8 June, 2023


Civil Aviation Authority Rebuffs: Flight Attendants Union Safety Violation Claim

The Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka has rebuffed the three point safety violation claim that was officially sent to them by a group of Cabin Crew Members headed by Adrian Cramer, Colombo Telegraph can reveal today.

SriLankan AirlinesDirector General Civil Aviation and CEO Civil Aviation Authority H.M.C. Nimalasiri in a carefully worded reply dated the 28th of April 2016, had answered all the queries put forward by the Cabin Crew Members who had written directly to the CAA, whilst hypocritically ignoring their airline’s management.

The three points put forward with sub topics ranged from the Operators Scheme, Fatigue Risk Management and Continuous Violations pertaining to Days Off, Pick Up Times etc. mainly to have procedures drawn up to equate their status with the pilots.

This group of Cabin Crew headed by Cabin Manager Adrian Cramer illegally took over the reigns of the Flight Attendants Union in December 2015.

However after masquerading as a group of Executive Committee Members and hoodwinking the airline’s management for over five months, the Head of Human Resources Pradeepa Kekulawala officially wrote to Cramer informing him of the airline’s refusal to accept them as legitimate Members of the Executive Committee of the FAU.

During their short stint, the group even attempted to hold the airline at ransom writing officially to the airline’s management demanding Employee Provident Fund and Employee Trust Fund contributions to be made along with their overseas meal allowance payments.

“These guys not only took the management for a ride, they in fact have taken even all of us members of the FAU for a jolly good ride. We were made to believe a bunch of poppy cock during the last five months that they kept blurting. Not a single Cabin Crew Member is aware that they had sent this letter to the Civil Aviation Authority.They simply did this on their own. Thanks to Colombo Telegraph we get to read these letters. These guys have tarnished our reputation and even the friendly ties we had with the other unions within the airline.Especially the Pilots Guild whom we work very closely with.This is bad for flight safety overall.” a member of the FAU said on condition of anonymity as employees are barred from speaking to the media.

Click here to read the letter in full sent by the Civil Aviation Authority.

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  • 2

    If these ppl know how badly mihin mendis and slida(Manik) handles their cabin crew they will appreciate what is been given to them,such a revengful organization

  • 2

    Mihin crew gets the pickup 4hours prior to departure n sometimes even more all depends on management

    Mihin cabin crew should pay for the highway and pilots get played all because poojithe jayakodi doesn’t like to contribute his money.

    Management favourites get pricked from the door step where as others come to a pickup point.

    After Bahrains ,MTC,jakarta( 10hr flight )no off days still can be rostered for 2-3-4 Bahrain flights no issues if a fatigue situation is been reported crew gets called for explanations and no promotions extra……

    Mihin crew cannot talk or use the word fatigue as they get punished by mendis

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    Thanks to the lovely editor ppl are talking now

  • 1

    Management should know to address the issues with skill instead of mud slinging and casting disparaging remarks. The writing says what kind of management is managing Sri Lankan.

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    Looks like the management has been sleeping all these years. Some of those giving false information maybe benefiting from the management to write such rubbish. Jobless people. find something better to do rather than write rubbish.

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    I have a few personal friends that are cabin crew at Airlanka/Srilankan airlines right now and they sound very intelligent and savvy…..but looks like their union leaders are a bunch of NINCOMPOOPS…like our politicians.

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