1 June, 2023


Cat Is Out Of The Bag! Chi Chi Endorses Gota, Says SL Needs A Leader With Dictatorial Qualities

Youngest Rajapaksa son Rohitha alias Chi Chi says the prevalent situation in Sri Lanka calls for a leader with dictatorial qualities if the country is to move forward and says ‘Gota baappi’ is the best choice to be elected into Presidency at upcoming 2020 poll.

In an interview, Chi Chi says the leader Sri Lanka needs in 2020 is one who can take fearless decisions and stand strong.

Laying the foundation for his endorsement of a dictatorship in Sri Lanka, he says, “Everyone talks about democracy, but if you take a look at the countries that have recently achieved development such as Singapore, China…they all had autocratic leaders… So I think Sri Lanka also needs a leader with a bit of dictatorial qualities but one who can also manage diplomatic maneuvers to manage the situation.”

The rocket scientist says therefore he believes ‘Gota baappi’ is the best choice as opposed to Chamal Rajapaksa.

Speaking of Chamal he says his uncle possess every quality a country’s leader should traditionally possess but is unsure whether those qualities will suffice to push Sri Lanka on a new trajectory towards development.

“He was the Speaker of this country, he is humble, consults everyone in the decision making process….he is experienced more than enough to be the leader of this country. But we have to select the most suited candidate for the moment. Like I said before, I am unsure whether his qualities will be enough to develop the country from the rut it is in now…” he adds.

Chi Chi’s father maybe still on the lookout for the winning SLPP candidate but Chi Chi is certain Gotabhaya has the attraction and the desire to serve Sri Lankans that guarantees a win at the upcoming Presidential poll.

He goes on to tell a story about the kind of ‘do-er’ his ‘baappi’ is.

“My uncle used to jog at the Race Course grounds in the evenings. One day, a bulb in one of the lamp posts had not worked…He had immediately phoned the officer in charge and told that it needs to be fixed by the time he finishes his next lap around the ground. It had been duly fixed as he requested,” Chi Chi narrates, oblivious to the fact that he is further proving the ‘Gota-bhaya’ officers were suffering from during his father’s regime.

He says what has led to an inefficient government service is because of having to follow systems. He proposes kicking systems to the curb and do what works.

In his interview Chi Chi also reinvented the Constitution of Sri Lanka and says the Lankan constitution mandates that the President must be a Sinhala Buddhist. He goes on to say that Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe is a convert.

“I am not entirely sure but from the information I have heard, Ranil was born Catholic. He changed his religion into Buddhism later as he had Presidential aspirations,” he adds.

In the interview, Chi Chi also shares more political wisdom and says the bhikku front led by BBS Galagoda Atte Gnanasara will be a deciding factor at the upcoming elections.

“I have even heard that he is planning to contest separately. If that happens it will be a blow to the Mahinda – Gotabaya led front as it would definitely cut down on our votes,” Chichi added.

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Latest comments

  • 7

    What does this pup know. These a…. h…. are the curse of Sri Lanka. Is there an alternative? Butterfly Ranil is a disaster. Silliysena a complete idiot.
    Do we have an alternative? No.

    • 2

      “Do we have an alternative?”
      Try N.K. . ‘Sorry Lankans’ got nothing to loose right now, anyway.

      • 1

        Yes, Nagananda Kodituwakku.
        He’s offering what most Sri Lankans yearn for. The credibility-gap for an independent candidate is the problem.
        to an extent this can be overcome by ensuring that voters get the message that having voted for Naga, ss Number One, they could still vote for whichever Party has kept them in thrall all these years.

  • 10

    Whatever this guy Chi Chi or Cha, cha saying is immature and pathetic. For ten years his father and his cohorts, including his Gota uncle governed with autocratic or dictatorial way. What was achieved at the end of that period, except for suffering of the innocent people and corruption to the hilt? Agree few road and few “white elephant” buildings were built. Does autocratic or dictator ship mean “White Van” abduction, murder, rape and fear or get all family plump jobs in the government? Sri Lanka, when it was known as Ceylon, was a respected and far civilised country. Many eminent politicians, civil and public servants bought immense glory to the land. Even, Late Lee Kwan Yu modelled Singapore based on Ceylon Since, independence and SWRD era, it is downhill and now in the gutters with the current lot.
    Singapore’s late Lee Kwan Yu, was a visionary and he instilled discipline not through fear but through his leadership. Yes there was fear, only among “badass” characters. No Rajapakses should be allowed to the high offices in Sri Lanka, unless the Sri Lankan want to beat Burundhi & Honduras on drugs and crimes index or even beat Somalia & Sudan on corruption index. Over to you, Sri Lankans.

  • 2

    Our people might elect a dictator like Gota. India has elected Modi again. Modi was the Chief Minister when hundreds of Muslims got killed in Gujarat State

  • 3

    Gota for President? I sincerely hope not. Unless, of course, you close yr eyes & ears to (alleged, certainly — so far) shocking complaints of torture under his watch.
    See the 60+ pages in the Plaint below, & realise that the terrible treatment described is by survivors. What of those who didnt survive? What did they have to endure?
    Can we risk such abuse again? Can we empower anyone believed to be capable of condoning torture? Would you give your vote to him if one of your loved ones had been treated like this by officials following his orders?


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