celebrations’ still going on in the heavily Muslim populated towns of Aluthgama and Beruwela.

    It was a carnival atmosphere, with street vendors, loud pop music and street dancing causing severe traffic jams, while loudspeakers were blaring out Buddhist jathaka stories. It was also difficult to ignore the large cut-outs of some of the ruling politicians of the district.

    It appeared to be an exercise to rile the Muslim population of these towns and nothing to do with Buddhism.

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    I hope more Muslims can gather more courage and thrash these ‘thug’ Buddhist monks anywhere and everywhere they see them.

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    u seem to be one of the biggest terrorists from what i see. Cz any human being with the right mind will try to find a solution to the problem and try to restore peace & promote peaceful co-existence amongst all communities. Not provoke violence even by words.
    Isn’t 30 years of war enough??? do people like you never learn to live peacefully with others? You can talk this bravely, but no one will understand the trauma unless ur on the receiving end.. You never know when any of us will be at the receiving end so be careful what you wish for others..
    It doesn’t matter what religion u r from, if u spread violence then you are a terrorist!
    The sad part is people are capable are coexist peacefully, these violence is not provoked by religions, but politicians who make use of peoples foolishness and devotion to god to fulfil their own agenda and greed!. That’s the sad and bitter truth!

    Thanha jayathey sokho! Greed will lead to destruction.. very soon that’s what will happen if these violence doesn’t stop.. and those who pay the price will be the innocent people in Sri Lanka from all communities.. sad…

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    All my predictions have come right.

    The foreign financed BBS is out of control. The lies spread about Muslims are worse than the lies spread about Jews prior to the Jewish holocaust.

    It is a well designed riot orchestrated by Gotabhaya Rajapaksa. The BBS is his creation.

    A repeat of 1983 is already occurring. It will only enhance the power of the Rajapaksa mafia regime.

    Australia and the western countries have to brace themselves to another influx of refugees. The present Australian government is a supporter of the Rajapaksa regime. Australia is duty bound to admit all the Muslim refugees as a result.

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    Muslims must be feeling like Tennis ball, going back and forth. Its about time these Muslums booked their one way ticket back to Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan. Insha Allah to them

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    Interesting. Muslims attack monk the media says. What did the monk do to provoke the Muslims? (Must have been part of the BBS).

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    Who exactly started this? If everything started after a Buddhist monk attacked by a group of Muslims then they should be arrested and punished first before calling crap about BBS. Then arrest those who attacked shops and other properties even if they are affiliated to BBS.

    Nobody can say its a heavily Muslim populated area. Even if its the case Buddhists have every right to celebrate Wesak in any part of the country as long as it doesn’t violate the law. This is not Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia YET to ban people practicing other religions.

    The problem in this country is we never address the source of the problem. Buddhism has been threatened in minority areas (east) and many temples were destroyed by fundamentalists. If Gov responded in time by arresting culprits and restoring what’s destroyed then Buddhists wouldn’t need a BBS. Buddhists are afraid that this will eventually fall into Jihadists. Both Buddhist and Muslim religious leaders should have a dialog to find a solution or we will have a religious war in the near future.

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      Even in Saudi Arabia practicing others religion is not banned. The BBS always says buddhis cannot take a statue to Saudi. You see christians there worships statues in Saudi because they have that right because they are the citizens of that country.

      The Buddhists are not citizens of Saudi Arabia. In the same time in contrast to Saudi Arabia in Malaysia a lanka Buddhist Monk run a temple with full support of the government though they are not citizen.

      The opportunist always cite the example of Saudi not allowing Buddhist to take statue. If buddhist are the citizens of thatcountry they have to allow it as a right of a citizen

      The BBS pundith do not see the different between the right of a citizen and others

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    Developing nationalism in the country is the major development that is taking place targetting the major election.BBS has been given the status of impunity with the blessing of those who are in the authority. Their first mission is success and they started off with the second mission at Aluthgama with the rhetoric by non-venerable Gnanasara Thero.

    President MR who is in Bolivia attending G-77 summit has said that No one will be allowed to take the law unto their hands. In Aluthgama people know who has taken the law unto their hand as already three muslims have been gunned down during the Police curfew and more than 80 Muslims injured in addition to setting fire to some houses owned by Muslims.

