17 May, 2022


Communist Party Puts ‘Aththa’ On Hold: Read The Censored “Aththa” In Colombo Telegraph

This week’s issue of the ‘Aththa’ newspaper published by the Communist Party of Sri Lanka has been held from being released to the markets upon instructions issued by an official holding a top position in the party.

Aththa Editor- Dr. Michael Fernando

Aththa Editor- Dr. Michael Fernando

Colombo Telegraph learns that this week’s issue (dated 09/11/2014) which was scheduled to be released today has been withheld without being released to the markets despite going into print and its e-copy being uploaded to the newspaper’s website. But the e-paper too has been taken off the site presently.

Colombo Telegraph reliably learns that the party authorities have confiscated all the copies of the printed paper from the press and have locked them within the confines of the Editor’s office that remains sealed presently.

The cause behind these arbitrary actions seems to be stemming from several articles that had been carried in the paper criticizing LSSP leader and senior Minister Dr. Tissa Vitarana. In fact, even this week’s issue that has been withheld had carried an article by LSSP Central Committee member Chameera Perera that referred to a statement that was made by Dr. Vitarana during a Central Committee meeting during which the party came to a decision to support President Rajapaksa at the upcoming election by a vote of 25 against 13.

The Editor of the newspaper Dr. Michael Fernando says he has not been informed so far by the publisher or the Communist Party Secretary official on the reasons that resulted in this course of action that prevented the paper from being released into the markets today as planned.

Read the censored newspaper here

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    Could we have an English translation please?

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      RE: Communist Party Puts ‘Aththa’ On Hold: Read The Censored “Aththa” In Colombo Telegraph

      Yes will somebody translate it.


      Headline Says

      Is the Need to Protect the Executive Presidency? or Democracy? Dr. Michael Fernando

      Another Says:

      Executive Presidency is a Deception.

      Betti Weerakoon gives reasons.

      Somebody Needs to Write the Common Sense Pamphlet..Sri Lanka Version..


      Read more


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        See below.

        ‘Communist’ bigwigs hide ‘The Truth’ (Aththa)
        FRIDAY, 07 NOVEMBER 2014 2


        Aththa’ (The Truth), the central organ of the Communist Party in Sri Lanka and edited by Dr. Michael Fernando, a senior lecturer in University of Peradeniya, has been forced by several powerful people in the party to discontinue say reports.

        The latest issue of the newspaper published by ‘Pragathi Press (Pvt) Ltd. Was to be released to the public today (7th).

        Dr. Michael Fernando in a short note to ‘Facebook’ states the latest issue dated 9th November had been already printed when authorities took measures to stop circulation.

        The authorities in the party have censored the newspaper as its latest issue with the headline “Will presidential election be put off until March due to Pope’s visit?” has published an article that discusses the controversy in the party regarding supporting the President said a journalist of the newspaper.

        However, the decision to suspend the paper is an arbitrary decision by the leadership of the party and not a decision taken by the Political Bureau or the Central Committee of the party added the journalist who preferred to remain unnamed.

        The Central Committee of the Communist Party is to be convened on the 9th and a final decision is to be taken as to which presidential candidate the party would support.

        Meanwhile, sources close to the Communist Party say among the few people who attempt to get a decision to support Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa is a section of the ministerial staff that receives salaries from the government and certain others who enjoy privileges, vehicles and other perks Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa has provided.


        What is democracy? There is never a shortage of people asking or answering that question, attaching “democracy” to movements and innovations and spaces, decrying its absence or destruction in others. Underlying that constant invocation, though, is a sense each of us has of what kind of time it is. It is this latter sense, our sense of the time, that may be more important to how the troubles of the political world enter our everyday lives than to any particular diagnoses we have of democracy’s health (and our own). When thinking about what is going on in our present, many people, I suspect, feel occasional moments of that clarity of White’s wartime editorial. The parts of our culture that feed on the affects of righteousness depend on it, or it least something very much like it. But I suspect many of us also feel as my students overwhelmingly felt on reading these pieces: “the debilitating sensation of knowing everything in the world except what we want to know.”


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    Tissa Vitarana is a DODDERING scoundrel and corrupt clown who pretends to be a leftist!
    The guy should have RETIRED 20 years ago. The Doddering dead leftists are a CURSE on Lankan youth. They should have moved out and let younger people take over and lead the party.
    These leftists are more BACKWARD than the UNP, SLFP and communal parties put thogeter.

    Vasudeva Nanayakkara and DEW the other doddering dodos are likewise a CURSE ON THE YOUTH OF SRI Lanka who have fought wars because the older generation denied them REPRESENTATION.

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    ” Pandri odu koodiya kandrum malam thinnum” – Tamil proverb.
    ( The calf that join the pigs will also eat excreta).

    A preliminary to what more we could expect in the run up to a election and in its aftermath.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

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    The last time I can remembering Aththa being banned was during the 1982 Referendum when JR sprang that fast one on the country, like is happening today.

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      That is true.

      In 1982, when R. Premadasa called it not Aththa, but the ‘A’ substituted with a ‘Hu’!

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    Who put a ‘Hold’ on dailymirror.lk on Friday?

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    during it’s life time “Aththa” was held from publishing so many times.

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    The Leftists will remain in Govt.Where else can they go?Its too early for them to rest on their Laurels!

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    The Leftists will remain in Govt.Where else can they go?Its too early for them to rest on their Laurels! Many more Moons to go to reach the last drop in the Goblet!

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