2 December, 2023


Chinese Man Jailed For Trying To Form Opposition Party

A court in China has sentenced a man to eight years in prison for trying to form an opposition party and for online messages criticising the ruling Chinese Communist party, a week before a congress which will usher in a new generation of leaders, the Guardian reports.

According to the newspaper the court in the south-western city of Kunming sentenced Cao Haibo, 27, for “subversion of state power”, his lawyer, Ma Xiaopeng, said. Cao had called for democracy and had tried to form a party called the China Republican party, Ma said.

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    Can rulers of a stable country with 1.3 billion people allow single nut to upset its apple cart just the way CIA did for Libya. In the name of democracy, they ruined Libya but has little effect on other countries for population of Libya is only 3 million; imagine the repercussions if same happen to China.

    So long as Yankees neo-colonialists can use the gas and other resources everywhere for themselves, they just don’t care whatever happens to others.

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      Leela the Yellow robed terrorist troll.
      What the dickens do you know about China except lick their backsides and beg with both hands?
      30million plus relatives own everything and yet a 120million are unemployed. While in EU the maximum in a country is Spain at 5.4 million but they dont starve.
      Chinese are a proud people and thanks to the yes Yankees they were able to get the Japanese (you beg from them too) off their land. They were appointed to Security Council because India refused.
      They know the meaning of divide and rule from infancy because of their past dynasty rule. They all know that they need a change of politics but will carry it out themselves without external pressure in total.
      Leelananda stop trolling and delving into countries you have never spent long enough.
      What you need is a massive Tsunami when there are no western tourists around then you will learn never to swim in troubled waters you ungrateful vermin talking of white tigers.

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    Hope not that our leaders will go that far with their rule.

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