    Is it a clash between Muslims and Sinhalese or just one side attack

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    How sad that even in this tense situation when people need to Promote Peace , here people balming & calling eachother Terrorists..and.. So pathetic.. If you belong to any community..and want live in peace..please try to respect eachtoher.. Dont be fools by killing other people which only result in counter attack..

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    CT, First of all why I am unable to access CT from India. The acess is intermittent. I am posting from UK network.

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    As Sir John Kothalawa said many decades ago, if the Extremist Buddhist monks are not kept on leash, we are bound to have another civil war, just coming through a brutal conflict with LTTE. On the other hand so called “Bodu Bala Sena” is being used by parties outside Sri Lanka to ignite another brutal civil unrest against Muslims, which will have a backlash from the “Rich Islamic Block countries” is quite possible. Proscribing all Extremist Buddhist organizations including BODU BALA SENA and takings that “thug of a Monk” into custody is the prudent move the Govt. Should take before this curse starts spilling all over the country again.

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    How the f*** did these monks become so bold? This cannot be happening without help from the government

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    Dear “I am no Muslim” plus “borrowed peace lover!”
    First of all whether you like it or not, (I am no Muslim) you are a Muslim by birth. How! Surprised or confused? (All human souls have taken a covenant with the creator before we are born. But unfortunately people who came to this world from time to time have twisted the revelations and teachings of prophets who were sent time and after) That is how you are a disbeliever today. How ungrateful people were they are and they are going to be! (That is why there is hell and the heaven and at the end justice will be done) And how little gratitude we people pay for the creator for creating us! As Allah mentions in the surah Arrahman (If you need to know read the translation of Quran) and save you from the fire!
    Islam is the only religion acceptable in the sight of our creator-Allah who created you and me and the whole universe. I’ll tell you something. When not learning at all is dangerous, little learning is more dangerous, do you know that? So please before you utter nonsense and rubbish with full of wrong statements and allegations study the translation of the Quran and I would advise you to watch Dr Zakir Naik’s cds who had done a thorough study of comparative religions including your religion more than what you know. You are only falling into deep and deep pitch of the hell fire by uttering words against Prophet Muhammad who was sent as a guide and mercy to the whole mankind (not only for Muslims). You should know in what situation the marriage of prophet (may peace be upon him) took place. Do you know his first marriage was with a lady who was a widow of 45 when he was a bachelor of 25, and he never married until she passed away? And most of the other marriages except for one were with very old helpless widows. And it was a revelation from the creator the almighty Allah to set an example for human kind. What do we human do today? Before Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), people use to marry in 100s and Islam came to reduce the number of wives one can have at a time saying one can marry only up to 4 provided you can do justice among them if not, merry only one. Not like most of the disbelievers around the world do nowadays keeping as many illegal wives as they wish out of wedlock.
    The statement about the Quran “kill them wherever you find them” is the meaning taken out of context. This statement was revealed when the disbelievers breeched the agreement and a war broke out as a result. So it was applicable for such situation. It is very wrong to take something out of context in which the meaning differ greatly. You little learned, (I am no Muslim) do you know if you don’t put a comma where you need to put, the whole meaning would change? Then check this if you can comprehend! “ Kill not save him!” If you can’t comprehend I shall help you. But I am sure you can’t if you can comprehend this little thing you won’t utter such big allegations about the Prophet who was sent as a mercy to whole mankind. Ok let me help you. Pause after kill and then after not, they will give you two different meanings. In future don’t utter words as you wish from the limbs Allah has given you. Go! Read the Quran and protect yourself from the hell fire! One final advice! If you want to know about Islam don’t look at the Muslims because some may follow and some may not follow the exact teachings of Almighty Allah and His Prophet. But I kindly request you to read an authentic translation of the copy of the Quran in detail and learn from the proper sources of Islam. Please don’t die without submitting your will to your and my creator who called Himself as “Allah”. Wish you all the best and may Allah guide all of us to the right path!

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    Sinhalese shut not forget most of them are employed in Muslim ruled middle east

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